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Islam’s influence on geopolitics accelerates: Links 1 for Oct. 25 – 2014

1. Burma encourages 8000 more muslims to relocate. 2. A series of links on the wonderful effects of multiculturalism on Calais France. 2a. Running battles between African mobs, riot police with tear gas, a teenage girl killed chasing a truck to … Continue reading

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Point de Bascule on Ezra Levant: The mosque and imam of the Canadian jihadis

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Islam and obfuscation: Links 2 for Oct. 24 – 2014

1. Gates of Vienna does analysis of reactive Canadian Government policies post workplace extremist violent accident attack. 2. Egypt Declares Emergency in Northern Sinai Egypt’s National Defense Council declared a three-month state of emergency in restive northern part of Sinai Peninsula … Continue reading

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Excellent speech by prominent Italian woman on the suicidal immigration policies of Italy.

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Islam, terror and their NATO allies: Links 1 for Oct. 24 – 2014

I am a little bit behind today. Mea Culpa. 1. It seems that the one thing that many foreign fighters in the Islamic State have in common, no matter where they may have come from, is an exit stamp from … Continue reading

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Very good analysis on islamic terror justification on FOX

Click over and watch the video   H/T GoV

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Islam and Ebola continue to threaten civil society. Links post 2 for Oct, 23 – 2014

1. NYT: Doctor tests positive for Ebola virus in New York City. A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case. … Continue reading

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More Islamic terror. New York city man with an axe attacks police and more.

1. It would appear that the divide in the US on key issues has grown wider, and with potential for more violence. Islam and Islamic politics seem to now be a central feature of the Ferguson ongoing race bait-fetival. From … Continue reading

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Ottawa: Day one of self blinkered denial. Links 1 for Oct. 23 – 2014

Earlier today I had an interesting discussion with a Lebanese Christian who explained to me that in 1973 and 74, muslims attacked lone soldiers in Lebanon here and there exactly like we see now here in Canada. By 1975 they … Continue reading

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Did the Ottawa jihadi’s father do jihad in Libya?

Globe and Mail: [...] His father’s history offers a hint of what Mr. Bathurst was concerned about. In 2011, a Montrealer named “Belgasem Zahef” was quoted in a Washington Times dispatch from the front in Libya, where he had travelled … Continue reading

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Educating on Islam links 3 for Oct. 22 – 2014

1. The Mark Steyn interview in the previous post with Brian Lilley is really excellent. But he made one point that is one of those things that gets under my skin and was great to hear from a high profile … Continue reading

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Links post 2 for Oct. 22 – 2014 Left still fooled. Defends Islam for reasons it doesn’t even know.

1. Turkish woman detained after tweeting picture of herself standing on pages of Quran (You might have to get there by navigating from the front page of Hurriynetdailynews) A woman was detained in the Turkish capital Ankara after sharing a … Continue reading

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Links post 1 for Oct. 22 – 2014: Islam introduces itself to Ottawa.

1. A caller to Lowell Green yesterday, a day before the attack on Ottawa and a day after the attack in Montreal predicted the edict to soldiers not to wear uniforms. 2. PM Harper cancels Malala Yousafzai citizenship ceremony in light … Continue reading

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Breaking: 2 Active shooters downtown Ottawa

There is lots of other news and a similar attack is taking place in Israel. Please check the comments under this post for newer information. I will not be posting other posts besides updates on this for obvious reasons but … Continue reading

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Leftism and Islam: Determined to undo everything decent humanity has accomplished. Links 3 for Oct. 21 – 2014

1. Uproar after NYT Reports Obama Administration Will Seek to Circumvent Congress on Iran Deal The State Department scrambled on Monday to respond to a weekend New York Times scoop revealing that the Obama administration intends to bypass Congress in reducing sanctions … Continue reading

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