Soldier to Dissident: Twenty-Year Military Hero Jeff Evely Banned From Canada’s Capital

This is quite a story. I really enjoyed doing this interview. Please see the full story at: RAIR Foundation USA

Jeff was a speaker at the Rolling Thunder event on April 30th in Ottawa. That speech is below.

Speaking with James Topp as he approaches Ottawa

For the background and story details, please see:

March For Freedom: Veteran James Topp is the Hero Canada Needs to End Government Overreach (Exclusive Interview)

Some updates on this story:

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Two videos of, and about the damage at the Vanier Church on May 1, 2022

Sometime between Saturday evening, April 30th and Sunday morning, May 1st (International communist Christmas) the Church in Vanier which had been a meeting place and first aid station for anyone connected to the Freedom Convoy, and again for Rolling Thunder, was vandalized. Almost certainly by ANTIFA but certainly by far left totalitarians who believe there should be no opposition to the communist revolution facing the Anglosphere and beyond.

The first video shows some of the damage. But much was cleaned up before I could get there. The doors had been egged for example and other things had been hurled at the building. The paint is much harder to remove.

If anyone is familiar with the symbols on the back of the building in one of the scenes, please leave a comment as to what they are and potential origins. Could be meaningful, could be false flags.

Below, Sam Dubé of the Fifth Doctor offers his thoughts on location.

RAIR Foundation kept up with events over the weekend and did a great job representing what took place. Please pop over and visit for the story as it happened.

Neil of Rolling Thunder explains what the event is, and what it is not

There has beena. coordinated dialectic attack against the Veteran led event on the War Memorial this weekend, led by the government-media complex. CBC, CTV, Global etc. have been fabricating and enforcing a narrative to try and impugn the Veterans who wish to hold a respect event on Saturday. The following video is to try and defend against this pernicious media information warfare attack.

As Machinehead on Bitchute said, : “If the media was doing the job they pretend they do, neither he nor anybody else should have to ‘clarify’ anything.”

Interview with Neil, organizer of Rolling Thunder

Please enjoy this interview from just the other day. But click through to RAIR Foundation which discovered a few interesting things about how dishonest the enemy propaganda media has been in their maligning of this event on behalf of an increasingly renegade government. Wait till you see who the media quoted to get complaints against Canada’s veterans.