Attack on Newspaper in India for mocking the Islamic State begs the question

1. India: Newspaper offices attacked by enraged Muslims for anti-Isis cartoon

A vernacular newspaper’s offices have come under attack after the daily published a cartoon mocking the Islamic State (Isis) which has angered Muslims in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. The Marathi daily, Lokmat, has been forced to apologise for the piggy bank cartoon.

Lokmat, a leading regional daily, published an article entitled Isis “cha paisa” (Isis’s money) accompanied by a cartoon. The caricature showed an illustration of various currency symbols falling into a piggy bank.

(This begs the all-important question: If the Islamic State is not truly islamic, why do muslims get enraged to violence when an Indian newspaper mocks it?)


Major Media Misinformation made maliciously to serve islamic ends. Links 2 on Nov. 30 – 2015

1. Mystery planes destroys Turkish convoy of weapons on way for Islamic State

(Above title best read out loud in Russian accent)

A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

(I H H  =  sponsors of the Gaza Flotilla)

2. Russian SU 34s now equipped with air-to-air missiles.

3. Donald Trump: “There is something nasty coming out of (islam) there”

(I find the contempt MSNBC has for the truth and the mocking way in which they react to being asked t report it quite disturbing. It is a well known fact that on left leaning networks, MSNBC, CBC, BBC they grotesquely and, it must be knowingly, underestimate the mumber of people at events they dislike in order to minimize it while exaggerating the number of people at events they do like to grow its importance. The CTV and CBC for example will report a pro-life event at Parliament hill with thousands in attendance as a few hundred. Not an easy mistake to make and vice versa)

4. Russian raids repeatedly hit Syrian Turkmen areas, Moscow’s data shows

Russian air strikes in northwest Syria have heavily targeted ethnic Turkmen areas, according to a Reuters data analysis that helps explain rising tensions between Moscow and Ankara in the weeks before Turkey shot down a Russian warplane.

Tuesday’s incident marked the biggest clash between a NATO member and Russia in half a century, and has drawn threats of economic retaliation from the Kremlin. Turkey says the plane strayed into its airspace, which Moscow denies.

Long before that, Turkey had condemned Russia’s bombing of towns and villages in the north of Syria’s western Latakia province, areas it says belong to Syrian Turkmen, who are Syrians of Turkish descent.

(It was the Turkish sponsored ‘Turkmen’ who shot down the Russian heli and also killed a number of Russian pilots)

5. Paris attack suspect likely escaped to Syria

6. Pope ends visit to Central African Republic

7. Turkey will not apologize for downing of Russian jet

(The Greeks should take this as a queue. Next time the Turks overfly Greek airspace they should knock them down and claim they didn’t know who it was and then not apologize. Sauce for the hen is sauce for the gobbler)

8. A magnificent example of the narrative in action. Check out the Euronews footage below of some of the exact same footage in item 6. Notice how the mute the voices of the muslim girls chanting “takbir! Allah hu Ackbar!” a direct challenge and provocation to the pope, while claiming in voice over that there was no penetration by muslim ‘extremists’. Really amazing example of MSM media spin doctoring.

Thank you M., Kathy, Wrath of Khan and many more. There will be a great deal more material today. And that is based just on what I am aware of now)

Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

This important article is available in full at Gates of Vienna  

Matthew Bracken is the author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and a well-known advocate for Second Amendment rights. The following guest-essay by Mr. Bracken is also being published at Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Tet, Take Two:
Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

By Matthew Bracken, November 2015

More than a decade ago I wrote my first novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Part of my motivation was to establish my bona fides at forecasting social, political and military trends. I didn’t like the direction America was heading, and I wanted to warn as many readers as possible about some of the dangers I saw coming. At the end of 2015, I hope that my past success at prognostication will encourage people to pay heed to this essay.

As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social forces would be content to share totalitarian control over large swaths of the globe with the other remaining social force. One of these social forces will never be satisfied until it achieves complete domination of the entire planet. So what are these three great social forces? They are Islam, international socialism, and nationalism.

Allow me to explain the salient aspects of each, and how they relate to the coming 2016 cataclysm.

1. Islam

Islam is similar to a self-replicating supercomputer virus. It is a hydra-headed monster, designed by its creators to be an unstoppable formula for global conquest. It’s almost impossible to eradicate, because it has no central brain or control center. Islam is like a starfish: when you cut off a limb, another grows to replace it. The names of the Muslim leaders, and the names of their Islamic groups, are transitory and ultimately unimportant. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are succeeded by Al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State, but they will all pass from the scene and be replaced by others. While Muslim leaders and regimes have come and gone, Islam itself has remained steadfastly at war with the non-Muslim world for 1,400 years.

Islam does not recognize secular national boundaries. To devout Muslims, there are only two significant realms of the world. First is the Dar al-Islam — the House of Islam, which is the land of the believers. The other is the Dar al-Harb — the House of War, which must be made Islamic by any means, including violent jihad. The expansion of Islam is sometimes held in check for long periods, but more often Islam is on the march, acquiring new territory. Once conquered by Islam, territory is rarely taken back, Spain being a notable exception.

Please click over to GoV for the full article

Climate kooks and islam. The murder of reason: Links 1 on Nov. 30 – 2015

1. ‘Far left wing extremists’ (actually not all of them are but some for sure) held a demonstration encouraging Canada to implement a carbon tax to help defeat ‘anthropogenic global warming’. Of course one suspects what they really want is another vector with which to attack and deconstruct Western classical civilization; what the far left wing extremists call, ‘capitalism’. This is a couple of minutes of the footage sent to us by Victor Laszlo this morning from the protest.

I think the first point made in the video may take a little thought as it is so deeply engrained in the culture., The stunning double standard of the left where their use of racist stereotypes is acceptable and noble while even the projected use by non-far left wing extremists is racist and must be shut down, even if totally imaginary, may require some thought. But I tried to make the point as well as possible at the start of the video anwyay.

The main thing is, this demo was 100% an appeal to emotion, even using religion as copiously as possible and not one scientific argument was made whatsoever.

2. Syrian refugee coordinator in Montreal to make $1,800 a day to welcome the newcomers to Canada

Michel Dorais was one of Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s top employees when he served as immigration minister. Now, he’ll head up the efforts to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees, at a rate of $1,800 per day.

Peter McCabe / Canadian Press

Peter McCabe / Canadian PressMontreal Mayor Denis Coderre speaks to the press on September 14, 2015.

Dorais, deputy minister of immigration and citizenship from 1998 to 2004, was appointed to be the city’s official co-ordinator for the effort to welcome Syrian refugees Wednesday. The appointment was made during the closed-door portion of the executive committee meeting, but the details of the hiring were made public to councillors shortly afterwards.

Coderre served as immigration minister as part of the Liberal government from 2002 to 2003.

3. Refugees beg to leave ‘inhuman’ Malmö shelter

Refugees sheltering in Malmö’s 2013 Eurovision venue are begging to leave, with one describing it as a “prison” with “inhuman conditions”, while Swedish nurses working there have been pulled out because of the health risks.

Basim Salim, 40, who has fled Iraq with his three daughters, told Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper that conditions at the Malmömässan conference hall had become “completely inhuman”.
“Please help us here. We have been here for three nights and can not take any more,” he said. “Some people have been here for five nights. This is not a good place for children, it really isn’t. Everyone here is angry and wants to get out. It is like a prison.”
A policeman from Stockholm sent to help keep order at the hall wrote on Facebook that he himself had had trouble breathing inside the centre, where nearly 1,000 refugees have been crammed over the past two weeks.
“It stings and itches in your eyes and nose,” the policeman wrote on Facebook, according to Expressen newspaper. “The health services have withdrawn the two nurses they had there because it is not a suitable workplace.”
The policeman wrote that children, many of them with high fevers, were forced to sleep on pieces of cardboard deposited on the concrete floors.
“All those poor children. I was stepping over children’s legs and arms, all sticking out under the sheets where they lay cheek by jowl in a row, sleeping on bits of cardboard laid out on the concrete floors,” he wrote.
(An abuse of the word ‘forced’ indeed)

Israel has said it is suspending contact with EU officials involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians.

The move follows the bloc’s decision to label goods from Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “ordered suspension of diplomatic contacts with the institutions of the European Union on this issue”, a foreign ministry statement said.

The EU says the settlements are illegal, but Israel disputes this.

Mr Netanyahu, who is also the foreign minister, told the ministry to carry out “a reassessment of the involvement of EU bodies in everything that is connected to the diplomatic process with the Palestinians”, the statement said.

Just over two weeks ago the European Commission issued new guidelines for the labelling of some products made in Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.

5. French police fire teargas to disperse climate protest

6. Jericho: Russian missiles kill 40 and injure a dozen

7. RT clip on an Iraqi politician explaining how the Turks buy massive amounts of Islamic State oil and treat their wounded in Turkish hospitals.

8. An interview with 2 Syrians in France

9. ‘Klimate-Change’ Kooks Suffer New Setback: Ancient Tropical Forest Found in Norway

And while we are on climate, an oldie but a goodie, the first serious video debunking man caused climate catastrophe, The Great Global Warming Swindle. (The cloud mystery is still the best though)

Thank you Xanthippas, Victor Laszlo, M., Wrath of Khan, PP and many more. 

Reader’s links for Nov. 30 – 2015

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Coughlin on CFRA last night, Wikipedia submission to the Narrative and more: Links 1 on Nov. 29 – 2015


Link to Stephen Coughlin on Nick Vandergraght's show on CFRA Nov. 28th 2015     

(Stephen’s segment starts around 39 minutes into the podcast)

2. It is interesting that at one point, the Wikipedia link to cultural Marxism led to the Frankfurt school and all the factual sources on the matter. And now, it points to what they now call, ‘The Frankfurt School Conspiracy Theory’. I guess this is a good sign. It means enough people are aware of this that they had to mount a defense.

3. Villagers’ fury over plans to build a refugee centre for 1,000 migrants in a community where only 100 people live

A developer has sparked outrage with plans to build a refugee centre for 1,000 migrants in a village with a population of just 100.

Charlie Tull wants to convert a disused business park in Littleton-upon-Severn, Gloucestershire, into a ‘one stop shop’ for people fleeing war in the Middle East.

But the plan has been heavily criticised by residents who said it would have a massive impact on village life and cause chaos on the roads.

Residents of Littleton-upon-Severn said the centre would ‘swamp’ the village given the go-ahead

(That event above almost makes one think of giant UN conspiracies or something. Can’t be though)

4. Little Asylum Center on the Prairie

Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau is Canada’s newly-elected Liberal prime minister. Mr. Trudeau has vowed to bring 25,000 “Syrian” “refugees” into the country by the end of the year, and is exerting considerable political pressure in an effort to make sure his plan is implemented.

The new influx of migrants is not popular in all parts of Canada, especially out West. Our Saskatchewan correspondent Harald sends the following account of “refugee resettlement” from a Western Canadian perspective:

Saskatoon, the largest city in Saskatchewan, has a population of 300,000. It was a third of that size fifty years ago.

5. MU professor slaps girl, violently drags her out of school BY HAIR for not wearing HIJAB, police say

Omar, whose Facebook profile lists him as being from Benghazi, Libya, grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair” and dragged her down stairs and into his car while slapping her, Officer Latisha Stroer told the Tribune in an email.

Omar’s LinkedIn page, according to the Daily Mail, lists him as being an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, Columbia and manager of Artifacts Journal at the University bookstore.

On Wednesday he was arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

He was released after posting a $4,500 bond.

(What is more important is how the judge deals with this case. I hope someone is tracking it)

Her record of peer-reviewed publication in the best climate-science journals is second to none, and in America she has become a public intellectual. But on this side of the Atlantic, apparently, she is too ‘challenging’. What is troubling about her pariah status is that her trenchant critique of the supposed consensus on global warming is not derived from warped ideology, let alone funding by fossil-fuel firms, but from solid data and analysis.

Some consider her a heretic. According to Professor Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, a vociferous advocate of extreme measures to prevent a climatic Armageddon, she is ‘anti-science’. Curry isn’t fazed by the slur.

7. Ringleader of Paris Attacks Snuck in w/Syrian Refugees

Remember all those lectures on how ISIS terrorists would never waste time trying to sneak in with the “refugees”? Someone didn’t tell ISIS.

The ringleader behind the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris had plans to strike Jewish targets and to disrupt schools and the transport system in France, according to sources close to the investigation.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian national of Moroccan origin, also boasted of the ease with which he had re-entered Europe from Syria via Greece two months earlier…

8. Germany: Multiple arrests as clashes break out at Tempelhof refugee centre

Several people were arrested after clashes broke out between refugees at Berlin’s Tempelhof refugee centre on Sunday. The incident occurred while people were queueing for lunch.
SOT, Michael Elias, head of Tempelhof refugee camp (German): “The issue is that there are plenty of young men, travelling alone, which led to aggression bursting out in all directions, so that we had to stay back and I asked the security guards to stay down. The situation exploded internally. It was a complete unloading of tension, or however else you want to call it. Friendly enough, the colleagues [police] arrived and calmed the situation down in the hall. And it was contained and limited to the protagonists, who caused the uproar, a group of about 20 to 30 who triggered the fight. We have about 830 people, at the moment during lunchtime, 400 to 450 people are on the move. We have around 100 children, these are families, but plenty of singles.”

9. Turkey: Turkmen march on Russian consulate in Istanbul


Thank you PP., M., Buck, and all who sent in materials. More to come shortly.

The fan has so much excrement on it the blades have stopped turning. Maybe that was the plan: Links 3 Nov. 28 – 2015

TUNE IN TO WWW.CFRA.COM NOW for Stephen Coughlin on Nick’s AM radio call in show! (Click listen live)

1. Migrant blunder splitting Germany in two: Weeks ago, Merkel threw open Germany’s doors. Today, amid fears it’s importing anti-Semitism, many worry their way of life is under threat

A leaked document by German intelligence chiefs warned that fully integrating hundreds of thousands of what it termed ‘illegal migrants’ will be ‘impossible’.

It added: ‘We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law.’

The document, published in the heavyweight Die Welt newspaper, added: ‘Intelligence agencies cannot cope with these problems, [or] the response from the German population.’

2. muslims stone Macedonian police and chant islamic war cry

(18 officers injured in this attack my muslim illegals)

3. Saskatchewan expected to see between 800 and 850 Syrian refugees

(It will be 4X that or more and they will all end up in Toronto within 6 months)

Premier Brad Wall says his government still is proceeding under the assumption Saskatchewan will get from 800 to 850 Syrian refugees, though he conceded details remain fuzzy because Ottawa still is making plans.

“We just haven’t heard back — there’s not specific numbers from the federal government for the refugees,” he said Wednesday morning, adding the matter is complicated by the fact many refugees will come here under private sponsorships arranged before the new Liberal federal government announced a plan to admit 25,000 refugees. All were supposed to arrive by the end of the year under the original Liberal plan. On Wednesday, the federal government said 10,000 would be in Canada by Dec. 31 with a further 15,000 here by March

4. Driver of gang which yelled ISIS chants at cadets rehearsing Remembrance Day parade jailed

Disgraced Mohammed Shabir drove pals to the scene so that they could hurl racist abuse at white cadets who were preparing for this year’s Armistice commemorations, a court was told.

The 23-year-old shop worker was behind the wheel of his car as friends called the youngsters “****ing white b******s” and “white trash” before throwing fireworks into the compound where they were training.

5. Finnish PM Sipilä calls crisis meeting over Kempele rape case

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has called a crisis meeting with the Interior and Justice ministers over a suspected rape in his home town of Kempele, near Oulu. MTV reports that the two suspects are asylum seekers from Afghanistan.

6. Municipality apologizes to Oren for misquoting him on Obama’s ‘radical Islamic values’

(This is to replace the original article which had appeared on three Israeli papers but appear to have all been from a single source which was a misquote)

7. Muslim terrorist stabs Israeli border guard in the back in surprise attack in self defense


Thank you Maria J., M., Buck, Kathy, Gates of Vienna, Pym Purnell, Dan F.,ML., and all who sent in materials. Don’t forget, Stephen Coughlin NOW at 9:00 EST on WWW.CFRA.COM click listen live.


Another 10 links expressing the geopolitical and ideological horror that is here, and about to come: Links 2 on Nov. 28 – 2015

Please remember to tune in by Radio if a local, or by internet if not, to CFRA at 9:00 EST to hear an hour long with Stephen Coughlin on Nick Vandergragt’s program tonight.

Go to the link and click Listen Live just before 9:00 PM this evening, Nov. 28 – 2015

Also please note that I have made a new page linked at the top in the banner to the Ottawa lecture by Maj. Coughlin as there was some confusion about finding all the videos in that series by some

1. Not so tough now! ISIS fighter cries like a baby after being captured by Kurdish forces

(For the Schadenfreude files)

Dramatic footage has emerged online showing a suspected ISIS fighter crying after he was taken prisoner by Kurdish forces in Iraq.

The prisoner does not appear to have any noticeable injuries as he seats in the back of the armoured truck.

Much to the amusement of the Kurdish forces, the prisoner cries and moans loudly as he waits to be taken away. 


2. Also for the Schadenfreude:

Dutch residents feel the pig’s head display protesting a planned islamic army center in the midst of the Netherlands is a good thing. I call this video, ‘Heads or tards’

3. Hundreds of anti-invasion protestors march through Spielfeld (English)

4. Anti-Islam group in Australia faces off against far left wing violent extremist group masquerading as ‘anti-racist’

5. Japan’s newest and largest mosque opens its doors

(Now and again I see articles claiming Japan is somehow immune to Islam. They are just some months behind in the symptoms of the infection)

Nagoya, Japan – The largest mosque in Japan opened its doors on November 20 near the central Japanese city of Nagoya, heralding a new chapter in the East Asian nation’s relationship with Islam.

Islam has never made more than a marginal impact on Japan, although the history of Japanese relations with Muslims stretches back further than most people imagine, the Japanese included.

The first mosque in Japan, the Kobe Muslim Mosque, opened in October 1935 and remains a centre for prayer more than 80 years later. Several dozen other mosques have since opened around the country, serving as community centres for a Muslim population numbering in the tens of thousands.

6. Macedonian Army Starts Building Fence On Greek Border

IDOMENI, Greece/SKOPJE, Nov 28 (Reuters) – Soldiers in Macedonia began erecting a metal fence on Saturday on the country’s southern border with Greece, described by an official as a “preventive” measure to better control the flow of migrants across the Balkans.

Soldiers drove metal poles around 3 metres high into the cold, muddy ground, building a barrier similar to that erected by Hungary on its southern border to keep out the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have crossed the Balkans en route to western Europe this year.

Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis are flowing largely unimpeded across Balkan borders having landed by boat in Greece from Turkey.

7. Swedish Police: 14,000 Migrants Due For Deportation Have Vanished

Well over half of all the illegal migrants slated for deportation in Sweden have slipped past the Swedish police — with illegal numbers at the highest ever levels.

The numbers come from the National Border Police Section in the National Operations Division, and show of 22,000 individuals due to be sent home after having their asylum applications turned down, some 14,000 have vanished off the police radar, reports Afton Bladet.

Some are expected to have left the country secretly, but the majority are thought to still be in Sweden, having fallen through the cracks of the comprehensive welfare state. “We simply do not know where they are”, said a police spokesman. Even in cases where the police manage to find illegals and send them home, nations such as Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco and Libya don’t accept their own people back in many cases.

8. Tyre slashing was criminal damage but not antisemitic attack, jury decides

Leaders of one of the UK’s largest Jewish communities have welcomed the conviction of a man over a wave of criminal damage incidents involving cars in north-east London last year.

Huseiyn Seyfi, 27, was jailed for five months and ordered to pay more than £5,000 in compensation after slashing the tyres of dozens of cars in the Stamford Hill area.

However, a jury at Snaresbrook crown court found him not guilty of a charge of “committing racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage”.

Police were called to Darenth Road on 15 November last year following reports of two men slashing tyres. The men fled the scene in a car, which was traced to Seyfi’s home in Ilford, east London. He was arrested on suspicion of racially/religiously aggravated criminal damage and subsequently charged.

While the community welcomed the conviction, members believe that the attacks constituted targeted antisemitic crime.

9. Syria army says Turkey increases arms shipments to rebels

The Syrian army said on Saturday that Turkey had recently increased supplies of weapons, ammunition and equipment to what it described as terrorists in Syria, and accused its northern neighbor of firing shells at Syrian army positions.

“We have certain information that the Turkish government has recently increased its support to the terrorists and the level of their supplies of weapons, ammunition and equipment necessary to continue their criminal acts,” an army statement said.

The Syrian government describes as terrorists all the groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad in the 4-1/2-year-long war that has moved into a higher gear since Russia intervened militarily on the side of Damascus with air strikes on Sept. 30.

Tensions at the Syrian-Turkish border have risen since Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on Tuesday. Many of Russia’s air strikes have hit rebels backed by Assad’s foreign enemies including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

10. Spain: Three suspected Islamic State members detained in Catalonia

Thank you M., Shabnam, Buck, Pym Purnell and many many more.

More to come.

NATO member Turkey exposed by Russian media as having very close ties at top levels with the Islamic State

(Stephen Coughlin will be on Nick V’s AM radio program tonight at 9:00 to 10:00 PM EST on 580 AM, CFRA or outside of the Ottawa broadcast area, click listen live)

There is much to say about this.

Below is the Russian language video we had translated and subtitled this morning along with a series of links to other videos and articles which seem to point to a Turkish and NATO and US connection to the Islamic State, its actions, its weapons and funding.

This is a very upsetting set of data points if one accepts the most likely conclusion from them

. Thank you Gates of Vienna and D@rLin|{ for helping get this done so quickly, and to Xanthippa that worked on this project as well.

Here is Gates of Vienna’s post on this video

Related videos: FSA video claims Russian helicopter hit with US-made TOW missile near Su-24 crash site

How the US fights ISIS: What does the real picture look like?

American made TOE missile fired on car full of RT journalists

Obama Dropped Leaflets to Give ISIS 45 Min Warning Before Bombing

Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President

But then there is this alternate explanation for much of what is taking place between Russia and NATO etc.

Syrian Turkmen commander who ‘killed’ Russian pilot turns out to be Turkish ultranationalist

Migrants ever increasing their demand, the levels of violence and sense of entitlement to host nations they invade: Links 1 on Nov. 28 – 2015

1. Looks like one European mosque managed to make themselves the victim without doing any actual damage to themselves, successfully deflecting from the Paris attacks

(As no one is sick and nothing has been said about the substance I will assume my analysis is correct for the moment)


Best sign on emergency vehicle of all time

2. EXCLUSIVE: Calais Trucker’s Close Brush With Death as Migrants Hurl WOODEN STAKE Through Cab Window

(I tried for a couple of minutes to come up with a Van Helsing joke and gave up.

3. France’s National Front leader calls Canada’s refugee plan ‘madness’

Marine Le Pen, the controversial leader of France’s far-right National Front, is scoffing at Canada’s plan to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees with open arms, calling it “madness.”

“There. I’ve said it. Madness,” she said in an interview with the fifth estate. “There are other ways to do it,” she went on, adding that the “danger is real — false passports.

“A real passport given to Islamic fundamentalist in the influx of immigrants to enter the country with the intent to commit terrorist attacks. It’s a danger. And that’s what happened in Paris,” she claimed.

4.  “No Christians or Persecuted Minorities Allowed”

Standing before the cameras in Turkey, President Obama found his safe place to indict half his countrymen for raising the issue of religion in their concern over his plan to open America’s gates to tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” from Syria. Subjecting refugees to a religious test runs counter to American values, said Mr. Obama.

The Harvard Law School graduate got it wrong, again. As Andrew McCarthy notes, the immigration law explicitly requires religious considerations. How could it do otherwise? Religion is a prime reason why people are persecuted and expelled from their homelands.

(Thanks to a number of readers, we have a working link for this story, the original link I received, had been removed)

5. Terror alert after Arabic graffiti is found daubed on fuel tank panels of easyJet planes at French airports weeks after Russian jet was blown up

EasyJet staff are on high alert after Arabic graffiti was found daubed next to fuel tanks on four jets parked at French airports.

Airline workers have been warned to take extra precautions around Europe after the messages were found on supposedly secure parts of the planes.

The finds, made at different French locations within the past week, have sparked fears that something more dangerous than writing could be planted on a plane in future.

Are Muslims who live in Canada living in a state of war with their host country?  Should they see other Canadians as the enemy?

The Ottawa Public Library (St. Laurent Branch) is currently holding books by Mohamed el-Ghazali, one of the most extreme of Islamcist writers who preaches violence and hate towards non-Muslims and Muslims who do not live according to his extremist view of Islam.

One of the books has the title “One Hundred Questions about Islam.”  The book has several insights such as:

  1.  If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are in a state of war against your host country.
  2.  If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are living with the enemy.
  3.  Only a caliphate is an acceptable form of government.
  4.  If you kill the takfir (non-Muslim/apostate) then you will go to paradise.
  5.  Women cannot work.  Nor can they leave the home without permission.
  6.  You must kill those Muslims who leave the faith.
  7.  Christians have no rights and cannot be allowed to construct churches etc.

7. Germany: Refugees protest poor living conditions at Lutzow camp


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, PP., Buck, Shabnam, CB Sashenka, and many more. Today is gonna be an interesting day. The post up next is quite interesting at a few levels. A video out of Russia about Turkish-Islamic State relations. Its a little chaotic, even more than usual today so please be kind if I miss names or there are some aesthetic or spelling errors. Trying to get the content out at expense of form today.

Reader’s links for Nov. 28 – 2015

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Thank you all for those that take the effort to assist this site in keeping the public informed. Below, typically people can find the latest enemy propaganda, news items of related materials from multiple countries and languages, op-eds from many excellent sites who write on our topics, geopolitics and immigration issues and so on.

Another set of links of the days horrors and revelations: Russia now one step away from linking NATO and the US from the Islamic State. Links 4 on Nov. 27 – 2015

1. Live video of the Colorado shooter(s) (obsolete they have him now but still no names until they manage to scrub his online presence first I guess)

2. Friday sermon: Islam facing psy-war, no proof Muslims linked to Paris attacks

(And snow has no connection to water)

File photo of Muslims performing Friday prayers at the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur. — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaFile photo of Muslims performing Friday prayers at the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur. — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaKUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27


— Islam is faced with a psychological war as Muslims continue to be linked to acts of terror such as the recent deadly attacks in Paris, despite the lack of “clear proof,” the Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department (Jawi) said today.

The federal agency said in its Friday sermon prepared for mosques in the federal territories that the Paris attacks and acts of violence in several other countries are alleged attempts at smearing the reputation of Muslims.

“We are being attacked by the enemies of Islam physically, such as in Syria and Palestine, and we are also being attacked psychologically,” read the sermon text posted on Jawi’s website.
(The real surprise will be when he shows proof the US backs the Islamic State)

ISTANBUL — Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Turkey on Tuesday of directly supporting the so-called Islamic State after Turkish forces shot down one of Russia’s fighter jets near Syria’s border.

“Our military men are fighting terrorism, sacrificing their own lives, but today’s loss is  a stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorism,” Putin said of Turkey, alleging that Ankara directly finances terrorism through illicit oil sales.

A Russian marine was killed during a search-and-rescue mission for the pilots of the downed jet, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a briefing Tuesday. One of the helicopters being used to carry out the mission was fired on and had to make an emergency landing.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Syrian rebel fighters brought down the Russian helicopter with a missile.


4. Belgian police release info on another wanted for role in Paris attacks

5. Peterborough synagogue welcomes Muslims displaced by mosque arson

(And blessed are the Jewicidal. For they shall have sanctimony for their comeuppance)

A Muslim group in Peterborough, Ont., will kneel and pray today at a local synagogue, where they will be welcomed after their own mosque was damaged in an arson attack earlier this month that police are investigating as a hate crime.

“As Canadians we have to stick together,” said Larry Gillman, president of the  Beth Israel Synagogue, in an interview on  CBC’s Metro Morning today. “It’s not about religion, it’s not about race. Canadians do this.”

The Masjid al-Salaam mosque was damaged in a fire set deliberately on Nov. 14, part of a wave of anti-Muslim crimes after the attack in Paris a day earlier. A firebomb was placed in one of the windows of the mosque. The resulting fire caused $80,000 in damage.

The Beth Israel Synagogue will host two prayer sessions for local Muslims and a potluck dinner today.

(The comments are so skewed towards the islamic side on this article there is little chance they are not edited to reflect that. I know how the comments would look on any publication other than the CBC and which doesn’t hold all comments for moderation before publication. But I suspect I shall know soon)

6. Relatives of Paris massacre vow to boycott day of mourning because France’s ‘weak’ government ‘allowed’ the terror attack to happen 

Families of those slaughtered during the Paris terrorist attacks today called for a boycott of a day of mourning after accusing the French government of allowing the murders to happen.

President Francois Hollande has called for people to hang Tricolour flags outside their homes on Friday as a service of hommage takes place at Les Invalides in the capital city.

It will be exactly two weeks after the massacres, which saw Islamic State terrorists kill 130 people using bombs and Kalashnikov.

President Francois Hollande has called for people to hang Tricolour flags outside their homes on Friday as a service of hommage takes place at Les Invalides in the capital city
(No offense meant to these fine people who have suffered a horrible loss but they don’t get it either. The problem is islam and islam right there in France. Their complaint about the movement of jihadis is like American leftists who blame guns and not the people shooting them or the ideology that motivated them. Stop looking at the tactic and start looking at the strategy and you can win this thing with minimal violence. Stop allowing islam to disseminate an dogma and doctrine of global manifest destiny and supremacy and the problem is gone, hey presto!)

Radical preacher Anjem Choudary is back in custody after having his bail revoked.

Choudary, 48, appeared on Friday at Westminster magistrates court, which heard he had allegedly met an individual he had been ordered not to under the conditions of his bail.

He was charged in the summer with inviting support for a proscribed organisation, Islamic State.

Choudary, from Ilford, east London, and his co-accused, Mohammed Rahman, 32, of Whitechapel, east London, are due at the Old Bailey on 11 December, with a provisional trial date set for next year.

They are both charged with inviting support for the banned terror group Isis between 29 June 2014 and 6 March 2015, by posting on social media. […] In his ruling, Saunders said his main concern was to avoid “anything being disseminated publicly by either of them or on their behalf which would encourage others to go to live in Syria as part of their religious duty”.

8. Kerala journalist faces threats for Facebook post on sexual abuse in madrassa

(Both leftism and Islam believes that it should be a punishable offense to offer evidence that their utopian world view may not be what it is sold as. Another of the myriad reasons they work together so well. Both use conclusion based reasoning)

A senior journalist for a prominent Malayalam newspaper, faced flak on Facebook, after she wrote an account on her wall about the sexual abuse her classmates had to face in a madrassa years ago. The journalist’s account has been blocked and she has been consistently receiving threats, reported The News Minute. VP Rajeena, in her Facebook post, claims to have seen inappropriate conduct at her Madrassa.

VP Rajeena's Facebook profile.

Rajeena works as a sub-editor with Madhyamam, a Malayalam news daily. On 24 November, Rajeena gave a graphic account of what transpires in a madrassa, where young children are repeatedly exploited by the teachers.

According to The Indian Express, the write-up was triggered by a controversy surrounding gender segregation in a college in Kozhikode run by Muslim management. The Hindu reported that she was forced to use social networks because she felt that Muslim women were facing a denial of justice on many levels. The paper quoted her saying, “The suppressed anger of so many years might have also come out through the post.”

9. Here is how Canadian immigration has changed Canada’s demographics for Islam

10. ISIS renews its call on Canadian Muslims to kill disbelievers in Canada

(Did I post this one already? If I did maybe it needs to be looked at again in the context of this, this and this)

Dabiq front page. Photo: screenshot ISIS magazine
Dabiq front page. Photo: screenshot ISIS magazine

The Islamic State, also known as IS or ISIS, sent once again a threatening message to Canada. In its monthly online magazine Dabiq published on November 18, ISIS urges Canadian Muslims to join the jihad by indiscriminately killing disbelievers. The following are the relevant excerpts from Dabiq magazine:

“Shaykh Ab? Muhammad al-‘Adn?n? (hafidhahull?h) – the official spokesperson of the Islamic State – said, “O muwahhid?n [monotheists, meanimg Muslims] in Europe, America, Australia, and Canada… O muwahhid?n in Morocco and Algeria… O muwahhid?n in Khur?s?n and al-Qawq?z… O muwahhid?n everywhere upon the face of the earth… O brothers in creed… O people of wal?’ and bar?’… O patrons of the Islamic State… O you who have given bay’ah to the Khal?fah Ibr?h?m everywhere… O you who have loved the Islamic State… O you who support the Khil?fah… O you who consider yourselves from amongst its soldiers and patrons…

“Your state is facing a new campaign by the crusaders. So O muwahhid, wherever you may be, what are you going to do to support your brothers? What do you wait for while the people have become two encampments and the heat of the war increases day by day? O muwahhid, we call you up to defend the Islamic State. Dozens of nations have gathered against it.

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Russia exposing Turkish connections to the Islamic State

Today, Russia published this article which I put through google translate and screen captured below.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001

Add this to the news items from the Turkish press on arms shipments to the Islamic State and it starts to look pretty airtight. The real mystery is the NATO-US connection to Turkey and the Islamic State. There is simply no way Russia, and the Turkish media could know these things and the Obama administration would not.

Here is more at LiveLeak