CBN knocks it out of the park again on Free speech and Islam in Europe

Please take the eight minutes to watch this. It is more than good, it is important.

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  1. Islamophobia is the biggest threat to the world peace. Priceless. What a bunch of jokers. Who was saying muslims do not have a sense of humour?

  2. I see it as a relatively honest threat by Muslim standards. They say criticising Islam is a threat to world peace. Why? Cause Muslims will attack and start wars if the rest of us criticise Islam. So clearly a threat and as I said, honest relative to what you typically hear from Muslims. However they will attack and make war on us anyway, so we may as well take the hits while preserving our own values.

  3. Totally agree with Eeyore. The Mission of the militairy political ideology called islam is world domination. Every nation, every religion, everybody will sooner or later face the threat to submite or be killed. Europe is in the frontline and they are losing ground really fast because of their political correct politicians, the US is next.

  4. I have another take on why those inbred bedouin savages would say that criticism of mahoundianism is a “threat to world peace.” In mahound’s sick little cult (and its epistemology), “peace” means that some place is under total submission to its (not his) imaginary alter-ego allah. Our Western notions of peace differ enormously from theirs, since, in their view, Somalia, Porkistan (especially in its tribal areas) and Yemen are places where mahoundian “peace” abounds, daily mahoundian-on-mahoundian carnage taking place there notwithstanding; and that is peace in their epistemology, just as regarding women as non-penis-possessing, jihadist-breeding half male mobile tents somehow amounts to “protecting their honor.” That’s how totally distorted our human notions of things are in mahoundianism.

    And, since mahound-worshipping demands that its adherents simply follow what’s in Mein Qurampf and the Hadith without questioning it, cross-examining it, disputing what those collections of inbred bedouin savage nonsense state, it’s fair to say that it both robs its followers of their ability to think for themselves and allowing it to be criticized is a threat to its expansion and the “peace” that it imposes on its subjects. After all, if mahoundians think too much about those tenets of their political ideology masquerading as a religion, they’d have no choice but to quit it. Unless it’s followed and obeyed blindly, there’s no way in hell anyone can remain a devout mahoundian.

    Roger Köppel, editor-in-chief of the awesome Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche said not too long ago, in a debate about mahound-worshipping on the Swiss channel SF1’s show Arena, that he simply couldn’t grasp how, in the light of the endless mass-murders committed in the name of mahoundianism, its adherents weren’t quitting it in droves. Ali Sina has also argued that mahoundians are just too scared of their psychopathic pseudo-prophet to ask tough questions that would make them quit mahound-worshipping in a heartbeat, if they’d only have the courage to ask them. He couldn’t have nailed the whole thing any better than when he wrote that “The fact is that Muhammad was a liar. He could not say, I want power, I want money, I want women and I want you to worship me and obey me. So he invented a deity who was none but his own alter ego and made him tell the foolhardy people to obey Muhammad and do his bidding. So he’d say, fight for Allah and his messenger, bring the booty to Allah and his messenger, the prettiest girls captured in the raids belong to Allah and his messenger. He made Allah responsible for all his crimes and by making himself his partner he enjoyed all the loot. I assure you Allah never saw a dime of those loots. It all went to the coffers of this bogus prophet.
    Would really an all powerful god need the help of humans to kill his detractors? If Muslims only thought about this question alone they would leave Islam.”

    That’s why it’s clear that criticism of mahoundianism is a threat to “world peace”, or the domination of the world by mahound’s imaginary alter-ego allah, in mahoundian epistemology. If asking even the most basic questions could shake a mahoundian’s belief in Mein Qurampf’s inbred bedouin savagery, we can only imagine what real tough questions could do to it.

  5. It is not a honest threat. A real threat. Why only Islamic countries have a organisation based on religion? They follow clear double standards and take the full advantage of free world and western open societies. Every one should really wake up, if they want freedom in future. Muslims should know that Church didn’t resort to violence or threats were made against people who criticized Church or Christianity or even when movie Davinci Code was made. Since they are opposing so stubbornly , it shows they do have real hidden agenda.
    This kind of conflict keeps going until main mass media takes the side in support of free world and starts debating Islam itself. Otherwise it is lost cause.

  6. I think Church should completely come out against Islam or at least it should make behind the curtain moves. i hope they have some influence among people who really matter. The truth is most people are willing to participate or listen to truth about Islam. How come Islam only is fighting this kind of situation? The real politics are money or call Petro dollars. I mean Islamic countries import lot of goods from west and are major customers in Arms , Technology, Medicine etc. But future, very existence of civilization, can not
    be risked for mere profits. I emphasize that this really needs a massive effort.
    otherwise if a major war occurs, which Islamic countries definitely lose, price is much more.

  7. Okay, arrest me: F..k the pedeopiliac, murdering, bigoted, mysogenistic, hateful, terrorist Mohammed who brought upon our planet an evil cult full of fanatical, violent psychopaths; F..k Mecca as the symbol of this horrible cult; F..k the Qur’an which is full of hatred and bigotry and calls for jihad against unbelievers; F..k every single one of the hundreds of millions of Muslims in our world who refuse to condemn all the terrorists and supporters of of terrorism in the ummah, yet raise their voices loud and clear over cartoons or Salmon Rushdie getting knighted or the Pope quoting an ancient scholar or anyone who insults their barbaric religion; f..k every mosque in the Western world that preaches hatred against the host country supporting most of these parasitic leaches; and F..k the OIC and every member of it, along with the UN for allowing these coackroaches to fester in what was once a respectable world body. Andf finally, just F..K thee living crap out of all Islam on the planet. There…that’s my FREE SPEECH for the day.

  8. The U.S. has put Muslims in our midst and has not warned the American people what it means. Other countries have tried to warn us but our political will is tied up in political correctness and the compaaaaaaaaassion of ignorant, liberal minds.

    I fear for my country.

  9. Art said that not all muslims are evil. Actually, that is a lie. ALL muslims are evil when they claim the koran as their spiritual blueprint and that wicked prophet mohammed as their prophet (remember he raped a nine year old child). And don’t anyone post me a comment about how bigoted this sounds, instead consider how it is that you would defend such an evil religion and the wicked people who claim it as their own.

  10. all please read islam is a relegion of peace if you do not belive try it for yourselves IF YOU DARE to taste the simple life,just learn about a relegion before critisizing, i never said the churches you go to have PEADO’S ( HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEWS LATELY,but im not one to be optimistic as ITS NOT THE RELEGIONS TO BE AT FAULT, its the people of power mis sussing the power and positions who give our relegions a bad reputation . so learn about it its easy for anyone hidden away to type away. have to ever read the real bible the answer is no as its been changed too many times , rewritten , RE-WRITTEN its not sheaksphere, its peoples lives they been playing with , so lets stop all this relegion talk as i got mine ISALM and you got yours ???? BUT LETS LIVES PEACEFULLY NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND BE FREINDS

  11. Mo:
    I. probably know more about Islam than 80% of Muslims. Unlike them I understand what i read.
    2. Islam was called the ‘religion of peace’ because Sayid Kutb wrote a book in the fifties saying that once the whole world is subjected to Islamic rule and sharia law, the world will know peace. We can see how true that is by looking at Muslim countries now which are of course the most violent on earth cause once everyone is Muslim you have to have a reason to go to Valhalla or paradise or whatever you guys pretend happens after you die, so you start killing other kinds of Muslims or people you think are not Muslim enough.
    3. For the x-teenth time, learn to diferentiate between the exception and the rule. When a priest has sex with anyone at all, it ranges from at best a breach of trust and the rules to an actual crime. When a Muslim rapes a child Islam calls it ‘marriage’. So again, exception, rule. Try and spot the difference.
    4. The Koran has also been changed many times. Look it up. Ancient Korans are found all the time with different interpretations and so on. The Koran is no less mutagenic than the bible and maybe more. And frankly so what. The fact that it didn’t change even if that was a fact, means nothing. A photograph of a rat in a new york sewer is still a photograph of a big fucking problem 1400 years later.
    5. I would love to live peacefully next to Islam. Consider it done. All you have to do is, STOP KILLING EVERYONE ALL OVER THE PLACE. I wrote that all in caps as I notice Muslims love that. They use it everywhere on the Internet. I can usually tell if a Muslim wrote something cause its all in caps. I’m pretty sure Muslims make the worlds licence plates. So here is the deal. You stop killing non Muslims in Pakistan, Gaza, the West Bank, the USA, Europe, India, The Philippines, everywhere ffrankly that Muslims are more than about 2% of the population, and we promise to stop fighting back ok?

  12. Mo:
    PS the King James version of the bible was probably in part actually written in part by William. So actually yes, the bible is Shakespeare. At least in part.

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