Dutch school staff scared sh**less of muslim students

This is a very important video. Please check this article for one aspect of it, but its what is not said here that matters.

It should be known that this video was pulled off of Youtube and replaced with a very banal version which does not show the total fear the teachers have of all the muslims and dos not show how the Muslim student explains that you cannot say Mohammad was a pedophile because you simply cannot talk like that about “allah”.

Fortunately, the translator had a copy of the original one so we could title it. The lesson in that is clear. If you see any video anywhere that is of value to the truth and a problem for the forced Neo-Marxist agenda, download and save it.

Thank you C. for this translation and video.

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    • My Great Grandmother was 14 or 15 when she had the first of her 13 children back in the 1880s and that was not uncommon back then. Lots of hands for the farm. The problem with Islam is that any attempt to bring the religion up to date is expressly forbidden by the scriptures themselves and anybody who is arrogant enough to think they know more than Allah is in for a very severe punishment indeed, so Islam stays frozen in the 7th century forever with no hope of ever reforming or modernizing. Islam is a bad business model and should be eradicated from the planet Earth along with Smallpox and botflies…

  1. What is it with leftists and facts? Are they even aware that there is such a thing as a fact? The teacher isn’t the one saying that Mo was a pedophile, the Quran is. He married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. It’s not a secret, it’s a historical fact and yet it never occurs to these girls to simply look in the book instead of always listening to and believing someone else’s opinion. I swear, young people have completely lost the ability to think. They don’t know how to think at all. It’s all emotion and tribal allegiance to them now. They are post-Age-of-Reason…

    • The teacher denies he ever said that, and he didn’t even teach the students who filed a complaint.
      The problem was that a mother of one of the students called him haram, and apparently a pedo. Maybe the kids just added that for good measure, but I suspect he’s gay. Muslims (at least dutch muslim kids like this) tend not to conflate the two. Just like they conflate “jew” and “police” for example, everybdy they don’t like is either a pedo or a jew.
      You hit the nail on the head with the tribalism remark btw.

  2. I swear, young people have completely lost the ability to think.

    Someone can’t lose a thing they’ve never had. The capability may be there but incentivized critically analytical thought basically does not exist, is actively discouraged or punished, and this is all done purposefully and maliciously.

  3. I read the linked article, and I mostly agree with the political analysis. I doubt this ‘scandal’ will have much effect though, similar things happen all the time.
    And I can confirm VMBO is terrible. Even some HBOs (comparable to community college) are full of 3rd world thugs nowadays.

  4. I just spotted a cartoon about this incident:

    Translation: “Mr and Ms Prophet are popular subsitute teachers
    Revelation for VMBO:
    pedophilia is halal”

    The artist is a mysterious figure who calls himself Gregorius Nekschot (“a shot in the neck”), a friend of the late movie director and provocateur Theo van Gogh. He was arrested over his cartoons on May 13 2008:

  5. Hi Eeyore and Vlad, in the past you linked to me and I refer to you guys quite often when putting GoV on my blog.

    How do you get the embed code for a Bittube video? I tried several ways, but so far haven’t been succesful.

    Bye, Michael/Belgium (Outlaw Mike from DowneastBlog)

    • Once the video is up in front of you, click the little arrow that points up and to the right. Then click the on the far right of the options that come up. Then bit.tube auto-copies the embed code to your clipboard. Then paste it into the HTML tab or code tab of your site.

      It helps to change the height “250” to “360”

      Hope that helps.

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