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Breaking: 2 Active shooters downtown Ottawa

There is lots of other news and a similar attack is taking place in Israel. Please check the comments under this post for newer information. I will not be posting other posts besides updates on this for obvious reasons but … Continue reading

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Leftism and Islam: Determined to undo everything decent humanity has accomplished. Links 3 for Oct. 21 – 2014

1. Uproar after NYT Reports Obama Administration Will Seek to Circumvent Congress on Iran Deal The State Department scrambled on Monday to respond to a weekend New York Times scoop revealing that the Obama administration intends to bypass Congress in reducing sanctions … Continue reading

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Comparing approaches to the issue of Islamic attacks in our midst.

Two self declared Muslims, Tarek Fatah and Raheel Reza were both interviewed today by the Sun Chain about the attack in Montreal and the three girls who were caught in Turkey trying to join the Islamic State and had left … Continue reading

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Islamic State claims to have hit US embassy in Baghdad. Claims likely casualties ISIS has reportedly struck the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in what could be the furthers incursion yet into Iraq’s capital. On Tuesday the Islamist militant group took credit for a mortar attack against the embassy in Baghdad. The group … Continue reading

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Root causes of terror? Mohamed. Links 2 for Oct. 21 – 2014

1. Wales: Mum flying black Muslim flag outside home tells neighbours it’s definitely not a show of support for Islamic State 2. CNN: What we learn from ISIS’ online magazine But the two webzines share few similarities beyond that. Inspire was … Continue reading

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Canada. A spooky reflection of Little Rock Ark. 2009

Long time readers of my blog may remember a thing I ran on the sidebar of this site to get the US government to give two new recruits to the US forces a purple heart who had been shot by … Continue reading

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The real fast-and-furious. Islam attacks, we look the other way: Links 1 Oct. 21 – 2014

1. Canada used to have two rational newspapers. The Sun Chain and the National Post. In the last while, a few of us have noticed that one of the editors of the National Post, Jonathan Kay, seemed to have moved … Continue reading

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Islam and the misery it spreads in the name of its whacky god and his psychotic prophet: Links post 1 for Oct. 21 – 2014

1. This is quite an explosion in Iraq. I wonder what they kept in that building. I wonder if the guy was from Greely? 2. Apparently this is a video made by the Kurds mocking the Islamic State. I could … Continue reading

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British Women begin to fight back. At last.

Speakers Corner. London England.

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Islam: Selling the idea of manifest evil since the 7th century: Links 3 for Oct. 20 – 2014

1. Woman stoned to death in Hama – Syria 2. Pat Condell: Boo Hoo Palestine 3. Burying the Ebola dead in Sierra Leone 4. The islamic female fighters against Assad (Notice how they rely on Islamic rules to gain an advantage when … Continue reading

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Islam defines itself by its actions: links post 2 for Oct. 20 – 2014

1. France unveils ban on immigrants whose ‘personal behaviour’ deemed a threat to national security (I understand that France has also instituted a law saying that all farmers must install a sprinkler system and fire alarm in all barns that have … Continue reading

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This is how freedom solves the burka problem

Paris Opera House Expels Woman for Wearing Niqab after Cast Refuses to Perform La Traviata When you let government solve a problem they often just create 3 more so you look back nostalgically at the days when you just had … Continue reading

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Compiling evidence on the nature of Islam: Post 1 for Oct. 20 – 2014

1. The Taliban toddler being trained for war who says he’s ‘going to shoot people’ Around three years old and holding a gun, this little boy is terrifying proof of how the Taliban is reasserting its grip on Afghanistan. As Western … Continue reading

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Extraordinary MEMRI clip. A must see and must spread.

This very honest MEMRI clip from a former Iraqi MP on the Islamic State and their rationale. This man appears to be very reasonable as well. Here is just one of the money shots from this interview: The Fiqh, being … Continue reading

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Islam continues to disgust, horrify and degrade humanity: Links 2 – 2014

1. 22 Killed in Farmers’ Market Attack in Xinjiang’s Kashgar Prefecture Four ethnic minority Uyghur men armed with knives and explosives attacked a farmers’ market in northwestern China’s unrest-plagued Xinjiang region this week, leaving 22 people dead, including police officers and … Continue reading

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