Twitter Files part 7: The Hunter Biden Laptop

I just don’t get why Elon put up a poll where he himself would have to step down as the top exec at Twitter.

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7 Replies to “Twitter Files part 7: The Hunter Biden Laptop”

  1. I figure Elon never wanted to run the place, only to clean it up and reveal the extent of the anti-Trump government’s, via dirty FBI, involvement in Twitter’s daily operations.

    After Elon chooses his replacement, he can go back to a normal life, attend to his other corporate affairs, and spend more time with his family.

    Some are saying Jared Kushner is his designated successor. Ivanka issued a statement not too long ago that she wasn’t going to partake in her father’s campaign for the Republican or presidential nomination. Ivanka is traveling without her husband while her husband, Jared, was/is spending time with Elon.

    One never knows.

    • BTW, Elon owns the majority shares of Twitter. Therefore, whoever he designates will be his successor. The guy’s high level of intellect amazes me. This is D3 chess.

  2. Here’s my take …
    * Elon really had no idea of the mess in Twitter
    * Once he started the reveal ball rolling he realized the leftist-mobs would never leave him alone if he remained CEO
    * Perhaps he was fearful of his life from the Intel Establishment . Recall what happened to Kennedy after he stated he wanted to disband the CIA.
    * Elon now realizes he is up against the entire US Gov Deep State
    * Knowing that the majority of leftist and robot Twitter users would vote for him to resign , it is a clever way to bow out without admitting defeat.

      • … or … he had advance warning from someone but went ahead to expose and initiate a twitter cleanp .. if so the guy is a real hero with a lot of courage

        • I think he is a real hero with a lot of courage no matter what he does at this point. If we choose to keep hitting snooze on the alarm clock, that’s on us.

          He did more than his duty.

          Looking forward to Tucker tonight.

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