Pseudo-environmentalism and the extinction of the Right Whale

This is a now archetypal story. Feminism has been subverted by Hegelian/Marxist weaponized rhetorical devices to destroy women. It was possibly even created to do that. The practice of medicine, well I’ll leave that to readers to decide how that started and where it is now.

Climate science is now a tool to destroy only Western Civilization while all other cultures and industry get a pass on using as much coal and oil as they want.

And of course, environmentalism is now about to cause the extinction of an extremely rare species of whale, called the Right Whale.

This problem is now so large, that actual environmentalists do not wish to call themselves that, as the word itself now means corruption and perversion of something important to do its opposite.

Can anyone think of a word to describe this process? Starts with a D.

Please read story details at: RAIR

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8 Replies to “Pseudo-environmentalism and the extinction of the Right Whale”

    • The moment the term becomes accepted as something positive and reality based, it will be dialectically negated into its opposite.

      This is the strategic level of Marxism as it operates against us. We keep losing ground because we cannot derive tactics based on a malunderstanding of the enemy’s strategy.

  1. A couple decades back, the Wright Whales were off the ‘endangered list’.
    Gosh! Super job, greenpeace! Some good muh kommunisuum an’ sheeit you have there.
    The wind industry is entirely dependent on Petroleum, full stop, period.
    The manufacture, the materials and components, the transport, site prep and access, assembly, erection and maintenance. I do not see a single windmill, solar cell or unicorn involved in manufacture and emplacement these idiotic monstrosities. What is the energy balance? How many mega or gigatons of petro-chemicals and petro-energy per kilowatt hour? Where is the breakeven point in the lifecycle of a turbine. What is the Mean Time Between Failure. the Time Between Overhaul and Service Life for this crap? What are the transmission infrastructure costs to get these things plugged in? Is that even in the costing? My engineer bone says this shit is miserable. So bad, that it’s a net energy loss with no breakeven point; and we haven’t even started into the environmental issues.
    Well, of course it is! This is another element of the Hodolomor. Possibly the clunkiest, most inefficient, needlessly complex gas chamber ever created by Marxists.

      • I wonder how many whales they can kill when a Tornado, waterspout or hurricane rips all the blades off of these things and throws them at 120 MPH into the Sea.

        • If the enviromentalcase marxist’s manage to kill of all the whales, we’ll just have to sell blowhole affirming re-assignment surgery to fat people.
          I saw an live on-line tracker for the British grid, giving MW/H broken down for Thermal, Nuclear, imported and ‘renewable’ sources, and the putative generating capacity of these plants, as well as maintenance status viz: on line or off.
          I’m digging for the address, I’ll post it, if they haven’t scrubbed it off the interweebz. The ‘renewables’ output is pretty damned lousy. But a solar cell in kandagrad, or at any northern latitude can’t keep a AA battery in a garden light charged.
          I’m sure large wind farms would have just breezed right through the 20 hours of freezing rain we had yesterday. At least as good as the grid, which went down for 10 hours yesterday.
          Electric De-icing, you say? Wasn’t windy all week. Where’s that juice coming from?
          Merry Christmas, y’all. Hope the MAID-fairy doesn’t get you!

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