Somehow, a polar reversal has taken place between Russia and the Western world: Links 3 on Oct. 7 – 2015

Lowell Green, Ottawa AM radio talk show host, did his show this morning on the newest initiative by Prime Minister Harper on banning the face cloth for the civil service. I only caught the tail end but I was told the whole show was very good.

It can be heard in archives here.     

1. Could the White House Spokesman tipped Obama’s thinking more than he intended with this Red Queen quality press release on Russian expeditions?

2. Iran’s supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday banned any further negotiations between Iran and the United States, putting the brakes on moderates hoping to end Iran’s isolation after reaching a nuclear deal with world powers in July.

Khamenei, the highest authority in the Islamic Republic, already said last month there would be no more talks with the United States after the nuclear deal, but has not previously declared an outright ban.

His statements directly contradict those of moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who says his government is ready to hold talks with the United States on how to resolve the conflict in Syria, where the two countries back opposing sides.

(This of course does not mean that Obama will withhold a penny or hold on to any sanctions or even not help Iran defend its nuclear weapons program from Israel)

3. Bangladesh: Muslims attack Christian pastor with knife, attempt to slit his throat

“Police said the attackers are yet to be identified but suspect they could be members of a fundamentalist group.” No kidding, really?

Not a Christian fundamentalist group, either.

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

More “dialogue” needed, eh, U.S. Catholic bishops? How many jihadis have you turned from their ways by that “dialogue,” Bishop McManus? A bit of “dialogue” will erase that exhortation to beheading right out of the Qur’an, now, won’t it, Bishop Farrell? If we can just sit down and talk with the Islamic jihadis, they’ll shower us in flowers, right, Bishop Soto? The only people you all have to be concerned about are those who don’t fall in line and confess that Islam is the Religion of Peace, eh?

Bangladesh crime scene

4. France: Hollande warns of “total war” if Syrian crisis is not ended

(English titles soft coded on video)

5. left leaning journalist does video on migrants going to Germany. Busts it as not quite how its sold

(How and why would a little Arab kid who has never been to Europe learn a Nazi salute?)

6. Nigel Farage has a few things to say about the EU today, which, he says, is not about peace but about power.

(He is the first one I have heard say out loud the trick of German devaluation of the Euro to increase exports)

7. EXCLUSIVE: Russian jets ‘intercept’ US predator drones over Syria, officials say

Russian fighter jets shadowed U.S. predator drones on at least three separate occasions high above Syria since the start of Russia’s air campaign last week, according to two U.S. officials briefed on this latest intelligence from the region.

Meanwhile, U.S. Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters a U.S. aircraft flying over Syria had to be rerouted to avoid a Russian fighter jet at least once.

“We have taken action to maintain safe separation,” Davis said, adding that the U.S. aircraft “changed path a little bit.” He did not disclose which type of U.S. aircraft was involved.

U.S. officials tell Fox News the drone encounters took place over ISIS-controlled Syria, including its de facto headquarters in Raqqa, as well as along the Turkish-Syrian border near Korbani. Another occurred in the northwest, near the highly contested city of Aleppo.

(At this stage, US aircraft may as well be setup for vodka and caviar delivery for the Russians, actually accomplishing something over there)

8. Russian Warships in Caspian Sea Launch Attack on ISIL in Syria

All targets were destroyed, Shoigu said. “The fact that we launched high-precision [cruise] missiles from the Caspian Sea at approximately 1,500 kilometers [932 miles] and hit all of the targets says much about the good training in the military-industrial complex and good skills of the staff,” he added.


Thank you Nash Montana, M., Wrath of Khan and many more.


Reader’s links for Oct. 7 – 2015

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Media bias, islamic atrocities, Leftist hypocrisy and collaboration with extreme right wing conservatism (islam) the new normal: Links 2 on Oct. 7 – 2015

1. New York Times: No Israeli Victims of Palestinian Terrorism

Why-oh-why do I still read the New York Times? Am I that much of a masochist?

Here’s why. Because those who rely upon it run media/entertainment/publishing empires, corporations, and governments. These Masters of the Universe do not understand that the articles about Israel and the Muslim world in the Paper of Record are all, essentially, toxic propaganda; to them, it is mother’s milk, God’s own word. Verily, it is The Atheist’s Bible.

That’s why I steel myself every single day. Take yesterday, October 6th.

One would think that the IDF’s October 4th arrest of five members of the Hamas cell responsible for the heinous murders of Eitam and Naama Henkin on October 1st would be front page news. One would be wrong. This dramatic information is contained on page A9 and takes up only a little more than half the page. The hard copy article is 1,083 words long and is divided into 22 paragraphs.

Journalists Jodi Rudoren and Diaa Hadid (with additional reporters from Jerusalem, the West Bank, Ramallah, and Bethlehem), seem to be practicing “proportional” or “equivalency” journalism as opposed to “objective” journalism.

2. UPDATE: Another Stabbing Attack in Old City of Jerusalem

For the second time in less than a week, a Palestinian Arab terrorist — this time a teenage girl — stabbed an Israeli Jew at the Lion’s Gate entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem.

An unidentified 18-year-old Palestinian Arab female attacker stabbed the 25-year-old male victim in the back after she sneaked up behind him Wednesday morning at around 10:30 am, Israel Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said.

(Videos at site)

3. Teenage terrorist was given gun he used to shoot dead accountant at the mosque where he skipped school to pray

A Middle Eastern crime group reportedly supplied the gun used by Parramatta shooter Farhad Jabar who used it to killed police accountant Curtis Cheng.

Farhad, 15, is thought to have got hold of the gun inside Parramatta Mosque, which he went to before he murdered Mr Cheng on Friday afternoon, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The teenager was given the .38 Smith and Wesson by an extremist inside the mosque who got the gun from a crime identity. The gang member had no idea what was going to unfold.

(‘An extremist inside the mosque’. Piffle. It was a muslim who was contributing to jihad and a mosque is a beachhead. They should not be allowed anywhere as they rarely, if ever, are not used for plotting and arranging jihad. It is the purpose of mosques and it was the function of the first one in Medina and all attempt to emulate that.)

4. Video title says “Sharmuta’s home raided by police lashes out, but I think Sharmuta is Arabic for ‘whore’.

 5. Russia speaks to the use of naval assets in the bombardment of the Islamic State

Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed to Russian President Vladimir Putin that naval missile strikes have joined in on the attack against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria, during a meeting in Sochi on Wednesday.
SOT, Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defence Minister (Russian): “From September 30 till today 112 targets have been hit. The intensity of the attacks is growing. Over the last two days of intensive work involving different kinds of intelligence work we located a large number of ISIS targets: a command centre, an ammunition store, military equipment, and militants training camps.”
SOT, Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defence Minister (Russian): “This morning ships of the Caspian Flotilla joined the Air Force with four rocket ships staging 26 launches on 11 targets. According to data all the targets were destroyed and civilians were not affected.”
SOT, Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defence Minister (Russian): “Today 23 aircraft continue to conduct airstrikes on militant positions. During this period (from September 30) 19 command centres, 12 ammunition dumps, 71 combat vehicles, and six explosive factories were destroyed. We will continue to maintain the level of work.”

6. Syrian gang rape victim who fled to Germany after her ordeal is stabbed to death ‘in honour killing ordered by her own mother because she was seen as unclean after her sex assault’ 

A woman whose family branded her ‘unclean’ after she was gang-raped in her Syrian homeland has been found murdered in Germany – allegedly on the orders of her own mother.

Police believe the victim, named only as Rokstan M, 20, was stabbed to death by her father and brothers in the twisted logic that she had brought disgrace on her family through the sex attack.

Shortly before she was found dead in an allotment garden in the eastern German city of Dessau, she apparently had a premonition of her fate.

Writing on her WhatsApp profile, she said: ‘I am awaiting death. But I am too young to die.’

Rokstan had been living in a house for single women before returning to her family a few days before she was murdered and buried in a shallow grave.

(Islam. A total moral inversion)
(If anyone believes him they are as much a threat as he is. Cameron’s whole career is based on making rational promises in British interests and then immediately not ever doing them. From EU referenda to confronting islam at home, none of which he ever does past the most token of gestures. There is not a single islamic school in the UK that does not teach hate and violate Western nation’s hate-crimes and anti discrimination laws. He would not be able to leave a single one open unless the do the Russian trick of making their own version of islam and funding those institutes themselves. Didn’t work for the Russians either. Book a weekend in Dagestan to find out how)
8. Revealed: Saudi Arabia warns Twitter and Facebook ‘rumour-mongers’ they risk DEATH PENALTY in first ruling of its kind

Saudi Arabia has threatened to execute those who ‘spread rumours’ about the government on social media, a state-run website has reported.

It is the first time the Gulf nation, which has come under fire for issuing death penalties to protesters, has created a rule to punish ordinary people for what they say on Twitter and Facebook, human rights campaigners Reprieve told MailOnline.

There are already laws and departments to censor mass media in the country, which is known to crush dissidence with capital punishment.

Only the worst ‘rumour-mongers’ will be executed, while lesser offenders will be punished with lashes, imprisonment, travel bans, house arrest and a social media ban, a Ministry of Justice source is quoted to have said.

A crisis relief charity chief is set to pull the plug on aid to the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp after discovering most people there are economic migrants ‘without any reason’ to leave their home country.

The Bradford-based Human Relief Foundation has been running a project to help the ‘refugees’ at the makeshift camp and previously claimed they were all ‘fleeing war and significant atrocities.’

But a visit by a team led by Kassim Tokan, the HRF deputy chief executive, discovered a totally different picture on the ground, with unwanted clothing and food being ‘dumped and burnt’ by the migrants.

 When a team from the Human Relief Foundation visited the Jungle in Calais they discovered most people there were economic migrants

Thank you Buck, M., Liberty Dk., Oz-Rita, and all who sent in materials. More to come shortly.

Policies of deliberate misinformation and suppression of facts, from the US to Germany prevent the public from rational action: links 1 on Oct. 7 – 2015

1. German authorities accused of playing down refugee shelter sex crime reports

Germany’s police union and women’s rights groups accused the authorities on Tuesday of playing down reports of harassment, sexual assault and even rape at refugee shelters because they feared a backlash against asylum seekers.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere called on Germans to avoid succumbing to a blanket suspicion of the hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving in the country, saying an unbelievable number of rumors were being spread on the Internet.

But police union chief Rainer Wendt said he believed that authorities in Germany’s federal states, which are responsible for housing asylum seekers, were playing down the problem of assaults on women in the shelters.

“It is understandable that there is the desire to calm things down politically,” Wendt told Reuters. But he, along with women’s groups, believed that ignoring the problem would be counterproductive. “There is a lot of glossing over going on. But this doesn’t represent reality,” he said.

2. ALERT: ISIS jihadis posing as migrants ‘smuggle deadly undetectable NERVE GAS into Europe’

The chemical weapon, known as Sarin, can cause death in minutes but is undetectable because it has no taste, no smell and no colour.

It was used most recently in an attack during the Syrian civil war, with up to 1,800 people killed.

The shocking claim was made by Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, Colonel Gaddafi’s cousin.

It is the latest in a string of warnings that the terror group has taken advantage of the humanitarian crisis to launch attacks against Europe.

Mr Gaddaf al-Dam also warned that ISIS could spark a global “catastrophe” and “nobody will be spared” if the West does not follow Russia in propping up Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

The former Syrian intelligence official said European countries would be powerless to stop “suicide bombers from hell” and the flow of oil through the Suez Canal would be blocked.

3. SC questions whether individuals have authority to punish blasphemers

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court questioned on Tuesday whether individuals had the authority to punish a blasphemer.

Hearing former elite force guard Mumtaz Qadri’s plea, a three-judge bench headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said the main issue in the case is whether individuals can presume the authority to punish a blasphemer.

Justice Khosa expressed apprehension that if people took the authority to punish blasphemers then a “trend will start” which will be “dangerous for society.”

[…]   “In 80 cases, courts have given punishment and in 40 cases individuals have taken steps against blasphemers,” Akhtar added.

4. ISIS throw 4 more gay men to their deaths

(But the most important thing is to destroy the lives of Christians who won’t bake you a cake while ignoring the muslims who preach your imminent deaths by torture)

Islamic State (ISIS) militants executed four more gay men in Iraq over the weekend.

Two young men were thrown off the roof a building in Mosul under the pretext they were a gay couple.

‘On Sunday afternoon, Daesh called on the people of Mosul to gather in the square of Bab al-Toub in order to witness the execution of the two allegedly men,’ an eyewitness told ARA News.

5. Nuclear Smugglers Shopped Radioactive Materials To ISIS And Other Terrorists

6. Here is a nice moment of busting some of the Obama administration’s brutal and consistent hypocrisy

The State Dept. accused the Israeli army of ignoring coordinates of the school sent “repeatedly” to its forces, and called on Israel to “meet its own standards and avoid civilian casualties.”

But it appears now that even the US is unable to meet those “standards”; on Sunday, a US airstrike in Afghanistan struck a hospital, killing at least 22 civilians.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) branded the airstrike a “war crime.”

Associated Press journalist Matt Lee challenged US State Dept. spokesman Mark Toner over the strike, asking whether the US government viewed that incident – in which significantly more civilians were killed – as just as “disgraceful.”

(More here)

7. Watters’ World: Dearborn edition

And CAIR promptly condemns it

8. UK: Muslims carry out dry run for jihad terror attack at pub

The gang left a suspicious package in a pub then waited to see how fast police would arrive and how many officers would be scrambled.” The package was addressed to the Queen, who the jihadis would dearly love to murder.

Duchess of Cambridge pub

“Fears of new plot to kill the Queen as terror suspects carry out ‘dry run’ attack,” by Jimmy McCloskey and Marc Walker, Daily Star, October 4, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

FEARS of a new plot to kill the Queen have intensified after suspected terrorists carried out a “dry run” beside Windsor Castle.

The gang left a suspicious package in a pub then waited to see how fast police would arrive and how many officers would be scrambled.

Thank you Shabnam, M., Wrath of Khan, Plona, CB Sashenka, and all who helped out today and yesterday.

The long march is now at the finish line. Leftism and islam starts to harvest its fruits. Links 2 on Oct. 6 – 2015

1. Lesbian bishop plans to turn church into non-denominational mosque

(If anyone wants to understand what the phrase, ‘long march through the institutions’ means, this is a pretty good example of the end game. More here at Breitbart)

2. Not sure what this Italian member of the European Parliament is saying, but I like his T shirt activism. I think he got this photo of Merkel a few days after she ran out of razors though)

3. Five men arrested in terror raids across Sydney following Parramatta shooting

(WARNING: Autoplay videos at site, first one relevant then its entirely unrelated)

POLICE have arrested five men in raids across Sydney’s west following Friday’s terrorist attack on police headquarters and the murder of Curtis Cheng, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

A 16-year-old boy is among those arrested after armed officers raided four houses in Guildford, Wentworthville, Merrylands and Marsfield early this morning.

The raids began just after 6am on Wednesday when dozens of marked police cars and specialist vans left Merrylands Police station.

Riot squad officers lead away an 18-year-old man arrested at Wentworthville this morning.

(More here. Of course the most important thing, as it always is, to make sure that people do not give in to Islam-o-phobia and name the enemy or the ideology that motivates them. Ideally, you should convert your churches into mosques and never bring a ham sandwich to work to show how tolerant you are to your killers and their creed)

Whatever else you do, keep your eyes firmly shut against the facts of islam. So sayeth Australian authorities after another killing and 5 more arrests and a series of raids

4. US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks

(They should try asking the US officials who bought them for the IS)

U.S. counter-terror officials have asked Toyota, the world’s second largest auto maker, to help them determine how ISIS has managed to acquire the large number of Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs seen prominently in the terror group’s propaganda videos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, ABC News has learned.

Toyota says it does not know how ISIS obtained the vehicles and is “supporting” the inquiry led by the Terror Financing unit of the Treasury Department — part of a broad U.S. effort to prevent Western-made goods from ending up in the hands of the terror group.

“We briefed Treasury on Toyota’s supply chains in the Middle East and the procedures that Toyota has in place to protect supply chain integrity,” said Ed Lewis, Toyota’s Washington-based director of public policy and communications.

5. CLAIM: ‘No Borders’ Activist Gang Raped By Migrants, Pressured Into Silence To Not ‘Damage Cause’

A young, female ‘No Borders’ activist working in a migrant camp on the France-Italy border remained silent about her gang rape by Sudanese migrants for over a month because “the others asked me to keep quiet.”

Colleagues are alleged to have said that reporting the crime would set back their struggle for a borderless world.

(Reminds me of the stories of the leftist anti-Israel activists raped by Palestinians who were asked to just shut up and “take one for the team”)

6. UN alarmed at Israeli acts of self defense

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Tuesday expressed his concern over the recent surge in tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, condemning the killings of Palestinians without mention of Israeli terror victims.

The UN chief said he is “profoundly alarmed by the growing number of deadly incidents in the West Bank, including east Jerusalem.”

“The Secretary-General welcomes the commitment by Palestinian and Israeli officials to work together to curb the violence, including through continued security cooperation,” he added.

7. So this has to have been part of the plan from the start. Muslims attack jews and store weapons in the beachhead known as the ‘Al Aqsa mosque’, knowing that sooner or later Israelis would have to respond in a way that appeared to violate the alleged sanctity of a ‘holy’ place, rallying muslims world wide along with leftist enablers to attack anything Israeli and of course, anything Jewish with total moral impunity as they imagine it.

8. German police commissioner, probably considering the private sector, explains the truth about muslim immigrants.

A German police commissioner has told an audience of how “delinquent”, mainly Muslim migrants refuse to accommodate to their host nations, adding: “We have an increasing number of migrants in Germany, and many have not learned to have respect for women and the state. They live in parallel societies, where different rules apply.”

Tania Kambouri, who has written of her experiences in her role as a police chief in a new book, said that there is a “taboo” around multiculturalism and those coming from Islamic countries, though she was keen to stress that her comments were not racially motivated, according to Die Welt.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Actually lots of people. I lost the plot today due to a mild infirmity which ha slowed me down a lot. But in a few minutes I hope to have something showing the lighter side of islam. A Muslim Music Mass for kids in France! Should be posted soon and thank you Oz-Rita for the translation and as ever, Gates of Vienna for the edit. More coming from Austria tonight as well. Possibly the most open handed exhibition of the post-modern left I have seen to date. With luck, that will be tonight. Thank you Nash for your work on that as well.

Bill Whittle enlightens, UMIs grow in number, more school attacks thwarted: Links 1 on Oct. 6 – 2015

1. Bill Whittle on the US and the need for gun control

2. In Finland, the local workers with the migrants are coaching them on how to lie to the bureaucracy in order to increase their chances of acceptance for a life long prize of parasitism on the backs of the Finnish people.

3. Since 911 2001, Arabic has become the fastest growing language in the USA

4. A report on immigration in Nordic countries. (I haven’t read it yet but TT passed it along)

5. Geert Wilders opens hotline for people who are having problems as a result of harassment etc. by migrants in the Netherlands

(Article in Dutch but does well in google Translate. Open via Chrome if you can)

6. How bad is political correctness in Canada? So bad that if the minister for multiculturalism, (a ministry that must be abolished at best or at least renamed to ‘ministry of suicidal oxymoron’) compliments a boy for how he learned English so well in less than a year with no accent, it could become a creed destroying event.

7. Trainloads of migrants still heading to Hungary

8. Violation of Turkish airspace by Russia no accident

9. Four students arrested in plot to ‘kill as many people as possible’ on campus

(Anyone got a name on any of the suspects?)

Vana buy an E watermarked V3


Thank you Tundra Tabloids, Wrath of Khan, M., Nicolai Sennels and many more. More to come shortly.

A couple of complimentary examples of media manipulation for leftist effect

This first one is from the new station, Czech Independent News and busts Polish TV doing what Canada’s CBC does daily, especially when it comes to any pro-life marches at Parliament hill. If they report on them at all, they reduce the numbers in attendance often by nine tenths or more.

Below, a TIME reporter claims the number in attendance at a ‘Slut Walk’ is higher than actual by something like 5000%

This goes some way to explaining the gap between male and female representation in STEM subjects: a feminist TIME journalist has claimed that “15,000” people attended a Slut Walk for which, by most estimations, barely 300 showed up.

In an op-ed for the magazine’s website that has since been altered to read “thousands,” which is still inaccurate, journalist Erica Williams Simon heavily implied she was present at the event, writing, “The solidarity was palpable and the energy electric.”

And a bonus example from Australia

Muslims upscale the law fare and every other form of jihad now that the Russians are in the game: Links 3 on Oct. 5 – 2015

For those able to, please listen to the first segment or two of Friday, Oct. the 2nd’s edition of the Mark Levin show. He really was blunt about Obama and the state of the republic today. It was quite an excellent show till it went on a deep dive on the minutia of individual candidates for various positions. May be of interest to locals but his segment at the start of the show for quite a while was an abstract on things as they are and was quite a bit more blunt and direct than is typical of people with an audience that size. He specifically referred to the totalitarian actions of president Obama. It was refreshing in that ‘the truth is out there’ sort of way.

1. Another excellent speech by Robert Spencer. This is an older one than the one posted yesterday but was not available till now. More on it here at JW

2. US muslims sue anti-muslim Burmese president.

3. Syrian migrants on Serbian border. Out of control entirely.

(Anyone remember this?)

4. This video of PEGIDA in Dresden tonight gives a better sense of scale

5. Afghanistan: Kabul rocked by twin suicide bombings near Russian Embassy *GRAPHIC*

6. Canadian courts disallow placing the face cloth ruling on hold till legislation can be put in place.

(Two articles on this, CBC and CTV)

OTTAWA — A new court ruling means a devout Muslim woman who chooses to cover her face now has a chance to become a Canadian and vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.

The Federal Court of Appeal rejected Monday a government request to put a recent decision in favour of Zunera Ishaq on hold while Ottawa seeks a hearing in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Justice Johanne Trudel dismissed the government’s application for a stay of a Sept. 15 decision that affirmed the unlawfulness of a federal rule prohibiting a niqab at a citizenship ceremony.


[from CBC]  The Department of Citizenship and Immigration must formally invite Ishaq to attend a ceremony. Several are scheduled in Ontario between now and the Oct. 19 election.

7. Muslim immigrant in Finland, “We want OUR money”

Muslims in Finland demand sex with locals

Thank you M., Gates of Vienna, Xanthipa Socrates, JohnnyM., Jihad Watch, and many many more who have contributed material today.

As we approach the end of the year, we should try to increase situational awareness as well as general vigilance as many people in positions to know have predicted serious events, attacks etc. will take place before the end of 2015 as its the last year of the OIC 10 year plan to enforce blasphemy laws world wide. They are indeed making progress, but they want more and they get it by killing people who oppose islamic supremacy.

Geopolitics and shifting regional alliances due to Russian intervention: Links 2 on Oct. 5 – 2015

1. UPDATED: Syrian rebels call for regional alliance against Russia and Iran

More than 40 Syrian insurgent groups including the powerful Islamist faction Ahrar al-Sham have called on regional states to forge an alliance against Russia and Iran in Syria, accusing Moscow of occupying the country and targeting civilians.

The insurgents, including rebel groups under the umbrella of the Free Syria Army, said such regional cooperation was needed to counter “the Russian-Iranian alliance occupying Syria”.

Last week Russian jets based in western Syria launched air strikes against targets Moscow has identified as bases of the hardline Islamic State group, but which President Bashar al-Assad’s opponents say disproportionately hit rival, foreign-backed insurgents.

2. Saudi Arabia signals easing of tension with Brotherhood leader

(Salafis and Wahabiis uniting over Russia?)

The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood attended a ceremony organized by Saudi Arabia in Doha on Friday, signaling an easing of Riyadh’s hostility towards the Islamist movement.

Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born and Qatar-based cleric, whose fiery sermons have strained ties with Egypt and Gulf neighbors, appeared alongside the Qatari prime minister and the Saudi ambassador at an event in Doha to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s national day.

3. Iraqi Shia militia welcomes Russian action against Islamic State, criticises US

One of Iraq’s most powerful Shia Muslim militias said on Monday it fully supported Russia’s intervention and air strikes against Islamic State in the Middle East and accused the United States of being indecisive in its campaign against the group.

Naim al-Uboudi, a spokesman for Asaib Ahl al-Haq, said Russia’s air strikes in Syria had already produced results.

“We know that the United States, during the past year and a half was not serious about putting an end to Daesh,” he said, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

Last month, Iraq said its military officials were engaged in intelligence and security cooperation in Baghdad with Russia, Iran and Syria to counter the threat from Islamic State.

4. Edward Snowdon explains how your phone can be controlled by outside agency to a degree that leaves you vulnerable even if you think you have tuned it off.

5. China’s military advisers ‘heading to Syria to help fight ISIS’ – report

The General Tzo

China will be helping out the Syrian government in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) by sending “military advisers,” media reports have claimed.

“The Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks,” a Syrian army official told the Lebanon-based news website Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi.

The report claims that a Chinese naval vessel is on its way to Syria with dozens of “military advisers” on board. They will reportedly be followed by troops.

The ship is said to have passed the Suez Canal in Egypt and be making its way through the Mediterranean Sea.

(There may be a lot more to this story than is written in this article. If true, it should be known shortly. But the Chinese may invest itself heavily in this situation very quickly)

6. Islamic State ‘executes 70 Sunni tribesmen in Iraq’

Sheikh Naeem al-Gaoud told the BBC that members of the Al Bu Nimr tribe were shot dead in the village of Khanizir, in Anbar province, on Sunday night.

He said the tribesmen were killed because they had relatives serving in the Iraqi security forces.

The Al Bu Nimr have played an important role in battling jihadists for years.

7. AUSTRALIA – Farhad Jabar: Police believe gunman was no ‘lone wolf’ but part of an extremist pack

POLICE are working on the ­theory that teen terrorist Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar was acting on the orders of other radicals and was not a “lone wolf’’ killer.

NSW counterterrorism ­officers are investigating who may have supplied the gun he used to carry out the brutal ­murder of a civilian staffer at Parramatta police headquarters on Friday afternoon.

“The possibility the teenager was used by extremists is a strong line of inquiry,’’ a senior officer involved in the operation told The Daily Telegraph.

“That includes searching his computers, electronic devices and who he was in contact with on the days leading up to the shooting and on the day itself.’’

8. Two Turkish fighter jets harassed on Syrian border: Army

(It may not navigate directly there, in which case you have to select the headline above in the right sidebar from where the link takes you)

 Two Turkish F-16 fighter jets were harassed by an unidentified MIG-29 for five minutes during a patrol flight on the border with Syria, the Turkish General Staff has stated.

“Ten F-16 fighter jets were patrolling the Turkey-Syria border. During this mission, two of our F-16’s were harassed by an unidentified MIG-29, with a lock on for a total of five minutes and 40 seconds,” said the statement.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and all.

All comments welcome.

Nine very important items, each of which are indicative or conclusive of bad bad things. Links 1 on Oct. 5 – 2015

1. Secret government report leaked indicates actual number of migrants/UMIs entering Europe this year is 1.5 MILLION

(Once again the government tips its totalitarian hand by misinforming the people so they may not make any decisions in their own interests)

A SECRET Government report leaked to a German newspaper reveals how authorities have kept the true number of refugees pouring into the country down and that a mammoth 1.5 million – any maybe more – are expected this year.

Larger families of the refugees are placing more strain on the system than initially expectedGETTY

Larger families of the refugees are placing more strain on the system than initially expected

It also predicted an increasing – perhaps even intolerable – strain on resources to deal with them all as the right for individuals to bring in family members if they are granted asylum could swell arrivals in the next two years to over seven million.

As social tensions rise and asylum centres are torched by neo-Nazis, Bild newspaper revealed on Monday that authorities reckon on 920,000 people arriving in the last three months of this year.

2. A couple of clips from Australia rolled into one

3. Ham Sandwiches And Sausage Rolls May Be Banned From Office Kitchens For Being ‘Offensive’

(On a scale of importance from 1 to 10 where say, sharia patrols are a 7, this is an 11)

Kitchens that are shared between office workers may soon be banned from storing pork products like sausage rolls over fears that they are “offensive”.

New guidelines proposed by interfaith group CoExist House say that employers should consider worker’s religions before allowing ham sandwiches placed in the fridge alongside other products.

The group also suggests that alcohol should not be served at corporate events in case it upsets members of certain faiths.

Andy Dinham, professor of faith and public policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, is writing up the guidelines that will be put forward to employers this week.

(I have an alternate suggestion…)

4. Islamic father is arrested for ‘beating his four-year-old daughter to death’ because she did not cover her head while she ate lunch

A man has been arrested and accused of killing his four-year-old daughter because she did not notice her head scarf slip from her head while eating lunch.

Jafar Hussain, from the town of Bareilly, in Uttar Pradesh, India, is alleged to have killed his daughter Farheen by repeatedly throwing her against the ground after he flew into a rage.

According to The Hindustan Times, his wife – who is also the girl’s mother – attempted to intervene but was unable to stop the killing and suffered a beating herself.

(Of course that can’t possibly work. The only thing that does work against the Islamic State is to slip them weapons via the Libyan embassy, training people who defect to them with billions in money and weapons and training, and playing golf. Everyone knows that! Putin is in for a big surprise I bet!)

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa.

The city is the self-declared capital of in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.

Putin is set to mobilise 150,000 reservists who he conscripted into the military earlier this week

6. High Tension UMIs in Germany

7. U.S. Aims to Put More Pressure on ISIS in Syria

(And the New York Times would never participate in a lie, right?)

WASHINGTON — The American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State has begun preparing to open a major front in northeastern Syria, aiming to put pressure on Raqqa, the terrorist group’s de facto capital, according to military and administration officials.

President Obama last week approved two important steps to set the offensive in motion over the coming weeks, officials said. Mr. Obama ordered the Pentagon, for the first time, to directly provide ammunition and perhaps some weapons to Syrian opposition forces on the ground. He also endorsed the idea for an increased air campaign from an air base in Turkey, although important details still need to be worked out.

Together, these measures are intended to empower 3,000 to 5,000 Arab fighters who would join more than 20,000 Kurdish combatants in an offensive backed by dozens of coalition warplanes to pressure Raqqa, the Islamic State’s main stronghold in Syria. Plans are also moving forward to have Syrian opposition fighters seal an important 60-mile part of the country’s border with Turkey to cut off critical supply lines of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

(All this will amount to what it always does. A whole bunch more trained and armed people joining the Islamic State)

8. Russia flips the bird at Turkey and NATO by ignoring Turkish airspace with its jets.

(NATO responds but doesn’t threaten to draw a red line or anything that might be interpreted as hostile)

9. Germans and German media demand real numbers of the horde invading Europe now.

Thank you Maria J., Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, and all and more to come.

Collection of articles and news reflecting aspects of the day. More going on and coming soon. Links 2 on Oct. 4 – 2015

1. A Finnish woman speaking in favour of preserving Finland as a culture, a people and a nation, was attacked on stage during her speech by another woman who doesn’t look leftist or crazy at all

A bit more on her attacker. I think the first question should be, ‘What college do you attend?’ Could it be this one? More at Tundra Tabloids

Here is another video of the same event with titles

(This may be a good moment to repost an important concept. At TT, they quote someone present who says the following:

“HS also interviewed me. I saw the desperation from the journalists face. I knew he could not use any of it, because it was so good what I said.”

This has happened to me exactly where CBC interviewed me on something and as I represented my POV well, they did not broadcast my interview, which is more honest than how the leftist media represents the other side now, with careful editing and dishonest representations of people’s own views. People must remember if and when they chose to speak to any MSM to ALWAYS record the interview yourself with your phone even if you can just get audio or just get the interviewer but ideally get a friend to video you both from the side so if the media treats you dishonestly or does not broadcast a good interview and does broadcast ludicrous and non-representational ones, you can publish what actually took place. This is no small thing. This is a tactical necessity.)

2. Reuters article attempting to deflect the blame from islam for islamic terrorist acts of jihad in Australia on to Australians. Of course.

3. An UMI explains why he wants to go to Norway

4. Here is a series of short videos from Calais entitled, ‘The Angry People of Calais’. Although its a French site, the videos are mostly self explanatory.

There are impotent things to know about this demonstration:

  1. It was banned but took place anyway
  2. It took place about 3 hours ago
  3. The residents of this town are normally quite subdued and relaxed.
  4. The mayor of this town is a far left pro-islam person who banned this march
  5. it was organized by the critically important Website, Fdesouche which is linked above. If ever Western civilization is to survive I hope they get a statue next to Charles Martel

5. Obama takes the usual sanctimonious position on the murder of Jews by muslims doing jihad for explicitly antisemitic reasons. Its as close as he can get to blaming them out loud when they are the victims. He does blame them out loud when its easier to spin of course.

5. In second attack, Israeli teen stabbed near Jerusalem’s Old City

A Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli teen outside Jerusalem’s Old City early Sunday morning, in the second such attack in the past day.

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The suspected assailant was reportedly shot dead by Israeli security forces.

The 15-year-old victim, later named as Moshe Malka, was moderately injured and received treated on site by paramedics. He was taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital in stable condition with wounds to the chest and back.

The attack took place near the Old City’s Damascus Gate.

6. Hundreds of would-be muslim terrorists surrender to Russia…

News links here and here

7. Many more however, ‘declare war’ on them. (Although one might be hard pressed to know the difference)

8. One US soldier has a few things to say in response to the latest Islamic State threat

(I suspect the person referred to at the end is this man)

9. 52 Saudi clerics, scholars call to battle Russian forces in Syria

(I guess the Russians will have to get special Italian table cloth penetrating bullets now)

Fifty two Saudi inciters, both academics and clerics, have called on the public to “hurry” to Syria where they should be fighting Russian forces.

The clerics, some of which are members of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, called on “all those who are able, and outside of Saudi Arabia, to answer the calls of jihad” and to fight alongside one of the extremist groups facing Russian forces.

According to experts, by issuing this statement, inciters seek to implicate Saudi, Gulf, and Muslim youths in the fight against Russian forces, mirroring Al-Qaeda’s and the Taliban’s recruitment of young fighters during the Afghan-Soviet war.

10. Oh look! Ahmed the clock faker had priors! 

(Video at FOX link above)

Thank you Liberty Dk., M., Richard, Oz-Rita, C. Stan., and many others. There is much in the works, some of which is very time consuming, so it is happening at the expense of other things. But there is a Romanian who has accomplished great things and a few of us are working on bringing you the story of how he stopped a mosque and starting a serious and effective movement against islamization in Romania as well as starting an effective movement nation wide, and if we can help it, world wide. But this may take a day or two.