No Mr. Newsman, 1984 was not an instruction manual. It was a warning: Links 4 for Dec. 22 – 2014

It is stunning how fast tacit collusion by the media and government takes effect. Already eye witness reports of the man yelling “Alla hu Ackbar’ are disappearing from reports on the spate of attacks in France and mysterious reports of psychiatric conditions and mental illness histories are appearing faster than any court could possibly unseal records of that nature in countries where people’s rights to privacy of these kinds of things is quite serious.

Existing links are changing to omit facts and people have cleverly managed to keep screen shots of the original to show where it changed. But why do it?

If we actually declared war, I would get  it. Containing and managing information is a critically important thing in wartime. And because that is true democracies actually have a provision in law where a government can be put on a war footing and Citizen’s basic rights change until the conflict is decided. Once won, democracies go back to peacetime rights for its citizens because that, as a rule, is why we fought in the first place.

Here is a translation of one news story that at the time the translator looked at it, still contained actual information rather than propaganda for a narrative that avoids the truth.

From Ouest-France

Monday evening a light truck plowed in the dense crowd at the Place Royale Christmas market in Nantes.

The police were immediately alerted by around 90 calls.

Eleven people were wounded, five very seriously and one is in critical condition. All the injured are in the CHU (hospital).

Translator’s notes::  I have an earlier version of this page (as a screenshot, attached to this e-mail) that says that several witnesses AND A POLICEMAN heard the attacker scream “allahu akbar”

This has changed on the actual page… They now say that : “some people say that they heard the attacker screaming “Allahu Akhbar”…

Brigitte Lamy (prosecutor) says that nothing they know shows it was a terror attack (she lies…). Pierre-Henry Brandet (interior ministry spokesman) said that the “Allahu Akhbar” scream is only a rumor and that nothing links this event to yesterday’s attack in Dijon.

Brigitte Lamy emphasized that this was “an isolated event”.

The attacker, a 40-year-old man from the Charentes maritimes (no name yet…), tried but failed to commit suicide by stabbing himself several times after the attack. He’s in intensive care.

(Screen cap of whole story here)

Translation: mOSXquito  Gates of Vienna post from this summary here

2. Anti-Islamic group head charged over brawl in Lakemba, Sydney

The head of an anti-Islamic group has been charged over a brawl in Sydney’s south-western suburb of Lakemba.

Police had to separate about 10 men fighting in Haldon Street shortly after 8:30pm AEDT on Monday.

Ralph Cerminara, 36, who is the leader of the Australia Defence League (ADL), and another member of the group, Zane Commins, 19, have been charged with affray and behaving in an offensive manner.

Both will face Parramatta Bail Court today.

(There is no mention of circumstances, who attacked who and what was said whatsoever)

3. The truck that slammed into a Christmas shopping crowd in Glasgow Scotland killed 6 people. All the media is preemptively saying what it wasn’t in the same article where they say that they don’t know what it was. Cause the most important thing seems to be that the ideology of Islam gets a pass even though it demands this, and its followers should not be suspect, even though they should. But add this to the THREE attacks in France in the past 36 hours or so, and the fact that the name of the truck driver in Scotland has not been released and it starts to look like more than coincidence.

CBC report: Independent UK:

4. Anti PEGIDA march in Germany draws hundreds. But today’s PEGIDA march drew 17 thousand people.

Thank you M., Dumbstruck, and all who contributed. More to come shortly. Readers may want to check google for the name of the Scottish truck driver who killed 6 people. That may be informative.

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Germany and elsewhere the world reacts to islam the way a stomach does to rotten meat: Links 3 for Dec, 22 – 2014

1. SEVENTEEN THOUSAND and more people at today’s anti-Islam march in Dresden Germany

Police estimated that some 17,500 people attended Monday’s rally by the group calling itself Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, or PEGIDA — organized this week as a carol-singing gathering in front of the Semperoper opera house.

2. Here is a picture of the car used in the Nantes attack as posted on Twitter by a woman claiming to be a witness.

car in Nantes attack large


4. Sinjar battle: Kurds ‘take control’ of large area from IS

(Video at site)

Kurdish authorities say their Peshmerga forces have taken control of a “large area” of the Iraqi town of Sinjar from Islamic State militants.

Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani claimed large Peshmerga advances during a visit to nearby Mount Sinjar.

The town, near the Syrian border has been controlled by Islamic State (IS) militants since August.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters backed by US-led air strikes launched a counter-offensive in the area last week.

(Does anyone have evidence that the Peshmerga forces are any less problematic than the IS ones are?)

Thank you Maria J., M., Arun Mark K. and more. In fact a lot more to come as well.

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Anti-German, leftist protestors get violent and clash with police

More to come later on this. Dresden marches are still taking place and are growing to the point where governments and mass media have given up ignoring them and now are trying to demonize them with the usual slurs. Here is a group which for all intents and purposes are ‘ANTI-FA’ and typically are behaving in ways they accuse Germans opposing sharia and Salafist groups of acting, but who always have peaceful and rational demonstrations.

PEGIDA Protest Dresden today

H/T M.

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More on what I think is the 3rd attack in France since the release of the IS video

This one is in English:

Yahoo News:

PARIS (Reuters) – A man driving a van ploughed into a crowd strolling through a Christmas market in Nantes in western France on Monday evening, injuring 10 people, an official at the local prefecture told Reuters.


According to local newspaper Ouest France, citing a police officer and witnesses on the scene, the driver of the white van shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest” in Arabic) and then stabbed himself with a knife.

H/T M.

IS video which likely inspired all this here

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Check this video of protestors taunting police after the shooting of 2 officers in Brooklyn. Notice the face covering and issues raised at 50 seconds

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Another attack in France. Can’t have anything to do with Islam though. Crazy or lone wolf of course. Links 2 for Dec. 22 – 2014

1. US Paid $5 Billion & Released 5 Taliban Prisoners For Deserter Bergdahl

Lt. Colonel Shaffer told Bill O’Reilly the Obama administration paid $5 billion and released five top Taliban Gitmo detainees in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

(I have a few questions of my own about that. For instance, were any of the taliban released for Bowe Bergdahl involved with the slaughter at the Pakistani school the other day?)

2. A Bin Lorry, which I can only guess means a truck used to collect garbage cans, in Scotland ran up onto a sidewalk hitting and injuring a number of people.

(The BBC is saying it was a heart attack. I wonder what accent the person has who is being interviewed? It doesn’t sound Scottish, not that its related or anything.)

3. An article at GoV about Dutch politics and how it relates to Geert Wilders and what it may or may not mean for the future. An interesting read. 

4. IS said to execute 100 foreign fighters who wanted to quit

(I’ll give the muslims this much. They certainly know the meaning of commitment)

The Islamic State extremist group has executed 100 of its own foreign fighters who tried to flee their headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the Financial Times newspaper said Saturday.

An activist opposed to both IS and the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is well-known to the British business broadsheet, said he had “verified 100 executions” of foreign IS fighters trying to leave the jihadist group’s de facto capital.

IS fighters in Raqqa said the group has created a military police to clamp down on foreign fighters who do not report for duty. Dozens of homes have been raided and many jihadists have been arrested, the FT reported.

5. **** Another attack in France. Here is a link to the story in French. Google translate gives a decent approximation but we will have a real translation available later on site. Basically a man driving a white van yelled allah hu ackbar as he drove it into a crowd at a Christmas Market in Nantes France injuring a dozen and two seriously. More to come soon. This just happened.

Please remember that the Islamic State posted a video, mostly in French, where they demanded that muslims within France attack French Citizens and destroy the secular state, everywhere, but in particular France. Youtube and other sites have been pulling down the original and also our translation of it but so far it remains up here. 

Thank you Dan Friedman, M., UK Pete, Buck, and all. More to come soon.

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Islam. Without the killing and the torture and the slavery and the sharia, it would be pretty much a comic book of a religion. Links 1 for Dec. 22 – 2014

1. Several large bombs have been detonated in a very muslim part of Sweden called Malmo. Here is a news video report on it.

2. Islamic terrorists Boko Haram massacre civilians while describing them as infidels in horrific video

A new video from Nigeria’s home-grown Boko Haram extremists shows gunmen mowing down civilians lying face down in a dormitory, and a leader saying they are being killed because they are ‘infidels’ or non-believers.

There are so many corpses the gunmen have difficulty stepping to reach bodies still twitching with life. Most appear to be adult men.

‘We have made sure the floor of this hall is turned red with blood, and this is how it is going to be in all future attacks and arrests of infidels,’ the group leader says in a message.

‘From now, killing, slaughtering, destruction and bombing will be our religious duty anywhere we invade.’

3. Someone put Swastikas all over a mosque being built in Germany.

(This seems redundant to me. Wont the mosques already have all kinds of Islamic symbols?)

4. CNN article and video: Author’s journey inside ISIS: They’re ‘more dangerous than people realize’

5. Court of Appeal Overturns Conviction of Woman Prosecuted for Insulting Islam

A French woman who protested a temporary tent-abattoir set up in a car-park near a hospital to ritually slaughter animals for Eid has had her conviction overturned, after she appealed a €4,500 fine and three month jail sentence for calling Islam a “cesspit”.

This is the video that got her in trouble in the first place

(This is she again, explaining more on the charges and how she sees them.)

Retired school-teacher Christine Tasin, 58, was convicted under an 1881 law after the prosecution argued criticism of Islam was the equivalent of inciting violence against Muslims, and that in addition to the normal punishment of a fine and imprisonment, Tasin should also be stripped of the right to hold public office.

(Once again, freedom of speech only matters when it is applied to criticism of political and religious authority. So long as you have that you have it all. Once you lose that, you lose it all)

6. Muslim cabbie refuses blind woman because of service dog in the UK. Leaves her in the rain

A taxi driver has been fined £1,000 after he refused to pick up a blind woman who was standing in the pouring rain because she had a guide dog.

Shahzad Ahmad, 32, told Sue Smith that he could not accept her fare because his vehicle wasn’t big enough to fit five-year-old Labrador Sonny – even though he was driving a six-seater people carrier.

Ms Smith left feeling ‘scared’ and ‘embarrassed’ when Ahmad drove away, leaving her and Sonny to be soaked on the street, Birmingham Magistrates Court heard.

The 50-year-old had phoned taxi firm T.C. Cars after visiting the headquarters of Action for Blind People in Birmingham on March 27.

7. BBC: Pakistan to execute over 50 arrested for involvement with the Pakistani Taliban. Public support against Taliban grows. Video at site.

Thank you Buck, M., UK Pete, GoV.,and many more. Actually a lot more to come shortly. Its hard to keep up. I also got picked up and driven over to a Sikh protest at the Indian Embassy in Ottawa. It was dull and nearly entirely bereft of actual information but it took time to go there, film and come back. Footage of that later but there isn’t much to it.

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Single Islamic State militant execute 150 women and girls “including some who were pregnant”, for refusing to become

Islamic State: “Merry Christmas, you infidels!”, posts photoshopped image of Santa held hostage

Yemen: jihadists blow up busload of schoolgirls

UK: “Britain has been just days from a major terror attack, with five plots foiled in the last four months”. France: “In the last 18 months, French intelligence services have prevented as many as five terrorism plots”

Holland: “Government is investigating whether parties wishing to introduce the Sharia, Islamic law, should be banned.”

Sweden: Two car bombs rock Muslim area of Malmo

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UK: One law for thee, another for me

Three muslims racially abuse indigenous British people on a train. So far no charges laid. Lets look at another case of muslim on white-British abuse in the UK and see how it went in Dec. 2011. Then we have stories like this one here. Personally I would say burning a koran is not just a matter of free expression, but its a central act of maintenance for the Enlightenment itself.

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‘Racist’ muslims target police all over the place: Links 3 for Dec. 21 – 2014

1. Police officer shot dead in Florida named as Charles Kondek

(If attacking a person because they are in muslim garb or are easily identified as muslims is racist, then in exactly 100% the same way, so is targeting a person because they are wearing a police uniform.)

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the shooting occurred at around 3am in the Tampa Bay-area city. It later said 23-year-old Marco Antonio Parilla Jr had been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder.

video of shooter:

2. Another suspect is on his way to NYC to drive from Tennessee to New York to kill more police officers.

3. Muslim woman sues county jail after being forced to attend Christian church service

(Now this is interesting. I believe that a US veteran police commander  was punished for refusing to attend a mosque service which was linked to the Muslim Brotherhood on account of his Christian faith.)

Sakeena Majeed at her mother’s home in Cleveland.
Sakeena Majeed at her mother’s home in Cleveland. Photograph: Mark Duncan/AP

A Muslim woman who says she was forced to attend Christian church services during a 60-day jail stint in Cleveland on an assault charge has sued the county.

Sakeena Majeed said in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday that a correction officer made her and other Cuyahoga County jail inmates attend Friday afternoon services led by a Baptist minister. She alleged that she was threatened with solitary confinement if she did not attend and that another correction officer mocked her when she refused to actively participate.

“That should be offensive to anybody, no matter what your religion is,” said her attorney Matthew Besser, who filed the lawsuit. “The government can’t tell you what god to pray to or to pray at all.”

4. Nigeria: Islamic jihadists take elderly people to schools, open fire, murder 50

From Jihad Watch: “Extremists in Nigeria Lining up Elderly and Shooting Them,” by Haruna Umar, Associated Press, December 20, 2014:

Islamic extremists in northeast Nigeria are turning their guns on elderly people, killing more than 50 this week in a new tactic that has instilled more fear in areas the militants call an Islamic caliphate.

Residents from five villages say people too elderly to flee Gwoza local government area are being rounded up and taken to two schools where the militants open fire on them. The villages are about 130 kilometers (80 miles) southeast of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

Thank you M., UK Pete, and all who sent in materials, More to come.

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Muslims in France responding to Islamic State message with force. Official sources wind up crazy and lone wolf meter.

Here is a video about the man who converted to Islam, then attacked three police officers with a knife at a police station. The paragraph below is from the Youtube page where the video is from. The video was taken from “last September.”

Bertrand Nzohabonayo, alias “Bilal” since he converted to Islam, is the man who attacked, on Saturday night, three police officers with a knife, at the police station in Joue-les-Tours. He was shot. On September 5th, in a video posted online by one of his friends from Lyon, he said: “This little video is to tell you that I changed my life starting now, that I leave the past behind me …”

Bilal also made a music rap video which we are looking at now to see if its worth the effort of translation.

Today in Dijon France, what certainly appears to be an attack took place where three men in a car backed into a dozen pedestrians. From Le Figaro.

According to a police source, three men in a car backed into a dozen pedestrians at the end of the day in Dijon screaming “Allah Akbar”. The attack took place a few hundred meters from Wilson Place. There are eleven wounded, two seriously. Police said the men were targeting members of the security forces, the police station being close by.

(Many articles are now quoting the attacker as not just saying “Allahu Akbar” but also “For the Children of Palestine” as he drove a car into a crowd. It also appears that media is changing the story from three people in the car to one, I suppose to better fit with the ‘lone wolf’ nonsense)

English source here

Paris (AFP) – A driver shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) as he ploughed into a crowd in the eastern French city of Dijon on Sunday injuring 11 people, two seriously, a source close to the investigation said….


A man heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”) has been arrested in France after driving into several crowds of people.

At least 11 people were injured, two of them seriously, after the driver targeted passers-by in five different areas of the eastern city of Dijon.

Witnesses told police he was also heard shouting he was “acting for the children of Palestine”.

Thank you M. for the sources and CB Sashenka for all the translation. Its gonna be a long day again. More to come soon about all this, and likely on any new lone wolf attacks by psychiatric patients that seem to happen so frequently right after a video from the Islamic State tells muslims to attack all us kafirs.

WOW That didn’t take long!

They managed to access this man’s confidential psychiatric records in RECORD TIME to explain to us that this man wasn’t MUSLIM he was CRAZY! It should be noted at this time that the % of the mentally ill that behave in an antisocial way is identical to the percentage of the general population. I am surprised that some kind of union of the mentally handicapped along with a union of ‘Asians’ has not stepped forward and demanded that the media and government stop casting aspersions on those communities who in fact have nothing to do with these attacks, while in all cases, they are muslims and often converts to the faith guided by well established imams in our cities.

“The man, born in 1974, is apparently imbalanced and had been in a psychiatric hospital,” the source told AFP, adding that “for now his motives are still unclear”.

The attack came the day after a French convert to Islam was shot dead after attacking three police officers with a knife while also reportedly crying “Allahu Akbar” in the central town of Joue-les-Tours.


Attacker also had a knife.

He was arrested after targeting pedestrians at five locations.

The suspect is “apparently imbalanced and had been in a psychiatric hospital”, a source close to the investigation said.

French police shot dead a man on Saturday after he attacked them with a knife, also shouting “God is great”.

The lives of the two people seriously injured in Dijon are not said to be in danger.


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Mystic Myrna predicts muslim violence for 2015. Prediction made free of charge: Links 2 for Dec. 21 – 2014

1. Racist who filled Muslims’ shoes with ham as they prayed in a mosque walks free from court

(Ive heard of a gumshoe, but a ham-shoe? Or as Tundra T called him, a “ham Sandal)

Thug: Racist Jamie Knowlson cried as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence and 150 hours community service

English tard hock or ‘tenderloin foot’

Thug: Racist Jamie Knowlson cried as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence and 150 hours community service

A racist thug who stuffed ham into the shoes of Muslim worshippers at a mosque has escaped a jail term.

Jamie Knowlson, 30, also draped slices of the meat – which Muslims are banned from eating – on railings outside the mosque as his victims prayed inside.

He was then caught on CCTV hurling abuse at worshippers after they confronted him over his sacrilegious act.

Islam teaches its followers to avoid pig meat as it makes them impure and unclean.

Knowlson initially told police the stunt was a drunken joke but later admitted that he was fully aware of the offence his actions would cause.

He pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment and could have been jailed for up to two years.

But walked free from Bristol Crown Court with a suspended six-month prison sentence because he had returned to the mosque to apologise for his actions.

2. Boko Haram Massacres Young Men From Bama, Borno Who Refused To Join The Sect

3. NYPD Cops Turn Back on Pro-Crime Mayor After Cop Killings

4. UK loses bid to opt out of benefits deal with Turkey: Ruling could lead to higher spending on welfare payments and pensions for immigrants

(Europe has broken Mach 1 in its haste to destroy itself)

Britain could be forced to pay benefits to more Turkish migrants and their families after losing yet another EU court case.

The UK had argued it should be allowed to opt out of an agreement giving workers from Turkey the same benefit rights as those from the EU.

Ministers feared the Brussels ‘power grab’ would make Britain an even more attractive destination for immigrants and would lead to higher spending on welfare payments and pensions.

5. Asian father-of-four raped pub worker for three hours after dragging her off the street saying ‘you white women are good at it’ 

An Asian father-of-four dragged a young pub worker off the street and raped her for three hours saying ‘you white women are good at it’.

The woman, who is in her 20s, was walking home from work in Bedford at around 11pm when she was grabbed by Abdul Ghafoor, 33, and forced her into undergrowth, a court heard.

Ghafoor had drunk five rum drinks when he came up behind her and bundled her into the bushes where he began sexually assaulting her in an attack that lasted from 11.25pm until 2.45am.

The victim had sent a WhatsApp message to her sister when she left work on May 30 this year to say she was walking to their flat.

But the married father-of-four, who had earlier propositioned two other white woman, demanded that the woman perform a sex act on him saying ‘you white girls are good at it’.

She was able to send a second message to her sister saying ‘help me’ before he smashed her phone.

Thank you UK Pete, Buck, Pimpernel, Yucki, Gates of Vienna, M., Wrath of Khan and many more. Much more to come shortly.

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Islamic State videos. Cause and effect?

Today, muslims in New York and France attacked police. In Brooklyn, two policemen were murdered by one convert to Islam, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley. In France, the attacker was heard yelling “Allahu Akbar” by witnesses.

In France as in the US, people are carefully trying to dance around the motive for the attacks as we are used to. This article does reference the Islamic aspect to the attack in some ways, but likely will be part of the ‘lone wolf’ narrative, itself a distraction from the facts. Facts that for example, Stephen Harper has been willing to admit to but pretty much no one else in the Western world.

Below, an Islamic State video published by and removed from Youtube just two days ago, December 19th 2014, in which a French jihadi demands that muslims  attack and kill people in all infidel countries, with particular attention to France.

Right below that, another video showing possible consequences of this demand which took place today near Tours in central France.


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First post for Dec. 21 – 2014 More Mad Muslim Mayhem.

Here are a few more posts illustrating the nature of the current world war, which for reasons that shouldn’t make sense but do, the majority of the people of the world seem not to know we are in and deny the nature of the threat to individual freedoms.

Currently a team of us, from Gates of Vienna to Oz-Rita, CB Sashenka and more people are working on the components of a post that I think is of singular importance. It won’t be a surprise to anyone but it may be the undoing of attempts to suppress an important set of cause and effect events this week which need to be understood if we hope to solve this problem with minimum bloodshed, destruction and loss of treasure. I hope to be able to post it within a few hours or early tomorrow. Also, I advise new readers to this site to always check the comments. A lot of the most interesting and important material and news is often there and not always posted in the main articles.


1. ‘Stronger than ever’ jihadists kill 5,042 in a month

AFP: Jihadist attacks around the world in November killed a total of 5,042 people, showing Islamist extremism is “stronger than ever” despite Al-Qaeda’s declining role, a new study published on Thursday said.

There were 664 attacks in 14 countries during the month, according to the joint report by the BBC World Service and the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College London.

2. CNN: Yazidis get relief, reason to cheer as Kurds take key town from ISIS

(Video at site)

3. Canadian left as usual, demands diversity and inclusion via forced uniformity and exclusion.

4. Iran Forcing Gay People To Undergo Sex Change Operations – VIDEO

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., and many others who I lost track of. Culpa me. But I have another post going up in minutes which has taken all of my attention. I hope you feel its worth it.


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More and more love from the religion of peace: links 3 for Dec 20 – 2014

1. Man who shot the two policemen sitting in their squad cars, Ismaaiyl Brimsly,  lists Arabic as his language on his Facebook page.

(Add this to the three France Police officers attacked by a muslim yelling Allahu Ackbar and you have 5 police attacked by what appear to be muslims today alone, that we know of)

2.  Muslims debate the legality under sharia of the murder of some hundred school children in Pakistan. 

3.  There is a lot of news on the North Korean attack, (now confirmed by the FBI) against Sony to stop the movie, The Interview, from being played. I will refrain from posting on it for the moment. Im sure the regular news covers this one more or less adequately because threats to liberty by other than muslims seems to garner some honesty in the press. Sony does however, claim that Obama is “wrong” in his statements about the order of events. The White House appears to be using the Benghazi strategy on this one. Or is it the IRS strategy.

4. Ghazi Abdul Aziz: Solution To Terror Is More Islam

5. Muslim or no? PJ Media presents a case for the double cop killer

Daily Mail shows middle name as Abdullah (slave of allah)

Daniel Greenfield: Black Muslim who kills 2 cops quotes koran

Thank you GoV, Arun, M., Wrath of Khan, GoV Bains and all

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