The point is never the point, and global warming

The following short clip is a single question taken from a video of dual presentation on ‘Climate Change’ given by Action4Canada last week in Ottawa. The whole presentation, which richly deserves to be seen, will be available as soon as possible.

This is a question from one audience member to the first speaker of two discussing ‘Climate change’,and who, by her question, is pointing out a herd of elephants in the room:

This clip is a magnificent example of how we all become controlled opposition when we do not understand the larger strategy.

With the left, the point is never the point. The revolution, is always the point.

How does this apply here. Well, its clear that the same people who are working three shifts to take away your privacy and liberties under the rubric of Global Warming/Climate Change, are the same people replacing the population, or if not replacing, diluting them, of Western nations to the point that there is no coherence to them anymore. This means no shared values, history or sense of joint existence.

The questioner makes the point that each person who moves from a hot place to a cold place increases their ‘carbon footprint’ by 4.2X on average. So how can the same policy makers do this while also claiming to want to stop Climate Change?

At this point let’s look at the difference between a mistake and a policy.

A mistake is where you try to achieve an objective, and when you notice your methods are not achieving the results you want, you stop using them, and try something else. A policy is where you see you are in fact getting the results you want and you continue and or double down on it, no matter what you say you want or are trying to achieve. The immigration and climate change frauds have both been going on for far far too long for this to be incompetence. Writing it off as such, stupidity, ignorance, hypocrisy, greed, this is what makes us controlled opposition. Even unwittingly so. Because we are arguing the point, which it never is.

This is not to say that the architects of all these things do not fully take advantage of these lesser attributes of man. Corporate and individual greed is most definitely one of the ways the architects managed to entice powerful people and institutions into being a part of the overall plan.

When you argue against abortion, ‘trans-rights’ and all the other not-really-the-issue-issues  which are tearing us all apart in the absence of a greater understanding, it assists those with the meta plan to control us all through a total philosophical revolution. A revolution at the core of who we are.

It is obvious that the people pushing these issues and policies do not believe in them. Al Gore bought a beachfront villa for USD $8,875,000 in California in 2010, presumably in part, from the proceeds of his movie warning us all that the oceans were rising and would swallow up coastal cities within a few years. Flashing forward to today, The Oligarchs use private gets to get to the brothels in Davos every year for the WEF hedonism and megalomania festival. (Ever see the menu? It isn’t cricket)

This is because the issues themselves are meant to be destructive to our civilization, as are the ‘solutions’ to them. To divide, to dissolve any coherence we may have as a people. It is also to have the state be able to arbitrarily impose a pseudo-reality on us at a whim, especially destructive ones, and have us accept, believe and defend them. (The first example in this author’s lifetime would be Trudeau Senior’s arbitrary, expensive and destructive imposition of the Metric System in Canada. More on that in another post)

So a phoney problem is invented that requires a solution that the architects wanted all along but the public would never accept. In fact we have national constitutions preventing exactly these scenarios. This so called solution will control critical aspects of the public’s lives. Aspects which they would never have willingly given up were it not for the ‘problem’. But the phoney problem media blasts at us night and day is the device used to get the public to accept the only “acceptable ‘solution” to it. (Think vaccines) Thesis, counter-thesis, solution.

Also note: Real problems are never to be addressed; the drastically falling sperm rates in men. The paving of the best farmlands in Canada to build gargantuan brutalist beehives for massive  (debatably) legal and illegal immigration, with no consideration of how to feed these new people that we are aware of. Massive spike in dangerous recreational drug use, enormous health impacts of gene therapy vaccines, which cannot even be acknowledged by the enemy-propaganda networks that our media has become.

That is not to say that we should not understand these things on a case by case. Small policy victories can be made if you can argue reality against the imposed pseudo reality, or put simply, the total BS reasons to create a policy no one would want otherwise. But only if you can do it publicly enough that it embarrasses the policy makers. I have seen it with my own eyes. But it’s the publicity of showing obvious reality that makes the difference and again, at a small scale, like a school board. This is because the policy makers know damn well the policies they want are based on lies. But then sometimes larger scale powers will designate those who insist on reality to be terrorists, and eliminate that line of defence, such as, like parents who speak truth to school boards. The children must be seen as property of the state and doubly so what they believe. The responsibility for ensuring that ownership is all the parents have left.

If the policy makers actually wanted to mitigate the problems they claim are the issues, then proving they are wrong would work to change the policy, even without public scrutiny.

Think about how many fields in which we have all had to become minor experts in the past few decades. Climatology and virology for sure. For some of us, Islam and other issues every so often. Y2K, ozone holes, purple loosestrife, zebra mussels, killer bees, africanized honey pigs. This is because all these things are being used to negate us as a people, a history and a culture. Understanding these things well enough to know what we are being told is false is great and all. But how often does it work to explain to others who need to believe the government is benign? I would guess close to never.

The videos of the speakers from Friday night’s event should be available soon. And people should watch them. They are excellent expert presentations on climate reality. Understanding them will make you bullet proof in climate discussions. The result of which is people stop shooting at you. Getting them to understand that this isn’t about climate science is another thing altogether.

At some point the question always comes up in one form or another, ‘Why would they lie to us about all this’?

Answering this is very dangerous because unless really well explained, you will be dismissed as a nut no matter how on top of the truth you actually are. And frankly, even if it is really well explained. You have to have an audience willing to consider that they are misled as opposed to waiting for an opportunity to dismiss you and everything you think from their uncluttered intellectual cosmos.

For those who figured out early that the gene-therapy shots were a bad idea, discussions with others usually went loosely like this:

[Vaxx Skeptik] well, science science, data data, experts with nothing to gain and everything to lose show us that…

[Normie] Ok Well then if that is true, then why would they….

And that is when it all goes off the rails. You could convince someone that the vaxx is bad using reason, science and evidence. But if you dare tread into the motives for agencies promoting the shots, you move from what you know and can prove into dark conspiracies and ad hominem that even if true, will cost you your listener. In fact being asked why they would do this is a kind of trap, whether the asker is conscious of that or not.

Dr. Peter McCullough early on was brilliant in his approach. He would testify to the facts of heart damage from the gene-therapy injections, and when asked why this was being done to us, would refuse to touch the subject. He would just stick to cardiology. That was the right approach in terms of not being immediately dismissed. He did point out though, that the official literature contained curious omissions, leaving it to the listener to figure out why those omissions existed. He also explained the curious censorship of his factual documents on Covid19. This leads us to the reality on these narratives without saying that in fact, narratives is what they are. One doesn’t have to censor truth, facts and expert opinion unless you are trying to hide it.

So what Dr. McCullough did is give facts that leave the listener to come to rational conclusions about the next layer problems. This can work.

So asking everyone to abandon their jobs, families, hobbies and other interests to become an expert on every set of meta-lies imposed on us to get a world of stateless people with no rights is not a practical solution. Most people won’t even bother to read a single paper or watch a decent video showing the counter-narrative materials.

But trying to get people to understand how to look at all things in official media and see what they are designed to do, might work. Still, it is critical that we all must continue to fight the small fights we chose to take on. Whether it is the bogus trans-rights issues used to make monsters out of your children with surgery and drugs while the same people ban books like Dr. Seuss and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for somehow being dangerous to children, or forcing your children to endure male fetishists to read kid’s books to them – yeah fight it if you can endure the Discourse Theory attacks you will be under as a consequence. We have to keep doing this. But sooner or later we have to come to understand that these issues are not the real fight.

The real fight is against a total Marxist revolution attempting to destroy every single aspect of our existence, using issues from the sanctity of life (abortion and MAiD) right on down through our cultures, to what type of car you drive.

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  1. It is obvious that the people pushing these issues and policies do not believe in them. Al Gore bought a beachfront villa for USD $8,875,000 in California in 2010, presumably in part, from the proceeds of his movie warning us all that the oceans were rising and would swallow up coastal cities within a few years. Flashing forward to today, The Oligarchs use private gets to get to the brothels in Davos every year for the WEF hedonism and megalomania festival. (Ever see the menu? It isn’t cricket)

    Hi James, in the last sentence The Oligarchs use private ‘jets’ is the correction.

    But, again, your rant made perfect sense. You are defining the psychological and spiritual war upon us. Providing example after frustrating example of how we have been purposefully toyed with for a ‘very’ long time now, blinding us while they perform and cast demonic evil everywhere.
    In my opinion a bang on, excellent, rant!!!
    …you let it flow out of you very well…

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