UPDATE on ISIS video.

After much work (thank you ML) we managed to get a decent quality video embed of the ISIS/ISIL/AL-Qaeda video I feel is so important in a few ways.

Here is a link to the original post and below an embed of it.

The Daily Mail must agree on its importance, or at least on the degree of its horror, as they did an article on it today here. My own brief analysis is at the original post but frankly this needs a serious essay by someone like Robert Spencer or Stephen Coughlin and ideally both.

[Sadly the plugin for the video is screwing up the site and not playing the video correctly. The embed from Living Scoop however does work, although its sub optimal quality]

The videos here still seem to work:

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Islamic antisemitism in Europe and elsewhere: links post 1 for July 29 – 2014

1. Four teenagers are charged after rabbi is attacked in Gateshead

“Qaiser Malik, 19, and Balawal Sultan, 18, both of Newcastle, and male youths aged 17 and 16 have been charged with racially aggravated common assault. They appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court on Saturday July 19.”

2. Heavy Casualties Reported in Xinjiang Terror Attack

Dozens of civilians were killed or injured in a terrorist attack early on Monday morning in Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, local police said.

A gang armed with knives and axes attacked a police station and government offices in Elixku Township, and some moved on to the nearby Huangdi Township, attacking civilians and smashing vehicles as they passed. Dozens of Uygur and Han civilians were killed or injured, according to the local police.

Police officers at the scene shot dead dozens of members of the mob.

3. ‘We are looking at the beginnings of a Holocaust’  

Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr warns MKs against linking anti-Semitism and Gaza operation.

naftali bennett
Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett and IJC President Vladimir Sloutsker. Photo: YOEL BALINKO / ISRAELI-JEWISH CONGRESS

The situation facing European Jewry is “simply intolerable, unacceptable and inexcusable,” Israeli Jewish Congress president Vladimir Sloutsker told MKs and foreign diplomats at a special session of the Knesset Immigration Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee on Monday.

4. Rising tide of anti-semitism in Britain as Jewish people face backlash over bloodshed in Gaza

  • Over 100 hate crimes recorded this month, more than double usual number
  • Attackers invoke the Holocaust and even shout ‘Heil Hitler’ at victims
  • Bricks thrown at Belfast’s only synagogue, smashing windows
  • Rabbi attacked by four Muslim teenagers outside school in Gateshead
  • Bomb threat and stones thrown at a boy on a bike in North London 

5. Miami: Synagogue vandalized with swastikas, “Hamas”

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For the second time in just a few days messages of hate targeted members of South Florida’s Jewish community.

Early Monday morning, spray painted swastikas and the word “Hamas” were discovered on the pillars of the Congregation Torah Ve’emunah, at 1000 NE 175th Street, in northeast Miami-Dade.

6. Gaza Crisis: Rome’s Historic Jewish Quarter Daubed with Swastikas and Anti-Semitic Posters

Neo-Nazi poster reads ‘Each Palestinian is a camerata’ [the Italian word for members of Mussolini's fascist movement] ‘Same enemy, same barricade’@sediasediol/Twitter

Anti-Semitic graffiti and flyers have defaced shops and walls in Rome’s historical Jewish San Giovanni neighbourhood raising fears of a rise in anti-Jewish sentiment in the capital.


Thank you Richard, Buck, M, and all who sent in materials. There is a pile more. Jihad watch today alone has 7 or 8 stories of Islamic antisemtism and renewed calls for global genocide around Canada, Europe and North America.

I am expecting however, that Jewish people will not go softly into that long night on this occasion. Even if some of the idiot leftist ones who are partially responsible for creating this situation (supporting Obama twice, pro state enforced gun control and pushing the ‘Islam is peace’ meme etc.) should be made to recognize their part in this. It is important however to remember, that is because they are leftists. Not because they are Jews. Jews are not a hive mind. But they once again have become a collective target.

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Caliphate releases video of unusual honesty and profound significance.

I posted this video on the previous post. Youtube removed it, probably due to mass reporting for horror in content. The last part of the video actually does contain a great deal of harsh violence. But this violence is the modus operandi of the muslims who are taking over more and more parts of Iraq and Syria.

It needs to be seen at least once and believed always. However that is not the most important significance of this video. Most of us by now have seen several jihadi videos of sadistic and even pornographic violence done by muslims and even justified by scripture in some of them. This one however was done with a kind of honesty that I have not seen before.

This cannot be dismissed for geopolitical reasons or any of the other typical leftist blather. Everyone simply has to see it. For the moment, this link works for the whole 37 minutes Youtube blocked that one as well. Below I managed to get a low rez version working at Living Scoop but it doesn’t show the titles as clear as I would like and doesn’t show how slick and well done the original is.

With the help of friends I am working on getting  720p HD version of it up online today.   (Thank you M) but it will be down soon so watch now. I am working on posting the whole thing somewhere YT can’t get it. I hope to have that sussed tonight.


This one below should be higher quality:

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UN Security Council Media Stakeout Mr Ron Prosor Israel After UN Decision

H/T Yucki

Add to the video above, this analysis by Krauthammer on America’s surreal intervention on Israel’s Gaza conflict.

H/T Snaphanen

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Israel, Gaza, Islamic aggression everywhere. Links post 4 for July 28 – 2014

1. IDF: Female reservists called up in unprecedented numbers

According to the IDF Spokesman who would not release exact figures, the thousands of women currently serving in reserves are a higher percentage than in any previous IDF operation. They serve in a variety of capacities, but especially in combat support in the Home Front Command, Intelligence, the Air Force and field operations.

2. RT: Pakistan: Gujranwala ‘Christian’ arson victims receive hospital treatment *GRAPHIC*

3. Pakistan: Three dead in arson attack on Gujranwala ‘Christians’ *GRAPHIC*

4. Caroline Glick speaks to the US congress on the current Gaza conflict and alternative solutions.

5. Ebola outbreak: Liberia shuts most border points

(All border points on red alert: Video at site)

Most border crossings in Liberia have been closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to try to halt the spread of the virus.

Screening centres are also being set up at the few major entry points that will remain open, such as the main airport.

Meanwhile, Nigeria largest’s airline, Arik Air, has suspended all flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone after a man with Ebola flew to Nigeria last week.

6. New Islamic State horror video

Remember. There is no misinterpretation of islam in the actions of these people. They are doing it in their newly minted caliphate because they can. They are doing similar things in Sri Lanka, Burma, where there is some pushback, and England and France. They are doing it wherever they can. If they are not doing it where you are, it is as likely because its small scale and not reported, or it hasn’t started yet. I would recommend watching this video. The statements at the beginning are important. There is, in an important way, not disagreement between the counter jihad and what this new caliph is saying.

They demand we wake up to the new reality of islam. This also is what so many of us in civilization have been asking us all to do for so many years now. There is also little disagreement about what they, and we in the CJ define islam to be. This video seems to have minimal deception compared to what we are used to from muslims who more typically try and disguise the true nature and ambitions of islam. Now that they have their bit of dirt in Iraq and Syria, they feel it no longer necessary to use taqyyia in that manner it appears.

Much more to come. The video above I may repost with a more lengthy essay.

Thank you Richard, M, ML, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Johnny Paleswine, and all who sent in materials. Sorry to say, a lot more to come.


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Geopolitics of Islam, leftist deception and anti-civilizational activities Links post 2 for July 28 – 2014

1. BBC attempts to spin Gaza conflict into Israeli atrocity

2. Muslim mob kills a woman and her 2 Grandchildren

(This video is much more important than the initial impression that the average Western person is likely to have upon viewing, which is to say a bunch of brainwashed savages killing people for trivial reasons.

It is in fact a glimpse into the actual problem with sharia law, much more problematic in the implementation and process than in the punishments. We can debate the value of the death penalty with our fellow Western citizens and even the merits or repulsion of inflicting suffering on the guilty. But the real problem with sharia is both the nature of what they view as a crime, and the method they use to determine guilt, and then the application of the punishment, all of which we would dismiss as mob rule or savagery.

It is not either one. It is the codified application of sharia, in Pakistan, in London, in Ottawa and everywhere you see muslims targeting certain people with violence. In many cases, islam itself through the Reliance of the Traveler actually demand these actions as compulsory.)

3. Twin sons of prominent councillor convicted of armed street attack

   The twin sons of a prominent Bradford councillor have been given suspended custodial sentences after admitting an armed street attack.

Nineteen-year-olds Mohsin and Hassan Hussain – whose father is Keighley Central Labour Cllr Abid Hussain – had pickaxe handles, while a third defendant, Aqeeb Khalifa, was armed with a baseball bat during the attack.

 4. Palestinian fighters raid Israel on Gaza “truce” day

(Reuters) – Palestinian fighters slipped into an Israeli village from the Gaza Strip and fought a gun battle with troops on Monday as an unofficial truce called for the Muslim Eid al-Fitr festival disintegrated. The clash, in which Israeli television said five gunmen were killed and the Islamist Hamas movement said it had killed 10 Israeli soldiers, appeared to wreck international hopes of turning a brief lull in fighting into a longer-term ceasefire.

5. Commonwealth Games Scottie dogs ‘disrespectful to Muslims’

Flag bearer and Cyclist Fatehah Mustapa of Malaysia flies the flag at half mast during the Opening Ceremony for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games : Commonwealth Games Scottie dogs 'disrespectful to Muslims'

(This begs the question: Is there any aspect to any of our non-muslim customs, practices and culture that is not offensive to muslims. The answer of course is no)

Around 40 Scottie dogs were used in the opening ceremony in Glasgow last Wednesday to lead teams around Celtic Park. Photo: GETTY

Malaysian politicians and religious leaders have attacked the use of Scottie dogs during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, claiming it was disrespectful to Muslims.

Around 40 Scottie dogs were used in the opening ceremony in Glasgow last Wednesday to lead teams around Celtic Park.

Footage of dogs at games:

6. Facebook Says ‘Death To Jews’ Group Falls Within Community Standards

(Earlier  this week we reported on a friend of hours who received a 2 hour ban from Facebook-reporting, just for reporting the site for jihadis posting pictures of French Jews in order to attack them. Subsequently one French Jewish person at least in fact was attacked due to that page and FB reconsidered and banned it)

Social networking website Facebook has stated that a group created by anti-Semitic users entitled, “Death to zionst [sic] baby killer israeli jews” falls within its Community Standards guidelines, despite inciting hatred and violence against a particular race.

Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner originally reported the news, stating: “A Facebook page calling for the death of Israeli Jews does not violate the social network’s “community standards,” according to multiple messages sent by Facebook in response to user complaints.”

Breitbart London can also confirm that a number of other Facebook groups, including “Death to Muslims” and “Death to radical baby killer Iraqi Muslims” continue to exist, though it is unclear whether or not these have been complained about to Facebook.

(This is the second time this week

Thank you M, Tom A., Richard, Buck, ML and more. Several more posts coming.

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The Geopolitics of Islam: Raising the stakes on civilizational decay post 1 for July 28 2014

1. UK: Anger as Islamic charity with Bradford base has its bank account shut down

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Shoyeb Mayat from the Ummah Welfare Trust which has had the account closed by HSBC Shoyeb Mayat from the Ummah Welfare Trust which has had the account closed by HSBC                     

   AN Islamic charity with a base in Bradford has been told that its bank account is being shut down, although it has yet to be told why.

Now Bradford West MP George Galloway says he will “demand” to know the reason that HSBC has decided to shut the account of the Ummah Welfare Trust.

The registered charity, which has an office on Manningham Lane, believes HSBC has taken the action because some of the money it collects goes towards humanitarian projects in Palestine. It was this week given notice that its accounts were being shut in two months’ time. 

2. Israeli Peace Rally Cut Short by Hamas Rockets

Several thousand left-wing activists gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday evening, calling for an end to bloodshed in the Gaza Strip and a return to negotiations with the Palestinians…

The demonstrations were cut short when Hamas unilaterally ended a humanitarian truce with Israel and resumed rocket-fire from Gaza.

3. Iran does more chest thumping about “hunting Israelis”

(Warning: Site has a but load of auto-play adds. Close tab ASAP once open)

4. Thailand: Army denounces (muslim) militants for kiling girl, 10, in Pattani

5. Jerusalem Imam: Egypt Should Annex Gaza, Lead Arab Armies in Annihilating the Jews

6. Somali jihadists of al-Shabaab call for jihad attacks on Jews worldwide

An Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen spokesman delivered a sermon in a Barawa mosque in Somalia on Sunday calling upon Muslims to attack Jewish targets everywhere, according to a report provided exclusively to The Jerusalem Post by the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor of MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute).

Speaking about the conflict in Gaza, Al-Shabab spokesman Ali Dhere said all of the “nations of unbelief” participated in the “aggression against Gaza,” mentioning specifically “the Americans who stood by the Jews in their aggression against the Muslims in Gaza.”

Al-Shabab’s news agency Al-Shahada reported the sermon in which Dhere blamed Egypt for locking its borders with Gaza.

He also blamed the United Nations for “protecting global unbelief” and for making do with “standing by as witnesses and condemning the crimes committed by the Jews in Gaza.”

(And yet it is still a crime for Jewish people, or any people for that matter, to carry a force equalizer anywhere in the world except Israel and the USA and I am not 100% certain about Israel and the USA)

Thank you Nicolai Sennels, Buck, M and more. Next post soon.

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French Police Discover ‘Arsenal’ on Bus Heading for London


Police in Calais have discovered what French news media are calling un véritable arsenal de guerre – a veritable arsenal of war — on board a London-bound bus.

A Eurolines bus left Amsterdam bound for London via Calais on Tuesday when border police searched baggage and found three loaded automatic pistols, three Smith & Wesson revolvers and a semi-automatic Luger, as well as two Italian-made firearms, a Czech-made firearm, a silencer and almost 500 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Click to continue:

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“Jews to the Gas!”

A translation of an article from German media for

Gates of Vienna:

The translated op-ed from Die Presse:

That Could Have Almost Become a “European Kristallnacht”

Anti-Semitic mobs are venting their rage in Europe’s big cities, and that is less of a concern for so-called Peace Project Europe than the light bulb question.

by Christian Ortner

The few, old denture-clacking Nazis still alive must have experienced a kind of spiritual revival of the Nuremberg Rallies* in recent days, when they rolled up to the TV in their wheelchairs to watch the news. Because there, in the great cities of Europe — Berlin, Paris and London — anti-Semitic mobs were moving through the streets as if it were 1938, attacking local Jews and Israeli tourists, trying to destroy synagogues and going after Jewish businesses. “Jew, Jew, cowardly swine/Come on out fight alone!” the thugs chanted, under the eyes of German police who not only made no move against them. but even loaned the rioters a megaphone, and immediately an Islamic Berlin hate preacher segued into calling for Jews to be killed: “Jews to the gas!” In Salzburg’s Bischofshofen, anti-Semitic hooligans actually attacked Israeli soccer players. The fact that in recent months 700 French Jews have emigrated to the rocket-plagued south of Israel testifies just how protected Jews feel in Europe in the early 21st century. It is highly probable that, without massive police presence, there would have been burning synagogues, smashed windows in Jewish businesses and a few lynched Jews in the EU last week. That week, Europe was not very far from an EU-wide Nazi pogrom night 2.0 — a kind of domestic market for anti-Semitism, so to speak.

One or the other of the surviving NS veterans, in a transport of joy, must have thought: “Oh, that I have been privileged to see this!”

Click to continue:

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Anti Israel protest in Montreal takes a violent twist.

(You would think with everyone filming there would be no one left to throw a punch)

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Articles and news links for July 27 – 2014 post 5. Geopolitics of Islam

1. Another excellent article by Daniel Greenfield on military colonists.

But if you are going to take land or seize power, you will need military colonists to hold it. The military colonist may be an ex-soldier, but he’s more likely to be someone the empire, present or future, doesn’t particularly need or have a use for. The Czars used serfs.

The present day military colonist who shows up at JFK or LAX may also be a peasant with even less value to his culture. Mexico’s military colonists are not military. Often they aren’t even Mexican. But they have managed to take back California without firing a shot. Unless you count the occasional drive by shooting.

2. Thousands of Israel supporters take to the streets in France. notice the near total lack of disorder. Also the messages are highly positive ones.

3. Son of the founder of Hamas speaks on the current conflict in Israel as well as its total set of objectives, which are not limited to Israel.

4. First hand account of what it is like to live under a constant garage of explosive missiles 24 hours a day for years. Tough it out and watch to the end.

5. Fresh explosion kills 5 in Kano

A bomb targeting church worshippers at the Sabon Gari area of Kano killed five people early Sunday, witnesses and police said.

The victims include a soldier, two men, a lady and a child.

At a separate location, a female suicide bomber targeting the North West University in Kano was forced to detonate her explosive vest by the police at Kofar Nasarawa gate.

The spokesperson of the police in the state, Magaji Majiya, who confirmed the incident to PREMIUM TIMES over the telephone, said the attack in Sabon Gari was from an Improvised Explosive Device that was thrown at the crowd of persons returning from church.

6. Seems ISIL terrorists destroyed another major mosque

Another view here  

7. An Israeli UFC fighter heads back to Israel to defend his land. 

(Some interesting insights he has about life in the US as well)

8. Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon’s vice PM, kills at least three (Reuters, July 27, 2014)

9. Sam Harris, one of my favorite contemporary thinkers even if I do not agree with every word, discusses the current conflict in Israel from his point of view.

It is worth listening to it through to the end.

Thank you M, Yucki, Don C., Wrath of Khan, ML and all of you. This is a tough time. For the world, and for many of us specifically. I may have to do a short low level funding drive here as my normal job income has become unusually bad this summer and I will have to make decisions. Do I keep at the same amount of time here doing what I do, or do I go back out and try and find a job to cover the slack. So just a warning that I may have to do a small funding drive.

Thank you , all of you for reading, commenting and thinking about these important issues. These are the times of the ‘Chinese Curse’ indeed.

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Countering Media complicity in assisting islam in its quest for supremacy Links post 4 July 27 – 2014

1. There have been several updates on the UK story about 7 controlled detonations of a substance so volatile that they evacuated over 200 people for safety’s sake, from their homes. The initial story posted here, stressed the serious nature of the substance. Suddenly, it was just fireworks. There is much we do not know about the inner workings of the UK and US governments. But one thing we now know for a cold hard fact. Both organizations lie to the public against the interests of the public, constantly and without remorse. IRS? Ben Ghazi? ‘Asians’?

2. Heads on sticks: Sick ISIS video emerges showing 50 beheaded Syrian soldiers being impaled on poles and held aloft in Raqqa city

(Actually we all should be very grateful to the Daily Mail. It may be the only large scale legacy media which actually comes out with politically incorrect truths about Islam etc. Warning: Videos and images are grim)

The video, which has not been independently verified, features a voiceover by one of the militants as several decapitated heads are shown mounted on poles on top of a fence.

At least two of the bodies at the Division 17 base were crucified, according to the Associated Press, which said the video appeared to be genuine.

(As the world watches these atrocities. the one question on everyone’s mind is, has Obama managed to bring his handicap down this year or is he still playing 20 over par?)

3. Hamas promises cease fire, launches missiles. Then promises cease fire, then launches missiles. 

 (Hamas continues to play ‘Lucy and the Football‘ with Israel and the world’s media. Can they even open their mouths without lying?)

“Hamas has broken five cease-fires,” Netanyahu told “Fox News Sunday.” “They’ve violated their own cease-fires. They are firing on us now. … We’ll do whatever is necessary to achieve our goal of a sustained quiet.”

Hamas announced earlier Sunday that it has agreed to a 24-hour holiday truce in Gaza, hours after Israel resumed its ground offensive and airstrikes against the militant group for firing a salvo of rockets at the southern part of the country.

4. More rockets fired from Gazanian school. Today IDF video

5. Many killed as bomb blast hits Kano Catholic church 

Police spokesman Frank Mba said that the bomb was “probably an IED (improvised explosive device) thrown from across the street” at the Saint Charles Catholic Church in Kano’s Sabon Gari district, which has suffered previous attacks by the Islamist group Boko Haram -

(Please scroll down and read some of the comments at that site. It would appear that muslims are planting bombs in Mosques there as well and ‘discovering them’ in time so that they can continue to play on supposed moral equivalence)

6. Brussels Belgium: Muslims call to jihad

7. This video of today’s demonstration in Brussels makes one wonder what a muslim choir would sound like. Only two words and chimp hoots. One would have to be quite a clever composer to make it work


Thank you Buck, BCF, M and all. More to come. Sorry about that.

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Islam in Europe. A few links for July 27 – 2014 post 3

1. UK: Seven controlled explosions after dangerous substance found

Bomb disposal experts have carried out seven controlled explosions at a Derbyshire home where a highly dangerous substance was found, ITV News Central can reveal.

Police say the substance they have been dealing with is so volatile that at least one of the explosions was carried out a mile away from the scene.

Bomb disposal experts have carried out seven controlled explosions in Newhall

(I wonder what kind of awesome restaurant the bomb makers ran?)

2. France: Demonstrations by Angry Tards yesterday, July 26 2014

At around 28 seconds or so, you can see the kindness and the wisdom radiating from the faces of the Muslims. France is so lucky to have so many.

H/T Buck and M. More to come. Because that kind of barbarism and islamic savagery never sleeps.

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Civilization Vs. Barbarism. Barbarism has won before. What is the score now? Links post 1 for July 27 – 2014

1. Protesting muslims attack a pub in Cardiff (Tardiff?) Wales.

This was 26th July 2014 – Riot on Mill Street – Cardiff

(Thank you uploader for having the wit and wisdom to post the date and location of this event)

2. David Harris of INSIGNIS writes in the Toronto Sun about Islamic attitudes towards an attack on Canadian cities. 

Comments are open on this one!

3. A muslim (convert I suspect) explains how the concept of human shields is so much a part of islam. Of course it does beg the question. Why does an all powerful god require babies and children to die to protect him. Seems kinda selfish really.

4. A number of racist women in Texas sporting open matched pairs of everything from 32s to 45s demonstrated against the basic right to own guns. 

(What a shame that many of these women will have moments in their lives where they will likely profoundly wish they had a firearm at their disposal)

5. SKY News anchor attempts to beat up Israeli spokesperson on the Gaza conflict. I wonder if England will take her position the next time Irish nationalists begin to kill men women and children in England etc. The Irish in fact have a much more legitimate grievance.

Thank you all, from various FB groups and websites and all the people who post here regularly and send in important news links. Tasha Car, Ox AO, and more. Stay tuned.

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Robert Spencer on CBN on amputation for theft in Philadelphia

More here

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