…And this is why artists should shut TFU about things they know nothing about.

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Tarek Fatah responds to a Canadian Senator on matters of Islam and national security.

For those who have wondered what sanctimony sounds like, and that would be people who have never visited Canada or gone to a university in the past couple of decades, listen to how a Canadian senator speaks to Tarek Fatah who agreed to speak to a special Senate committee on Islam, terrorism and National Security in Ottawa Yesterday.

This senator was choking on his own moral outrage and so desperate to advertise his moral superiority over Tarek Fatah that he actually admonished him not to interrupt his dressing down of Mr. Fatah although he was just sitting there quietly at the time.

However I think the part of this to take home is the part where Mr. Fatah reminds us all that there is a compulsory prayer in every mosque world wide every Friday which is begging Allah to help the Muslims militarily defeat the Christians and the Jews.

For those who have the time, the entire session, about 3 hours, can be seen here. 

(click ‘view this clip’ and select option)

However I expect to be posting excerpts here and there as time permits.

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A lot of horror seems to be done by muslims these days. Must be a coincidence: Links 2 for Nov. 25 – 2014

1. Commuters told to ‘run, hide and tell’ in leaflet distributed by police warning of Mumbai-style gun terror attacks at train stations

(If a government actually cared one tiny bit about its people it would suggest they arm themselves and if a bunch of terrorists board your train and start demanding you recite koran you blow thier f***ing heads off)

Police took to railway stations today to tell passengers what to do in the event of a Mumbai-style terrorist attack at one of Britain’s busy terminals.

The day after the government warned that the threat to Britain from Islamist fanatics was ‘greater than ever’, officers handed out leaflets telling the public to ‘run, hide and tell’ if they are caught up in an attack.

The flyer, which has been attacked as ‘scaremongering’ by critics, shows images of worried-looking people running down flights of stairs, cowering in the dark and anxiously talking on their mobile phones.

2. Netanyahu: Terrorists Won’t Receive Social Security

(Apparently the Knesset is debating sending them to bed without supper as well)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, along with Interior Minister Gilad Erdan, intends to bring a bill that will revoke the rights of those involved in terrorism to a vote in the next cabinet meeting.

The proposal, the wording of which has already been completed and handed over to the Attorney General for a legal opinion, would revoke the citizenship of Israelis involved in terrorism, and deny social rights from family members of citizens involved in terrorism who are sympathetic to or have identified with the actions of their family member.

3. London university bans preacher who calls homosexuality a ‘filthy’ disease

A preacher has been banned from a London university after likening being gay to having a “disease”.

Imran ibn Mansur, 24, also known as the self-styled Dawah Man who helps people be spiritual “superheroes”, was today banned from appearing at the University of East London.

He has blamed “filthy Western culture” for impulses which should be “supressed” and claimed that homosexuality comes “under the category of ‘obscene, filthy, shameless’.”

The university also banned this week’s event, advertised on Facebook by its Islamic Society, over fears — denied by organisers — that gender segregation could be enforced, after “brothers” and “sisters” were given separate contact points for tickets. It comes six months after another Islamic Society event was banned after being advertised as a “segregated event”.

(Now if they just banned preachers who advocated genocide of Jews and unbelievers and conquest, slavery etc. we could get on with the business of banning Islam)

4. Uncle shoots his niece dead because she refused to turn down her loud music when he visited her house in Pakistan

In Pakistan’s highly patriarchal and often violent society, women are frequently killed over minor issues or so-called matters of ‘honour’.

The Aurat Foundation, a campaign group that works to improve women’s lives in Pakistan, says more than 3,000 have been killed for ‘honour’ since 2008.

 Thank you UK Pete, CB. Sashenka, M., and all who sent in materials.

There is an ongoing senate committee on national security and terrorism in Ottawa now. In a few minutes I will post an amazing excerpt by Tarek Fatah where he dresses down a Canadian senator so drunk on Sanctimony that he accused Mr. Fatah of interrupting him when he had not said a word. Ready in a jiffy.


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Islam, mosques in Canada and assessing the threat: Links 1 for Nov. 25 – 2015

1. PMO sent out security alert a few days before Montreal attack

(I would think that could be a link between the attackers and the Islamic State)

2. CONGO – Up to 80 people killed by suspected Ugandan rebels in Congo.

KINSHASA (Reuters) – Suspected Ugandan ADF-NALU rebels have killed between 50 and 80 people in attacks near the eastern Congolese town of Beni, slitting the throats of many of their victims, local sources and witnesses said on Friday. […]

(According to Global Security.org, the ADF ‘Rebels’ is made up of Ugandan opposition forces, supported by the Government of Sudan, which fought the Government of Uganda. The ADF was formed in the late 1990s. According to the UN, most of its members are Islamists who want to establish Sharia law in Uganda. This Ugandan Muslim rebel group has conducted limited activities in Uganda and DR Congo. The Allied Democratic Forces, originally a Ugandan based insurgency, now operates in eastern DRC and is listed as a terrorist organization. This was omitted from the original news report at the link at #2)

**UPDATE on same story***

Ugandan Rebels Kill at Least 100 in Neighboring DRC

“The attackers slit the throats of most of the victims, including women and children, aid and military officials said.”

3. A teenaged girl in the UK marries an 80 year old muslim, converts to Islam and gets a face full of acid for her trouble.

Link to Mirror version of the story here

4. ‘Women are not equal to men… it is against nature to put them on an equal footing': Turkish president stuns crowd at women’s rights conference

(I could say a lot about this and I’m pretty confident that one of our commenters will. But it might be good to remember that in fact men and women are not equal, but must be considered equal in the eyes of the law and of equal value as persons. Islam takes advantage of the fact of the inequality of the genders in order to create systemic unfairness and inequality in law. We cannot win by pretending, for example, that men can have babies but if we throw all our resources into preserving the narrative that they can, or that Islam is a religion of peace, hijacked by a few radicals, we can lose this war pretty quickly)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has set off a new controversy, declaring that women are not equal to men and accusing feminists of not understanding the special status that Islam attributes to mothers.

Addressing a meeting Monday in Istanbul on women and justice, Erdogan said men and women are created differently, that women cannot be expected to undertake the same work as men, and that mothers enjoy a high position that only they can reach.

He said: ‘You cannot put women and men on an equal footing. It is against nature. They were created differently. Their nature is different. Their constitution is different.’

5. Inside an Ottawa Mosque’s ‘fight to avoid radicalization’

(I really like and admire Tarek Fatah and consider him to be a genuine and good friend of Canada and the Enlightenment. But continuing to ignore the threat doctrine of core Islam means losing the war against the sharp end of the muslim spear. One question about the video. If half the congregation was ready to stand up and declare the murderer of the Canadian Soldier in Ottawa a ‘Martyr’, how many of the remaining half agreed but didn’t want to say so publicly. Its notable that NONE of the remaining half walked out or did anything meaningful about the half that did call him a martyr.)

According to Mostefa, Luqman Abdunnur stood up in the middle of the room and called Bibeau a shaheed, which in Arabic means “martyr.”

“I’m not exaggerating that half of the congregation stood up, the reaction was so negative from the congregation – we were scared that they might assault him,” he said.

6. After further examination and one of the commenters looking into the collection of video clips of the guy who made the rock to the head video which I posted yesterday, I’m now content it was a demonstration of a special effect. When you watch it frame by frame the rock isn’t lit right and it never really appears to be near the guy who pretended to be hit by it. Also the Allahu Ackbar cry seemed more mocking than religious, so much the better. Also his other clips all appear to be demonstrations of special effects. Apologies to the kids who did this for my assumption. One might argue that is what Youtube was actually for. Developing film skills.

Thank you C.B. Sashenka, M., and many others who sent in links. More to come including the testimony of Tarek Fatah at Parliament on the issue of ‘radicalization’ recently, which is very very good.

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More and more and more Islamic atrocities. Its a buyers market: Links 3 for Nov. 24 – 2014

1. Islamic State training video to make children into jihadis

2. ‘ISIS have sleeper cells in the UK and will unleash war on Europe': Jihadi hunter who rescued his own son from fighting with extremists in Syria issues chilling warning

(This is what I refer to as, ‘The A Team’ as opposed to a few feeble minded converts the local mosques manage to con into a half assed attack on Western nations’ streets etc. which I refer to as, ‘The B Team’)

A decorated army veteran renowned for rescuing youths from Islamic State today warned that the terrorist group is placing ‘sleeper cells’ in European countries including the UK.

Dimitri Bontinck, who is known as the ‘Jihadi Hunter’, spoke out as he prepared to support his own teenage son in a criminal trial after bringing him home from Syria.

It came as Home Secretary Theresa May and senior British police chiefs also said that a terrorist atrocity involving an ISIS-style beheading or bomb attack on civilians is now ‘almost inevitable’.

Referring to their campaign of atrocities carried out abroad, Mr Bontinck, 41, told MailOnline: ‘It’s not the kids who are the principal danger – it’s the chiefs whom you never see in the videos.

‘The mature men running this organisation are deeply sinister, and extremely well-funded, and they have European countries such as Britain, France and Belgium in their sights.’

Belgian Army veteran Dimitri Bontinck (centre) poses with contacts in war-torn Syria. He has warned that the Islamic State is placing sleepers cells in the UK and other European countries after lisasing with members of Jabhat Al Nusra, a branch of Al Qaeda, and other contacts with close links to ISIS operatives

3. Boko Haram crisis: ‘Militant traders’ raid Nigeria town

Hundreds of residents and soldiers are fleeing a northern Nigerian town attacked by militant Islamists disguised as traders, officials say.

Shootings and explosions had rocked the trading town of Damasak, near Niger’s border, a senator told the BBC.

Boko Haram fighters seized a nearby fishing village on Thursday, reportedly killing 48 people.

4. Darren Wilson cleared. Now let’s see how reasonable people are, or has public trust really vanished thanks to Leftists and Muslim groups.

5. Today’s march in Dresden Germany against Islam

More to come on that soon I hope!

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita and all.

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Islam continues to disgust: Links 2 for Nov. 24 – 2014

1. A French jihadist left the Islamic State just two weeks after arriving because he could not handle the terror group’s strict no-smoking policy.

Flavien Moreau, a Muslim convert with 13 previous convictions, including assault and armed robbery, moved to Syria to join the radical group in 2012, but returned to France after just a couple of weeks, and was arrested.

Appearing in court, Moreau said: “I really struggled with not smoking. It was forbidden by the katiba [group of Islamist militants]. I had brought Nicorette gum with me, but it wasn’t enough. I left my gun with my emir and I left.”

France 24reports that Moreau is of South Korean descent and was adopted by a French family at the age of two. He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment today for his brief involvement with Islamic State.

(This puts a whole new twist on “walking a mile for a Camel”)

2. Egyptian honour killing: Brother cuts pregnant sister’s throat

Arrested for the murder of his sister, the young man is reported as telling the police that honour is very important for families and there is no tolerance for actions which spoil reputations of families.

The report states that he accompanied his sister, identified as Hana’a, to the wedding of a cousin.

“While she was dancing with the ladies around the bride she fell on the floor,” he is quoted as saying.

Women at the wedding checked her and found that she is pregnant.

“My sister is not married. I was angry and asked for a doctor. The doctor came and confirmed that she is three months pregnant,” he said.

“I couldn’t bear the shock. I took a knife and cut her throat.”

3. Interview with film maker who did the 2 flags experiment on Berkley campus. Israeli and Islamic State.

(The disease of thought Ari refers to on campuses might be explained by this Bill Whittle Clip quite well)

4. Preacher at Al Aqsa Mosque inciting religious and geopolitical hatred, mostly against the usual unbeliever categories of course.

(I wonder if perhaps this is why Israel tends to limit who can go there from time to time)

5. Here is a link to a news report from last night on the truck full of explosives that rammed the gates at Fort Sam. It is interesting to see how the story evolved in a few hours.

6. Communists in Montreal march against ‘Islamophobia’ as well as ‘against empires’. I think that may be one of the dictionary-perfect definitions of an oxymoron. The largest empire in the world is the 50 some Islamic states which seeks world domination for its religion and is reprinted at the United Nations by the Organization of Islamic States.

7. I really don’t know what to make of this video. I did download it and slow it down and you can clearly see the guy getting hit on the head with the rock and blood shooting out from his ear after the first guy says allah hu ackbar and so on. I dont know if its a prank or torture or what this is, other than a great example of Islamic culture.

I am still debating uploading the slowed down version in case anyone wants to see it. Meanwhile, anyone who knows how to download a video from Youtube can grab this one and play it in VLC Media player, sliding the video playback speed slider all the way to the left (in the playback menu) and you can see it frame by frame.

Thank you M., Yucki, Buck and all who sent in materials. More to come.


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The third time it isn’t funny so much as infuriating. Lets hope it was meant to be.

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Israeli leader speaks on Iranian bomb development.

Bibi got one thing wrong. It isn’t the development of ICBM’s isn’t the best evidence of the development of nuclear weapons, its the trigger mechanisms and facilities for carving high explosives for use on plutonium implosion devices. Iran has been exposed for having all of these and more and years and years ago. Even the Chinese bomb design they bought.

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UK facing biggest threat since 9/11: May

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Major attempt at terror attack on Fort Sam USA and more: Links 1 for Nov 24 – 2014

1. 15-year old Montrealer radicalized

Montreal police and the Mounties have taken an interest in a 15-year old boy awaiting sentencing for a convenience store robbery on the West Island last month.

They want to know how a private school student who’d never had any academic or behavioural problems became radicalized.

The teen confessed to police that he intended to use the proceeds from the hold-up – about $2200 – to pay for a plane ticket to a country where he could live under Muslim law. He said he didn’t like living among infidels in Canada.

2. ‘Boko Haram’ kills 48 Nigerian fishermen near Chad

(Anyone wondering why there is so much misery, suffering, starvation etc. in muslim lands needs look no farther than the headline above)

Islamist militants from Nigeria’s Boko Haram have reportedly killed 48 people in an attack on fish sellers near the border with Chad.

A fish traders’ group said some victims had their throats slit whilst others were tied up and drowned in Lake Chad.

The attack took place on Thursday, but the news took several days to come to light because Boko Haram has destroyed mobile phone masts in the area.

It was the second major attack in two days by Boko Haram.

3. MEMRI Video: Ali Abu Ahmad, Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque: May Allah Annihilate America and Its Coalition

4. BREAKING!! UPDATE: Saudi National Detained at Fort Sam Houston

According to Military Officials, the man that drove through the gate at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio was a Saudi National.

Military officials say explosive materials were reportedly found in his car.

The unidentified man was taken into custody and officials are still trying to determine his motive. […] KCEN’s sister station, KENS-TV reported that a driver was in custody after driving through a gate at the base without stopping, triggering a manhunt.

More: Fort Sam Houston Terror Scare: Saudi Man ‘Driving Car Laden With Explosives’ Forces Base into Lockdown

Thank you M., and all! More to come soon!



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evidence? We don’t need no stinkin evidence! Proof of Islamic aggression links 3 for Nov. 23 – 2014

1. (ANSA) – Forli, November 21 – A 15-year-old girl who was viciously beaten up by her family and locked in a bathroom because she was “too Western”

has been entrusted to the social services after hospital treatment.
The girl, who was not identified, was treated for a head injury and wounds to the face, shoulders and ribs inflicted by her Moroccan father and brothers who beat and punched her, police sources said.
The girl herself called the police and said she had been beaten after going for a walk with a classmate in the centre of Forli, a city in the central Emilia-Romagna region.

2. Jihad Watch: UK: Muslims laugh in court as they’re accused of beheading plot

Three Muslim men laughed in court yesterday as they were accused of plotting to behead a member of the public before Remembrance Sunday.

Cousins Nadir Sayed, 21, and Yousaf Sayed, 19, along with friend Haseeb Hamayoon, 27, smirked as the charges against them were read out, with prosecutors claiming they planned to commit a terror attack on British soil.

3. Jihadi attack on UK ‘inevitable': Police fear a beheading by ‘lone wolf’ in shopping centre and farmers are told to lock up fertiliser to foil bombers 

(Or switch to poo. At least Jihadis are used to that as literature)

Britain is facing an ‘almost inevitable’ attack by fanatics who have been ‘militarised’ by Islamic State, according to police and security officials.

In speeches today, Theresa May and senior police will warn that the ‘diverse’ terrorist threat posed by jihadis returning from Syria and Iraq is one of the greatest this country has ever faced.

Potential attacks could range from a ‘lone wolf’ beheading in a crowded shopping centre or street, to a bomb plot using fertiliser stolen from British farms. One Whitehall official told the Mail: ‘It is almost inevitable that something is going to happen in the next few months.’

Scroll down for video

4. Al Aqsa ‘reprter’ killed during last Israel-Gaza war turns out to be Hamas terrorist

5. Ezra Levant & Marc Lebuis – Jihadi El-Hayiti given pass by the Canadian “Human Rights” morons. (This is a very important story in terms of selective enforcement of ‘Human Rights’ cases)

6. Check out who the Iranian say are responsible for the Islamic state and their actions

PressTV – Holy city of Qom hosts confab on Takfiri by vlad43


Thank you M., and a bunch of people I lost track of because this is the second time I built this post and the first time it deleted itself and I lost tack of nearly everything. Sorry about that.



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Leftism and Islam blowing up a tree. Kil-ling us with IED: Links 2 for Nov. 23 – 2014

1. New University of Regina bathroom facilities help Muslim students prepare for prayer

The university has installed “foot-baths” in a public washroom at its Riddell Centre, in order to allow Muslim students — many of whom pray numerous times a day, and wash themselves beforehand — to clean their feet in a way that isn’t awkward and difficult through a use of regular sinks. […]

“We’re showing our ability to cater to their needs.” […]

“There was a bit of a push from our Muslim students society as well as the students union, and the university was very receptive.”

2. This child cannot be more than 4 or 5 years old.

3. Retired U.S. general on how to handle IS and why we lost in Iraq, Afghanistan

Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, of Raleigh, N.C., retired from the Army last year with the Combat Action Badge, five Bronze Star medals (including one for valor) and a sense of guilt for the soldiers who died under his command.

4. Palestinians spend $3M per tunnel and here is a video showing off a new one

5. Students throwing debris down from a balcony to a mosque all face eviction, possible expulsion and possibly criminal charges.

Video at this site from Nov 18 2014

Talk about fast action! Nov 23rd four residents have been evicted for the story above

6. Cape Town – An estimated 140 South Africans have reportedly joined the Islamic State (ISIS) insurgency to fight in Iraq and Syria, with at least three already killed in action.

(They have a long way to go to beat Sweden and Germany or even Canada!)



Thank you Chris, Shabnam, M., frankly quite a few people. There will be more. Curently I am trying to carve the time to look into the subject of wether or not the UK will jail people who went to fight for ISIS upon return to England Etc. and it appears that they will not, and whether or not they will jail people who go to fight against the Islamic State, and it appears as if they may.

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And on it goes: Links 1 for Nov. 23 – 2014

1. BBC: Bomber ‘kills 45′ at Afghanistan volleyball match

About 60 people were also wounded in the bombing in Yahyakhail district.

It came after Afghan MPs approved security deals allowing Nato and US soldiers to remain after the withdrawal of most foreign troops next month.

Business Insider:

Kabul (AFP) – Around 50 people were killed and 60 others injured when a suicide blast ripped through crowds gathered to watch a volleyball game in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials said.

“The suicide attacker was on a motorcycle, he detonated himself in the middle of a volleyball match,” Attaullah Fazli, deputy governor of Paktika province, told AFP

2. Sen. Lindsey Graham skeptical of the Benghazi report.

CNN Link

3. Paul Weston in Luton Nov. 22 – 2014

4. Kenyan families identify bodies in the Bus attack by muslim supremacists

5. Kenya says kills over 100 attackers behind bus ambush that killed 28

Reuters) – Kenyan security forces have pursued and killed more than 100 militants and destroyed their camp in Somalia after the ambush of a Nairobi-bound bus that killed 28 people, Deputy President William Ruto said on Sunday.

Somalia’s Islamist al Shabaab militants have claimed responsibility for the attack on Saturday, when gunmen ordered passengers on the bus to recite Koran verses and shot dead non-Muslims – 19 men and nine women – who could not.

6. Hate preacher Anjem Choudary free to take his message back onto British streets

(I bet he would be allowed to go to Oxford Station and speak about Islam, Muslims and terrorism etc.)

Anjem Choudary preaches in LondonPA

Anjem Choudary has had his stall ban lifted

Choudary is on police bail after he was arrested for allegedly being a member of a proscribed group.

Among strict bail conditions, the 47-year-old was banned from attending so-called Da’Wah stalls which proselytise and preach Islam.

District Judge Howard Riddle announced yesterday the condition will be scrapped after December 18.

In a ruling at London Westminster Magistrates Court, he said: “I understand the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s argument that such stalls have been misused to spread extremist literature.



Thank you M., Wrath ofKhan, Buck, UK Pete and more. Stay tuned.

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Enlightenment RIP: Links 3 for Nov. 22 – 2014

1. Sweden confiscates a man’s sweater as being racist.

Two links. This one in English:

Radio Sweden:

A man who wore a t-shirt saying ”Islam is the devil” could face charges for inciting hatred.

Published lördag 22 november kl 11:19 Share

Police stopped the man in a shopping centre in Karlstad, western Sweden on Friday afternoon. They confiscated the t-shirt and filed a report. The crime is being classified as incitement to ethnic hatred, local newspaper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen reports.

Swedish incitement laws (hets mot folkgrupp) criminalise statements that threaten or offend individuals on the grounds of race, skin colour, nationality, ethnicity, faith or sexual orientation. The crime is punishable by up to two years in prison or fines.

Below, a google translate of this link:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001

(We really and truy have reached Orwellian/totalitarian times when in so many countries you cannot criticize an ideology which openly advocates slavery, rape, murder, implementation of legal systems which abandon any sort of due process and force a multi tiered system on all based on what utter bullshit you believe to be the nature of the supernatural. The time for all of us to make sweaters and T shirts critical of Islam in one way or another is now. Freedom of speech. Use it, or lose it!)

2. For some left-wing men, the misogyny of the Islamic State is part of the appeal

(An excellent little expose on the nature of the alliance between Islam and the Western left, and one of the possible reasons for that alliance. Reading it is like a cold glass of water on a hot day. Buck, who is much more familiar with this author than I, in fact I have never heard of her, explains to me that this author is a well known hard core leftist and that this article is a near miracle for her to have written.)

3. CBC does oddly credible report on the muslim who shot up Parliament hill and killed an hour guard at the cenotaph in Oct.

I wonder if the CBC like the BBC has started to notice that their outright lying to cover the facts of Islam and manufacturing public opinion to make Islam look like the nice kid on the block and all who oppose it are fascist bigots, is costing them credibility to the point where no one believes so much as a weather report?

CBC Tard motive Ottawa YT720p by vlad43

(Vancouver Sun goes into more detail including his antisemetic views.)

When asked if he would be happy with world peace but no religion, Zehaf-Bibeau told Banek, “No, there can’t be world peace until there’s only Muslims.”

4. Breitbart article explaining that the prime ministers and presidents claim Islam is moderate and peaceful while only entertaining and giving voice to terrorist groups and their political fronts while ignoring the genuine reformers etc.

5. Breitbart report on the Benghazi report findings. Yes, the blame is with the State Department.  

6. Birmingham sexual assault on bus:

7. Two more men handed anti-grooming court orders

(Because anti-statutory rape laws didn’t stop them, anti pimping laws didn’t stop them, anti sexual slavery laws didn’t stop them so for sure a court order telling them not to be around kids, that will stop them for sure)

ix suspected groomers were previously banned from approaching the girl, who cannot be named, until she turned 18.

They were:

* Mohammed Anjam, 31, of Albert Road, Aston;

* Omar Ahmed, 27, of Henry Road, Yardley;

* Naseem Khan, 29, of Colonial Road, Bordesley Green;

* Mohammed Javed, 35, of Yarnfield Road, Tyseley;

* Shah Alam, 37, of Floyer Road, Small Heath;

* Sajid Hussain, 40, of Warwick Road, Tyseley.


Thank you UK Pete, Buck, GoV., M., and all.


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Its like cold water in your eye, isn’t it? Islam and leftism links 2 for Nov. 22 – 2014

1. Exclusive: Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran

But sharing details of the deal under discussion with The Jerusalem Post on the eve of the deadline, Israel has issued a stark, public warning to its allies with a clear argument: Current proposals guarantee the perpetuation of a crisis, backing Israel into a corner from which military force against Iran provides the only logical exit.

3. SAS quad bike squads kill up to 8 jihadis each day… as allies prepare to wipe IS off the map: Daring raids by UK Special Forces leave 200 enemy dead in just four weeks

SAS troops with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns have killed hundreds of Islamic State extremists in a series of deadly quad-bike ambushes inside Iraq, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Defence sources indicated last night that soldiers from the elite fighting unit have eliminated ‘up to eight terrorists per day’ in the daring raids, carried out during the past four weeks.

Until now, it had been acknowledged only that the SAS was operating in a reconnaissance role in Iraq and was not involved in combat. But The Mail on Sunday has learned that small groups of soldiers are being dropped into IS territory in RAF Chinook helicopters – to take on the enemy.

(Now this is a government lie I can celebrate!)

4. Muslims sneak into Thailand from China.

(This is an interesting one)

5. VICE News: Islamic State Video Offers Glimpse Into Schools Where Kids Are Taught to Kill

(Thanks to M. we have posted the video here a few times but this instance looks like it may last. Article in link above however describes the salient aspects)

6.  WATCH: First victim to report Nafees Hamid to police relives horror of attack

(Video at site)

A WOMAN sexually assaulted by Nafees Hamid told the Birmingham Mail: “I was in a state of panic.”

The 26 year-old was the first victim to report his offending to police after he attacked her during a visit she made to Priory Hospital in Edgbaston for a consultation about back pain.

She confided in her family following the abuse and then alerted police.

Within hours Hamid, 51, was arrested at his Moseley home.

The doctor who also abused patients at Queen Elizabeth Hospital was jailed for 16 years yesterday (November 18).

“I was terrified and froze to the spot ? I felt like a little child, powerless to do anything. “My whole body went numb and I couldn’t move.



Thank you Buck, M., Don C., Yucki, Richard and all. More to come shortly.

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