(Clearly he meant tears of joy)

Thank you Tasha C.

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This post goes to 11! Links 3 on March 26 – 2015

1. Julius Caesar in a pants suit

(Better get the picture frames made a touch larger for the next US president)

2. Twenty three suspects arrested over Tunis attack.

3. 1 Killed in Bomb Attack on Pro-Islamic Magazine in Istanbul

Turkish police say a bomb explosion outside the office of a pro-Islamic magazine in Istanbul has killed one person and injured three others.

Police said Thursday that the device was placed outside the door of the monthly Adimlar magazine, on the third floor of a building, and exploded late Wednesday when the door was opened. Police identified the victim as 45-year-old Unsal Zor, who wrote for Adimlar, a magazine that is close to a Turkish militant Islamic organization.

4. Iran calls Saudi airstrikes against Houthi positions in Yemen an invasion.

(Iran reminds me a bit of the line at 23 seconds from the Princess Bride)

Saudi Arabia bombed key military installations in Yemen on Thursday, leading a regional coalition in a campaign against Shiite rebels who have taken over much of the country and drove out the president. The dramatic military assault turns impoverished, fragmented Yemen into a new front in the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Egyptian military and security officials told The Associated Press that the military intervention will go further, with a ground assault into Yemen by Egyptian, Saudi and other forces, planned once airstrikes have weakened the capabilities of the rebels, known as Houthis, and their allies, military forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

5. US soldier arrested over ‘plotting to support IS’


A US soldier and his cousin have been arrested and charged with conspiring to support the Islamic State, the Department of Justice has said.

The National Guard soldier, 22, and the other man allegedly discussed using army uniforms and military access to attack an Illinois military facility.

The soldier also planned to travel to the Middle East to fight with the Islamic State, say prosecutors.

Both men have been charged with trying to provide support to a terror group.

(This appears to be him)

6. March 20 video on the bill banning foreign law in a Texas city.

7. Allen West: Is Obama obstructing Christian president of Nigeria to help the Muslim opponent?

Simpson writes, “Obama refused to sell Nigeria arms and supplies critical to the fight, and stepped in to block other Western allies from doing so. The administration also denied Nigeria intelligence on Boko Haram from drones operating in the area. While Boko Haram was kidnapping school girls, the U.S. cut petroleum purchases from Nigeria to zero, plunging the nation’s economy into turmoil and raising concerns about its ability to fund its battle against the terrorists. Nigeria responded by cancelling a military training agreement between the two countries.”

(Original link here)

8. Yemen Ground Invasion By Saudi, Egyptian Troops Imminent

9. Father of one of three suspected jihadi brides who left Britain for Syria says he cannot stop crying as he urges daughter, 15, to come home 

The father of one of three schoolgirls believed to have fled to Syria to join Islamic State said today her family ‘cannot stop crying’ as he appealed for her to return home.

Abase Hussen said his daughter Amira Abase told him she was going to a wedding on the morning she travelled to London Gatwick Airport to fly to Turkey, and had been behaving ‘in a normal way’.

‘She said “Daddy, I’m in a hurry’,’ the 47-year-old said. ‘There was no sign to suspect her at all.’

9b. Allegedly a picture of the same guy demanding jihad

10. Many schools now will not teach sex ed because of muslim reaction to it.

(How interesting it will be to see none of the usual hysteria by the left whenever a non-muslim does not like what his children are being taught about sexual attitudes and orientations while muslims are shutting down even the basics about avoiding STDs etc)

In Africa and Asia, especially, sex education also drew from religious texts and themes. In Ghana, it aimed “to vindicate the existence of the Omnipotent and Omnipresent”, as one textbook declared. “The religious restrictions are strict but they protect a person from a lot of problems,” the book added, citing Biblical passages that indicted fornication, masturbation, “homosexuality and lesbianism”.

When Africans and Asians moved to the West, not surprisingly, they brought these attitudes with them. So sex education became a hotly contested question even in liberal bastions like Sweden and Holland, which saw their immigrant populations skyrocket in recent years. And in the United Kingdom, where sex education was far less explicit than on the Continent, it remained too explicit for the country’s burgeoning Muslim community.

“In Islam extra-marital sex is considered to a dreadful sin,” explained an immigrant spokesman in England, where some Muslim parents held their children out of school to protest at sex education. “Adultery is condemned by stoning to death . . and fornication among unmarried people is penalised by whipping.”

Against this backdrop, many teachers decided that the safest move was to avoid sex education altogether. And it was was even easier for teachers – and their students – to ignore the subject when it did not appear on national tests, as an Irish teacher admitted in 2007. “Anything that doesn’t have an exam at the end of it is going to be a doss as far as students are concerned,” the teacher wrote. “It’s the class where they can go and chat.”

11. Explosion shreds East Village restaurant 

@EastVillageEats via Twitter

Possible gas leak on 2nd Avenue & 7th Street causes explosion

An explosion rocked the East Village Thursday afternoon.

The blast occured at 125 2nd Ave. near E. 7th St. about 3:20 p.m., officials said.

Panicked neighbors tweeted photos showing smoke pouring from the building, which houses a boutique called Enz’s with apartments above.

An FDNY spokesman said the 911 call was for a partial building collapse.

At least one person was taken to Bellevue Hospital in an unknown condition.

“We’re closing. We can’t stay open. The street is burning,” said a woman who answered the phone at Station Restaurant across the street.

Thank you WTD., M., Wrath of Khan,  Buck,Tommy R. and so many more. More to come as well. Anyone beginning to wonder of the current president of the USA has a hidden agenda?

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Obama: The ultimate test of the robustness of the American system links 2 on March 26 – 2015

1. “Lufthansa CEO: Co-pilot had interrupted flight training 6 years ago for unexplained reasons”

2. NATO scrambles jets after Russian military planes spotted over Baltic Sea

3. New Height of Treachery: USA Exposes Israel’s Nuclear Secrets

(This one needs to be looked into. Its from an email from Dan F. who usually is very reliable though)

The ink isn’t even dry on our emuna-news op-ed from yesterday, Mr. V Exposed, where I wrote that the disappointed, angry and frustrated White House now wants to revenge against Israel for reelecting Bibi. Well here it is folks – put a grenade in the hand of an arrogant and frenzied individual and there will soon be shrapnel all over the place.

The President of the United States has just betrayed Israel in the most inconceivable way: he has just revealed a stunning amount of information on some of Israel’s most closely guarded secrets, including our nuclear program, complete with photographs. You can believe that there’s dancing in the streets of Tehran, Damascus and Beirut this morning. We thank The Jewish Press and our good friend Mark R. from Haifa for the tipoff.

INN link here

4. White House stands by its claim that Yemen is an Obama counter-terrorism victory while also claiming it never claimed it was a victory.

5. AP Exclusive: Iran may run centrifuges at fortified site

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — The United States is considering letting Tehran run hundreds of centrifuges at a once-secret, fortified underground bunker in exchange for limits on centrifuge work and research and development at other sites, officials have told The Associated Press.

The trade-off would allow Iran to run several hundred of the devices at its Fordo facility, although the Iranians would not be allowed to do work that could lead to an atomic bomb and the site would be subject to international inspections, according to Western officials familiar with details of negotiations now underway. In return, Iran would be required to scale back the number of centrifuges it runs at its Natanz facility and accept other restrictions on nuclear-related work.

Instead of uranium, which can be enriched to be the fissile core of a nuclear weapon, any centrifuges permitted at Fordo would be fed elements such as zinc, xenon or germanium for separating out isotopes used in medicine, industry or science, the officials said. The number of centrifuges would not be enough to produce the amount of uranium needed to produce a weapon within a year — the minimum time-frame that Washington and its negotiating partners demand.

6. Yemen’s Houthi rebels advance towards Aden

7. Daily Mail on the copilot’s depressions. (But it doesn’t say which mosque he went to)

8. Three Members of ‘Taliban 5? Swapped for Bergdahl Tried to Reconnect to Terror Network

The director of the Defense Intelligence Agency recently told Congress that, after that expiration, all his officers can do is warn the U.S. government if the men return to the battlefield.

“I’ve seen nothing that causes me to believe these folks are reformed or [have] changed their ways or intend to re-integrate to society in ways to give me any confidence that they will not return in trying to do harm to America,” Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., a member of the House intelligence committee, told Fox News.

9. Mattel introduces the new George Orwell doll for kids!

(Just when you thought things could not get any creepier for kids)

Thank you M., Maria J., ML., Richard, Yucki, Oz-Rita, GoV., WTD. (Check the comments for some interesting links on the co-pilot) and all who sent in material and much more to come soon. I would like to add that when the story broke over a year ago about the politicization of the IRS, presumably by the Obama admin, where they started targeting conservative groups, pro constitution groups and pro Israel groups, the actions of Obama towards Israel in the last few months lends a great deal of credibility to those claims I would venture to say.

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Yes but what was his convert name? Links 1 on Mach 26 – 2015

1. BBC and Amnesty International make brave and unprecedented foray into telling the truth abut Hamas

(The world really is coming to an end)

Amnesty: Hamas rocket attacks amounted to war crimes

Rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinian militant groups during last summer’s conflict in Gaza amounted to war crimes, Amnesty International says.

Militants displayed a “flagrant disregard” for the lives of civilians during the 50-day war, a report found.

Six civilians in Israel and 13 Palestinians are believed to have been killed as a result of such attacks.

2. Syrian Rebels Capture Roman Amphitheater In Ancient Town Of Bosra After Heavy Fighting With Hezbollah

3. National Investigation Reveals Alarming Number of Attacks on U.S. Power Grid

4. Copilot now officially blamed for deliberately crashing the aircraft. Some unsubstantiated emails tell me that the Islamic State is taking ‘credit’

BBC Link

Live news feed 

The Copilot’s birth name has been given but not his convert name yet.

Daily Mail link:

BREAKING NEWS: Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz DELIBERATELY crashed Flight 4U9525 into mountain to ‘destroy the plane’ after locking his captain out of cockpit, reveals French prosecutor 

I’ll cut this one here. Much more to come. Thank you Tundra T., CB Sashenka, Richard, M., and many more. Ill be more accurate on next post but I want to get this one published now.

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Geopolitics, Saudi propaganda set to music, mystery won’t dissipate over plane crash and more: Links 4 on March 25 – 2015

1. Iran’s Houthis to Control Critical Naval Chokepoint

Houthis are a small step from surging south-ward to the Port of Aden, and controlling the Yemeni side of the critical Mandab Strait.

Houthi fighter
Houthi fighter Reuters

Following the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels’ occupation of the mostly Sunni Yemeni city of Ta’izz in south-west Yemen, the Houthis are a small step from surging south-ward to the Yemeni Port of Aden, and effectively controlling the Yemeni side of the critical naval chokepoint of Bab el-Mandeb, or Mandab Strait.

2.  IRGC Chief Says Jordan Is Next Target for Conquest; Iran Erases Evidence

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is denying that Qods Force commander Gen. Qassem Suleimani said that Iran seeks to control Jordan, just as it controls Iraq and Lebanon. Iran has also removed the report of Suleimani’s remarks from the Iranian Students’ News Agency website.

Al Masdar reported on Monday:

Eralier on Sunday some media outlets reported General Suleimani had allegedly said that “Iran can control both of Iraq and Lebanon and also has such ability in Jordan.”

“Reports which recently emerged over alleged remarks by the commander of al-Quds force General Qassem Suleimani are baseless,” the statement said.

“Alleged analysis and remarks by General Suleimani on the situation in the region and Jordan are pure lies.”

3. Germanwings plane crash: A320 pilot says co-pilot can be locked out of cockpit

It is possible for one pilot of an Airbus A320 to lock the other pilot out of the cockpit to the extent that he cannot regain entry, even if the aircraft is in a fatal dive, says an Australian pilot of an A320.

The New York Times has reported, citing an official involved in the Germanwings crash investigation, that the cockpit voice recorder shows one of the pilots had left the flight deck and could not regain entry.

“You can hear he is trying to smash the [cockpit] door down,” the official said.

An Australian A320 pilot, who declined to be named, said the locked flight deck of the aircraft could be entered using an emergency code on a keypad. In the case of the pilot flying the aircraft being incapacitated, the door will automatically open after a set period of time if the correct code is entered.

However, in the event a pilot flying the aircraft does not want the other pilot to enter the flight deck, the one in the cockpit has the ability to block entry if he reacts before the door would be opened automatically.

4. Ottawa: Police: occupants of rented Dodge Charger likely killed known-gang member

Ottawa Police are hoping new images released Wednesday of a rented black Dodge Charger related to the murder of known gang-member Yusuf Ibrahim will help them crack the case.

Ibrahim was shot dead in a row home on Forestglade Crescent around 9:30 a.m. on February 6th.

5. Australia: Why not leave your kids at an islamic run daycare?

6. Saudis had propaganda video ready at time of strikes against Houthis in Yemen.

(And frankly its very good! Top Gun Saudi style. Surprised they used instrumental music though but its a nice break from mind warping tard-chants)

7. Here is a Daniel Greenfield article from a few weeks ago I thought was quite good and really stuck with me. Today, Yucki posted this article about how Obama stiffed his supporters at a meeting in his own home for 9 minutes at the least after he was introduced and people were standing and applauding for him. (Yes, no accounting for taste) I think this event is an excellent data point for Mr. Greenfield’s thesis.


Thank you M., Yucki, GoV., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Maria J. Tasha Carr and so many more and some new people. Even Alvin Toffler didn’t see this coming.

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Iran obtains top secret US military intel, Israelis issue travel alerts for 43 countries: Links 3 March 25 – 2015

1. Israel Institutes Sweeping Travel Warning

TEL AVIV — The Counter-Terrorism Bureau (CTB) of the Israeli National Security Council published its semi-annual travel advisory Monday urging citizens to stay away from 41 countries, nearly a quarter of UN member states.

In advance of the upcoming Passover and summer holiday season, CTB notes that warnings are based on “solid and reliable information, which reflects a real threat, based on the intelligence picture for a specific period.”

Rankings range from Code Burgundy — countries where citizens are either forbidden or strongly urged not to visit due to “very high concrete threat” — to Code Yellow, where “ongoing potential threats” warrant essential travel only.

“Recent terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists in Belgium, Canada, Australia, France and Denmark raise concerns over additional attacks against Western targets, including Israeli and Jewish targets, by veterans of the fighting in Syria and Iraq who are affiliated with Global Jihad (including Islamic State) and by local elements inspired by the terrorist organizations,” CTB announced on Monday.

2. Iran-backed rebels in Yemen loot secret files about U.S. spy operations

Secret intelligence files held by Yemeni security forces and containing details of American intelligence operations in the country have been looted by Iran-backed militia leaders, exposing names of informants and plans for U.S.-backed counter-terrorism operations, U.S. officials say.

U.S. intelligence officials believe additional files were handed directly to Iranian advisors by Yemeni officials who have sided with the Houthi militias that seized control of the capital of Sana last September and later toppled the U.S.-backed president.

For American intelligence networks in Yemen, the damage has been severe. Until recently, U.S. forces deployed in Yemen had worked closely with President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s government to track and kill Al Qaeda operatives, and President Obama hailed Yemen six months ago as a model for counter-terrorism operations.

(I don’t want to give Obama any ideas, but wouldn’t it be faster if he just nuked his own cities?)

3. Sunnis Vs. Shiias. English subs available by clicking CC

(A good look into the mindset of these people. Some graphic content)


Over a hundred alien Somali Muslims, imported into the U.S., courtesy of non-discriminatory refugee policies, swarmed St. Cloud Technical High School on Friday in a rage.

Shockingly, a fight broke out between Somali Muslim students on Friday, two days after a student posted a social media image of a wheelchair-bound girl whom posters claimed to be affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS). A student is reportedly being “disciplined” for the photo–meaning he or she will be given a reprimand and will be allowed to roam society freely without restriction or inhibition after inciting jihad against America.

Jeff Oxton of the St. Cloud Police Department reassured media that the angry, alien mob will not be punished, and police were on hand not to arrest lawbreakers, but to “keep the situation calm” by refusing to engage with Somali agitators.

Much more here at this link

5. U.S. officials fear Iran might attack American troops in Iraq: report

U.S. officials have growing concerns Iran might launch attacks against American troops in Iraq should nuclear talks between Tehran and world powers collapse, journal Politico reported on Wednesday.

The U.S. officials, according to the report, voiced concern that a collapse in the nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, and France, plus Germany) could embolden Iranian hard-liners and potentially lead to attacks on Americans in Iraq.

According to the report, U.S. officials also voiced concern over the safety of U.S. troops in Iraq in relation to U.S. attempts to see the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, one of Iran’s principal allies in the region.

6. Saudi warplanes bomb Houthi positions in Yemen

Warplanes of the Royal Saudi Air Force bombed the positions of Yemen’s Houthi militia and destroyed most of their air defenses, Al Arabiya News Channel reported early on Thursday.

Arab Gulf states had announced that they have decided to “repel Houthi aggression” in neighboring Yemen, following a request from the country’s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

In their joint statement Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait said they “decided to repel Houthi militias, al-Qaeda and ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] in the country.”

The Gulf states warned that the Houthi coup in Yemen represented a “major threat” to the region’s stability.

It also accused the Iranian-backed militia of conducting military drills on the border of Saudi Arabia, a leading member of the GCC, with “heavy weapons.”

In an apparent reference to Iran, the statement said the “Houthi militia is backed by regional powers in order for it be their base of influence.”

7. Germanwings Pilot Was Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash in France

(Related Mirror link UK)

Thank you GoV., CB Sashenka, M., WTD., and many more and way more to sort through.


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Charges laid against Bergdahl, and more islamic territorial gains: Links 2 on March 25 – 2015

1. New footage shows terrified tourists fleeing museum in Tunisia attack

2. New O’Keefe Video: Cornell Dean Advises on Starting ISIS Club

(Everyone is talking about and tweeting about this video. Its interesting for sure. But I wish there was a contrast. Like if he had asked about bringing in a Zionist group to speak or the JDL or something)

3. Yemen crisis: President Hadi flees as Houthi rebels advance

Gunfire could be heard around the city centre, and security forces allied to the Houthis are reported to have taken over the international airport.

On Wednesday morning, the rebels moved to within 60km (37 miles) of Aden after seizing the country’s largest air base.

(Video at link)

4. Hillel cancels talk by controversial aboriginal Zionist

MONTREAL  — Hillel Montreal is defending as a “principled stance” its late-hour decision to cancel a talk by assertive pro-Israel activist Ryan Bellerose of Calgary, which had been scheduled to take place at Concordia University on March 16.

Bellerose, who is also an activist for aboriginal rights, thinks the event was scrapped because some Israel advocacy groups, including the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and “progressive Zionist” students, do not like his “in your face” approach to defending Israel.

“I’m not a very PC guy,” said Bellerose, who did receive a platform to speak two days later at a private event organized by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR).

Hillel contends the reason was that Bellerose’s recent tweets, mostly to Hamas’ new Twitter account, and his response to those tweets on other social media, were not acceptable discourse.

(I look forward to the comments on this one)

5. SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The FBI can no longer withhold thousands of pages of surveillance files of Muslim communities by claiming the “law enforcement” exemption of the Freedom of Information Act, a federal judge ruled Monday.

6. MONTREAL—Islam needs to change or it needs to leave.

(The Star does anti-PEGIDA propaganda piece)

That’s the message from one of the leaders who has brought to Canada a controversial European movement that unites political conservatives, anti-immigration activists and neo-Nazis with the goal of beating back a perceived rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism.

Jean-François Asgard is one of five people to have launched PEGIDA Québec earlier this year, the latest branch of a global anti-Islam movement that was created last fall in the German town of Dresden.

PEGIDA (the name is a German acronym for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) was founded by a convicted burglar-turned-graphic designer who planned a protest against the opening of 14 refugee centres in his city. It has risen rapidly, gathering more than 20,000 people at its peak and provoking warnings and denunciations from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

7. Bill Warner on the politics of extinction and extermination

8. RT footage of the Houthi seizure of the largest Yemeni airbase

9. CNN video on the Islamic State hit list of American soldiers

10. BREAKING: U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion: Washington Post, citing Bergdahl’s lawyer

(I think this will be a pizza and beer night after all! Here is a little Obama admin flashback on this story)

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was recovered in Afghanistan last spring after five years in captivity, faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, according to his lawyer.

Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s attorney, told The Washington Post that his client was handed a charge sheet on Tuesday. Army officials announced they will provide an update in his case at 3:30 p.m. at Fort Bragg, N.C., but declined to discuss new developments ahead of the news conference.

Thank you CB Sashenka, Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Yucki and all. More to come.

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Troop movements and White house guest lists. Indicative of near future? Links 1 on March 25 – 2015

1. Obama Snubs Nato Chief as Crisis Rages

(To get into the White House you have to use the pass phrase, “I’m a friend of Mohamed Morsi”. I guess no one told him)

President Barack Obama has yet to meet with the new head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and won’t see Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg this week, even though he is in Washington for three days.  Stoltenberg’s office requested a meeting with Obama well in advance of the visit, but never heard anything from the White House, two sources close to the NATO chief told me.

The leaders of almost all the other 28 NATO member countries have made time for Stoltenberg since he took over the world’s largest military alliance in October. Stoltenberg, twice the prime minister of Norway, met Monday with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa to discuss the threat of the Islamic State and the crisis in Ukraine, two issues near the top of Obama’s agenda.

2. Saudi Arabia moves military equipment to border with Yemen

Saudi Arabia is moving heavy military equipment including artillery to areas near its border with Yemen, US officials have said, raising the risk that the Middle East’s top oil power will be drawn into the worsening conflict.

(Hey maybe once we will get to see the Saudis spend their own money and lose a few of their own sons in their interests for a change)

3. US Media continues to punish any elected politician who stands up to islam and sharia law in the USA

4. Islamic State recruiting in Afghanistan?

5. Boko Haram crisis: ‘About 500′ Nigerian children missing

About 500 children aged 11 and under are missing from a Nigerian town recaptured from militants, a former resident of Damasak has told the BBC.

A trader in the north-eastern town told Reuters news agency that Boko Haram fighters took the children with them when they fled.

Troops from Niger and Chad seized Damasak earlier in March, ending months of control by the Islamist militants.

6. Alberta Muslim Schools vs Gay Straight Alliances (full report)

(This will be just one more example of how, what Ezra Levant calls “politically correct poker” will be accepted without question. Being a mosque and madrassa will trump gay issues without anyone demanding to look at the cards again)

7. Man arrested, ordered to keep the peace on suspicion he may commit terrorism

OTTAWA – The RCMP have arrested a man after a peace bond was ordered against him based on allegations he might commit a terrorism offence.

Police say Amir Raisolsadat was released on unspecified conditions and ordered to return to court on April 20.

No other information about the man, including where he is from, was released by the RCMP, citing the fact there is an ongoing criminal investigation in the case.

Radio station Toronto 680 News says the man was arrested in Prince Edward Island, but a spokeswoman for the Mounties in that province would not comment, referring questions about the case to RCMP national headquarters in Ottawa.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Blazing Cat Fur, Oz-Rita, M., and all. More to come shortly.

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More direction indicators. Links 4 on March 24 – 2015

1. Gaza Professor of Koran: When Fish Fight Other Fish, It’s Because of the Jews

2. Calgary Police Double Standards? ‘Heil Hitler’ vs ‘White Power’

3. ISIS Member Who Claims To Be En Route From UK To Syria: British Preacher Anjem Choudary Is An Informer

the only one who could have betrayed them was Choudary, Omar Al-Hussein said.

(This would explain a great deal. Choudary gets protection from the state because they think he is an informer when really he just hands them a few turds now and again that he figures are no real benefit to the Islamic State anyway. Win win for Anjem)

4. Gaza Islamic Lecturer Tahani Abu Jaza (or the ghost of Christmas yet to come): Islam Defends the Rights of Women

5. MEMRI article on Iranian anti-American naval strategy and arguably of increased recent threats

6. Concerning the plane crash, Adam asks:

Whats weird about that crash is that its just small bits of debris. With that much devastation, Id at least expect to see some sort of an impact mark with fan-out of the debris from there. After all, it was probably going about 450 MPH when it hit. Looks kind of like it was already destroyed before it ever hit the ground.

7. Students at Canadian University Vote in Favor of BDS

The student union at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has voted in support of the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, the CBC reported on Tuesday.

(How many votes did the CBC cast?)

Thank you Yucki, M., Adam, CB Sashenka and all.

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When a bearded wierdie is at your doorstep chanting Allah hu akbar and threatening you, will you believe it then? Links 3 on March 24 – 2015

1. Although this is from November 2014, its a pretty good MSM piece on sharia patrols in the UK and islamic ambitions for the West.

2. Odd little video with Egyptian pseudo-academic claiming rights to Australia because hieroglyphs have been found there showing ancient Egyptians discovered Oz. before the Brits. Of course even if this is true, it would mean the Pharaohs came and went and have no claim but it certainly would not mean the Arab muslims who conquered the then mostly Christian and Jewish and Animist Egyptians have any claim because the ancestors of the real Egyptians or ‘Copts’ were intrepid explorers.

3. Ebola Resurfaces in Sierra Leone

(Or Obama’s ebola tzar quit, Im not sure how to handle this headline)

4. Crooked sergeant exposed as a brothel boss has appeal against jail sentence rejected

(This might explain the lack of prosecutions of forced sex slavery of children in the UK)

A disgraced West Midlands Police officer who led a secret double life as a ringleader of a sex-and-drugs racket has been told by top judges he deserves every day of his seven years and two months jail term.

Osman Iqbal’s moonlighting as a brothel runner and drug dealer in London’s West End was rumbled when he turned up for his work as a sergeant at Kings Heath Police Station, responding to 999 calls, in a £170,000 Ferrari.

The 37 year-old, from Birmingham, appealed against the length of his sentence imposed last September, which he argued was too long, with his cousin, Talib Hussain.

(Acting in this manner from a position of trust I would think should septuple his sentence)

5. Norway: Police find torture clips on refugee phones

Norwegian Police have found video clips of torture, mutilation, and executions saved on the mobile phones of those seeking asylum in Norway, the Police Immigration Service has told the country’s Dagsavisen newspaper.
The Police Immigration Service confirmed to the paper that people connected to terrorist groups such as Islamic State, Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram had all tried to come to Norway to claim asylum.

6. Al nusra ( al qaeda ) with American equipment in Syria (Idlib ) March 24 2015

(Anyone out there able to confirm this?)

7. A muslim responds to Theresa May

(A bit hard to follow, but I recommend watching it)

8. Obama’s foreign policy fantasy land. Ezra Levant


Thank you M., Richard, Tommy R., Tundra T., and a good list of others. There are many items posted today so far which are of some significance I think. Items like that muslim responding to Theresa May, the kiddie parade of ‘allah is the greatest’ chanters, thinks like that need to be seen by others. Please find a way to get coworkers, friends, family to see some of these items. Send them the direct links if association with this site is problematic but send them.

Thanks again everyone for this truly collective effort. More to come.


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The Geopolitics of islam. Continued manifest destiny: Links 2 on March 24 – 2015

1. GoV post on the Alpine jet crash.

(Just click over and read it. Full context is required and an excerpt won’t do)

2. Retreating Boko Haram leaves trail of slit throat corpses near Nigerian towns

3. Croydon teenagers ‘raped vulnerable girls including trusting 17-year-old with Down’s syndrome’

THREE teenagers accused of raping two “vulnerable” girls with learning difficulties “took advantage” of them to “satisfy their own sexual urges”, a court has heard.

Nasir Huq, 18, is accused of raping a 17-year-old with Down’s syndrome who jurors were told was a “very trusting” girl who did not have the “capacity” to consent to sex.

Ameen Noori and his cousin Ahmad Faiq, both 18, are accused of raping another girl with acute special educational needs.

The three boys deny sexually assaulting the two girls at a flat in Croydon in April 2013.

Jonathan Polnay, prosecuting, told a jury at Croydon Crown Court today (Monday) the defendants “outrageously took advantage of vulnerable girls with learning difficulties to satisfy their own sexual urges”.

4. What we know so far about the flight that crashed in the French Alps

“We saw an aircraft that had literally been ripped apart … there is not one intact piece of wing or fuselage,” Bruce Robin, prosecutor for the city of Marseille, told Reuters in Seyne-les-Alpes after flying over the crash zone in a helicopter.

The cause of the crash is unknown, and won’t likely be officially known for months. But currently known flight details raise many questions: Why a descent one minute after reaching cruising altitude of 38,000 feet? Why no request to the air traffic control for a change in altitude? Why no mayday call from the pilots? Why no apparent change in airspeed or flight path before impacting the mountain?

Daily mail offers photos of the crash site here

5. Morocco says IS cell brought in arms through Spanish enclave

6. REUTERS -Millions in U.S. military equipment lost as Yemen heads down Syria’s path

The reportedly hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of U.S. weapons, equipment and supplies falling into enemy hands in Iraq, Syria and now in Yemen are more than just signs of strategic failure. Rather, they’re part of a long list of recent embarrassments, including the poor performance of U.S.-trained Iraqi military personnel when Islamic State invaded Mosul last summer, and the Islamic militant army’s confiscation of U.S. military weapons and supplies in the Iraqi territories it has occupied.

(I disagree fully with this Reuters article here. In fact I see these events as indicative of the new Obama admin’s actual policy and a success of that policy. At what point does a series of isolated incidents become recognized as policy? For me, it is when you can predict the future using that trend. Because at that point it doesn’t matter if it is a mistake or not)


Thank you Buck, M., Maria J., M., Richard, Yucki, antikythera and all who sent in materials. It does seem as if what felt like about a 1 week reduction in seriously indicative to conclusive events and news about this issue is well and truly over and the muslims and cultural Marxists are at it again with a renewed vigor. That or the MSM reporters were all in Florida for March Break.

One observation though links . According to the Daily Mail, witnesses heard an explosion before they saw the jet crash. As sound travels much more slowly than light, this would mean to me that the explosion happened quite sometime before the aircraft crashed. If it happened immediately before, the sound would have appeared to the casual observer to be from the crash itself.

Other witnesses have described hearing an explosion ‘like the sound of dynamite’ then seeing fighter jets fly past, suggesting the passenger plane had been under military escort.

Speaking about the discovery of the black box, Tony Cable, a former Air Accident Investigator, said: ‘It should be a fairly rapid process to download it depending on whether it is damaged severely or not and may well give some rapid answers as to what has happened. Discovering why it actually happened may take somewhat longer.’

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Pat Condell busts one of the main tactics of leftism.

(Pat Condell really is chicken soup for the rational man although he would probably hate being called that)

H/T Buck

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There is now sufficient data on islam and its relations and actions to provide focus. The excuses lose resolution: Links 1 on March 24 – 2015

1. Britain First stages counter-demo to George Galloway’s leftist-Islamic, Post-Modern and muslim anti-British demo.

2. muslim children on the school run in Bolton UK

3. Uruguay will no longer grant asylum to Guantanamo prisoners

Abu Wael Dhiab went to Argentina in February to campaign for the release of all Guantanamo detainees

In December, Uruguay gave sanctuary to six Arab men who had been held at the US base in Cuba for 12 years. Opinion polls said most Uruguayans rejected the decision taken by outgoing President Jose Mujica.

Foreign Minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa also said Uruguay would stop taking refugees from the Syrian conflict. […] Uruguay has faced “cultural and infrastructure” problems to deal with the Syrian families, he explained.

Local media has reported several alleged incidents of domestic violence involving Syrian refugees.

4. Canada to Extend Anti-IS Mission, Strike Targets in Syria

Canada’s prime minister will announce a one-year extension of its military mission against the Islamic State group and expand it to include air strikes on targets in Syria, a senior government official said Monday.

The official confirmed the details and said Prime Minister Stephen Harper will make the announcement in Parliament on Tuesday morning.

5. Sweden reports Russian bombers, fighters over Baltic Sea

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The Swedish Air Force on Tuesday tracked four Russian combat aircraft flying with their transponders turned off over the Baltic Sea, officials said.

The Russian planes – two long-range, nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 bombers and two Sukhoi Su-27 fighters – were flying in international airspace, according to Sweden’s Armed Forces.

6. Sweden’s muslim immigration creates rape crisis

Sweden, like the rest of the West, will have to come to terms with the fact that it can either have female equality or Muslim immigration. It cannot have both. more

7. Obama’s foreign policy fantasy land

8. British medic helping treat Isis killers praised Charlie Hebdo attacks on Twitter and also called for Sharia law

A British medical student who travelled to Syria to treat Jihadi fighters in Islamic State hospitals once praised the Charlie Hebdo murders, it emerged last night.

Private schoolgirl Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir sent a smiling selfie to her sister as she crossed the border from Turkey on March 13 to reach Islamic State territory.

The respected surgeon’s daughter is one of nine British doctors and students in their late teens or early 20s who are now believed to be volunteering in hospitals there.

Their families have all flocked to the border in a desperate attempt to bring their children home, saying that they had been ‘cheated, brainwashed’ by IS militants.

9. British Islamic State jihadi ‘calls for Muslims to kill Theresa May’

Oh, the ingratitude. It’s enough to make one weep. All the groveling, all the appeasement, all the accommodation of Islamic supremacists, all the denial of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, and this is the thanks Theresa May gets.

“British Islamic State fighter ‘calls for Muslims to kill Theresa May,’” the Telegraph, March 23, 2015 (thanks to Robert):

A British Islamic State fighter has called on Muslims in the UK to “hunt down” and “kill” Theresa May in a Lee Rigby-style terrorist attack.

Thank you Pym purnell, M., ML., Tasha C., Don C., Richard, Ox AO, Robert Spencer’s email list, and all. This is quite a packed list of links many of which has serious implications.There was a plane crash which is almost certainly an act of terrorism. I will post a link as soon as there is something worth saying that is not in the MSM. Which should be very soon thanks to GoV


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Politice, Geopolitics, Islam and leftism determined to destroy reason and civilization: Links 2 on March 22 – 2015

1. Ted Cruz announces his candidacy

(Personally I think its a huge mistake for a serious candidate to announce this early. The Democrats will eat him alive with the time they have. Remember how they operate. Ad-Hominem, attack, deceive, call into disrepute etc. It doesn’t matter if its true or not. Look at what they did to Sarah Palin while managing to get a guy elected to president who had no executive experience whatsoever and sealed all his records. The GOP should field a few decoys and announce the real anointed one at the last possible minute)

2. Afzal Amin quits as Tory candidate for Dudley North after EDL plot allegations

Afzal Amin, the Conservative candidate who was recorded allegedly plotting with the English Defence League, has resigned “with immediate effect” to avoid a disciplinary hearing by the party.

Grant Shapps, the Tory chairman, welcomed the decision by Amin, who said earlier in the day that he was planning to mount a “robust defence” after claiming he was the victim of an EDL sting operation.

A Conservative party disciplinary hearing, which was due to hear from Amin on Tuesday, will not take place. Tory sources had said that evidence against Amin was so overwhelming that he would be removed as the party candidate in Dudley North in days.

The Mail on Sunday reported that Amin discussed with the EDL a plan to march against a planned mosque in the constituency that would then be called off. (More here as well)

(Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy)

3. Palestinian Journalist Chronicles Brutal Life of Muslim Sister Wives

Becoming the second wife is the worst decision that a woman can make. She will always live with the guilt of taking what was not hers. In most instances, the second wife discovers that 90% of the things her husband told her about his circumstances and his first wife were lies.

Another woman, a first wife, describes the enormous “pain and humiliation” that she felt when her husband sprang a second wife upon her.

4. Burqa-clad suicide bomber kills provincial Afghan police chief

A suicide bomber wearing a burqa blew himself up in the Afghan capital Kabul, killing an influential provincial police chief, officials said Thursday.

The Taliban immediately claimed responsibility for the death of Matiullah Khan, head of police in central Uruzgan province, where he had worked closely with NATO troops during their combat mission.

Afghanistan’s interior ministry said in a statement that a “terrorist clad in a burqa” had killed Khan and strongly condemned the murder.

General Farid Afzali, head of the criminal police in Kabul, confirmed to AFP the attack, which took place late on Wednesday.

5. Three men charged with sexual assault of 14-year-old Calgary girl

(Why do I dread the phrase, ‘tip of the iceberg’ all of a sudden?)

It’s alleged the 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by each of the men at separate times.

The allegations were brought forward to police in August of 2014, at which point officers launched an investigation to determine who the offenders were.

Police have charged 22-year-old Abas Ahmed Ibrahim (also known as Maxboy or Moe), 21-year-old Omar Kromah (also known as Nef) and 24-year-old Zakariya Mohamed Abdow (also known as Slickthug or Slimthug) with sexual assault, sexual interference with a child under 16 and invitation to sexual touching.

6. BBC report on the murder of the Afghan woman in Kabul.

(It was fairly matter of fact. I cannot find overt fault with this presentation other than in the improper impression it creates. Someone should point out the irony that she was murdered for defending the most oppressive set of laws and rules for women in human history and was likely studying to teach those very rules by which she was clearly killed legally under the sharia)

7. If there is anyone who reads this site who is not yet convinced that the conscious, non-accidental leftist quite specifically wants to tear down civilization and all it has created, have a look at this Facebook site by a feminist group.

For those with any uncertainty about the science behind what this potentially genocidal campaign might achieve I suggest reading, at least as a first step, this article on Herd Immunity.  And for those that cannot see Facebook links, the photo in the link is here. For more laughs in that Scary Movie 3 sense, check out their page.


Thank you M., Richard, Yucki, ML., Dagawker and all.


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How to make a successful martyrdom video

Sometimes you just gotta mock those arse hats you know?

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