German father and son, disgusted with forced Islam in school books

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Geert Wilders has questions for his fellow parliamentarians over new revision-history text books

Written Parliamentary questions of Wilders, De Graaf and Beertema (all PVV) to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment  and the two ministers of Education, Culture and Science:


Have you heard about ‘another history forgery in Dutch schoolbook’ *?


What is the reason behind concealing the most important history of Jerusalem (Jewish history) in the VMBO book ‘Plein M’?


For what purpose is a large part of the Jewish history of the Middle East, such as the pogroms and massacres by Muslim Arabs and the expulsion of Jews, as well as the Armenian genocide and discrimination against Christians omitted in the same book?


Do you agree with the history forgery that is committed in the book in question? If so, why and if not, why not?


Do you share our opinion that to conceal, during history and society lessons, the suffering of Jews and Christians in the Middle East – mostly by Muslims – and to conceal the most important history concerning Jerusalem, contributes to the creation of and maintaining a false image concerning Jews and Judaism and thus fosters anti-Semitism in society? If not, why not?


Are you prepared to persuade the schools using the book in question to throw this book in the trash and to ensure that students are taught in a historically correct way about the history of Judaism, the Middle East and Jerusalem? If not, why not?

Germany. Here is a book of Christian religious Education of a third class in primary school. Allah, Muhammad, Islam, the Qur’an and the Muslims! No trace of Islamizacion


Warning to Berlin Schoolchildren: If You Don’t Believe in Allah, You Will Burn

Copied from Gates of Vienna:

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Berliner Zeitung:

Religious bullying: Second-grader threatened with death by classmates

by Martin Klesmann
March 24, 2018

[Photo caption (not shown): So far people have been talking: The boy who threatened the girl continues to attend the Paul Simmel Elementary School in Tempelhof]

At many inner-city schools, conflicts among students are now religiously motivated. Classmates are being pressured if they don’t observe the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.


Anti-Semitic remarks are also part of everyday school life for many teachers. “There are already many examples of religious bullying in schools today,” a Neukölln headmistress said recently. Now yet another incident concerning anti-Semitic tendencies is being talked about. This time it’s about disturbing incidents at Paul Simmel Elementary School in the eastern Tempelhof. It’s about death threats among children.


The daughter of a 41-year-old man, who wants to remain anonymous, is a student in that school. “Our daughter was mobbed by Muslim students because she doesn’t believe in Allah,” says the man in conversation with the Berliner Zeitung.

For about three years now there have been religiously-motivated incidents at school, he explains. The most recent one was at the end of February. The delicate daughter had been asked by a classmate if she was Jewish, the father reports. Since one parent is of Jewish origin, she said yes, to which the student threateningly repeated the word “Jew” several times.


In an earlier incident — when the classmates didn’t yet know about the Jewish parent — his daughter had even been threatened with death. The physically superior student had said to the then-second-grader that she should be beaten and then killed because she doesn’t believe in Allah. “We, the parents, were scolded by the classmate as stupid, because we don’t raise our daughter to believe in Allah,” says the father. Earlier, about three years ago, according to her father, something similar had happened to the girl. Anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah will be burned, as a classmate allegedly explained to the girl.


Themed in the classroom


The father is angry that the headmaster obviously doesn’t use these failures as an opportunity to address them publicly in circulars. He wishes that terms such as “tolerance” and “freedom of religion” would be a permanent part of the teaching in the classroom. “There was a confrontation between the students each time,” says the father. The incident was discussed in the presence of the headmaster and social worker. “For my daughter, this confrontation was traumatic,” says the father.


The longtime headmaster Thomas Albrecht confirms that he is aware of the incidents and that he is taking them seriously. “Basically, the students are heard while in disputes, and then appropriate steps are being taken.” So it allegedly happened in the three cases. The parents were invited. “There was a tolerance project in the class,” he says. In all incidents they have coordinated a further course of action with the school inspectorate and police.


The educational administration has also been aware of it for a long time. Over the next few days there will be a meeting with parents, principals and school inspectors. “We take this very seriously,” says Beate Stoffers, a spokeswoman for Senator Scheeres. So far people have been talking, and the boy is still attending the school.


In a letter to the father, the headmaster states: “I had already considered the incident with the anti-Semitic insults from a year ago as closed.” Everything was allegedly discussed at official meetings and during class leader hours. The father, on the other hand, disagrees. “The Senate would have to offer the schools a tool to not only tackle such individual violations of the rules, but especially such topics as tolerance, freedom of religion, Western values and the peaceful coexistence should be continuously conveyed to the children.” And it would have worked much better if the parents had become more involved.

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Two clips from Germany worthy of your time and attention

First, a German school teacher with 25 years experience, defies her authorities and speaks truth to the public.

There will be a follow up video on her shortly on what life is like for her now since she went public.

And this, which may have been posted before, but in the greater context of the red-pill state of Germany, worth posting again with the clip above:

For those that have not seen BPS video of yesterday, please do watch it.

It is a wonderful condensate of wake.

Why firing a black chef for making classical black American food is perfectly consistent with the narrative

Recently a black chef was fired from NYU for making a meal in the cafeteria for black history month. The meal, was foods that many, if not most black Americans grew up on as the video explains. So why fire him? Why is a black chef making fried chicken, watermelon water and cherry Kool aid for black history month racist?

Most people would laugh and say its “political correctness gone to extremes”.

Its actually political correctness hitting a bullseye.

The point of postmodernism, Communism, leftism and Islam, is to utterly obliterate the past of all cultural groups that stand in the way of their total dominance.

Both communism and Islam have strict rules about obliterating the past of conquered peoples. In fact Muslims refer to any habits, customs, inventions etc. that predate Islamic rule as being from “the time of ignorance”. Islamic ‘archaeologists’ actually destroy evidence of pre-Islamic peoples, which is why there are no Churches or Synagogues in Saudi Arabia despite it being Jewish and Christian lands for centuries before Mohammad.

It is also easy to prove that vegan gluten free food is infinitely more stereotypical of leftists or feminized males and classic far leftist white females than is fried chicken to black-americans. That will never be pulled from the menu for being stereotypical though.

But every group’s traditional foods will be, as soon as they are able to.

Different groups like different foods for a variety of possible reasons. It could, in some cases, even be genetic where one group evolved under conditions which favoured eating some foods over others, or it could be cultural where a group was raised a certain way because it was an homage to their ancestry. Both theories however, are in direct contradiction to The Blank Slate.

One thing all flavours of communism have in common, is the absolute and unchallengeable idea that all human beings are perfectly maleable, and equal in potential. That taken from parents young enough, and with their environment carefully controlled, you can create whatever you want from them. This has been repeated by leftist leaders across the 20th century from Mao, who referred to all babies as “a blank piece of paper upon which you can write what you want”, to Stalin and Hitler.

In order to create this perfect socialist man therefore, you have to divorce people from their pasts, which is what gives them a large part of their identity, and from their nation-state for the same reason. hence traditional Black-American food stuffs must be viewed as racist and the chef made an example of, even if he was black, and grew up on this food and made it because it reflects a very personal and real aspect of his past and the past of his entire group experience as a child, as is so well explained in this video.

Curious though that halal, Popeye chicken seems exempt from this prohibition isnt it?

“He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past” -George Orwell

H/T Ava Lon

Astronomy prof who’s illness seems to include converting to Islam, scares the crap out of his students

A worthy discussion could form around this clip with a potential parallax view of correct analyses.

But at the end of the day, people who have mental issues rarely convert to Buddhism or Judaism etc. and then exhibit threatening behaviour in this way. People who gravitate towards hostile behaviour, recognize the inherent justifications for murderous actions in Islam and gravitate to it for very rational reasons, even if their own psyche does not ride comfortably with reason at that time.

So while I can’t blame Islam for this mans actions, I do not think they are motivated by jihad in the ‘normal’ sense, there is a very real and very important connection between Islam and what he did.

It was the justification for what he wanted to do anyway.

And the why of that, is what matters.