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3 Replies to “Diana West speaks with us about Joe Biden’s Red Wall speech”

  1. Yet another interview that should be leading the global political commentary.

    If I was the POTUS (instead of ObamaSorrosSchwab and assorted operatives of Hades), Diana West would be my Chief Advisor and Spokesperson.

    • You beat me to the punch again, Rita. This is really a world-class interview.

      The writer says what others feel but have not yet articulated. Diana says at one point that she wants to “…carve something out…”. I think many have been feeling things this way but haven’t put their finger on it, exactly. And if they have, how many in their midst can they speak to without looking like a lunatic?

      How do you explain yourself to those around you? How do you explain the sum total of all you’ve learned, and all you feel, about a possible communist takeover of the land of the free? Fact is, you cannot. And even if you try there is a good chance you’ll trip over something like the Ukraine and poof, there goes another friend.

      You can’t explain yourself because it isn’t just about mRNA injections, or fake pandemics, or medical capture, or Agenda 30, or institutional capture, or mass-line efforts, or the climate con, or the Hegelian dialectic, or postmodern deconstructionism, or population reduction, or central bank digital currency, or gender politics, or identity politics. It’s about all of it and, unless the person beside you is like-minded, all they see in you is a big pile of mashed potatoes:

      Vlad, Diana, keep going. You’re on to something.


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