Rep. James Comer: Hunter & Joe Biden were working to sell natural gas & drilling assets to Chinese

Trump has paid a larger price for fully fabricated stories about phoney Russia collusion and other matters from the fiction in the Steele file than the Bidens ever will for real and massive crimes that actually carry a death penalty sentence.

More Hunter Biden Laptop revelations

Remember, the FBI knew EVERYTHING in this video and a hundred times more for months BEFORE the 2020 election. By any rational definition, the FBI rigged that election even if every vote was honest, because they hid the info that would have changed everything.

Americans show their appreciation for President Joe Biden, Or as they call him, Good ole’ Decoy Joe

And the saddest part is, his dementia and poor hearing means he will never hear or understand the enormous crowds calling his name

Very few presidents get this kind of attention at a New York Major league game

We can see in this video, that Joe Biden really has brought America together in all its diversity to a single purpose. Im surprised he hasn’t got the Nobel Peace Prize yet like his puppeteer did.

Thank you M., Rich.