Islamic State videos. Cause and effect?

Today, muslims in New York and France attacked police. In Brooklyn, two policemen were murdered by one convert to Islam, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley. In France, the attacker was heard yelling “Allahu Akbar” by witnesses.

In France as in the US, people are carefully trying to dance around the motive for the attacks as we are used to. This article does reference the Islamic aspect to the attack in some ways, but likely will be part of the ‘lone wolf’ narrative, itself a distraction from the facts. Facts that for example, Stephen Harper has been willing to admit to but pretty much no one else in the Western world.

Below, an Islamic State video published by and removed from Youtube just two days ago, December 19th 2014, in which a French jihadi demands that muslims  attack and kill people in all infidel countries, with particular attention to France.

Right below that, another video showing possible consequences of this demand which took place today near Tours in central France.

Islamic State Jihadi demands attacks against… by vlad43


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First post for Dec. 21 – 2014 More Mad Muslim Mayhem.

Here are a few more posts illustrating the nature of the current world war, which for reasons that shouldn’t make sense but do, the majority of the people of the world seem not to know we are in and deny the nature of the threat to individual freedoms.

Currently a team of us, from Gates of Vienna to Oz-Rita, CB Sashenka and more people are working on the components of a post that I think is of singular importance. It won’t be a surprise to anyone but it may be the undoing of attempts to suppress an important set of cause and effect events this week which need to be understood if we hope to solve this problem with minimum bloodshed, destruction and loss of treasure. I hope to be able to post it within a few hours or early tomorrow. Also, I advise new readers to this site to always check the comments. A lot of the most interesting and important material and news is often there and not always posted in the main articles.


1. ‘Stronger than ever’ jihadists kill 5,042 in a month

AFP: Jihadist attacks around the world in November killed a total of 5,042 people, showing Islamist extremism is “stronger than ever” despite Al-Qaeda’s declining role, a new study published on Thursday said.

There were 664 attacks in 14 countries during the month, according to the joint report by the BBC World Service and the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College London.

2. CNN: Yazidis get relief, reason to cheer as Kurds take key town from ISIS

(Video at site)

3. Canadian left as usual, demands diversity and inclusion via forced uniformity and exclusion.

4. Iran Forcing Gay People To Undergo Sex Change Operations – VIDEO

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., and many others who I lost track of. Culpa me. But I have another post going up in minutes which has taken all of my attention. I hope you feel its worth it.


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More and more love from the religion of peace: links 3 for Dec 20 – 2014

1. Man who shot the two policemen sitting in their squad cars, Ismaaiyl Brimsly,  lists Arabic as his language on his Facebook page.

(Add this to the three France Police officers attacked by a muslim yelling Allahu Ackbar and you have 5 police attacked by what appear to be muslims today alone, that we know of)

2.  Muslims debate the legality under sharia of the murder of some hundred school children in Pakistan. 

3.  There is a lot of news on the North Korean attack, (now confirmed by the FBI) against Sony to stop the movie, The Interview, from being played. I will refrain from posting on it for the moment. Im sure the regular news covers this one more or less adequately because threats to liberty by other than muslims seems to garner some honesty in the press. Sony does however, claim that Obama is “wrong” in his statements about the order of events. The White House appears to be using the Benghazi strategy on this one. Or is it the IRS strategy.

4. Ghazi Abdul Aziz: Solution To Terror Is More Islam

5. Muslim or no? PJ Media presents a case for the double cop killer

Daily Mail shows middle name as Abdullah (slave of allah)

Daniel Greenfield: Black Muslim who kills 2 cops quotes koran

Thank you GoV, Arun, M., Wrath of Khan, GoV Bains and all

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More attacks by Muslims against Western authority, general loss of societal trust: Links 1 for Dec. 20 – 2014

1. Two police officers shot dead in Brooklyn. Article here

(I believe this is a very significant geopolitical event)

2. Two car bombs rock southern Sweden’s city of Malmo

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Swedish police say two car bombs have shattered dozens of windows in a multiethnic district of Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city.

Police spokeswoman Linda Pleym says no one was injured by Saturday’s pre-dawn explosions in Rosengaard, a district dominated by immigrants from Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia and Lebanon. One car bomb exploded at the foot of a building, the other in a parking lot nearby.

3. French police shoot dead knifeman who was shouting Islamic slogans

Forensic police collect evidence inside the police station of Joue les-Tours after the assault

Forensic police collect evidence inside the police station of Joue les-Tours after the assault Photo: AFP

6:22PM GMT 20 Dec 2014

French police on Saturday shot dead a man who attacked them with a knife in a police station while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great” in Arabic), a source said.

The man injured the face of an officer at the entrance to the police station in Joue-les-Tours near the city of Tours in central France and injured two other before he was shot, the interior ministry said.

Anti-terrorist investigators were probing the incident, a judicial source said.

4. Radicalized: ISIS Propaganda Attracting American Youth

Thank you M., and all. More to come soon. Working on a few translations for videos. Really, its every day now, as the man said.

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Leftism, Islam and agents of submission: Links 2 for Dec. 19 – 2014

1. Pakistani army kills a pile of Taliban.

And so. This is the face of a man looking at eternity with 72 virgins. I’m guessing its not quite what he hoped for.


2. Geert Wilders speaks on his newest state prosecution. Dare to criticize government immigration policy even as an MP? Face serious criminal charges.

3. Was fugitive British NHS doctor in Taliban death squad that massacred 132 children? Spy chiefs investigate on-the-run surgeon who fled UK to become jihadi 

(Could he be the most evil doctor since Che?)

Links between a fugitive NHS surgeon and commanders of the Taliban suicide cell who massacred 132 school children are being investigated by Pakistani intelligence officers.

Mirza Tariq Ali, who fled the UK last year to join jihadi forces, is said to be a senior Taliban commander hiding in the tribal areas of Pakistan with those who controlled the six gunmen responsible for Pakistan’s worst terrorist atrocity.

An associate in the UK of controversial hate preacher Anjem Choudary, the 39 year-old recently appeared in a chilling Taliban recruitment video threatening the Pakistan Army.

4. UN Asks Israel to Pay Lebanon $850 M for Oil Spill

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Friday asking Israel to pay Lebanon over $850 million in damages for an oil spill caused by an Israeli air force attack on oil storage tanks during its war with Hezbollah in July 2006.

The assembly voted 170-6 in favor of the resolution, with three abstentions. Israel, the United States, Canada, Australia, Micronesia and Marshall Islands voted “no.”

General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding but they do reflect world opinion.

(My suggestion to Hizb’allah is not to attack if you don’t want the mess that comes with existential defense)

5. Another high-level Catholic authority sides with the Wahabis. Insists that no Catholics join the anti-Islam marches in Germany.

(Is this the second time the Church has allied itself with the genocidal antisemites? Cause it is in fact, even if they paint it as otherwise)

[Translation of original German Article by Oz-Rita]

The archbishop of Bamberg, Ludwig Schick has called for a distancing from “Pegida”. (Patriotic Europeans against the islamisation of the West). On German Cultural radio last Thursday, the leading catholic clergyman accused the movement of being ruled by Racism, Nationalism and and diffuse fears. “Christians are not allowed to participate” he emphasised.

In Dresden last Monday, 15000 “Pegida” supporters went into the streets. In other German cities too there have been anti-islamic rallies for the last few weeks. According to security forces, they (Pegida) are being led by groups from the radical right.

6. ISIS release horrific photos of a man having his hand amputated for theft and an ‘Assad spy’ being crucified in the streets of Syria

(More amputations, murder and crucifixions in the Islamic State.)

7. Andrew Klaven did a clever rhetorical piece on the world view of Israel and how it should respond to things:

On a related note, scientists examining this cancer cell with a new kind of tunneling electron microscope discovered this in the nucleus of the cell where the mechanism that forces the host organism to make more cancer cells operates.


tard cancer

Nucleus of cancer cell

Thank you M., GoV., Oz-Rita, UK Pete, Buck and all. its been a hell of a day hasn’t it?


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A few more from

“Love is based on — among other emotions and types of behaviour — a mutual feeling of equality, as true love is only possible when one does not force or fear one’s partner. To experience true love men and women within the Muslim culture must break the rules about gender inequality commanded by the Qur’an, Reliance of the Traveller and other Islamic texts. Islam is obviously a serious obstacle that makes it difficult — and in many cases even impossible — to many Muslim men and women to experience the happiness-giving, psychologically healing,bodily healthy and important feeling of love.

The widespread domestic violence and use of forced marriages — often of girls who are not even old enough to be either emotionally or physically mature to marry or who have reached puberty (here, here, here, here) — indicates the Islamic culture’s disregard of love. Fragile honour, fear of ostracism and commitment to cultural traditions and religious laws — not love — become the binding factor between many Muslim partners.”

Analysis: “Psychological Consequences of Islam’s Views on Women”

“We have killed all the children, now what do we do?“

Czech Republic: 24,500 sign petition against teaching Islam in schools and prisons

More articles, translations and news:

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A few items about Islam in Australia.

1. Rational protest of Islam in Sydney Oz. interrupted by the usual leftist sanctimony.

“What race is Islam”? Indeed. It is the race to the most base aspects of the human condition, thats what race it is, and Islam is running shoulders and neck ahead of modern leftism. Article here

2. A member of the Australian Defense League rants on Islam in Oz.

3. The Wife of the muslim who caused the deaths of 2 people and held 16 others hostage at Martin Place is also charged with horrific murder crimes which are highly islamic in nature and is somehow free on bail.

4. Funeral Directors Refuse Body Of Sydney Terrorist: ‘Throw Him In The Sh*thouse’

The body of the lone terrorist behind the attack on the Sydney, Man Haron Monis, is unlikely be receive a proper burial after Muslim funderal directors said his body should either be thrown in the sea or “chucked in the bloody sh*thouse”.

So far no-one has claimed the 50-year-old’s body, meaning that he would have a state funded funeral but this would be contingent on them finding a company willing to do it.

The Australian Daily Telegraph attempted to locate a Muslim firm willing to do the funeral and discovered that none were willing to be involved. Amin Sayed, funeral director at the Lebanese Muslim Association was particularly robust. He said: “We don’t care about him, we don’t know him, chuck him in the bloody sh*thouse.”

Daily Mail also has this story here

5. Man accused of plotting act of terror charged with three extra counts of financing jihad in Syria

The man arrested in pre-dawn raids across Sydney in September has been hit with three new terror-related charges.

While the original charge of planning an act of terror against Omarjan Azari, 22, still stands, prosecutors on Friday conceded the alleged act was not a beheading and was not planned for Martin Place, the scene of this week’s siege.

Azari appeared by video link from Silverwater prison after being transported from the Supermax jail in Goulburn, ahead of a planned bail application.

During Friday’s hearing he was charged with three fresh counts – two of knowingly making funds available to a terrorist organisation and one of attempting to make funds available to a terrorist organisation.

6. Article about the manager of the Lindt Cafe in Australia.

‘It’s just amazing that he has been able to make our city smell like flowers': Siege victim Tori Johnson’s heartbroken partner breaks silence to pay tribute to the ‘humble, generous’ cafe manager

Thank you M. Richard, UK Pete,  and all who sent in materials.

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Bil Whittle: We’re #2!

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Leftism and Islam feverishly trying to give birth to utopian Fascism: Links 1 for Dec. 19 – 2014

1. George Clooney proved that Hollywood today is exactly as it has always been with a few exceptions. When Michael Moore made his absurd little film, ‘Bowling for Columbine’ where Moore belittles a genuine civil rights hero who was suffering from advanced dementia at the time and wasn’t able to counter Moore’s dishonesty as fast as it was being dealt, Moore attempted to make Mr. Heston anathema.

Moore was trying to make Heston look like a racist gun nut for accepting an award, ironically from a black civil rights group, at an NRA meeting for his amazing courage in defending black rights and advancing black actors in Hollywood in a time where there was an unwritten rule that there could be no mixed race couples in film, and no black romantic leads in any movie, Heston refused to take a part unless the female romantic lead was black. This is a true civil rights hero who risked his own career and being a pariah for what was he felt was genuinely the right thing to do.

Sadly, George Clooney in this article shows us that nothing has changed. But at least Hollywood has one person ready to stand up and fight for what is right. My hat is off to Mr. Clooney. And what a great time to remind myself that once you lose the freedom to criticize religious and political authority you lose all freedoms for a very long time. It appears Mr. Clooney knows that.

Now might be a great time to rent, ‘Oh Brother Where Art Though’. A really worthwhile film with great music and a fun adaptation of Homer’s the Odyssey.

2. It seems the Australian who made up the story which started the whole #illridewithyou did exactly that. Made most of it up. 

3. Some interesting anomalies in this video of interfaith services in Australia. Apparently its for the funeral of the dead terrorist.

4. Teenagers who hacked a man to death with an axe in scenes likened to horror film The Shining are jailed for a total of 30 years

Three teenagers have been jailed for their part in a ‘wicked and unnecessary’ axe and knife attack on a drunken man in scenes reminiscent of the film The Shining.


The court heard Subeir flew to Somalia, via Dubai, after the incident but came back about three weeks later and was arrested on the plane at Heathrow airport.

Halliburton shaved off his plaits and fled to Leeds in Yorkshire. When he was apprehended, he gave a false name. The red-handled lock knife he used to kill Mr Thrower has never been recovered.

5. There appears to be at least 4 rational people in Australia.

6. White house uses double standard in freedom of speech where the onion is cut so finely the hope no one sheds a tear.

(Interfering with the right to criticize religious or political authority in any way means the total end of both in short order, and then the end of all other freedoms right with it)

Thank you UK Pete, Busk, M., GoV., Tundra T., and all. Much more to come indeed.

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A couple of fresh translations from

The politicians that enabled Muslim immigration have a lot of blood on their hands…

Denmark: Asylum seeker sneaks into 8 year old girl’s room in attempt to rape

Danish Statistics: “Among the nine ethnic groups with the highest crime rate eight are Muslim”

More translations + newsletter at:

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The Prime Minister of Canada and former friend of Sheikh Horan Monis, both feel that the Canada and Australia attacks respectively are not “lone Wolves”

First Australia:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I don’t think he acted alone’ – Former friend of Man Horan Monis reveals he cut ties with siege gunman as he became unhinged… and is convinced SOMEONE must have helped him

Canadian Prime Minister on French TV Dec.  on or near Dec. 16 2014

It is critically important that the nonsense of ‘lone wolf’ attacks be dropped from the media and government/security narrative as its as dismissive as calling them ‘mentally ill’, ‘misfits’ or any other term meant to detract from the facts. Stephen Harper leads the way on this, but we all must look for and broadcast the evidence for the real motives when we find it.

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Leftism and Islam continue to conspire to destroy everything they say they want: Links 3 for Dec. 18 – 2014

1. This is a little complicated. It appears that someone connected to the attack of the children at that school in Pakistan is justifying the attack based on authoritative hadiths. I first saw this on a site I am fuzzy about, and tracked it back to a Twitter source I was also uncertain about but now its on Jihad Watch and Robert Spencer is typically meticulous about sources, so fair enough here it is. 

2. A husband has been banned from having sex with his wife by a High Court judge because she does not know she can refuse his advances, it was revealed yesterday.

The unidentified Bangladeshi man, who lives in east London, claimed he has the right under his Islamic culture to have sex with the mentally-disabled woman aged 39 whenever he pleases.

He has already taken the wife’s cousin as a second ‘wife’ in a polygamous Islamic marriage and had two children with her – although still demands the right to have sex with his first wife.

3. The left organized an ‘anti-backlash’ campaign before the standoff at the Lindt coffee shop in Australia was even over.

4. US preparing more troops to go to the conflict in the Islamic State

5. Australia: Eight children found stabbed to death and an adult woman is in hospital with serious stab wounds.

Two links on this, here and here

6. In this video, several leftists are protesting the trial of the surviving Boston marathon attacker. What a testament to a free state that such open contempt of the host culture and system and enforcement divisions of the state can be permitted to operate with total safety. At least from the police and FBI. I can’t say how safe they are from the people they support though.

Thank you M., UK Pete, Buck, many many more who sent in material. More to come.

As an aside, does anyone know if any of the Taliban leaders involved with the school massacre in Pakistan Wednesday were among those traded by Obama for Bowe Bergdahl?

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Western left continues to support Islam in all its horror: Links 2 for Dec. 18 – 2014

1. Two videos on the trial of the surviving Boston jihadi marathon-bomber

relative of jihadi claims the attacker is really the victim. We are all very surprised at that.

News item on the trial

2. Iraq jihadists behead man on sorcery charges


The Islamic State group on Thursday beheaded a man publicly on charges that he was a “sorcerer”, north of their bastion of Tikrit, the jihadist organisation and residents said.

The group released pictures of the execution on a square in Nahyat al-Alam, a town a few kilometres north of Tikrit.

Pictures here (Pictures that pretty much define savagery IMO)

(If sorcery is illegal, I have to wonder how you couldn’t accuse and convict pretty much anyone who uses anything more sophisticated than a rock and a stick could not be found guilty of using it, so long as the jury can be convinced that it operates by rules they can’t understand. Assuming there is a jury of course)

3. ISIS fighters now in Golan Heights near Israeli border

(This could represent a setback for the jihadis should they decide to expand their campaign)

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, DECEMBER 18 – Islamic State (ISIS) forces are now in the Golan Heights area near Syria’s border with Israel, reported Haaretz in quoting Arab media outlets on Thursday. The daily noted that three local jihadist groups fighting the Assad regime in the southern Golan had pledged allegiance this week to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

4. Ottawa Canada: Hospital axes nativity scene

(I find it interesting how they protect the people who’s complaints caused this 100 + year tradition to end at this hospital by referring to them only as ‘faith groups’. It certainly wasn’t the Jews who just fired up a massive candelabra at City Hall in Ottawa yesterday)

5. Controversial Dutch far-Right politician Geert Wilders to face trial for inciting racial hatred after vowing to make sure there were ‘fewer Moroccans’ in Holland

(Moroccans are a race now. Someone needs to update all the textbooks on evolutionary biology in the world now, not to mention medical texts. This article needs to be read, but people should understand that what is really on trial, is the people’s right to discuss major government policies at all. Because if you cannot discuss immigration in a democracy, you can’t discuss anything, and it is not a democracy. Two links from Gates of V. on this trial here and here.)

6. ‘We have killed all the children, now what do we do?': Taliban death squad’s frantic request for instructions after slaughtering 132 innocents… as military airstrikes kill 57 in hunt for ‘Radio Mullah’ who ordered massacre 

The depraved Taliban gunmen who slaughtered 132 students at a school in Pakistan contacted their commanders to ask: ‘We have killed all the children, now what do we do?’, it has been revealed.

Having stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar using machine guns and rocket launchers to massacre those inside, the six men were instructed to await the arrival of soldiers before detonating their suicide vests, according to a security official citing unspecified intelligence gathered on site.

The details come as it emerged sixteen prominent commanders from different wings of the Pakistani Taliban were involved in organising the attack, with another senior militant named Umar Adizai – also known as Umar Naray and Umar Khalifa – acting as the six killers’ overall ‘handler’.

The hunt is now on for the 17 men, all of whom have been named, with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif moving to end the moratorium on executing those convicted of terrorism – effectively signing the death warrant for the savage Peshawar commanders should they be caught.

Thank you M., GoV., UK Pete, Buck, and many more. Just warming up. More to come.

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Ezra Levant on the muslim efforts to silence all who point out the truths of islam

The only value and purpose of freedom of speech, is the criticism of religious and political authority. Without that, you have no freedom of speech at all on anything as all things will become the province of religion or politics.

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if by their works shall we know them, Islam should be sequestered. Links post 1 for Dec. 18 – 2014

1. Austrian Muslims accuse government of rights violations

Austria’s Muslim organizations said the government violated the rights of an estimated 600,000 Muslims in the country after officials sent a proposed law, dubbed the “Islamic Bill,” to parliament without first consulting the Muslim community.

“The government has sent the bill to parliament without considering our viewpoint,” Mouddar Khouja, founder of Austrian Muslims Initiative, said at a press conference Monday.

“The draft had to be examined during the Austrian Muslims Initiative meeting on Dec. 21.”

Khouja said Muslims are considered second class citizens in Austria and the government does not take into account the existing laws on religious freedoms and UN laws on freedom of religion and belief.

According to the bill, employing preachers from abroad would be prohibited. Imams would instead be trained at Austrian universities.

(This is a very interesting and ongoing issue. It should be tracked closely)

2. 300 Muslims from China have joined the Islamic State

Some 300 Chinese nationals are believed to have packed up and joined the jihad in Iraq and Syria on behalf of the Islamic State terror group, according to a report in China’s state-media.

Around 300 Chinese Uyghur nationals from the country’s Xinjiang province have linked up with the local Al Qaeda-affiliated East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), and have made their way to Syria through Turkey to link up with the Islamic State, China’s ruling Communist Party newspaper, the People’s Daily, reported. The report stated: “According to information from various sources, including security officers from Iraq’s Kurdish region, Syria and Lebanon, around 300 Chinese extremists are fighting with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”

3. The Australian Govt feels that this Sunni/Shiia cleric “fell through the cracks”

Personally, I see this video from Oz. as proof that gun control has the opposite effect it intends.

4. Over 230 bodies found in mass grave in eastern Syria -monitoring group

BEIRUT, Dec 17 (Reuters) – More than 230 bodies of people believed to have been killed by Islamic State militants have been found in a mass grave in Syria’s eastern Deir al-Zor province, a group monitoring the country’s war said on Wednesday.

5. I have no words for this one.

6. Canada PM says Parliament attacker may not have been lone wolf

OTTAWA (Reuters) – The man who killed a Canadian soldier and then stormed the Parliament in October may not have been acting alone, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Wednesday.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian citizen who wanted to travel to Syria, was shot dead after a gunfight in the halls of Parliament.

“People say he was a lone wolf. It’s true he was a single attacker, but it is not necessarily the case that it was only one guy,” Harper said in an interview with the French-language TVA network.

Zehaf-Bibeau struck two days after Martin Rouleau, a Muslim convert, ran down two Canadian soldiers in Quebec, killing one. Rouleau was shot dead by police.

“It is possible there were other people around these men,” Harper said.


7. BBC: Nigerian soldiers given death penalty for mutiny

(Nigeria must see the fight against jihadis as an existential threat to take desertion that seriously. Perhaps its time we all did)

A Nigerian court martial has sentenced 54 soldiers to death for refusing to fight Boko Haram Islamist militants.

The soldiers, who were found guilty of mutiny, were accused of refusing to help recapture three towns that had been seized by Boko Haram in August.

A lawyer for the soldiers said the 54 would face a firing squad while five others were acquitted.

Troops have complained that they are not being given enough weapons and ammunition to fight Boko Haram.

The group has been waging an insurgency since 2009 and is seeking to create an Islamist state in north-eastern Nigeria.

More than 2,000 people have died in attacks blamed on Boko Haram so far this year and thousands more have been displaced by the fighting.

8. Kennesaw City Council votes to approve mosque move

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, Don C. and many more who sent in materials today including Maria J. and more as well. I have been consumed with a project which is now done, so I can try and regain my more typically poor focus as opposed to the recent total scatter on the news portion of the site.



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