Geopolitics of islam, Obama continues to create enmity towards the US while weakening it: links 1 on March 1 -2015

1. Denmark looks to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir

Active in some 40 countries around the world, it runs its Scandinavia chapter from Copenhagen. Although it is listed as one of five Muslim extremist groups operating in Denmark, a 2008 attempt to ban the group failed when the public prosecutor ruled that there were no legal grounds to do so.

Hizb ut-Tahrir has often been at the centre of controversy in Denmark. Following the twin shootings in Copenhagen two weeks ago, Hizb ut-Tahrir said that the Danish society should bear the blame for the actions of gunman Omar El-Hussein.

2. Non far-left group holds demo against uncontrolled mass immigration, so branded as far right

3. Venezuela says it has detained U.S. pilot

4. Nigel Farage on ‘Jihadi John’, Islamic State & immigration | Channel 4 News

Thank you M., Don C. and all. more to come

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Geopolitics of Islam, of rape and murder and intimidation for supremacy. Links 2 for Feb. 28 – 2015

1. Rebecca Watts’ parents ‘prepare for the worst’ after two are arrested over disappearance of 16-year-old ten days ago as laptop is found in woods

(Watch this story carefully. There is something big under these headlines I suspect)

2. Germany: Detentions, arrest in connection with Islamist threat in Bremen

Fearing an Islamist attack, police in Germany’s northern port city of Bremen have swooped after adopting “security measures in the public arena.” Apart from detentions and an arrest, an Islamic center was searched.

Deutschland Polizei in Bremen

Federal authorities had been receiving tip-offs since Friday evening about the activities of potential Islamists, the police said, without clarifying whether it was a terrorist threat.

People in Bremen were said to have remained relaxed despite the apparent threat. A Bundesliga match between Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg at the Weser stadium went ahead as planned.

3. Online campaign nets $20,000 for Quebec woman told to remove hijab in court

(She can buy a really nice new car for that!)

A crowdfunding campaign in support of a Quebec woman who was refused her day in court because she was wearing a hijab has raised more than $20,000 in its first day.

Two Vancouver residents launched the campaign on Friday to help Rania El-Alloul buy a car.

It’s in response to a judge’s refusal to hear her case against the Quebec automotive insurance board, which had seized her vehicle.

4. This is alleged to be the full set of correspondence between ‘Jihadi John’, the Islamic State video decapitator, and Mohammed Emwazi from 2009 to 2012

5. Pentagon Scrubs Major Attack on ISIS

Just days ago, the generals were trumpeting plans to knock ISIS out of its most important stronghold in Iraq. Now, those plans are on indefinite hold.

The U.S. military’s goal to retake Iraq’s second largest city from the self-proclaimed Islamic State has been pushed back several months at least, defense officials told The Daily Beast. That’s a major shift for the Pentagon, which recently announced that the first major ground offensive in the war against ISIS could come in the next few weeks.

(After 9 minutes here)

6. Radical cleric Mullah Krekar arrested in Norway
By RÛDAW yesterday at 12:34

Mullah Krekar

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Norwegian police have arrested radical Kurdish radical cleric Najmadin Faraj Ahmad, also known as Mullah Krekar.

Krekar’s alleged website announced on Thursday that police had entered into the cleric’s home in Oslo without uniforms and charged him with publicly encouraging violent acts.

The cleric will be transferred to the court for sentencing and it is not clear whether he is going to be released or put in jail, the website said.

In a recent interview with Norwegian TV station NRK, Mullah Krekar expressed happiness  over the January 7 Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine, and called on the youth of Norway to go to Syria.

7. Australia: ‘I will take the honour in beheading you': Senator Jacqui Lambie receives vile threatening letter

Terrorists threaten Senator Jacquie Lambie with beheading unless she helps introduce sharia law

POLICE are investigating a poison pen letter claiming that terrorists plan to behead Tasmanian Senator Jacquie Lambie unless she helps introduce sharia law in Australia.

The letter warns that “you are the enemy of Islamic State, therefore, I will take the honour in beheading you”.

It includes graphic images of a man having his head sliced off by a knife.

Her office conceded the letter could be a fake threat, linked to opponents of a new mosque in Adelaide, but said that they were taking the threat seriously and had referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police.

It claims to have been prepared by the “Adelaide Islamic State Mujahideen” and makes references to plans to build a mosque in Adelaide, suggesting that the development would represent a celebration of Lindt gunman Haron Monis’s efforts to expand the Islamic State’s philosophy.

Thank you M., Liberty Dk., Don C., CB Sashenka, GoV., UK Pete, and so many more that a profoundly busy day has made it difficult to keep track of. But you know who you are.

There is a lot more and it will all be posted. Please feel free to check the comments under all the recent posts to see all the links readers have contributed. Many of them are recent and important.

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A significant and honest Interview with Mullah Krekar, a parasitical but influential muslim leader living in Norway

If one adds this interview of Feb. 25 2015, which in my opinion is one of the most honest and significant interviews with a muslim spokesman I have seen in some time, with the article from the Atlantic, a true sea change in terms of its effects on the left and the Obama narrative, one can begin to form a true picture of what we are dealing with.

I find this interview quite chilling personally. If you do, please send it out to everyone you know. There is still a staggering number of people who are self blinded to the reality of the world today.

Thank you so much, Liberty Dk for the translation and Gov for you editing and patience with endless technical problems with this significant video.

To understand who this particular bearded clam is, please read this

Here is the Gates post on this video.

This particular Mulla was just arrested.

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Geopolitical earthquakes and WW3, or perhaps WW1 V2.0 ramps up: Links 1 on Feb. 28 – 2015

1. Confronting the ideology of Islamic Extremism – Tulsi Gabbard

(The Democrats are breaking ranks. Perhaps reality is stronger than fiction for those with integrity)

2. Douglas Murray: Scrutinize CAGE

I wonder if any scales have fallen from any eyes in the last 24 hours?  I do hope so. Cage is, after all, a group which has for years been introduced on the BBC, Channel 4 and so on as ‘the human rights group Cage’. Or if you were Peter Oborne writing in the Telegraph last summer, the ‘organisation’ which ‘has done more than any other to stand up for alleged terrorists’.

Peter has been a long-time supporter of Cage.  Yet as I wrote in the Telegraph in a reply to Peter’s love letter last summer, Cage ‘does not just “stand up for alleged terrorists”. It also stands up for actual, convicted terrorists’.

 ‘For example, Cage is animated about the case of Aafia Siddiqui, jailed for 86 years in the US for attempting to murder US officials in Afghanistan and assaulting those who tried to stop her. Siddiqui had wide-ranging links to al-Qaeda and wasmarried to a key plotter behind the 9/11 attacks. At the beginning of her trial she said that jurors should be “subject to genetic testing” to see if they were Zionist or Israeli. She is no terror suspect – her guilt was proved in a court of law. Yet Cage’s profile on Siddiqui – which misses literally all this out – says it has “dedicated itself” to freeing her.

3. Violent clashes break out during anti-Islam march in Newcastle city centre with hundreds of far-right protesters met by MP George Galloway leading a rival demonstration

There were violent clashes on the streets of Newcastle today as hundreds of demonstrators from controversial anti-Islam group Pegida were met by a 2,000-strong counter-protest.

Around 400 people from the far-right group were shouted down by the counter-demonstration, with scuffles breaking out as the rally made its way through the city centre, leading to five arrests.

The rival demonstrations against the anti-Islam march were led by Respect MP George Galloway who spoke at the pro-Islam rally, branding the far-right protesters a ‘German Nazi group’.

4. Egyptian court designates Hamas as a terror organization, state media says

(Once again, is there anyway Americans can impeach Obama and get Al Sisi?)

Cairo (CNN)An Egyptian court has ruled that Hamas is a terrorist organization, according to an Egyptian state-run media organization.

Hamas, the Islamist group which dominates the Gaza strip, has been at odds with the Egyptian government since the country’s former President, Mohammed Morsy, was ousted in a coup in the summer of 2013.

Morsy was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist political organization that shares deep ties with Hamas. The government formed after Morsy’s ouster designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist group in December 2013; since then, many of its leaders have been charged with supporting terrorism.

Much much more to come. Liberty.Dk translated an interview with Mullah Krakar that will make many people’s blood run cold. It is educated, honest and sincere. It needs to be countered however, but like that article in the Atlantic which seems to have been somewhat of a Sea Change in US mass media, this may also help bring many to their sense even if it drives many more to jihad or sympathy with the islamic position.

(I apologize for losing track of those of you who sent in materials for the 2nd post in a row. New email system combined with frantic busy has made it harder than normal to keep track. But know you are appreciated and doing good things for the Enlightenment.)

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The polemic on islam starts to move towards reality and Quebec takes more action. Links 3 on feb. 27 – 2015

1. NYT: Putin Foe Is Shot in the Shadow of the Kremlin

MOSCOW — Boris Nemtsov, a prominent Russian opposition leader and former first deputy prime minister, was shot dead Friday evening in central Moscow in the highest-profile assassination in Russia during the tenure of President Vladimir V. Putin.

The shooting, on a bridge near Red Square, under the towering domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, ended Mr. Nemtsov’s two-decade career as a champion of democratic reforms, beginning in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, and just days before he was to lead a rally to protest the war in Ukraine.

2. Madonna says France ‘feels like Nazi Germany’ and claims anti-Semitism ‘is at an all-time high’ in Paris radio interview

(I post only because pop culture has influence. If Kim Kardouchian wrote something reasonable on her stunningly average loins I would have to post that too if it meant people might wake up to the reality of the influence of islam. But in this case Madonna is an ill informed idiot. She is trashing the only political party that plans to do anything about the Nazi like antisemitism in France. The muslims. And now even Jewish groups, famous for suicidal politics, have endorsed Le Pen. Madonna stick to falling off your shoes and leave politics to people who get it)

3. Norway isn’t all bad

4. Former refugees face losing residency in Canada if they return to homeland

(At last! a sensible idea from Immigration Canada! If they were in such danger in their nation of origin that they had to flee for their lives and qualify for refugee status here there is simply no excuse that they get to vacation back at home every six months as many do)

Ottawa has slowly — and quietly — stepped up efforts to strip permanent resident status from former refugees who were granted asylum in Canada and later returned to the country where they once faced persecution.

Wielding new powers that came in with changes to immigration law in 2012, the federal government is now actively pursuing reopening asylum files under what’s known as a “cessation application” and forcing refugees whose circumstances have changed to leave Canada.

The number of people who had their protection “ceased” in 2014 was almost five times the number in 2012 — rising from 24 to 116 — according to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), which is mandated to decide if the individuals are still refugees or not.

An internal document obtained by the Canadian Council for Refugees under an access to information request showed the Conservative government has set an annual target of 875 applications to strip refugee status.

5. Daily Mail does proper expose on the man who calls ‘jihadi John’ a kind beautiful man.

(Of course by all that he meant that he was a jihadi who beheaded people. But we all knew that already, didn’t we?)

6. Hawaii Democratic rep. takes on Obama on his absurdities concerning the Islamic state

Thank you WTD., Yucki, Richard, Wrath of Khan,

7. CNN’s ‘religion expert’ has absolutely NO IDEA why ISIS is targeting Christians

8. FOX: Former Muslim: ‘If I were a Muslim today, I would be a member of ISIS’

(Video debate on whether or not islam is the problem with muslims or if muslims are just very likely carriers of rabies or distemper and its a coincidence that 65% of muslims in the UK all believe in killing people for drawing the pirate mohamed etc. Sarcasm aside, the video is excellent and the guest is dead on the money and deserves our attention)

9. Oklahoma has its first ever ‘muslim day’. Not everyone is thrilled

A lot of wonderful people sent links in and offered their thoughts in the comments today. There is a serious amount of shifting in the general state of things. More and more islamic subversion and penetration is being revealed especially in Quebec but elsewhere also, and the mass media narrative is becoming worth observing. In this post alone in item 7 you see a CNN spin doctor who sounds a lot like Obama’s appointee to the head of NASA to force it to do muslim self esteem utterly confounded by the reasons that the Islamic State, and by extension muslims who support it around the world, would do the things they do. He offers a cookie for those who might know a thing or two so he sounds reasonable a bit but his narrative is basically the old, ‘look up in the sky trick’ Trudeau was so famous for.

Then we have a truly excellent explanation by an ex-muslim in item 8 who’s interview is so lucid and complete it is practically a course. You would never have seen this on TV even a few months ago. Quebec today busted a major library issue at Concordia where it was found that islamic literature of the kind Canadians like to think doesn’t represent islam was making it to 4000 muslim students and it was shut down. I hope to have that video in English tomorrow. So all in all, this is a good time to observe the world carefully.

I would also like to welcome a number of new commenters to the site. I hope you like it here and make yourselves at home.

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A message to Obama from an ex muslim

As if Obama didn’t know this stuff

For the rest of us, memorize the description of the uniform of the jihadi and educate everyone you know, even in casual conversation seemingly about something else in the chance that this knowledge might save them from harm or help them protect someone else at some near-future time.


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Quebec steps up to the plate, muslims deny promoting ‘extremism’ and more Links 2 on Feb. 27 – 2015

1. Adil Charkaoui blasts decision to suspend leases to his Montreal Muslim schools

One of six young Quebecers who may have joined jihadist groups briefly attended courses offered by Adil Charkaoui’s school.

MONTREAL—Adil Charkaoui is blasting a decision by two Montreal junior colleges to suspend leases granted to his Arabic schools.

The schools suspended the contracts Thursday in the wake of reports that six young Quebecers left the country in mid-January and may have joined jihadist groups in the Middle East.

One of the schools defended the decision, saying a video circulating online suggested the activities of the school and the college’s values were at odds.

2. Brian Lilley on Obama’s Net Neutering

3. ‘Secret Swedish Asylum group’ plans 400,000 new immigrants

(I have no idea how accurate or reliable the above website is. It comes in Via GoV from a Good Bye Sweden! Please do not flush the Danes down the toilet with you when you finally hit the trap door switch. To mix a metaphor a little)

4 BREAKING: Quebec court backs judge who refused to hear case of woman in hijab

MONTREAL — The Court of Quebec is standing by the decision of one of its judges who refused to hear a woman’s case unless she removed her Islamic headscarf.

Court spokeswoman Annie-Claude Bergeron said Friday that despite widespread public criticism, Judge Eliana Marengo will not bow to public pressure and Tuesday’s court ruling stands.

“There is really no question of letting (public) pressure change the decision,” Bergeron said in an interview.

Marengo told Rania El-Alloul inside a Montreal courtroom she had to remove her hijab before the court would hear her case against the province’s automobile insurance board, which had seized her vehicle.

The judge said her courtroom was a secular space and religious clothing of any kind is inappropriate.

Marengo cited Article 13 of the rules of provincial court, which reads that “any person appearing before the court must be suitably dressed.”

The judge interpreted the rules to include religious headscarves.

5. Adil Charkaoui says no students came to him asking about radicalization

6. Copenhagen shootings: Third alleged accomplice arrested

Police gave few details, but said the “young man” would face a custody hearing on Saturday.

Two other men were charged shortly after the attacks with helping the gunman, Omar El-Hussein.

El-Hussein was shot dead by police after targeting a free speech debate and a synagogue.

The shootings left a film director and a Jewish man dead and five police injured.

7. Ezra on ‘Root Causes’ of islamic torture.

Thank you Yucki, Richard, M. Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials.

(One has to wonder about that family which killed their child or possibly children with poison gas they brought home from Pakistan. I hope someone is inks ooking into how the kids fit in at school and what kind of politics the parents had. Cause really, no matter how good a union the pest control guys have, it has to be cheaper to call them than a couple of tickets to Pakistan and a box of Zyklon B)


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“..a plane load of dead people” and more enrichment from our muslim immigrants: Links 1 on Feb. 27 – 2015

1. Christians march to White House in orange jumpsuits with chilling chant to Obama

2. Phosphine pesticide used to kill bedbugs causes Fort McMurray baby’s death

(Wouldn’t it have been a lot cheaper to call an exterminator?  Even if it wasn’t illegal and killed your children to do it the Pakistni way? Authorities had better look carefully at how these people got a box of poison equivalent to Zyklon B on board an aircraft but much easier to use and then take the appropriate measures. Like not letting muslims on aircraft and letting the rest of us keep our shoes on)

3. Collège de Maisonneuve suspends Adil Charkaoui courses

Montreal’s Collège de Maisonneuve CEGEP has abruptly broken a contract to rent classroom space to Adil Charkaoui.

Sources tell CBC that one of the people who took his courses is linked to a group of six students suspected of joining jihadists in Syria.

On Thursday the school said it was suspending the contract after it found out a video was circulated among members of the school that was described as “promoting values that are different from ours.”

Collège de Maisonneuve had agreed to rent four classrooms to teach Arabic and Qu’ran studies, as well as two sports courts, to Charkaoui’s Ecole des compagnons.

Collège de Rosement also suspended its contract on Thursday with the school, which is associated with the Centre communautaire islamique de l’est de Montréal.


Charkaoui was arrested in 2003 on a security certificate under suspicion of terrorism-related activities. He won his challenge of the certificate several years later.

He now lives in Montreal and is an outspoken advocate against Islamophobia. He became a Canadian citizen last summer.

4. Quebec mosque closes to avoid $912 daily fine from municipality

“We will pray at home,” said Karim Sibous, a spokesman for the Addoha Mosque. “We will not pray together.”

(I bet insurance rates just fell 25% in  Terrebonne from that remark alone)

5.  Don’t let the BNP attempt to link themselves to the PEGIDA march stop you from going if you can. To paraphrase one famous German ex banker and author, “Just because the BNP say the sky is blue is no reason to say it isn’t for fear of agreeing with them”.

Details are 

Directions from Newcastle Central Station:
Make your way up to Grainger Street from the station, it’s about a five minute walk.
From the town centre, head for Grey’s Monument at the end of Grainger Street.

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons we advise supporters to travel with friends in groups wherever possible and not to wear badges etc identifying which side they are on until at the rally. Feel free to bring BNP leaflets to hand out at the rally and talk to people about the need to preserve our way of life.

6.  Mullah Krekar arrested. Story at Tundra T.

News site on it here

Kurdish Norwegian-based Mullah Krekar was arrested at his home in Oslo on Thursday evening after telling Norway’s TV Channel (NRK) that the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in Paris made him “happy” and that anyone who made cartoons of the Prophet of Islam deserved to die.

Krekar, an Iraqi Kurd whose real name is Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, was charged for “inciting criminal offences” for the extreme statements, which caused uproar in Norway when the interview was aired on Wednesday.

7. Russians kill 6 religious muslims in Dagestan. One of the more pious areas in the Islamic world.

8. Video of Russian close encounters of the military kind. 

Thank you M., Richard, Draculea, Grace and many more. Lots of material still to go through. Very sorry to hear about Leanard Nimoy, (Spock) passing away. His character was a kind of icon for me and many others. I will refrain from Genesis machine jokes even though at the moment I wish there was one that could bring him back.

Lastly I think the Obama administration made a serious spelling error on their ‘Net Neutrality’ bill. I think they meant it as, ‘Net Neutering’.


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Islam continues to make gains in Africa and the Middle East. Maybe its time to examine it’s allies: Links 4 on Feb. 26 – 2015

1. Darul Uloom Haqqania students involved in killing of Benazir

ISLAMABAD: An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Rawalpindi was informed on Thursday that students of Darul Uloom Haqqania, Akora Khattak, were involved in the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, however, the seminary administration denied having any connection with the suspects.

The hearing of Benazir murder case — headed by Justice pervez Ismail — was held at the ATC special court established inside Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi.

FIA Peshawar Inspector Naseer Ahmed and Sub-Inspector Adnan appeared before the court and informed about the involvement of Darul Uloom Haqqania’s students in the killing of Benazir Bhutto. Both the state witnesses also presented related evidence to support their statements.

During the hearing, Darul Uloom Haqqania’s director education Wisal Ahmed also recorded his statement. He admitted that the suspected suicide bomber Abdullah alias Saddam Nadir alias Qari Ismail and arrested suspects Rasheed alias Turabi and Faiz Muhammad had received education from the seminary but rejected the claim that Darul Uloom Haqqania holds any association with the above mentioned suspects.

2. Mark Steyn: Please do not compare Obama to Neville Chamberlain. 

3. Below is an excerpt from an article from Radio Vatican which deals with the fact that the Red Crescent, the muslim fun house mirror version of the Red Cross, refuses to give any aid to the Christians in Syria, and has not done so for over 4 years.

Translation thanks to Bear:

[…] You are now entrenched under islamic pressure. is there at least some kind of humanitarian aid that gets to you?

Here is something I would like to say: the red cross helps, giving money to the red crescent. but the red crescent gives absolutely nothing to Christians. Yesterday their was the red crescent, UNHCR etc that wandered around in front of televisions (cameras) that spoke as if that had helped people. However they had not distributed not even a syrian pound up till now, the Red Crescent has given nothing to Christians and that has been going on for four years. (since the beginning of the war). I have said it on the big Arab channel and I am telling you now also. The red cross must know. They must know. Here those in charge are all in the muslim brotherhood or related. I say this out loud because i find this revolting and exasperating.

4. Nigel Farage: UK mosques have been infiltrated by hate preachers

Nigel Farage has claimed the mosques of Britain have been infiltrated by criminal hate preachers and warned that religious minorities needed to understand the law of the land.

The Ukip leader was speaking to a US audience about Islamic extremism before his appearance at a hard-right Conservative conference in Washington on Thursday, where he has been given star billing.

5. 32,000 emails recovered in IRS targeting probe amid allegations agency chief may have lied

IRS watchdog recovers 800K ‘lost’ Lois Lerner e-mails

Investigators said Thursday they have recovered 32,000 emails in backup tapes related to the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative organizations.

But they don’t know how many of them are new, and told a congressional oversight committee that IRS employees had not asked computer technicians for the tapes, as directed by a subpoena from House oversight and other investigating committees.

That admission was in direct contradiction to earlier testimony of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

“It looks like we’ve been lied to, or at least misled,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla. at a congressional hearing Thursday evening,

J. Russell George, the IRS inspector general, said his organization was investigating possible criminal activity.

The emails were to and from Lois Lerner, who used to head the IRS division that processes applications for tax-exempt status. Last June, the IRS told Congress it had lost an unknown number of Lerner’s email when her computer hard drive crashed in 2011.

6. ISIS kills 15 Christian hostages in Syria, beheads woman

A church in Syria  vandalized by Isis fightersA church in Syria vandalized by Isis fighters

(ANSAmed) – ROME –  The Islamic State (ISIS) has killed 15 of the Christians it took hostage in northeastern Syria earlier this week.

The news was given by Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana to the Catholic organization Aid to the Church in Need on Thursday. ”Many of them,” he said, ”were defending their villages and their families.” One woman was beheaded in the village Tel Hormidz and two men were shot to death. There is no information at the moment on how the other 12 were killed. Youkhana added that the number of those known to have been taken hostage had risen to about 350. In addition to the hundreds previously reported, some 80 inhabitants from the Tel Jazira village, 21 from Tel Gouran, 5 from Tel Feytha and 3 from Qabir Shamiya have been taken. Almost all are being held in the Sunni Muslim village Um Al-Masamier.

7. Bomb attacks have killed at least 32 people in northern Nigeria, amid a wave of violence from Boko Haram militants.

A suicide bomber killed at least 17 people at a bus station in Biu, witnesses say, while a second bomber was caught by a crowd and reportedly beaten to death.

In Jos, three bombs thrown from a car killed 15 people at a bus station and the university.

8. Obama appoints Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim to head “Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications”

Rashad Hussain was previously the Obama administration’s special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the thuggish international organization that is engaged in a full-scale campaign to intimidate Western governments into adopting hate speech codes that will effectively quash criticism of Islam – including jihad violence perpetrated in its name. Rashad Hussain is an apposite choice for this position, since several years ago he defended a notorious U.S.-based leader of a jihad terrorist group.

But someone doesn’t want you to know that, and made a clumsy attempt to cover it up.


Thank you Tasha C., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki and many more. Email is coming in reliably from comments now at the new address. So here’s hoping that it continues to work well for a while.



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Now it is Terrebonne’s turn to ban a mosque

An original Translation by Carolus

From Journal de Montreal

[translator’s note: Terrebonne is a suburb of 100,000 inhabitants, north of Montreal]

A place in the city’s industrial estate is however used for activities and prayers by the Muslim community since 2010

TERREBONNE | After a zoning change to ban a mosque in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve [a Montreal neighborhood], and then the refusal of the city of Shawinigan [a small city of 50,000 inhabitants between Montreal and Quebec] to allow a mosque to be established in the industrial estate, a third mosque is the object of a judicial dispute, threatening to disallow its establishment in the industrial estate.

Terrebonne directed its lawyers to obtain an injunction forcing the eviction of the mosque located in the city’s industrial estate, on Pascal-Gagnon Street, last Friday.

Muslims who patronize the mosque do not find the controversy amusing. “No neighbours complained about us, and we have added fire extinguishers and smoke detectors as per the fire by-laws, ” pleads Karim Sibous, a spokesperson for Estime Rive-Nord and the manager of the mosque.

The hesitations and bungling on the part of the city of Terrebonne seem to prove him right.

The case started December 2010. The mosque had opened without official notice to the city, in 2000 sq. ft. premises located on two floors, in the city’s industrial estate.

Two more years

– It was only two years later, in October 2012, that the city recognized its mistake of having permitted the establishment of a mosque in its industrial estate. The chief inspector, who originally gave the okay, later ordered the mosque to leave its premises within 90 days, but the mosque never left.

– On June 17, 2013, the city’s executive committee refused to change the zoning for the premises to allow the establishment of a house of worship.

– Last January 26, the city issued a legal notice of non-conformity, with an order to evacuate the premises “with the briefest possible delay”.

That refusal to change the zoning and the two legal notices of non-conformity have been up to now ignored by the mosque’s management, and they have not received any further sanction from the city’s authorities.

– It was only last Thursday that the city tasked the Deveau law office to bring to a halt that illegal utilization of an industrial area for worship purposes.

The mosque still has hope

Today, the mosque is patronized mostly on Friday evenings and during weekends. About thirty worshippers were on the premises for the final prayer and some cultural activities last Friday.

Saturday the Muslim association management refused, after consulting its members, to send us, as was agreed, the original written documents allowing the mosque to occupy its present premises for the past five years, in spite of the zoning regulations.

In an e-mail that he sent last Saturday, Karim Sibous writes: “We have the firm conviction that we will be able to negotiate in full confidence with the city’s authorities and find a solution to our problem.”

Related video:

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Quebec continues to protect its own values and more horror, hypocrisy and evil from islam: Links 3 on Feb. 26 – 2015

1. Free thinker humanist Avijit Roy was killed by Islamic terrorist today.

Islamic fanatics stopped their rickshaw, dragged them out and hacked Avijit to death. The wife of Avijit is alive but badly injured.

2. Gaza women train in military wing of various resistance orgs.

3. Police covered up violent campaign to turn London area Islamic

(Older piece but needs to be seen)

4. BBC goes into Gazanian tunnels

(Tunnel looks a little like Toronto!)

5. Jihadi in London waxes romantic about Jihadi John, the Islamic State executioner who then goes on to blame the UK and its culture for why he does what he does.

Notice the prayer stain on his forehead. One can determine the value of what a person says as inversely proportional to the diameter of his zebiba.

6. Suspects of dog slaughter arrested in Egypt

(Video under discussion here)

7. More on the well off Kuwaiti who is the executioner for the Islamic State, busting the absurd myth once again that all they need is jobs.

8. Please see the Gates of Vienna translation and the commentary on the dispute between the teacher and supervisor over the ‘right’ of a muslim pupil to disrupt a class to insist that all Jews are liars etc.

9. Bishop accuses Turkey over Syrian Christians
 In this image posted on a militant social media account by the Al-Baraka division of the Islamic State group on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, a fighter fires a heavy weapon mounted on the back of a pickup truck during fighting in Tal Tamr, Hassakeh province, Syria. AP Photo

In this image posted on a militant social media account by the Al-Baraka division of the Islamic State group on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, a fighter fires a heavy weapon mounted on the back of a pickup truck during fighting in Tal Tamr, Hassakeh province, Syria. AP Photo

A prominent bishop on Feb. 25 accused Turkey of preventing Christians from fleeing Syria while allowing jihadists responsible for their persecution to cross its border unchecked.

Jacques Behnan Hindo, the Syrian Catholic Archbishop of Hasakeh-Nisibi, made the claim on Vatican Radio, a day after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group abducted at least 90 Assyrian Christians from villages which had been under the control of Kurdish forces.

“Every day, families are emigrating from Damascus by plane because of the blockade we have around us,” the bishop said.

10. Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab

(IS it time to learn French and move to Quebec? I think I can live on poutine)

“The same rules need to be applied to everyone. I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head, just as I would not allow a person to appear before me wearing a hat or sunglasses on his or her head, or any other garment not suitable for a court proceeding.”

El-Alloul was in court to apply to get her car back after it was seized by Quebec’s automobile insurance board, the SAAQ.


(This judge is too reasonable to actually spend much more time on the bench in a post modern world. Respect to her indeed. But my favorite part of the CBC take on it is how this woman says that the day she arrived in Canada with her hijab on she swore to be a good Canadian. Which to her I guess means living on welfare with kids you can’t afford, getting your license suspended then driving anyway. Funny the CBC didn’t think to ask her what she thought being a good Canadian is)

Thank you Draculea, M., Yucki, Richard, Don C., GoV., and many many more and much more to come. In fact some startling things to come.

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Sweden: Teachers criticized for Holocaust discussion

[It needs to be understood that the article below, translated from a Swedish news site, is not just another story about ‘immigrants’ denying the Holocaust. This is a story about a teacher getting in trouble for stopping an adult immigrant at a learning center who stood up and disrupted a news piece on TV about the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz demanding that everyone agree that all Jews are liars and that this didn’t happen. This is about a teacher being reprimanded for not allowing a student to insist on a fully sharia compliant view of history irrespective of the facts of which the teacher and supervisor are fully aware. – Eeyore]

One of the biggest newspapers in Sweden (Sydsvenskan) which covers Malmö and the surrounding country brings the following choking story about how much power immigrants have attained In Sweden.

During an SFI lesson (Swedish for immigrants/asylants) last week, the students were asked to listen to the news.

One of the issues was about the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp:

From this Swedish Website

(with commentary and translation by Hans Erling Jensen with mush thanks!)

During an SFI lesson at the core of last week, the students listen to the news.

One was about the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

There are different opinions about what happened next.

The teacher says, that one of the student questioned the truth of holocaust, and that he explained to the student, that it was not the time and the place to discuss the student’s claim.

But the student continued to highly express his views on the Holocaust and Jews, according to the teacher. In the end, the teacher argued against the student and said that the student had to leave the classroom if he could not be quiet.

When a supervisor was required to solve the situation, the student said that he only wanted to provide the class with facts about Holocaust and the stories about concentration camps.

The day after, the teacher was called to a meeting with the school principal. The dialogue was recorded. The newspaper has a copy of this recording.

The meeting was recorded and HD has taken note of the recording.

”The student told me that he had been misunderstood and that he felt the teacher had offended him by asking him to leave the class room and called him a holocaust-denier and a nazi”, the principal says on the recording.

The teacher answered, that the student denied holocaust without any doubt!

“But the student said that he was violated”, the principal answered.

– He has not been singled out. I just told him that it’s not okay to say that the Jews were just lying.

”But the class room was not the right place for this discussion”, the principle said. “You have to be careful about what you are saying, because you have the linguistic issue, and should not violate the students!”

The conversation continues. The coordinator emphasizes that teachers must be careful to discuss, they have a linguistic advantage and must not violate students.

”Ok”, says the teacher, ”but I have played this news program for other classes with no problems at all!”

– You may also keep in mind that what we regard as history is the history we have read. When we have other students who have taken part in other history books, it is no use discussing the facts against facts.

After this meeting the teacher felt himself let down by the school board. He reckoned, that he himself had defended the values stated in the Swedish education institutions about democracy and equality of men, and for that now only being criticized.

”I was indignant during the conversation but tried to be cooperative. I am only a new teacher on the job and I did not want to be a difficult person. But thinking the whole thing through afterwards I found that they (the principal and the board) made a fatal mistake. Holocaust is an important issue”, the teacher says to the newspaper.


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Quebec makes serious efforts to deal with the cancer which is Islam in our society today: Links 2 on Feb. 26 – 2015

1. Turkish Teacher: Get ‘Harassment Teams’ to Intimidate Girls

(Does anyone even remember what feminism was for the last 50 years?)

A high-school teacher in Turkey has called on male students to sexually harass female students in order to intimidate them into compliance with the school’s dress code.

The deputy principal of the Kepez Atatürk Anatolian High School in the southern province of Antalya reportedly suggested the formation of so called “harassment teams” at a meeting about school uniforms on February 9. She said that “male students could follow girls who wear short skirts to make them feel uncomfortable, after which the students would eventually have to dress ‘properly.’”

2. “This Generation Will Be the One That Conquers Rome”

(This is the Gates of Vienna post on the horrific video out of the Islamic State that we titled and published yesterday, although it is a separate upload with a minor font error corrected on a couple of the explanatory titles)


I found this video more disturbing than those that depict mass executions, beheadings, snipers, bloody surf, and all the other grisly forms of violence so lovingly chronicled by the Islamic State. This is a celebration of a form of violence that is inflicted on the hearts and minds of children.

Some of these boys are very young, and probably can’t remember much of their life before the Syrian “civil war” began four years ago. If it hadn’t been for the “Arab Spring” and the jihad against Bashar Assad — brought to you courtesy of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and EU Inc. — these kids might have been able to have a more or less normal childhood and grow up to lead more or less normal lives. Normal by Syrian standards, that is: rough, backward, and sometimes brutal, but nowhere near as brutal as the rule of the Islamic State, which has become the new normal in large swaths of Syria and Iraq.


3. Six muslims (who have likely been living off of the largesse of the state of Quebec), leave to join the Islamic State.

(Additional video at this link. Apparently there is no factor linking them all!)

4. EVERY mobile phone user is ordered to have their fingerprints taken in Pakistan as part of country’s new anti-terror laws 

Every mobile phone user in Pakistan is being ordered to have their fingerpints taken as part of the country’s tough new anti-terror laws.

Every citizen who wants to use a device must make sure their name, phone number and finger prints are on record in order to keep their SIM card.

Since the new measure was announced earlier this year, Pakistanis have been lining up at mobile phone stores and in front of vans and kiosks to have their fingerprints scanned so their identities can be verified, meaning they can keep their phones.

People line up in front of a street trader in Islamabad to have their SIM cards verified by giving their fingerprints

People line up in front of a street trader in Islamabad to have their SIM cards verified by giving their fingerprints

5. This appears to be ‘Jihadi John’s’ Youtube channel

Jihadid Johns youtube channel. The number 1061658 is his student registration number at Westminster university…

(I am having significant trouble with downloading YT videos today. Please try and grab as much of this as possible for those of you that can for posterity before YT scrubs it)

6. Australia: Bendigo councillor Elise Chapman tweets graphic female genital mutilation photos

A VICTORIAN councillor has tweeted graphic female genital mutilation photos to a supporter of a controversial mosque development.

Bendigo councillor Elise Chapman has been outspoken against Islam in her campaign to stop a $3 million mosque development approved by Bendigo City Council in June 2014.

A mosque supporter had sent a message to Chapman on Twitter saying she hoped the mosque would get built soon.

“It’s great to see someone who cares about all Bendigo residents and their religions,” the supporter tweeted.

Ms Chapman responded with the image showing five babies with bloody wounds.

“Oh, we could have this here too? Would you like your fanny sliced off,” she captioned the photo.

(More on that here)

Thank you Tasha C. M., Richard, Don C. Oz-Rita and all. Things are slowly reassembling here at Vlad. I hope to have a reliable system in place for comments arriving safely within hours.

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Islam must destroy as its act of creation. Its contribution is the obliteration of the very memory of other peoples. Links 1 on Feb. 26 – 2015

1. Islamic State fighters destroy priceless Iraq antiquities

(Reuters) – Hardline Islamist militants in northern Iraq have destroyed a collection of priceless statues and sculptures dating to the ancient Assyrian era, according to a video published online.

The Islamic State video showed men attacking the artefacts, some of them identified as antiquities from the 7th century BC, with sledgehammers or drills, saying they were symbols of idolatry.

“The Prophet ordered us to get rid of statues and relics, and his companions did the same when they conquered countries after him,” an unidentified man said in the video.

The articles destroyed appeared to come from an antiquities museum in the northern city of Mosul, which was overrun by Islamic State last June, a former employee at the museum told Reuters.

The militants shoved statues off their plinths, shattering them on the floor, and one man applied an electric drill to a large winged bull.

2. Three men wanted to fight with ISIS, attack US figures.

(CNN reporter actually refers to them as wannabe jihadis. I wonder what she thinks of the unemployment line)

3. Egypt: Series of Blasts in Cairo Kill 1, Wound at Least 7

A series of blasts in Cairo on Thursday killed one person and wounded at least seven, Egyptian security officials said, the latest in a wave of attacks using homemade explosives that authorities blame on Islamist militants.

The officials said four bombs exploded in the residential districts of Imbabah and Mohandiseen in the Egyptian capital, which is home to some 18 million people. Later, a blast outside a police station in the nearby Warraq district wounded four people, including a police conscript.

Associated Press video footage from the site of the Imbabah bomb blast showed a large pool of blood on the ground and a badly damaged car with debris covering a large area. The blast took place outside a fast food restaurant.

4. France targets ‘radical’ islam in prisons.

5. German Jewish Leader: Don’t Wear Kippa in Muslim Areas

Germany’s top Jewish leader suggested on Thursday that Jews shouldn’t wear the traditional skullcap, or kippa, in areas with large Muslim populations but also said that hiding isn’t the right approach to concerns about anti-Semitism.

Security worries among European Jews have been stoked by recent attacks in Paris and Copenhagen. Jews in Germany generally feel safe, though security measures need to be evaluated frequently, Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews, told rbb Inforadio.

One of Schuster’s predecessors last year suggested that Jews in Germany should make sure they’re not recognizable as Jews.

6. Paris attacks: Coulibaly siege video transcript emerges

Details have emerged of footage filmed by Paris gunman Amedy Coulibaly during a bloody rampage inside a Jewish supermarket, a French website says.

He delivers an anti-Semitic rant and shouts “Stand up or I’ll kill you” at hostages, according to a transcript obtained by Le Nouvel Observateur.

During the seven-minute video he shoots dead three of his four victims.

7. Two-thirds of Quebecers polled say NO to mosques being built in their neighborhood

(A third and FOURTH mosque in Quebec is being closed or investigated now for the usual reasons. I will post the details as soon as i get the translations, hopefully sometime today)

8. The Jihadi John apologists: Outrage as human rights group describes ISIS executioner as a ‘beautiful, extremely kind and gentle young man’ – then blames BRITAIN for radicalising him

The group who helped name Mohammed Emwazi as ISIS executioner Jihadi John caused outrage today after blaming MI5 for pushing him towards his killing spree in Syria. 

Asim Qureshi, research director at the rights group CAGE, described the world’s most wanted man as ‘extremely kind, extremely gentle and the most humble young person that I ever knew’. 

At a press conference today Mr Qureshi was close to tears as he said Emwazi, who is linked to a string of executions of ISIS prisoners, ‘was such a beautiful man’.

Mr Qureshi said he was radicalised after the security services harassed him and alienated him because ‘the man I knew would never hurt a single person.’

He said: ‘When are we going to finally learn that when we treat people as if they’re outsiders, they are going to feel like outsiders and they will look for belonging elsewhere.’ 

(If they had just been made to stay outsiders none of this, and I mean none of this, would ever have been a problem.)

9. US citizens warned not to shop in Jordan after ‘credible’ terror threats

The US embassy in Jordan’s capital, Amman, has warned American citizens against visiting the country’s posh shopping malls after receiving “credible information” that they may be targeted by terrorists.

“Extremist groups have repeatedly expressed interest in attacking so-called soft targets, such as malls and restaurants, in Jordan,” the US embassy said in a statement. “The US Embassy has received information of a potential threat against high-end malls in Amman.”

Amman has recently stepped up its role in the US-led military campaign against Islamic State (also known as ISIS, or ISIL) in Syria after the jihadists burnt alive captured Jordanian pilot Mouath al-Kasaesbeh and released a video showing his grisly death.

10. Jihadi John’s old university was a ‘hotbed of radicalism where students celebrated 9/11′, claims ex-pupil – and hate preacher was even due to speak there TONIGHT

FirefoxScreenSnapz070Jihadi John’s former university was a ‘hotbed of radicalism’ where students ‘celebrated 9/11′, it has been claimed.

A former student has lifted the lid on his time at the University of Westminster – as it’s also revealed a talk by a Muslim hate preacher has been postponed due to ‘security concerns’.

Haitham al-Haddad was set to speak tonight, but the event will not go ahead as planned after it was revealed ‘Jihadi John’ studied computer programming at the university. 

Today, the terrorist was named as a university graduate from London who was able to flee to Syria despite being on an MI5 terror watch list.

Thank you Draculea, M., and all who sent in material including Wrath of Khan and many others. More to come.

I believe that my email server is under attack so I am getting emails sporadically or not at all or sometimes after days. Once I have established a new email address I will post it for people here but for now, I have redirected comments on the site to go to a new one I am trying out. This means that I should be getting any comments reliably, but if you send me an email directly for the moment I may not have gotten it.

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Muslims continue to pervert anything decent and threaten everything that actually works: Links 2 on Feb. 25 – 2015

1. Paris police arrest Al-Jazeera journalists over drone

(If ever a word needed to be in single quotes, it is the word ‘journalist’ in the BBC headline above)

Three Al-Jazeera journalists have been arrested for the alleged illegal flying of a drone in Paris after being spotted by police in the Bois de Boulogne area.

A spokesman for prosecutors said there was “no relationship for the moment” between the arrests and mysterious drone flights over the city at night.

Al-Jazeera said the journalists had been “filming a report on the city’s recent mystery drones”.

Drones were spotted over city landmarks for a second night running on Tuesday.

(Daily Mail link here)

2. Unlicensed drink-driver who was three times over the limit when he crashed his car avoids jail after court hears he has re-found Islam 

(I find this alarmingly similar to this story from the UK a couple of years ago)

An unlicensed drink-driver who was three times over the limit when he crashed a friend’s car has walked free after a court heard he had re-found Islam and was living a more pious life.

Asif Masood, 40, ploughed a Ford Focus into a fire hydrant in Nottingham after driving over a roundabout following a drinking binge on November 17 last year.

The car’s wheel had come off, while tyre tracks and debris criss-crossed the road, magistrates heard.

When police arrived he was found swaying near his wrecked vehicle and told officers: ‘I’ve crashed my car, I’ve had lots and lots to drink and I don’t have a driving licence.’

He was breathalysed and produced a reading of 98 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – the legal limit is 35.

But Masood, who has nine previous convictions for 14 offences, walked free from court after magistrates heard he had re-found his faith and was now teetotal after quitting drink and drugs

3. Oslo Norway

4. US Supreme Court appears in favour of headscarf claim

5. Three men admit kicking tropical fish to death in late raids at north London retirement home

Three men have been convicted of killing 15 tropical fish by kicking them and pouring bleach into their tank.

Brothers Omar Khan, 20, and Suliman Khan, 18, and their cousin Yousuf Khan, 18, admitted killing the exotic fish collection during a series of break-ins at retirement home Ada Court in Maida Vale.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard they first sneaked into the home on January 25, pulling three fish out of the water and kicking them to death on the floor.

Returning again at 1.30am on January 31, they teased the remaining fish by yanking them out of their tank, before pouring in bleach and killing them all.

Ben Edwards, prosecuting, said: “You could see the fish trying to escape by jumping out of the tank, but the defendants put them back in.”

(Nothing islamicaly psychotic about that story at all)

6. Translated video of the Iranian Navy tests of sinking a US carrier

(Could be a good time to test a rail gun!)

Thank you TL., Wrath of Khan, Yucki, M., UK Pete, Sassy, Richard and more.


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