Geopolitics and fighting back against islam: Links 1 Nov. 26 – 2015

1. Israel and Greece forge new alliance

2. Ezra weighs in on the shooting of the Russian jet

(The only thing I would add is the regular incursions into Greek space Turkish military jets make regularly)

3. I often post the video I made a few years ago about April 28th 2009 and the Obama jet overflying Manhattan at very low altitude tailed by an F14 as if it was to cause a panic. Donald Trump also mentioned another story that all of us knew on the 11th of Sept. 2001 and somehow forgot and somehow we cannot find anywhere. But he managed to dig up one article.

(Link to the WAPO article here)

4. Egypt to buy large amount of advanced weapons from Moscow: Russian Defence Ministry

Egypt plans to buy large amounts of modern and advanced weapons from Russia, the Russian defence ministry said on Wednesday.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered federal service for military-technical cooperation to rapidly respond to an Egyptian request to buy armaments, Russian Interfax agency reported.

It’s not yet known what type of weapons Egypt plans to buy.

Shoigu’s announcement comes after a two-day visit to Egypt, where he met Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi on Tuesday in Cairo. The meeting was attended by the Egyptian defence minister, the Russian deputy defence minister, and the Russian ambassador to Cairo.

During his meeting with El-Sisi, the Russian defence minister said Russia appreciates Egypt’s role in achieving security and stability in the region, according to a statement released by the Egyptian presidency.

He also affirmed that Russia is keen to continue cooperation with Egypt in all areas, especially in the military field, highlighting the importance of unified efforts by the international community in combating terrorism.

(Hey Obama. How is that plan to move the US into the Islamic orbit working out for you?)

5. NOAA Head Refuses to Turn Over Documents That May Show Manipulated Climate Data

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration head is refusing to hand over internal documents to a Republican lawmaker who is accusing federal scientists of doctoring the data to fit President Obama’s global warming agenda.

NOAA’s Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker responded to a claim from House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) who says they “rushed to publication” their “peer-reviewed” journal last June even as some NOAA scientists objected, reports The Washington Post.

Smith wants NOAA to hand over internal documents and e-mails he believes will prove the global temperatures were manipulated. He threatened subpoena if they refuse.

Defiantly, Pritzker stated that NOAA staff will not bow to “political interference.” Adding to the resistance was administrator Kathryn Sullivan who wrote, “I have not or will not allow anyone to manipulate the science or coerce the scientists who work for me.”

6. Forbes: The Disgraceful Episode Of Lysenkoism Brings Us Global Warming Theory

(This is an important article)

Lysenkoism was “politically correct” (a term invented by Lenin) because it was consistent with certain broader Marxist doctrines.  Marxists wanted to believe that heredity had a limited role even among humans, and that human characteristics changed by living under socialism would be inherited by subsequent generations of humans.  Thus would be created the selfless new Soviet man.

Also Lysenko himself arose from a peasant background and developed his theories from practical applications rather than controlled scientific experiments.  This fit the Marxist propaganda of the time holding that brilliant industrial innovations would arise from the working classes through practical applications.  Lysenko’s theories also seemed to address in a quick and timely manner the widespread Soviet famines of the time arising from the forced collectivization of agriculture, rather than the much slower changes from scientific experimentation and genetic heredity.

(For a fantastic example of Lysenkoism and the associated scientific frauds, watch this documentary on one Russian science that did brilliant work in evolutionary biology in Russia by specifically using Darwin’s theories at great risk to his life and liberty)

7. RCMP asks for help identifying 2 men after ‘suspicious behaviour’ on Toronto bridge

RCMP have released this photo of two men they say may be able to help with a "suspicious incident" investigation.


RCMP have released this photo of two men they say may be able to help with a “suspicious incident” investigation.

TORONTO — RCMP are appealing to the public as they seek the identities of two men spotted on a Toronto bridge earlier this summer. Why they are looking to speak with the men remains unknown.

The RCMP said in a press release it is investigating the “suspicious behaviour” of two men on a bridge near Toronto’s Rogers Centre in August.

This week’s plea for information comes more than a month after an even more cryptic Oct. 14 request for the public’s help identifying two men with no accompanying information on who they were, why police were interested in them or what investigation they were connected to.

RCMP Sgt. Penny Hermann admits it is “very strange.”

Now, police say someone saw the two men “exhibiting suspicious behaviour” on the John Street Bridge near the Rogers Centre on Aug. 31 at about 3:30 p.m.

8. In 1 Month, 8 “Refugees” in US in Court for Joining ISIS, Al Qaeda

(Daniel Greenfield)

Politicians and the media can’t stop bleating about all the “multi-layered vetting” that will keep any of the 10,000 Syrian migrants that Obama wants to bring to America in just one year from being terrorists. Even though polls show that between 13% to 30% of Syrian refugees support ISIS. (That’s at least 1,300 ISIS supporters entering America in just one year.)

Here’s how well refugee vetting works.

Senator Jeff Sessions has a list of some refugees in this country turned terrorists. It’s a recent list and there were 8 refugees indicted in one month.

In February 2015, Abdinassir Mohamud Ibrahim, a Somali refugee, was sentenced to prison for aiding Al-Shabaab, an affiliate of Al Qaeda, a section of which has switched its allegiance to ISIS.

(Xanthippa may have quite a story from Czech TV on a number of ‘Syrian refugees’ already spotted back in Syria in full fatigues and weapons)

9. Germany Is Not Negotiable

(Read intro and watch this electrifying video over at Gates of Vienna)

[The above speech contains two fascinating elements to me. The first is how out of the gates he talks about an aspect of the problem in the West being the loss of masculinity. I have discussed this myself except I look at it from the other side. The cultural consequences of feminization leading to a defenseless culture against the rampaging hordes of those who know no feminine aspects in one sense. (Yes, I will be soundly corrected by Perfect Child for this in the comments I know) And secondly, it seems to me that out cultures are following certain stages thanks to the media-gvernment war on reality and totalitarianism at the informational level. The stage I estimate will need to come at just the right time will be the point at which a leader will appear who can give permission to the public to actually do what needs doing. The speaker in that video strikes me very much as the kind of fellow who can give that permission]

9. Ex muslim woman looses it at idiots who won’t accept the obvious about islam in video she calls, ‘Silence is consent’ (Facebook)



Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, PP., Gates of Vienna, Tundra T. and all.

Pepper spray almost sold out: demand for pepper sprays in Germany is increasing rapidly

An original translation by Oz-Rita

From Focus.De

In Germany, one can get pepper spray only after many weeks of waiting time. The orders have risen by 600 percent in just two months. According to manufacturers, frightened German buyers have emptied the shelves. The alleged reason: the refugee crisis.

The Germans stock up massively in private. According to FOCUS Information there are now, nationwide, considerable difficulties regarding the delivery of irritant gas spray cans, the so-called pepper spray.

“There is a lot of fear around,” explains Kai Prase, managing director of DEF-TEC Defense Technology GmbH in Frankfurt, one of the major reppellant producers. “We have been practically sold out for about six to seven weeks”.

Compared to last year, orders have increased by more than 600 percent in the past two months. Only partial deliveries are possible Prase told FOCUS. The waiting period has already reached about five weeks. As a reason for this, producers and distributors give the huge influx of refugees in recent weeks which apparently unsettles many people.

Reader’s links for Nov. 26 – 2015

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What was in those Islamic State tunnels? Links 2 on Nov. 25 – 2015

1. Turkish Syrian border

2. Trucks ablaze after strikes on Syria-Turkey border

3. Poll showing 20 percent Muslim ‘sympathy for jihadis’ lands record complaints

A poll published in The Sun newspaper showing 20 percent of British Muslims have “sympathy” with those who leave the United Kingdom to fight in Syria has received a record number of complaints.

The British tabloid ran with the Monday morning headline “1 in 5 British Muslims have sympathy for jihadis, poll reveals.”

The figure stems from a UK company Survation poll showing 5.3 percent of British Muslims have “a lot of sympathy” with young Muslims who go to fight in Syria while 14.5 percent said they had “some sympathy. 

The Sun weathered a massive backlash both on Twitter under the hashtag #1in5Muslims and from other media outlets for the poll’s findings

4. What did the Kurds find in Islamic State tunnels?

(Praise allah and pass the American made ammunition)

5. Belgium’s Foreign Minister Warns of Attack With ‘Heavy Weapons’ and ‘Suicide Bombs’

(Video interview at site which is dull but if you add in all you likely know from sites like this one, information can be extracted via interpolation. My guess is that the threat now in Belgium is aimed at Jewish stores and shopping malls)

Belgium’s foreign minister tells ABC News that the country’s primary concern right now is to find about 10 individuals whom Belgium authorities believe could launch a Paris-like attack with “heavy weapons” and “suicide bombs.”

Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said the “heavy weapons” might be Kalashnikovs or “maybe more than that.”

He also said intelligence seems to indicate that commercial centers and shopping malls are targets — not schools or metros.

“The most important threat is on some shops and some shopping centers…more shopping centers and other kinds of commercial activities,” he said. Schools and subways in Brussels are currently closed but are set to reopen Wednesday.

Reynders said officials have received a tremendous number of tips about suspected attacker and fugitive Salah Abdeslam, who authorities said fled the scene in Paris and returned to his hometown in the Brussels area the morning after the shooting. But Reynders said he is confident Abdeslam will be captured.

6. I think fuel trucks coming from the Islamic State possibly to Turkey have been hit by Russia? Not sure.

(Google translate reads this: “Izaz first moments warplanes to target the Russian freight cars to a garage in the city” Un hunh)

7. Women wearing a burqa will be fined £6,500 in Switzerland after local referendum to bring in the rule

(If the population of religious muslims, aka ‘mustards’, is high enough and concentrated enough the first time a cop tries to write a ticket or force payment for this new act it will result in Switzerland’s first mass car burning, rioting, dead police and burned police stations as that is how muslims everywhere manage to make sure similar laws elsewhere are only to keep the kafir calm while they are being branded and made ready for slaughter)

Women who wear full face veils in public in a Swiss state could be fined up to £6,500 under new rules imposed by the local government.

Females muslims will be banned from wearing the burqa in shops, restaurants or public buildings in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.

The local government in the southern Swiss state approved the ban after a referendum in September 2013 saw two in three voters backing the move.

According to the Local, the Ticino government had wanted to ban burqas and niqabs as well as masks worn by demonstrators and balaclavas.

However, MPs voted for a law that only applies to veils worn by some Muslim women and makes no exceptions for tourists visiting the area.

The minimum fine is 100 francs (£65) and women can be given a penalty of up to 10,000 francs (£6,500).

8. Poland’s new PM says the country will not accept an EU quota of 4,500 refugees in the wake of the Paris terror attacks

Poland’s new Prime Minister says her country will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees as part of an EU quota blaming the Paris terror attacks.

Beata Szydlo said her government was not prepared to accept the quota system, saying the massacres in the French capital had ‘changed the situation.’

Hundreds of thousands of people have reached Europe as Syrian refugees in recent months, including at least one using a passport found at the scene of one of the Paris attacks.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who says her country will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees in wake of Paris terror attacks. She spoke without the EU flag flying in the background 

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who says her country will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees in wake of Paris terror attacks. She spoke without the EU flag flying in the background

The man is thought to have travelled into Europe with another, who blew himself up near the Stade de France.

Poland’s previous centre-right pro-EU government backed the deal to take in 4,500 refugees in September.

9. Sam Harris, against his own better judgment, gave an interview to a publication he himself holds in contempt. After agreeing to his terms they then appear to have published his article as they wanted to while utterly ignoring the terms they agreed to, in order to get him to do the interview. Here is a link to the whole thing with the parts Salon edited out, put back in by Mr. Harris from his own notes.

European countries cannot accept so many refugees, the French prime minister has been quoted as saying.

Manuel Valls told journalists if stricter controls were not imposed on the EU’s external borders, then people would say “enough of Europe”.

Europe’s border controls have come under renewed scrutiny since the attacks in Paris on 13 November.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Mr Valls and President Francois Hollande in Paris on Wednesday evening.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who have entered the EU since August have headed through the Western Balkans to Germany, which expects around one million asylum applications this year alone.

11. Anonymous includes Barack Obama and the BBC in its list of targets it is going after as part of an offensive against the Islamic State.

(And frankly, it would take more evidence to prove them wrong at this stage than prove them right I think)

Thank you M., Buck, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, Oz-Rita and many more and much more to come today.

Channel4 expose on muslim women in the UK and support for the Islamic State

This is on Dispatches Channel 4 which Buck posted the link to this morning but needs a VPN to watch outside of the UK and even that is iffy. But thanks to Liberty Dk, here is a link to the whole documentary on Youtube

Islam leaves a footprint everywhere it goes that nearly always has a high nitrogen content: Links 1 on Nov. 25 – 2015

1. Hungary detains group heading to capital with explosives, finds bomb lab

Hungarian anti-terrorist police last week detained four people heading to the capital with explosives in their car, and found a bomb-making laboratory set up for a mass killing, the unit’s chief said on Tuesday, declining to rule out a link to Islamist militants.

Security has been tightened for senior officials entitled to “top protection”, the Counter Terrorism Centre said in a statement.

The center’s director general, Janos Hajdu, said the suspects had been detained last week as police stepped up investigations that touched on the security of these officials, whom he declined to name.

After the suspects in the car were detained, a subsequent house search revealed a bomb-making laboratory with “explosives and devices that were suitable for killing people to the utmost extent”, Hajdu told the state television channel M1.

He said police had also caught two other people with submachine guns, ammunition and silencers in their car, and that it was not clear whether the two groups were connected.

Asked whether the suspects had jihadist links, he said: “Let me reply to that in the next few days.”

2. Suppressed Truth: Waves of Refugees, Trafficking in Weapons and Children

The border guards on the Austrian side are sympathetic and let the “refugees” with children through first. Sometimes, according to reports, after the “refugees” cross the border, they drop the children somewhere and go on their way.

The truth is, the children are not theirs at all. It is presently being investigated whether such abandoned children have been abducted for this purpose along the route through the Balkans. The observations described here are of actual incidents from recent days.

3. Thugs hurling stones, cars set on fire and refugee children aged five escorted to school by POLICE: Inside the once tranquil Swedish village where residents are at war with migrants housed at emergency centre

A tranquil Swedish village has been torn apart by bitter tensions after the arrival of 20 refugee families, MailOnline can reveal.

Tärnsjö, 150km north of Stockholm, has become a hotbed of resentment where migrant children as young as five need a police escort to get to school.

Residents and newcomers have exchanged insults, thrown rocks and set fire to cars, leaving many on both sides scared to leave the safety of their homes.

Terrified: Children like these have been caught up in tensions between locals and migrants in Tärnsjö, where stones have been thrown and cars set alight - as well as insults hurled at children on their way to school
(Well. That’s working out well, ism’t it?)
4. Obama’s Former CIA Director Morell: Obama Didn’t Hit ISIS’s Oil Because Of Environmental Damage
(I would argue the environmental aspect was an excuse not to attack not a reason. It didn’t seem to be a problem in Libya whatsoever)

5. Dir. Defense agency 2012 – 2014 at member CENTCOM on Obama intel briefings on Islamic State

(Even this guy pushes the ‘hijacked version of islam’ meme like it was true)

6. UN refugee chief says Japan should accept more refugees

(They can have ours)

TOKYO – Japan should be doing more to help with the global catastrophe of asylum seekers, the head of the UN refugee body said Wednesday.

Antonio Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, told reporters in Tokyo that he was discussing the problem with Japanese officials and “would like the Japanese government to push its actions … to increase the number of people resettled in Japan, and especially now to look into the humanitarian admissions of Syrians.”

Japan is a major donor of humanitarian aid but accepts very few refugees each year, and the country’s reluctance to allow in more is raising controversy given the crises festering in Europe and elsewhere.

7. No warnings from Turkish jets before attack

8. Member of Sweden’s Green Party cries when immigration policy was tightened

(Perhaps she should go live in the KSA or Afghanistan for a while to get a better sense of the joy she should be feeling)

9. Here is a better than average compilation video explaining the simple obvious facts about islam and its teachings.

(It really is noteworthy that we live in a time now where truth is rare and heretical even though it is now easier by orders of magnitude to get information than ever before in Human History)

10. Greek Macedonian border

11. Sergei Lavrov notes some of the odd anomalies in how the destruction of its aircraft was handled and the death of its pilot.

12. Dutch citizens welcome decidedly not-wanted Islamic invaders with a meal of rare pork

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, Gates of Vienna, TL., and many more. More to come most certainly.

For a small laugh, someone pulled down an Islamic State propaganda page on the dark web and replaced it with an add for Viagra. The interesting thing is that its a near perfect copy of the opening scenes of Homeland Season 5.

Declaration of Geert Wilders before the Court sitting in Chambers, Tribunal The Hague, November 25, 2015 at 3:00 pm

Mr. President, members of the Chamber,

I have the right to a fair trial. That is why I am here.
Not to ask you a favor. But to ask you what I am entitled to.
A fair trial. And the right to defend myself in the best possible way.
If you do not give me that chance then this trial will be a farce.

During the first meeting the investigative judge told to me, “You should have a fair chance, the law will be interpreted broadly.” But the opposite has happened. All my 39 requests, all the requests from the defendant have been rejected.
Apparently, I am not allowed an adequate defense.

The investigative judge is uncritically following the Public Prosecutor. The Chamber agreed with the Public Prosecutor to reject the first twelve requests. Hopefully, that will not be the case for the 27 rejections that you must decide on now. Because if all reasonable requests are rejected, then I cannot defend myself, and I apparently have to be sentenced at all costs.

I am taken to court for what I have said.
But I have said nothing wrong.
Fewer Moroccans, fewer Syrians, fewer Mexicans, fewer Russians, I do not see why stating that is punishable. However, when Turkish members of the Dutch parliament call me a tumor that must be fought and when they compare me to Hitler, then there is no consternation, no massive complaints on pre-printed forms, no prime minister who speaks shame of it and no Public Prosecutor to come into action.
What kind of country are we living in?!

I speak for millions of Dutch. And I will continue to do so.
That is my duty as a representative of the people.
And that is my right. It is a travesty that I have to stand here before you today.

I have done nothing wrong.
At least, I want to be allowed to defend myself in court.
I want to hear witnesses and experts so that I can defend myself.

The investigative judge promised me a fair chance, but he did not give me such a chance.
I now turn to you: Give me the chance to defend myself.
Give me the chance to a fair trial.


Reader’s links for Nov. 25 – 2015

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Canada: Have a look at what you voted for, and who also got a cabinet posting

National post wrote this article on the above video

Lynx, who sent this clip in, offers the following:

The above is from Real Time with Bill Maher from a few days ago.  The three things to remember are:
1)  Chrystia Freeland is a minister.
2)  She is also a Rhodes scholar.
3)  She is also a Harvard graduate.
She is spouting this crap.
Has anyone done a breakdown yet on just how much the Liberals gained from the Muslim vote?  The Muslim voter turnout in October was apparently much larger than it’s ever been before.
I guess it could be worse.  Freeland could have been made Minister of Public Safety.
The breakdown Lynx is looking for is here:


The point of saturation of evidence surely has arrived where if you don’t get it yet, you never will: Links 2 Nov 24 – 2015

1. Turks shoot down Russian jet for being near the border of its airspace with Syria. But seem not to think anything of its constant violations of indisputably Greek airspace

A formation of Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace a total of 20 times on Wednesday before being chased off by Greek aircraft, Kathimerini English reports.

A total of six Turkish fighter jets flying in formation carried out repeated violations of Greek airspace, according to the newspaper, which is one of the most respected in Greece. The reported violations took place in Greek airspace over the north, central, and southern Aegean Sea.

2. Tunisia bus explosion: State of emergency declared after bomb kills 12 on Tunis bus in ‘act of terror’


At least 12 people have died after a bus carrying the Tunisian presidential guard was blown up on a main road in Tunis in an “act of terror”.

The blast occurred on Mohamed V Avenue, at the heart of the Tunisian capital, according to a spokesman for the North African country’s Interior Ministry.

In the hours following the attacks, Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi declared a state of emergency throughout the country and curfew in the capital city.

3. Sprott Unleashed: “Everything is a Lie… They’ve Got To Pretend There Is An Economic Recovery Happening”

(Moral of the story: if you decide to buy metals, actually buy the chink of metal, not a piece of paper that says you technically have one somewhere. If you find you cannot buy the actual metal or that you can but the price is way higher, then you know the real price is not the listed one for getting paper for which you likely cannot take delivery. Sprott ‘physical’ Silver for example, much harder to get the silver than you may believe)

If the government’s official statistics are to be believed the U.S. economy is moving full steam ahead. Consumers are spending, the job market is expanding, real estate has recovered, stocks are soaring and the U.S. dollar is stronger than it has been in a decade.

But if you have yet to realize it, it’s all a lie. So says billionaire investor Eric Sprott of Sprott Global, which manages hundreds of millions of dollars in contrarian investment funds for clients all over the world. Well known for his long-term bullishness on the resource sector, specifically precious metals, Sprott joined First Mining Finance chairman Keith Neumeyer in a must-see interview where the pair discuss everything from the state of the global economy and trade to gold market manipulation and the inevitable breakdown of highly leveraged paper trading exchanges.

Neumeyer recently sent a very public letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission highlighting rampant price suppression, noting that neither real producers or real consumers are being represented by the manipulative practices of a small concentration of players. Echoing those concerns Sprott suggests that for every 5 tons of real gold there are some 1500 tons worth of claims. The inevitable outcome should claimants ever want to take delivery of physical inventory will be an unprecedented explosion in price:

4. The hostage taking in a Bank in France seems to be unclear as to motive. It looked like terrorism, but now they are claiming its a bank robbery.

5. Two giants of reason in one video!

6. Last night on CFRA AM radio in Canada, the free yoga classes for disabled people which was cancelled for reasons of cultural Marxism in extremus, was discussed.

7. Prague Czech republic does odd thing for fear of terror. Story as explained by Xanthippa:

On Monday, Prague had cancelled the ceremonial Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, which was to have taken place on Saturday, the 28th of November, in the Old Town Square.  The city leadership had done so for security reasons, following the events in France, where 130 people lost their lives in terrorist attacks.

According to the spokesperson for the Christmas Markets (the opening day of which is marked by the tree-lighting ceremony) Hana Tietze, this is not due to fears of a terrorist attack but because of fears that people might over-react to something, like, say, firecrackers.
Instead of one lighting ceremony, the tree will be lit up every hour, to musical accompaniment.
8. State dept. gives confusing account of its views on the Turkish shooting down of Russian jet. Says nothing about constant incursions of Turkish military aircraft into Greece however and is very convoluted about who has rights to self defense.

9. Landlord who provided a hideout to Paris jihadis is swept to court before dawn by heavily-armed police where he is expected to be the first person charged with helping them

The landlord who provided a hideout for the Paris massacre gang was today expected to become the first person based in the French capital to be charged with helping them.

Jawad Bendaoud, himself a convicted killer, was appearing before an anti-terrorism judge in a court surrounded by machine-gun carrying police.

It came as forensics experts continued to examine a suicide bomber’s explosive belt found dumped in the city.

Jawad Bendaoud, the landlord who provided a hideout for the Paris massacre gang, who is appearing before a anti-terror judge in Paris today 
(Landlord, convicted killer… un hunh)

Cairo airportGETTY

The explosives were reportedly found at Cairo airport

Guards at Cairo airport apparently discovered the suspected bombs during security checks on two packages which were due to be stowed away on board a flight to America via London.

But after a probe they discovered the packages contained no explosives, an Egyptian Interior Ministry source said.

It was thought that the parcels, which weighed about 10kg, were flagged up after unusual objects were detected by an X-ray scanner.

11. Teenage beauty beaten to death for trying to run away from Islamic State after finding out what it was really like.

Thank you antikythera, M., Buck, CB Sashenka, PP., Red Fox and Tim Burton, Xanthippa and all.

Here is the link from tonight’s Blogtalk Radio for anyone who wants to hear a few people discuss perspectives on recent events. 

More to come.

The gravitas of the news has upticked at least one notch today: Links 1 on Nov. 24 – 2015

1. New claims Pentagon doctors ISIS intelligence to suit the White House as probe widens into ‘manipulation’

(The evidence of Obama manipulation of the machinery of state within the US to advantage the Islamic State mounts to un-deniability for all but those who refuse to cede to reason)

A small-scale internal investigation has been expanded within the Defense Department into claims that U.S. intelligence about the Islamic State terror army has been censored by senior officials to reflect a rosier-than-reality viewpoint.

Dozens of intelligence analysts came forward in July to complain of the situation, even taking the unusual step of writing and signing their complaints to the DOD Office of the Inspector General, which opened a relatively low-key probe.

With the added unease created by the recent ISIS attacks in Paris, that probe has now gained more investigators and more documents.

Yet it has also generated more concern from Congress because U.S. officials say some intelligence may have been deleted before investigators could seize it, according to a report over the weekend in The New York Times.

(definition of right wing extremist: Anyone who has a practical solution to the problem which would actually be non-violent and effective and obvious to all people in all times except now)

Far-right anti-Islam group United Patriots Front have announced the launch of a political party named Fortitude.

A 33 second video uploaded to their Facebook page on Sunday shows the group’s leader Blair Cottrell flanked by six other UPF members as he announced the party would be ‘happening in the next few weeks so keep watching the page.’

The controversial group – who follow a hard line and often violent approach to Islamic immigration -have more than 25,000 supporters and are known for their heated anti-Islam protests across the country.

Scroll down for video at DM

Extreme far-right anti-Islam group United Patriots Front have announced the launch of a political party named Fortitude

4. Well done 12 minute video presenting the facts on islamic thought, widely held by most or at the very least, a significant minority of muslims world wide.

5. Another video of the downed Russian jet with pilots ejecting

6. Men with cloth hats shoot at ejected Russian pilot

(Ed; Showing restraint here. A lot of it)

7. More video of dead pilot and a crowd of … people chanting the same 2 words they always do.

(Whatever else these people are, they are not Shakespeare)

8. Jewish people in France appear to be heading to Israel in higher numbers than ever and more stories in this DM article.

(It would be preferable if Jews stayed in France and fought for freedom for all. But if the government will not allow this, and if the rest of the population hates Jews again, which seems to be the case, it is hard to make a case for that)

The owner of the Hotel Pacific told the local Voix du Nord newspaper that police arrested three men in the raid.

He said: ‘Three men were taken away by police. They did not offer any resistance.’

Officials would not confirm whether any arrests were made or if weapons and explosives had been seized.

This follows news that more than twice as many French Jews are heading to Israel in the wake of terror attacks which have targeted them in the country in the past two years.

There have been several terror attacks targeting Jews in France, including a siege at a kosher supermarket, which left four dead 

There have been several terror attacks targeting Jews in France, including a siege at a kosher supermarket, which left four dead

The charity Birthright Israel, which takes young Jews on trips to Israel, say they have seen an unprecedented increase in French citizens taking part since 2013.

11. Clarion Project’s new film:


Thank you Buck, Pym Purnell, Gates of Vienna, M., Wrath of Khan and many more.
And much more to come.
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NATO member Turkey shoots down Russian jet

Dear USA:

I get that you are afraid of large scale black rioting if you impeach Obama and remove him from office. But I would ask you to weigh the costs of that against his engineering a military loss to the Islamic State or to Russia or a nuclear exchange. Unthinkable? Ask yourselves if I had said 9 years ago that we would find ourselves where we are today if that was also unthinkable. We know that the ROE in every conflict under Obama against religious muslims either by design or by accident has guaranteed a loss. In Iraq, Afghanistan and now against the IS. The only battles the US won created space for the IS to assimilate such as Libya and in a way, Egypt.

Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter strikes me as a move designed to put major powers in between the Russians and the Islamic State. So the cost of impeachment of Barack Obama may be immeasurably lower than the cost of keeping him in for another year.

From the Independent:

Turkey has shot down a Russian military jet which it says violated its airspace near the Syrian border.

The Russian Defence Ministry and Turkish Presidency, quoted in Russian and Turkish media reports, have both described the plane as Russian, and video posted by the Haberturk TV station appeared to show the jet coming down in flames.

A military official, quoted by Turkey’s Dogan news agency, said the plane was shot down by Turkish F16s, and that the pilot was given prior warning.

Various reports described the plane as coming down in hostile Syrian territory, and the fate of the two pilots on board was unknown.

(Video of take down and more photos at link above)


The photo below is alleged to be of the Russian pilot shot to death by captors as he attempted to maneuver his landing into safe territory













Pilot identified here:



Thank you Tundra Tabloids, WTD., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan,  and others who sent in material on this insane story.

There is currently disagreement on where the Russian aircraft was when it was shot down. But one thing is for sure. Whatever muslim filmed it, was delighted by it.

UPDATE: Video showing cluster of delighted religious muslims surrounding body of dead Russian pilot

UPDATE 2 RT live feed on this story

Putin Press conf.

UPDATE 2 Related story on IS shooting down Russian aircraft with SAM

(Where would these dune dwellers get weapons that can defeat Russian counter measures?)


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Some follow up links on events this week. Links 3 on Nov 23 – 2015

1. Kathy tells us that they are writing in Russian, On the bombs they wrote “(this is) for our (people killed) and for Paris”

2. PEGIDA Dresden tonight

3. France finds explosive belt, detects Paris suspect’s phone

A suspected explosive belt was found dumped near Paris on Monday and the mobile phone of a fugitive believed to have taken part in the attacks on Nov. 13 was detected in two locations in the city, a source close to the investigation said.

France and Belgium have launched a manhunt following the attacks that killed 130 people, with a focus on Brussels barkeeper Salah Abdeslam, 26, who returned to the city from Paris hours after the attacks and is still at large.

Abdeslam’s mobile phone was detected after the attacks in the 18th district in the north of Paris, near an abandoned car that he had rented, and then later in Chatillon in the south, the source said on Monday.

Detectives were examining what appeared to be an explosive belt found in a litter bin in the town of Montrouge, south of the capital and not far from Chatillon.

(Boring really. Seeing the same errors repeated endlessly while authorities deliberately avoid the source of this horror. Local mosques. And deliberately avoid, even spend precious resources deflecting from the ideology behind it all, islam)

The family of Ahmed Mohamed — a Muslim teenager who was arrested at his high school in Irving, Texas, earlier this year for bringing a homemade clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb — is seeking $15 million in damages and an apology from the city and its schools in order to avoid a lawsuit, Reuters reported Monday. The Mohamed family is reportedly asking for $10 million from the city and $5 million from the school district, or they will file civil lawsuits within 60 days.

In separate letters to the city of Irving and the Irving Independent School District, the lawyers representing Mohamed’s family stated that Mohamed was wrongfully arrested as well as illegally detained and questioned, without his parents being present. The family’s attorneys argued that the teenager’s name and likeness will be “forever associated with arguably the most contentious and divisive socio-political issue of our time,” Fox News reported.

More here at The Blaze

5. Stephen Coughlin on the Catholic Church and its role in the ‘Interfaith Dialogue Movement’

6. State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert For U.S. Citizens

(Obama promised fundamental change to America and delivered. Now, Americans can’t travel anywhere else but the rest of the world’s most unproductive and dangerous people can come to America without fear, checks or expectations to integrate or observe law. That is about as much change as could be I should think)

This is due to “increased terrorist threats”.

The State Department has issued a worldwide travel warning to all U.S. citizens due to “increased terrorist threats”.

In a travel advisory released Monday, the agency pointed to intelligence that suggests plans by terrorist groups such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), al-Qaeda and Boko Haram were in place targeting large sporting events, theatres, open markets and aviation services.

“Authorities believe the likelihood of terror attacks will continue as members of ISIL/Da’esh return from Syria and Iraq. Additionally, there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organizations but conducted on an individual basis,” said the travel advisory.

Dot Guv page 

7. Islamic State Threat against WWE event in Atlanta likely more real than the Wrestling 


8. ‘All the terrorists are basically migrants’: Controversial Hungarian prime minister calls for EU border clampdown in wake of Paris attacks 

9. Video on an attack on Israeli family Nov. 13th

10. Is that a zebiba on his forehead or is he just really clumsy five times a day?

PICTURED: The teenager charged with the murder of pastor’s pregnant wife who was shot in her home as widower reveals he has FORGIVEN her killer

Thank you M., ML., CB Sashenka, Wrath of Khan and all.