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…And this is why artists should shut TFU about things they know nothing about.

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Tarek Fatah responds to a Canadian Senator on matters of Islam and national security.

For those who have wondered what sanctimony sounds like, and that would be people who have never visited Canada or gone to a university in the past couple of decades, listen to how a Canadian senator speaks to Tarek Fatah … Continue reading

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A lot of horror seems to be done by muslims these days. Must be a coincidence: Links 2 for Nov. 25 – 2014

1. Commuters told to ‘run, hide and tell’ in leaflet distributed by police warning of Mumbai-style gun terror attacks at train stations (If a government actually cared one tiny bit about its people it would suggest they arm themselves and if … Continue reading

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Islam, mosques in Canada and assessing the threat: Links 1 for Nov. 25 – 2015

1. PMO sent out security alert a few days before Montreal attack (I would think that could be a link between the attackers and the Islamic State) 2. CONGO – Up to 80 people killed by suspected Ugandan rebels in … Continue reading

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More and more and more Islamic atrocities. Its a buyers market: Links 3 for Nov. 24 – 2014

1. Islamic State training video to make children into jihadis 2. ‘ISIS have sleeper cells in the UK and will unleash war on Europe': Jihadi hunter who rescued his own son from fighting with extremists in Syria issues chilling warning (This … Continue reading

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Islam continues to disgust: Links 2 for Nov. 24 – 2014

1. A French jihadist left the Islamic State just two weeks after arriving because he could not handle the terror group’s strict no-smoking policy. Flavien Moreau, a Muslim convert with 13 previous convictions, including assault and armed robbery, moved to … Continue reading

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The third time it isn’t funny so much as infuriating. Lets hope it was meant to be.

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Israeli leader speaks on Iranian bomb development.

Bibi got one thing wrong. It isn’t the development of ICBM’s isn’t the best evidence of the development of nuclear weapons, its the trigger mechanisms and facilities for carving high explosives for use on plutonium implosion devices. Iran has been … Continue reading

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UK facing biggest threat since 9/11: May

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Major attempt at terror attack on Fort Sam USA and more: Links 1 for Nov 24 – 2014

1. 15-year old Montrealer radicalized Montreal police and the Mounties have taken an interest in a 15-year old boy awaiting sentencing for a convenience store robbery on the West Island last month. They want to know how a private school student … Continue reading

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evidence? We don’t need no stinkin evidence! Proof of Islamic aggression links 3 for Nov. 23 – 2014

1. (ANSA) – Forli, November 21 – A 15-year-old girl who was viciously beaten up by her family and locked in a bathroom because she was “too Western” has been entrusted to the social services after hospital treatment. The girl, who … Continue reading

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Leftism and Islam blowing up a tree. Kil-ling us with IED: Links 2 for Nov. 23 – 2014

1. New University of Regina bathroom facilities help Muslim students prepare for prayer The university has installed “foot-baths” in a public washroom at its Riddell Centre, in order to allow Muslim students — many of whom pray numerous times a day, … Continue reading

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And on it goes: Links 1 for Nov. 23 – 2014

1. BBC: Bomber ‘kills 45′ at Afghanistan volleyball match About 60 people were also wounded in the bombing in Yahyakhail district. It came after Afghan MPs approved security deals allowing Nato and US soldiers to remain after the withdrawal of most … Continue reading

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Enlightenment RIP: Links 3 for Nov. 22 – 2014

1. Sweden confiscates a man’s sweater as being racist. Two links. This one in English: Radio Sweden: A man who wore a t-shirt saying ”Islam is the devil” could face charges for inciting hatred. Published lördag 22 november kl 11:19 … Continue reading

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Its like cold water in your eye, isn’t it? Islam and leftism links 2 for Nov. 22 – 2014

1. Exclusive: Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran Israeli official cites “sunset clause” in proposed comprehensive deal, which guarantees Iran a path into the nuclear club and may corner Israel into war. WASHINGTON – Historic … Continue reading

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