Geopolitics, immigration, sharia law here and there, Russia and the UK fight back: Links 2 on Aug. 2 – 2015

1. Prison for Afghan mullah who raped a 10-year-old girl inside his mosque

(This can only be considered progress if the sentence turns to reality. So far in Afghanistan, the courts do a show verdict then they default back to sharia norms in terms of what actually happens to the people. Refer back to the woman beaten and burned to death who was framed by an imam for burning a koran. An activity which probably should earn a good conduct badge anyway)

Extraordinary events have taken place inside a Kabul courtroom this week. Back in May, a 10-year-old girl was raped inside a mosque in a remote Afghan village. The mullah responsible – Mohammad Amin – had asked three young girls to clean for him when he started behaving inappropriately. The girls made a run for it, only one of them tripped and fell in a stream. Amin dragged her back inside the mosque, where she was raped and left with serious injuries.

According to Sharia Law, which the Mullah tried to rely on in court, rape is considered a form of adultery for which both parties are responsible. Amin’s defence lawyers argued that he should be sentenced to 100 lashes and then released – but that would have meant the girl also receiving the same punishment.

However, Judge Mohammad Suliman Rasuli slammed Amin’s defence, pointing out that the victim “cannot commit adultery; she is a child. This is rape.” Instead, the judge sentenced Amin to 20 years in prison.

(Read the rest of the story to understand that the zietgiest of the actual people of Afghanistan has not changed, even her own family’s)

2. Russian security forces kill 8 suspected Islamic State militants in Russia’s North Caucasus

Russia’s counterterrorism agency says its forces in North Caucasus have killed eight militants who had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The Anti-Terrorist Committee said Sunday that the militants killed in combat in the province of Ingushetia west of Chechnya were involved in a series of attacks on police. It added that they had recently swore an oath of allegiance to IS.

The agency said those killed included the group’s leader, Adam Tagilov, who was accused of staging December’s attack in Chechnya’s provincial capital, Grozny, which left 25 people dead. The raid dented the carefully nurtured image of stability under Chechnya’s strongman.

3. Ezra Levant on Benghazi

4. Here is a rather excellent indicator of how things are in the UK and the direction it is taking.

First, read this story about a Jewish MP who was forced out of office by muslim threats, bullying and intimidation.

That story is from May 10 – 2015

Then, here is a story about the ambitions and intentions of the person who now holds that man’s seat in Parliament.

I would venture to say that this is a good general indicator.

5. Britain First has demo to support Dover truckers

6. Polish police monitors 200 jihadis

“As reported by the news portal, a detailed report about the terrorist threat was presented last week by the ABW vice director Jacek Gawryszewski to MPs from the ‘intelligence commission’. According to the report, the security service has identified 200 people who have a connection with Poland and at the same time links to violent Islamic fundamentalism.  The group largest in numbers is comprised by Chechens who once lived for example in asylum camps in Poland. They still keep their connections from Poland even though they are in Syria or Iraq, where they are fighting for the Islamic State.

7. Major attempt at invasion of the UK, fails due to riot police with chem weapons

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Nicolai Sennels, Gates of Vienna, and all our regulars for their news links and comments. More to come today as we are waiting on the translation of a video from Italy which is gruesome and heartbreaking. Hopefully it will be done by tonight.

The Soros-Frankfut propagandists sharpen their pencils and the Turks kill off the only effective enemy of the Islamic State: Links 1 on Aug. 2 – 2015

1. Turkey blames suicide attack which kills 2 on Kurds


2. Two tons of explosives detonated at police station in Turkey

3. Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport ticketing area temporarily evacuated after bag tests positive for explosives

A Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport ticketing area reopened Saturday after being evacuated for about two hours when an unattended bag tested positive for explosives.

Officials ordered the brief evacuation of the Terminal 1 ticketing area around 12:30 p.m.

“A portion of T1 ticketing evacuated. Airlines affected: American, US Airways, Spirit, Frontier, United. Contact airline for flight status,” the airport’s Metropolitan Airport Commission said on Twitter

A short time later the airport reported “an unattended bag tested positive for explosives near the United ticket counter.”

4. Iran publishes sequel to 1936 best seller, ‘How to win friends and influence people’

Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has published a new book called “Palestine,” a 416-page screed against the Jewish state. A blurb on the back cover credits Khamenei as “The flagbearer of Jihad to liberate Jerusalem.”

A friend sent me a copy from Iran, the only place the book is currently available, though an Arabic translation is promised soon.

5. Calais crisis: ‘This is a global migration crisis’

(Much like shell shock has become Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, now the word ‘Invasion’ has become, ‘A Global Migration Crisis’ except the former is more descriptive yet less specific and the latter has become more obfuscating and utterly bereft of its true meaning)

The British and French governments have warned that the world is facing a “global migration crisis”.

In a dramatic joint intervention, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and her French counterpart, Bernard Cazeneuve, call on countries across Europe and Africa to help solve the emergency caused by thousands of migrants congregating at their border.

As a first step to make Britain less attractive, the Home Office announced plans to cut the weekly cash allowances that support thousands of failed asylum seekers with families.

(Horse, barn, gone)

6. Syria Qaeda posts video of ‘capture’ of US-trained rebels

Al-Qaeda’s Syria branch has posted a video purportedly showing its capture last week of members of a US-trained rebel force it accuses of aiding US-led air strikes against its fighters.

The Pentagon denied on Thursday that any graduates of its training programme for moderate rebels had been captured in Syria.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that eight members of the 54-strong Division 30 unit inserted into Aleppo province in mid-July were being held by Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front.

The video released by Al-Nusra on its YouTube account on Saturday appears to show at least some of the captured rebel fighters.

7. Turkey bombs Northern Iraqi Kurdish village as part of their new campaign against the Islamic State, by attacking the only people effective in fighting them.

8. A ‘Christian’ Iraqi named Rafid Jihad, to be deported after vicious hammer attack on child and after the usual suspects want him cuddled for mental health issues.

The man who tried to kill a 13-year-old in a hammer attack will likely be sent back to Iraq, the same place he left as a refugee more than a decade ago.

Rafid Jihad was convicted of attempted murder in May in the savage attack that left teenager Jacob Mitchell with a fractured skull.

Jihad is very likely to lose his permanent residency and subsequently be deported, his defence lawyer Frank Retar said in Superior Court Thursday afternoon.

The law says permanent residents lose their status if sentenced to longer than six months, or if convicted of a serious crime that comes with a maximum sentence of 10 years or more.

(Show me a Christian Arab named Jihad and I’ll show you an Israeli Jew named Adolf. But even if it is a potentially Christian name, why did the article mention his religion?)

9. Turkish troops killed in ‘Kurdish PKK suicide blast’

A tractor laden with explosives was driven at a military police station, a statement said.

The attack happened early on Sunday near the town of Dogubayezit in Agri province, near the border with Iran.

Since 24 July, Turkey has carried out hundreds of air raids on PKK bases on both sides of the Iraq-Turkey border.

A Turkish state news agency, Anadolu, said the tractor was carrying two tons of explosives that were detonated by a suicide bomber.

10. New York: Note left on vet’s car, “All of you Islamaphobes vets deserve to die”

(Classic Star Trek brand logic bomb)

This is similar to a note recently left on a soldier’s car in Georgia, and to a letter dropped through the mail slot at the home of a British soldier. In all three cases, one of the goals is to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60).

“Vet finds hateful note on car at local shopping center,” by Rachel Yonkunas,, July 30, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A simple trip to the store ended with a veteran getting a hateful letter left on his car.

When a local Iraq War veteran went shopping Thursday morning, he did not expect to find an anonymous note with ugly language left on his car.

(If you fear Islam then you are an islamophobe and will be killed, so you should fear being killed by islam but then you are an islamophobe and must die so do not fear islam or islam will kill you… ILLOGICAL ILLOGICAL ILLOGICAL)

According to the video, the city’s ‘note on dashboard controls’ do not appear to be working

Thank you M., Richard, ML., Wrath of Khan, and many more I lost track of but the gratitude is there.

The article in the NYP in item 2 is well worth reading right to the end. It is factual and accurate to a degree much higher than is normal in large scale print media and any errors are based on lack of expertise as opposed to an attempt to deceive the public. Overall you could take that article to the bank if the banks weren’t also playing for the narrative in that, ‘halal finance’ sort of way.

Also VICE has a new pro-islamic propaganda video out which so far, and I am only 2 minutes in, looks like a total inversion of the truth. I plan to post it once I can make myself get through all 22 minutes of it with some commentary but for those who want to see it right away, here it is. 

Even the BBC has become more honest than this from the bits I have seen so far.

The few points, at least that they set up in the first couple of minutes are, muslims are the victims of the Islamic State. Muslims who wear the full death shroud although perhaps not the face cover are ‘typical British girls and men who join the IS are evil but girls are victims. The usual new gender feminist version of equality. In rights, but not agency.

More later today.

News items from readers for Aug. 2 – 2015

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News items from readers for Aug. 1 – 2015

Daily Links Post graphic

In order to preserve the flow of conversation about various posted items, and also in order to make it easier for visitors to find the list of related links being shared by other readers, regulars and interested parties in one place, each day a post is automatically created at a minute past midnight ET.

This way, under the various posts of the day, conversation can take place without as much ‘noise’ on the various links and articles and ideas in the main posts and all the news links being submitted can be seen under these auto-posts by clicking on the comments-link right below these ones.

Thank you all for those that take the effort to assist this site in keeping the public informed. Below, typically people can find the latest enemy propaganda, news items of related materials from multiple countries and languages, op-eds from many excellent sites who write on our topics, geopolitics and immigration issues and so on.

A few leaders call the threat what it is. The rest just shield their eyes: Links 3 on Aug. 1 – 2015

1. The Prime Minster of Israel had a few worthy things to say to the elected leader of Greece in his official visit today, not the least of which was:

[…] The third area is security. We are faced with a very unstable world which while it forges new opportunities also presents new dangers. The dangers come primarily from militant Islam, either led by the radical Shiites headed by Iran or led by the radical Sunnis, at the moment headed by ISIS. These are two formidable dangers. They are expressed in many weapons and many attacks, but the most prevalent one that concerns Cyprus and Europe is of course the terrorism that emanates from these areas. Iran and Hezbollah organize a terrorist network that covers over thirty countries on five continents, including Europe, just about every country in Europe.
ISIS obviously endangers European societies, Western societies, African societies, the whole world, in its own way. And we are committed to help our friends, the same embattled societies counter the threat of terrorism, but also bolster our defenses in other ways and we are constantly in touch on this and prepared to do more with each other. I welcome that.
We want to achieve peace. Peace is dependent on security, and ultimately if you don’t have a capacity to defend the peace, it collapses very rapidly in our area. But peace also depends on the willingness of parties to talk to one another and to try to put ancient issues behind them or at least resolve them in a way that they don’t prevent us from seizing the future.


2. A couple of items about Planned Parenthood, their ethics and tactics.

2a. Restraining judge seems to have strong political views

2b. Hack of PP website appears to have been a hoax to elicit donations from the sympathetic 

(If you don’t like Infowars, and I don’t, follow the links he posts)

3. In Austria, the trick of restricting all speech and thoughts to the officially acceptable ones (subject to change without notice of course) and pretending that freedom is measured only in degree of sexual perversions allowed, goes to a whole new level

The media and the Red-Greens act as if constantly holding gay celebrations with as much naked skin as possible and mounting new gay traffic lights[4] is the essence of liberal thinking. Actually, the great liberals of history would spin in their graves if they could hear that — whether it be a Hayek, a (Milton) Friedman, a Mises or an Erhard in the 20th century. Or in previous ages, a Voltaire, a Hume a Locke, a Mill or a Smith.

If there were a substratum of liberalism in Austria today, vigorous indignation would explode over the fact that a judge in Eisenstadt, in all seriousness, uttered the statement: “One gets the impression that what you are saying here (in a video), is coming from you, because that is your point of view.” So what is being indicted is no more or less than a person’s point of view.

Or the report of a trial in Upper Austria, where you can read: “Furthermore, the prosecutor accused him of sharing a cartoon which denigrates this religious group, and of insulting a member of parliament who has an immigration background.”[5] And that doesn’t make anyone throw up a little.

In truth, this means that members of parliament may continue to be insulted in the coarsest terms, unless one of them is from an immigration background. In that case, the state’s attorney applies the force of the law. Some animals are more equal than others.

(If the thing about ‘gay traffic lights’ stumped you, here is a story about it. These are to replace, not straight couple lights with hearts, but the usual gender neutral ones you see around the world. This means it isn’t trying to ‘balance’ straight themed walk signals, but to make ones specifically gay in lieu of neutral ones. So basically a provocation to straight Christians. Only a muslim complaint will be strong enough to take that down, as we saw in Sweden, the left feels muslims trump gays by about 5:1.Gates of Vienna suggests that If we have any readers in Austria, please check out the muslim neighborhoods and see if any of those gay crosswalks are there. I doubt the bookies will make any money on the answer to that one. The actuarials will though)

4. Al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria flaunts U.S.-made TOW anti-tank missiles

The Caucasus Emirate in Syria, an al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group, recently released photos on Twitter showing them possessing a U.S.-made BGM-71 anti-tank missile.

In one Twitter picture, a militant was seen holding a small black sign with the group’s in Russian while an anti-tank missile is seen in the background.

(I believe a video of this appeared in the comments some days ago courtesy of Martin. At the time I did not understand the significance, as the video didn’t say it was an Al-Qaeda group in English)

5. Yazidi boy, four, is forced to join ISIS terror camp to learn Sharia Law, the Koran and given sword to behead his own MOTHER

A Yazidi mother has told how her four-year-old son was taken from her to join an ISIS terror training camp where he was forced to learn passages from the Koran, Sharia Law and even given a sword and taught how to behead his own mother.

Bohar – not her real name – could do little but watch as her young son was handed a sword by their captors, who told him ‘this is to kill your mother’.

Later, he revealed they were training him to chop people’s heads off, shoot guns and hate his own people, at an age when most children around the world are just learning to read.

Scroll down for video 

Free: Bohar and her youngest son Hamo are now safe in a refugee camp in Iraq after escaping from ISIS clutches
6. Could it get any worse? Taliban look set to clash with ISIS as Mullah Omar’s successor vows to continue the war in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s unstable security situation could be set to worsen with fears growing that Taliban defections to a small but growing ISIS franchise group may lead to further violence.

Following the Taliban’s official confirmation of Mullah Omar’s death, fears have started to grow that a ISIS franchise has the potential to pose a serious challenge to the jihadi group in Afganistan.

ISIS’s Khorasan branch (wilayat al-Khorasan) remains a small group of militants but it could now receive significant financial backing from ISIS with signs of Taliban instability.

(Muslims around the world, hear the call. Half of you must go join the Taliban in this historic struggle and defend the land from the shirk of Al Baghdadi, and the other half must run to the ‘defense’ of the Caliphate and take over Afghanistan and implement the sharia with all the majestic and  Lilliputian differences that Islamic State sharia has with Taliban. It is the call to jihad! A ticket to paradise! How can you not go?!)

7. New Taliban Emir is ex inmate at Guantanamo? 

Mullah Adbul Qayoum Zakir, a member of the Taliban’s executive council and the group’s former military commander, denied reports that he disagrees with the appointment of Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour as the replacement for deceased Taliban emir Mullah Omar. Zakir is a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay who is an influential leader in the jihadist group.

In fact the new leader just released his first audio threats in fine islamic tradition.

(…and the media downplay it)

Thank you WTD., M., Richard, Yucki, Wrath of Khan and so many more who contributed to today’s blogging.

More riotous muslims, socialism’s failure begins to kill Venezuelans, US pretend war on IS continuing to do nothing: Links 2 on Aug 1 – 2015

1. Venezuela supermarket looting leaves one dead, dozens detained

CARACAS (Reuters) – One person was killed and dozens were detained following looting of supermarkets in Venezuela’s southeastern city of Ciudad Guayana, the state governor said on Friday, amid the ongoing food shortages in the recession-hit OPEC nation.

Shoppers seeking scarce consumer staples including milk, rice and flour broke into a supermarket warehouse on Friday morning, leading businesses in the area to shut their doors, local newspaper Correo del Caroni reported.

(In fairness, San Felix is one miserable place in the best of times. Across the river in the more modern and clean city of Puerto Ordaz, the locals say of San Felix: “There they throw  knives at you with slingshots”. Even so, the looting for food and killing is still a direct sign of the consequences of the communist abortion referred to as, ‘The Boliverian Revolution’ but is really just Marxism)

2. RT: ISIS no weaker after a year of airstrikes – US intelligence

3. Here’s a Brief List of Muslim Arson Attacks on Israeli Jews This Week

(Daniel Greenfield at Front Page)

4. Victimhood Matrix Tragedy: White gay dads mixed-race adopted son taken away to live with black aunt he never met

(The logical end product of abandoning reason and merit and replacing them with cultural marxism, specifically identity politics)

The boy was removed after a judge ruled that he should grow up within his extended family, despite admitting the decision would cause ‘intense grief’ and praising the married gay couple as ‘perfect’ parents.

5. Major muslim Migrant mayhem in Dresden Germany

And more 

Eight people were injured in a massive fight between Syrian and Afghan refugees in the eastern German city of Dresden, local media reported Saturday, citing German police.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Some 50 residents of a refugee camp were involved in the clashes. Riot police and patrol cars were deployed to quell the crowd.

“Men and women went at each other with whatever they could grab, from a fencing stake to a bedframe,” a spokesman for Dresden’s police said as quoted by the DPA.

The cause of the fight between the two groups is yet to be determined. The tent city is now guarded by 80 police officers.

(Plastic furniture may get on the endangered species list in refugee camps world wide if this keeps up)

Thank you M., Terry P., Richard, Perfect Child, Oz-Rita and all. More to come


The continued strategic loss of the most advanced and free societies in history to primitive, barbaric thugs: Links 1 on Aug. 1 – 2015

1. In Obama’s America, it can be a crime to successfully defend yourself from a jihadi attack.

From Allen B. West:

As reported ten days ago by Western Journalism, “A Navy officer and Marine reportedly returned fire at the shooter who killed five service members in Chattanooga, Tenn., even though current policy does not permit military members to carry […]

Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

2. In this 32 minute debate on Glazov, the panelists are extremely well known to this readership and therefore their positions are likely well known. It is probably skippable to many of you that don’t have a half hour for Choudary et al. But it is good to see such a clear expression of these points of view thanks to the contrast the other panelists provide.

And Robert Spencer is always worth watching.

3. Jihad in Tennessee

4. Muslims marvel ar miracle magic-marking mould

Thousands of people in Mali’s capital, Bamako, are flocking to see what it believed to a religious sign on a wall that suddenly appeared last weekend.

Many believe the white image on the outside wall of a toilet shows a man praying, interpreting it as a message from God.

Riot police have been deployed to keep an eye on the crowd as people queue day and night to see the mark.

Most southern Malians are Tijani Muslims, a moderate sect of Sufi Islam.


More images here

5. Turkey’s sudden interest in fighting the islamic state has lead to the killing of 250 Kurds by Turkey. (oddly the only people who actually are being effective in fighting the Islamic State)

6. UK: Police use force to keep rival migrant protesters apart in Folkestone

7. Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany

(There was a successful push a while ago to eliminate that term as it was too accurate and frightening. Things must be quite bad if it as returned to the MSM)

Spiraling levels of violent crime perpetrated by immigrants from the Middle East and the Balkans are turning parts of Duisburg, a key German industrial city, into “areas of lawlessness” — areas that are becoming de facto “no-go” zones for police, according to a confidential police report that was leaked to the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

8. Tard-diggers scamming the Islamic State

9. Lawyer’s Secular Society explains its decision to share a platform with Geert Wilders etc.

(More to say on this later)

Thank you WTD., M., Gates of Vienna, Richard, and all. More to come later today.

After a brief chat with Oz-RIta who patiently explained the equine facts of life, I would like to wish all horses in the Southern hemisphere a happy birthday today.

Below, some muslims in England respond to Cameron’s speech on extremism the way a rabid dog or a healthy cat responds to a pail of water.

Lastly, and kind of riffing on a great moment in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a thought occurred while watching that amazing, ‘Coughlinesque’ analyst, Sebastian Gorka, on the video posted last night.

Marriage is the opposite of war in the sense that it takes two to make a successful marriage and only one to make a successful divorce. But it only takes one nation with an army to make a successful war yet it takes two to prevent one by deterrence and it takes two to guarantee the sovereignty of each and survival of both cultures. (It made slightly more sense in my head last night but the follow up still stands)

So no amount of Obama policies of disarming and soft diplomacy can possibly improve the security and cultures of the USA. Of course, one suspects that was the point.

Leftism, real intolerance and more threats to kill us from the muslims: Links 3 on July 31 – 2015

1. Jihadis threaten to slaughter British soldiers’ wives and families as police issue social media warning

(One might suspect that muslims are starting to confuse indecisiveness with inability. A few more incidents resulting from this may result in clarification)

Families of British servicemen have been ordered to stop sharing personal details on social media after extremists threatened to kill a solider’s wife in a letter direct to their home.

Police are investigating a specific threat after Islamist fanatics shoved a sickening note through the door of the serving soldier.

The family are so terrified they are understood to have fled their home.

The letter is entitled “JIHAD – The Holy War For Islam – A warning to the brides of British Soldier Warmongers” and threatens to “destroy the families of unbelievers”.

2. I wonder what would happen if you violently protested the police when they were doing their jobs, till the city instructed them not to. 

(If this happened during the Bush admin, who would the public and media blame I wonder? If I recall correctly, Bush was blamed when he called things right and was blocked from doing the right thing. Like Katrina for instance. He wanted to evacuate New Orleans. It was the Governor of Louisiana who said no, and Bush respected state sovereignty. When the levy broke though, they blamed Bush)

3. It isn’t like a VA psychiatrist would ever tell a PTSD patient to commit suicide if their politics disagreed, right? Cause no way. 

(Is his wife an undertaker perhaps?)

4. Wow VICE is now down to drunken rants. The speed with which this news service has fallen from a truly great and hip travel documentary video source to this,must have given a whole lot of people a nose bleed. I hope they warn us next time so we can chew gum or something on the decent.

5. Muslim schools accused of anti-Christian chanting in assemblies

Some Muslim schools “include anti-Christian chanting in assemblies” which is being ignored by the schools watchdog, it has been claimed.

The Christian Institute has said Ofsted and the Department for Education are not taking proper action to deal with some Islamic schools accused of bullying Christian pupils.

In a letter to Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary and a Christian, the Institute’s director Colin Hart said “inadequate attention” had been given to the way Christian pupils were being taught.

He said it was “striking” that several official reports outlining examples of Muslim “intolerance” to Christians had gone ignored by Ofsted.

“You will see they include anti-Christian chanting in assemblies, GCSE pupils who opted to learn Christianity being left to teach themselves, and Christians being called ‘ignorant’ or ‘liars’ by teachers,” he wrote.

(Strength in diversity somehow)

6. White House: Defunding Planned Parenthood Would ‘Draw Presidential Veto’

During the White House press briefing today, press secretary Josh Earnest suggested that any congressional budget rider that would defund Planned Parenthood would “draw a presidential veto” from President Obama.

Earnest has stopped short of issuing an official veto threat for any legislation defunding Planned Parenthood from the podium until now.

7. This is the woman who owned the bakery that the government along with fascist leftists (yes fascism is about big government so it has to be left wing) closed down.

Thank you Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Ox AO.,

I apologize for letting my anger at current US politics get the better of me and posting two THREE  F O U R items about the consequences of leftism within the US in this post. While it isn’t that far from point, it is still not quite dead on what we try to do here.


The invasion of Europe. The West reacts despite itself: Links 2 on July 30 – 2015

1. State of Palestine: Hamas relaunches ‘Vanguards of Liberation’ youth camps

(If past events are any indicator, this Hamas training camp is paid for by UN and US tax dollars)

2. The man behind the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s activities speaks out in this one minute video. 

(There is perhaps another reason why PP is handling it the way they are. Normally, a business would sue in civil court showing damages and losses due to false allegations made by a defendant in such a case. But here, PP wants to suppress what they make and how they make it altogether, meaning a civil suit would basically destroy them, even if they won it)

Here is an article about the main issue which is the one the video maker claims is the one that has PP on the ropes. 

3. a fascinating article demonizing Gates of Vienna, mixing wild fiction with mild truths and trying desperately to equate them.

(Notice how they equate making bomb manuals and training for paramilitaries, which aren’t on the site, with promoting an art show, which is on the site. Of course the art exhibit is of depictions of the war lord and mass murderer-rapist, Mohamed, founder of the religion of islam. But still, its just an art exhibit. Clearly the intent was to equate it with the fictional accusations)

4. Chad reintroduces death penalty for acts of terror

MPs in Chad have voted to reinstate the death penalty for acts of terrorism six months after it was abolished.

The unanimous vote by 146 of the 189 members of parliament present followed recent attacks by Boko Haram Islamist militants from neighbouring Nigeria.

Officials in the mainly Muslim nation have already banned the full Islamic veil in response to suicide bombings.

Chad has been instrumental in helping Nigeria recapture territory from the insurgents earlier this year.

(Its still applying a law and order solution to a military problem and therefore, can not work)

5. ISIS in New York: FBI Arrest Man Suspected of Providing Material Support to Terror Group




A 44-year-old man from Lackawanna, New York, near Buffalo, was arrested this week suspected of providing material support and resources to the Islamic terror organization ISIS. Federal agents have been tracking Arafat Nagi since 2012 as he has traveled to Turkey and Yemen on multiple occasions.

Officials believe Nagi, who has family in Yemen, was able to enter Syria undetected and join with ISIS operatives, states the Center for Security Policy. Before his travels, the man purchased body armor, combat clothing, a tactical vest, night vision goggles, and two shahada (Islamic Creed) flags. Nagi’s messages on Twitter praised ISIS and its caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

This is not Nagi’s first run-in with the law, either. In 2013, he was arrested for threatening to behead his then 19-year-old daughter. A WIVB 4 report states that Nagi pleaded guilty to holding a military-style knife to his daughter’s neck and saying, “I’m going to behead you and shoot you.” The penalty for this “harassment” charge only got him separated from his daughter for a year.

6. Handcuffed ultra-orthodox Jew ‘who hurt six in knife rampage’ rants in court, as it’s revealed he vowed to stop ‘abomination’ gay pride parade shortly before his release from prison

(Lots of essays deserve to be written about this guy. But at the moment, it may well deserve to be thought of as a genuine lone wolf attack. Even so, one cannot say that there is no doctrine that justifies or calls for such an act. Ever read Deuteronomy? Holy cow!)


7. SodaStream CEO Gives Amazing BDS Testimony To Congress: ‘Manipulation, Violence and Destruction’

(For those of you that don’t have one, go out and get a Soda Stream right away! It is a life enhancing device. Try putting a tablespoon of frozen pink lemonade in a glass and filling it with the soda from a Sodastream. Pure bliss)

8. Czech Police Use Tear Gas Against Asylum Seekers

Czech police say they used tear gas to stop migrants who were trying to flee a detention center in the country’s northeast on July 31.

“A hundred migrants revolted. A special forces unit had to intervene because of the intensity of the protest,” a police spokeswoman said.

The migrants, who were mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, have been held in the detention center awaiting deportation from the Czech Republic.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, Buck, and all who wrote in today and commented.

There are several literary devices that are often used on TV shows or movies to make an evil character more sympathetic to an audience, or to make it clear that a person is likable and a good person. One of them is called, ‘pat the dog’, where a character stops on route to somewhere to do something and pats a stray or a dog tied up somewhere, or looks after a cat when he thinks no one is looking etc. I’m sure if you think back on much you have seen, you can spot the device even in retrospect. Of course it could be a child they help or any other version of this device but its clearly a device.

It occurred to me that often when a film maker translates ‘allah’ as ‘God’ he may be doing exactly the same thing as they do here in this Vice video at around 2:00 minutes.

There are pretty much no attributes that who is referred to as, ‘allah’ and who is referred to as ‘god’, have in common. To translate one as the other could be an honest error by someone who doesn’t know, but one can’t help but be suspicious given VICE’s track record on these issues, that they are using it as a device to make the person seem like someone we can relate to, and therefore find him sympathetic.

Just a thought.


An apostate lays it all out, and Turkey makes its priorities clear while England is invaded: Links 1 on July 31 – 2015

1. An interesting home made video of an apostate of Islam, trying to explain to those who just don’t get it, what islam is, and how it works.

2. Geert Wilders to speak in California Aug. 11

3. Florida Keys Man Arrested For Plotting To Use Weapon Of Mass Destruction

(Did they mention his conversion to Islam or his muslim name? I listened twice, but it has to be there somewhere cause the news wouldn’t leave out key details that would mislead us away from his motives, would they?)

4. BREAKING: National Abortion Federation Files for Injunction Against Center for Medical Progress

(The claim is that the videos, which were released in full as well as edited versions, are so deceptively edited that they have resulted in threats against health care professionals and so should be stopped. The issue isn’t that this claim was filed. The issue will be if its successful)

5. Video of a small army of illegal immigrants rushing past police to get to where the benefits are better.

(I think the French would do better with the defensive line up of any NFL football team than they are with cops who seem utterly bewildered as to what to do here)

6. Calais goes UP IN FLAMES: Migrants fight to get into UK as ferry workers block harbour



Fires, which are currently blocking access to the harbour, have plunged the crisis zone into further chaos.

It comes after Britain’s borders faced more disruption last night as hundreds of migrants including children stormed the Eurotunnel.

David Cameron has said Britain is threatened by a “swarm” of foreigners and the migrant crisis in Calais was likened to a “warzone.”

Migrants were pictured  clinging to a lorry as they left the port of Dover, while others in Calais were seen clambering over fences with children in tow.

7. US Marine on FBI radar now, as people, recognizing the basic and obvious truths of much of what he says, decide to rally around him and his cause.

8. Saudi Arabia asks NY judge to drop it from Sept. 11 lawsuit

9. The video below is a kind of partial explanation of the current illegal invasion of the UK by Africans via France. The daily links post today and yesterday have a lot of videos and news items about the current unnamed war against this invasion there.

10. Turkey’s Erdo?an says his only concern is Islam, takes jab at atheists

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has said his only concern is Islam, while slamming the defenders of terrorists and atheists in Turkey.

“We have only one concern. It is Islam, Islam and Islam. It is impossible for us to accept the overshadowing of Islam. Islam is damaged from what is all being done now. We all have to show the will to categorically deny terrorism without looking at its basis or identity,” said Erdo?an in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta as part of a visit to the Far East and Southeast Asia.

Erdo?an also said some people in Turkey who belong to different sects even defended atheists and terrorists due to sectarian reasons.

“When it comes to speaking, they say ‘We are Muslims.’ But on the other hand, we see those who defend both terrorists and atheist organizations just because of that sectarian difference. Therefore, we have to be on alert against those people,” said Erdo?an.

Erdo?an also added Islam was at a turning point with sectarianism being the primary problem.


Thank you Nicolai Sennels, M, Richard, ML., and all who helped out already today. There is a lot more material in the daily links post, and more coming in.

The West fighting back, Canada, and the foundations of the gay pride movement beginning to show: Links 2 on July 30 – 2015

1. Caroline Glick: In the wake of revelations that Turkey is giving hard support to the Islamic State, the US has changed its position from equal support of the Kurds and the Turks, to supporting the Turks exclusively.

(This is clearly an important indicator of real US ambitions)

2. Now it’s batons and teargas in battle of Calais: French police finally take action in chaotic port as migrants continue to try and storm the Channel Tunnel for a fourth night

A French police officer pulls out a canister of tear gas and sprays it at a group of migrants who try to protect themselves under their scarves and coats.

Using an extendable baton, his colleague tries to trap a migrant as he makes a run for the security fence around the Eurotunnel terminal.

This was the scene in Calais late on Wednesday as the patience of local gendarmes finally appeared to snap in the fed-up port town. Witnesses said the flare-up was like a mini football riot as police adopted a far more aggressive policy to try to stem the flow of intruders on to the railway tracks.

(Video at DM link)

3. New report suggest deliberate act in MH370 cockpit

4. RT does video on the gay pride march through muslim areas.

(An entire essay could be written about this event. The entire point of ‘Gay Pride’ marches was to be provocative. What they didn’t want you to know was, they only wanted to provoke straight white Christians and Jews. They had no intention of provoking favored groups. The Frankfurt School foundation of these sorts of events and institutions begin to be exposed)

5. Canada’s media and bureaucracy attempted to literally change the language of jihadis to preserve the pro-islam narrative. And when the government wouldn’t play along? What did the media do?

6. Anti Islamic State coalition meeting in Quebec

More here at Radio Canada, and CTV News here as well as the video below. Clearly the Harper government is not afraid of dealing with the facts. How sad that he is pretty much the only world leader doing so.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, and all who helped out today, many more who remain unnamed. There is a list of videos on the Al Qassam brigades in Gaza that may be of interest in the comment post for those who want to see them and a great deal more as well.

There was a line in one of my favorite TV shows that struck me as profound. One of the characters was talking about how they viewed another character and stated:

“When you wear rose coloured glasses, red flags just look like flags”

Profound I thought, not just in terms of romantic relationships, but think of how much policy in the past 40 years is based on that one error.

Thank you, Rick & Morty



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The Changing Rules of Politically Correct Poker

Not so much that the rules change perhaps, as what constitutes a winning hand. Basically the strong call the wild cards.

First, the video:

Now this article from Nicolai Sennels:

And then this article from Blazing Cat Fur. Don’t skip the comments.

The full video is here.

Thank you Nicolai and Liberty Dk.