Canadian civil servant smashes CBC windows for not broadcasting his deportation issues

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Short excerpt of presentation on Christian Persecution by Sister Hatune Dogan

This is a few minutes out of a 90 minute presentation given by the Turkish nun on Friday Sept. 12 2014.

I hope to have the whole presentation ready for viewing within a day or so. But meanwhile, this is a few minutes of it worth seeing.

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Islam just brings out the best in everybody. Links 2 for Sept. 16 – 2014

1. “Anybody that is supporting or calling for sharia law in Australia can get out” – Jacqui Lambi

2. Another mortar round fired from Gaza hits Israel.

Rocket launch from Gaza
Rocket launch from Gaza

Residents of the Eshkol Regional Council reported Tuesday night that a rocket was fired from Gaza, falling outside of one of the local communities.

The IDF in the last few minutes confirmed that a mortar shell fired from Gaza and landed on the Israeli side of the security fence, in the first such attack by Gaza terrorists since the ceasefire went into effect on August 26.

3. Anti-Terror Operation Continues Near Luton

Counter terrorism officers continue to explore fields near Luton airport after two men seen acting suspiciously on Sunday.

More police searches have been taking place today in fields near Luton Airport – after a two men were seen acting suspiciously on Sunday night.

4. Far-right French party sees sharp rise in popularity among Jewish voters, surveys find

(I actually thought that lefty Jews were incapable of learning from reality, which explained the Holocaust. Maybe, just maybe, they can put survival over sanctimony this time)

(JTA) — The number of Jews who voted for the far-right National Front party soared in the most recent presidential election from the previous two votes, surveys showed.

In the surveys of French Jews, some 13.5 percent of 1,095 respondents who self-identified as Jews said they voted for National Front President Marine Le Pen in the 2012 presidential elections.

Asked about the two previous presidential elections, from 2002 and 2007, respectively only 6.1 percent and 4.3 percent of Jewish voters polled said they chose the National Front candidate — Le Pen’s father and predecessor as party leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has a history of convictions for “inciting racial hatred” and Holocaust denial.

5. State Department orders 5,000 BODY BAGS and 160,000 hazmat suits for African Ebola outbreak as Obama sends 100 CDC experts

The U.S. Agency for International Development ordered 5,000 body bags from a Florida company last month as part of its planned response to an outbreak of the Ebola virus in western Africa.

And as President Obama prepares to enlarge America’s aid to affected countries, a company that makes protective clothing says the State Department, which oversees USAID, has invited bids for 160,000 hazmat suits.

The body-bag purchase came on August 19, just after the World Health Organization said the epidemic had killed 1,000 people. That death toll is now greater than 2,400.

 6. Senator McCain confuses us all more about American actions against The Islamic State. (But at least he allows them to be called, ‘ISIS’. Which is less annoying than Obama and his coalition that are the only people in the world that call them ISIL)

7. Iran: A Muslim citizen charged with contact with Christian missionaries

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mr. Yousef Hassanzadeh, who was arrested on Wednesday, 20th August, by the judicial authorities was charged with “disturb public order through links with overseas centers of Christianity, evangelism, and participation in Internet-calling for anti-government activities through contact with Christian missionaries first Belgian Church “.

8. A worthwhile video of audio of how muslims plan attacks on us, and what code words are used by at least one cell. 

9. Egyptian police detain four terrorist cells

(One of them I believe was the 2013 winner of the ‘Most Gross Zebiba award of the Arabian Peninsula’)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Shabnam, M., and all who sent in material.

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1st amendment? We don’t need no stinkin first amendment: Links 1 for Sept. 16 – 2014

1. How does turning a T shirt inside out make it into a Nike one? It must be a MIRACLE!

2. Speaking of sports store ethics

3. Last night on BlogTalk Radio, Andrea Shea King had a historian on to talk about the nature of Islam and world leaders’ preposterous position on it.

(I called in with a few questions of my own)

4. UK: Jewish Schoolchildren Barred from Shop, Told ‘No Jews’

A leading British retailer has been forced to apologize after a shocking incident in which a security guard outside the store barred Jewish schoolchildren from entering.

Children from Yavneh College high school in London were astonished when the guard blocked them from entering and said simply: “No Jews, no Jews,” according to the Jewish Chronicle.

(And yet the basic right to deny entry to someone who has totally covered their face to a private business is still denied and the cost of attempting to do so would be large in many ways)

5. First US strike under new IS plan

(Video at site)

US officials said the strike destroyed an IS fighting position near Baghdad, five days after President Obama outlined his new anti-IS strategy.

IS has seized large areas of Syria and Iraq and declared a “caliphate”.

Meanwhile, Iraq’s new PM saw his two nominations for defence and interior minister rejected by parliament.

6. Westfield Stratford evacuated over ‘security alert’ 

Thousands of shoppers were today evacuated from Westfield Stratford City after a security alert. Scotland Yard confirmed police were on the scene, yards form the Olympic Park, for over two hours after reports of a suspect package.

Evacuation: Westfield Stratford

A Met spokesman said: “Police were called at 12.10 to reports and officers remain on the scene. The shopping centre was fully evacuated at 13.45.”

The Met later confirmed the incident had been “stood down”.

Witnesses on the scene described seeing a section of the shopping centre near Marks and Spencer being cordoned off by police.

(Dress rehearsal for a catastrophe?)

7. Caroline Glick: Obama’s self-defeating fight

(How do women from the West, ostensibly grounded in classical values, come to casually accept the presence of a slave in the room just because she is not a muslim?)

8. No government must ever be allowed to get away with abuse of public trust and of their positions for personal gain in this or any similar manner.

Thank you Tundra T., Oz-Rita, M., and all. More to come indeed. One can’t help but wonder if the increase in frequency of bomb scares isn’t a win for terrorists either way. Either we disrupt our own activities to the point where they become so expensive and cumbersome that we stop doing them, or we stop leaving the buildings and then the bombs really do go off. More later.

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Canadian mother speaks on the conversion to islam and subsequent death of her son.

This is heartbreaking. I simply cannot imagine how this woman must feel. She must have steel nerves to do this interview and not utterly lose it. What greater horror can their be than that of a mother who loses her child.

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Muslim day parade videos.

Guns. What other religion wants to do a march down a main street with plastic guns?

Muslim Brotherhood people and symbols at Muslim day parade

Please add any others of interest in the comments. One must admire the muslims though for revealing so much of their beliefs and agenda in this parade and slap our own heads for sanctimoniously refusing to see what we are being told.

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More geopolitical changes to the world by Islamic actions: Links 3 for Sept. 15 – 2014

1. Man Armed with Rifle Arrested After Making Threats at French Jewish School

(French Jews have very very difficult decisions to make. I wonder what options they even consider? Is it just stay or move? Or is fight in various possibilities considered?)A 48-year-old man who has yet to been named was arrested late last week after arriving at a Jewish school in Marseille, France, armed with a hunting rifle, and threatening to murder all of the students.

2. Syrian troops capture major central town in Hama

BEIRUT: Government forces have captured a central Syrian town that has changed hands several times during the civil war, the military and activists said Friday.

By retaking the town of Helfaya in Hama province, troops will be better positioned to defend nearby Christian and Allawite communities that support President Bashar Assad. Central Syria is a communal patchwork, with large communities of Christians, Ismailis and Allawites, who mainly back Assad, himself an Allawite, and fear Sunni extremists among the rebels.

3. Rotherham. Where the authorities knew about and covered up for staggering amount of forced sexual slavery by Muslim slave rape gangs, defends its decision to take 3 foster kids away from THEIR FOSTER HOMES BECAUSE THE PARENTS BELONGED TO UKIP

4. Anti-Semitic attacks nearly double in France

Total of 529 anti-Semitic actions or threats registered up to end of July, against 276 for same period last year, Jewish group says. Paris police arrest anti-Semite black power leader.  

On Sunday, Paris police arrested a convicted anti-Semite and radical black power activist after he arrived in France to promote a new book, a police source told AFP.

5. An article by a good thinker who is well intentioned and has a good thought process, but is missing the facts on islam which would explain why they behead people. Please read the article for those interested and I will post my ‘awaiting moderation’ comment below:

Whoever write this article has a great deal of insight and, in the absence of data, draws wonderful conclusions through pure analysis of his frame of reference.

Sadly in this case, there is a missing piece of the puzzle without which the analysis is meaningless.

One needs to study islam to the point where it is understood in its own frame of reference and not as an extension of our own Western one.

To a religious muslim, all non muslims are lethally guilty. Guilty of not being a muslim. if Jewish then also a host of other capital offenses. If Christian or Shiia then also of shirk, elevation of other things with ‘allah’ which is a death penalty offense without question, as is apostacy. Muslims believe that all people are born muslims so they can make a case that anyone who doesn’t ‘return’ to islam is guilty of a death penalty offense just for not being muslim.

I do not expect anyone to understand this who hasn;t listened to hours of lectures by both muslim scholars within and outside the faith. But read Koran, hadiths, the various tasfirs that exlain koran, the example of mohamed who personally beheaded 900 Jewish people himself and remember, he is said to be the perfect person who’s example should be followed in all things.

The essay above is thoughtful. But head splittingly wrong.



Thank you Yucki, M., Richard, DP111, Oz-Rita and all. More to come I suspect.

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Leftism and Islam and Obama deceptions: Links 2 for Sept. 15 – 2014

1. Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week, a former State Department diplomat is coming forward with a startling allegation: Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to “separate” damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

2. Islamic State firing a wealth of rockets at something. Hama Syria Sept. 15 2014

3. WHY DOES ISIS BEHEAD PEOPLE? Because Mohammed Did

Those who so zealously reminded us–immediately following the beheading of American journalist James Foley–that ISIS “speaks for no religion” are propagating a lie spawned in the bowels of hell.

In fact, ISIS not only speaks for a particular religion (Islam)–but it also mimics every act of brutality and truculence perpetrated by its founder, the Prophet Mohammed.

From subjugating and raping women, to beheading scores of non-Muslims (including infants)–ISIS is simply following the sadistically bloody paradigm set by the prophet.

4. New York’s Annual Muslim Day Parade Targets Israel, Egyptian President

Phyllis Chesler:

NEW YORK, New York– New York City hosted the 29th annual Muslim Day Parade on Sunday, with the theme “Islam and America Share Common Values.” Despite the slogan, the event featured anti-Israeli “occupation” protesters, aggressively anti-Israel speakers, and flyers were distributed featuring a doctored image of Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi wearing swastikas on his face. 

5. Muslim day parade in NYC had low attendance, thankfully, but made up for it in weird 

(The float at a minute fourteen speaks volumes about the Muslim Brotherhood, who clearly sponsored this march)

6. Roger Simon at PJ Media wrote an article explaining how the Islamic State is indeed good to its name. 

Thanks to all, M., Yucki, Richard, Dan F., and many more.

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Battling dissimulation about the Islamic State links: Sept. 15 – 2014

1. Stephen Crowder on, ‘How islamic is isis’

2. Uganda police seize ‘explosives from al-Shabab cell’

Authorities said the terrorist cell was planning to carry out imminent attacks in the capital Kampala.

Nineteen people have been arrested and are being interrogated about their intentions, a police spokesman said.

3. Thailand deaths: Two British tourists killed in Koh Tao

(This particular attack seems like it may have been personal. But clearly muslims have been trying to damage Thailand’s tourism as the bottom few paragraphs suggest)

Some 11 British nationals have been murdered in the country since 2009, according to the Foreign Office.

Official FCO advice warns that western tourists have been victims of “vicious, unprovoked attacks by gangs” on the nearby island of Koh Phangan.

4. ‘Islamic State fighter’ to go on trial in Germany

Prosecutors say Kreshnik Berisha received weapons training and combat experience with the jihadist militants over several months last year.

He was arrested at Frankfurt airport last December while on his way home.

The trial – the first in Germany for alleged membership of IS – comes amid growing alarm at the potential threat posed by jihadis returning to Europe.

5. Alan West interview on the state of the conflict with ‘islamo-fascism’

(Rep. West clearly is attempting to frame what he knows to be true into a package which is more widely salable. Even so he does an excellent job of it and manages to get some important truths out. One of them is that Netanyahu had predicted what would happen when Obama first started talking about troop withdrawal out of Iraq to Alan West)

6. Australian Muslim predictably claims fighting Islamic terrorists will increase hostility towards Australia by local muslims. 

(And fighting Nazi Germany tended to make Nazis living in the US more hostile. And fighting the cold war made communist agents within the US, especially Hollywood, more hostile. And fighting Chinese communists in Vietnam made all the chicken balls go more sour than sweet at communist sympathetic San Diego restaurants. And….)

7. This video claims to be of whimpering Islamic State fighters captured by someone or other.

(While this smacks a little of a kind of triumphalism, I do enjoy hearing these f*cks say something other than the usual aloha snackbar as they torture or kill someone and act like they have scored a winning touchdown in the Superbowl. More here)

8. China in middle of sweeping raids on child islamic indoctrination centers. Claims to have rescued over 190 children.

(The original article puts ‘rescues’ in scare quotes. But I think its a fair term under the circumstances)

9. Cruelty is Simply a Part of Islam, Says Expert

Islamic State’s head-chopping barbarity is not different from everyday Islamic cruelty, says Prof. Rafi Israeli.

10. Rotherham child-sex victim confronts her alleged abuser in the street… but SHE is arrested by a van load of police

(A few weeks ago, on the blogtalk radio program I host on Tuesday evenings (except this Tuesday) we spoke about vigilantism. What I said then holds well to this case. if the British judicial system was working well to represent the interests of the victims, to be a deterrent to criminals, and generally the pubic believed in the state’s ability to deliver justice and keep people safe, then she should have been arrested if she violently confronted her abuser as the law has to be allowed to take its course or its anarchy. However that is not the case now in the UK. The state has admittedly sided with the criminals although they phrase it differently. They knew about what happened and not only did nothing but interfered with those that tried to do something about it. Under these circumstances, the British public needs to rethink their relationship with the state or risk becoming some odd mix of North Korea a typical Islamic state)

A victim of Rotherham’s child sex abuse scandal confronted a man she says groomed her – but was left shocked when she was the one arrested.

The woman was shocked when she saw the man walking through the town’s centre on Friday and decided to challenge him over the allegations.

But she was tackled by two police officers and pushed up against a wall during her ‘thuggish’ arrest, a witness has said.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Yucki, M., DP111, Oz-Rita 

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Issue Monday: Civilization Jihad in America – Are You Prepared?

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Islam, the UK., global warming and more: Links 3 for Sept. 14 – 2014

1. Indonesia arrests four Turks over links to Islamic State

“They are Turkish,” Amar said, confirming the arrest and adding that the men were being investigated for their connection to the dreaded Islamist group.

2. Leader of Australia’s Green party shows the same kind of myopia Green party leaders show in Canada. 

a: she attacks the government decision to fight the Islamic state without proposing an alternative

b: she claims that attacking them will make the enemy mad so it shouldn’t be done. This may define myopia as it applies to geopolitics.

3. Experts Say Jordan in Danger – and Israel’s Next in Line

(WARNING: Much obnoxious code on that site. Autostart and popups. Please everyone never ever buy Mackeeper)

4. Turkey fails to cut Islamic State oil revenue despite US pressure

US Secretary of State John Kerry boards his plane at Cairo International Airport after talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

US Secretary of State John Kerry boards his plane at Cairo International Airport after talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Photo: Reuters

Washington: The Obama administration is struggling to cut off the millions of dollars in oil revenue that has made the Islamic State one of the wealthiest terror groups in history, but, so far, has been unable to persuade Turkey, the NATO ally where much of the oil is traded on the black market, to crack down on an extensive sales network.

Western intelligence officials say they can track the Islamic State oil shipments as they move across Iraq and into Turkey’s southern border regions.

Despite extensive discussions inside the Pentagon, US forces have, so far, not attacked the tanker trucks.

5. CIA, MI6 and Turkey’s rogue game in Syria: New claims say Ankara worked with the US and Britain to smuggle Gaddafi’s weapons to jihadi fighters

(At last. The explanation for the attack on the US embassy in Libya grows near)

6. Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists say

Scientists have declared a new record has been set for the extent of Antarctic sea ice since records began.

Satellite imagery reveals an area of about 20 million square kilometres covered by sea ice around the Antarctic continent.

Jan Lieser from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) said the discovery was made two days ago.

“This is an area covered by sea ice which we’ve never seen from space before,” he said.

7. Rotherham police arrest 7 EDL members while leaving muslim child sex slave gags to operate for years and years.

An open letter to the people of the United Kingdom:

Dear Scotland,

I have no idea if it is in your interests to separate from the United Kingdom and go it on your own as a nation. Think about it and do what is best for yourselves, your culture and your children.

Dear people of Rotherham and all the other towns and cities that have had Islamic Rape Gangs operating about which the police and municipal authorities knew about and did nothing,

Start a referendum now to separate from the UK and go it alone. You cannot possibly do worse than the British Government has done to you. Seriously.

8. Thinking of marrying a Muslim man? Here is one possible future Jewish lady

9. Swedish election:  The leader of Sweden’s Social Democrats says he will try to form a government after their election win, but will not work with the far right. 

10. Child sex gangs? We are too busy trying to catch car thieves… That’s what target-driven police told head of their abuse unit

A senior police officer who warned that vulnerable children were being sexually groomed says she was ignored because her bosses were more interested in fighting car theft.

Detective Inspector Meriel Buglass, who headed a unit dealing with sex offences, claimed her superiors failed to act on her findings for eight months, during which girls continued to be abused.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Ms Buglass, now retired, blames the ‘target-driven culture’ that existed at Greater Manchester Police.

Thank you Yucki, UK Pete, M., and all who sent in materials.

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Bishop of Imola: “Muslims have honour or go away”

Tommaso Ghirelli Bishop of Imola: “Muslims, be men of honour or go away.”

From the Nuovo Diario Messaggero: “We ask for the Muslims amongst us to take a stand against the persecutions and the violence. Otherwise they should have the courage to distance themselves from our land.”

Mohammed Sabir, president of the Islamic House of Culture of Imola, has decided to postpone any public announcement until the 11th September, the day of the commemoration of the victims of the attack on the Twin Towers of New York, regardless of the announcements of condmenation of ISIS by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia.

Thank you Par0 for the translation. H/T M for the video.

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Leftism and Islam: Wrecking civilizations for a very long time: Links 2 for Sept. 14 – 2014

1. Is the US sliding into a typical third world nation?

[...] Of those who did, though, nearly half got their money back, a statistic that fairly screams about the legitimacy of the seizures.

So does another fact: In many cases, authorities offer half the money back – money they’d claimed was proceeds of crime. And when they do issue a cheque, they almost always insist their victim sign a legal release promising never to sue.

2. Egypt security forces kill ‘most dangerous’ members of militant group 

Egypt’s interior minister said on Sunday that a joint army and police offensive in Suez governorate resulted in the death of seven members of Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis militant group, Reuters’ Aswat Masriya reported.

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said in a press conference that police were tipped off that the Sinai-based militant group took shelter in Suez’s Al-Galala Mountain, where they launched their attacks against security institutions and personnel.

Ibrahim added that following a heavy shootout between both sides, security forces ultimately managed to kill the seven members and later identified them via a DNA test.

3. British jihadist medical student, 21, is pictured holding severed head while wearing her white doctor’s jacket 

  • Woman calling herself Mujahidah Bint Usama posted image on Twitter
  • Also wrote ‘dream job, a terrorist doc’ with smiley face and love hearts
  • Woman has also posted images of 9/11 attacks and mutilated soldiers 
  • Has been linked to all-female al-Khanssaa brigade based in Raqqa, Syria

(Original uncensored photo here)

4. Video of jihadis firing missiles and various weapons at seemingly random targets in what may be Syria

5. Sydney in the firing line of Islamic State fanatics: Police escalate search for five rocket launchers 

POLICE have significantly ­escalated their search for five rocket launchers believed to be buried in Sydney bushland by a terror cell linked to Islamic State savages Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar.

NSW and federal police have ramped up their search for the lethal rocket launchers, following the government’s decision to raise the national terror alert level to “high” and ahead of the November G20 meeting in Brisbane.

(Video contains predictable banality and outright lies about what motivates the Islamic State)

Thank you Shabnam, M., Wrath of Khan and all. A great video about to be posted as well.

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And it continues. Islamic war and deception: Links 1 for Sept. 14 – 2014

1. Islamic State: Australia to deploy military force to UAE to prepare for international action against militants in Iraq

The Federal Government is sending 600 Australian personnel to the Middle East in preparation for military action against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the United States had specifically requested Australia contribute to an international strike against the militants, who have captured large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria.

2. Politicians and the media should stop referring to the extremist group controlling parts of Syria and Iraq as “Islamic State” in a bid to discourage Britons from joining them, leading Muslims have warned.

(I have a theory. Leading Muslims don’t want us to use the name, ‘The Islamic State’ which has exactly as much legitimacy as The United States, Australia or Canada for that matter, because it links Islamic state and its actions with the ideology that drives those actions and as a consequence is causing more blowback than Muslim leaders were expecting. So in a bid to slow down Western response, they are hoping to help delink it in the minds of those of us who are sick and tired of watching our cultures, history and laws erode thanks to islamic presence everywhere)

A group of prominent civic and religious figures have written to Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to “r efuse to legitimise” the terror group by switching to an alternative such as “Un-Islamic State”.

The policy would help address the “falsehood” that joining the jihad was acceptable in the eyes of the faith, they told him, and show the vast majority of British Muslims did not support it, they argued.

Security services believe at least 500 Britons have travelled to the region to fight and the potential return of radicalised jihadis to Britain’s shores was behind the recent the decision to raise the UK’s terror threat level.

(They really must think we are idiots)

3. Top Somali anti-terrorism officer shot dead in Mogadishu 

MOGADISHU, Somalia (CNN) — Al-Shabaab militants on Saturday shot dead the deputy chief of Somalia’s anti-terrorism unit, Mohamed Qanuni, in a drive-by shooting in Mogadishu, police said.

Al-Shabaab military operation spokesman Abdiaziz Abu Musab claimed that militants blocked Qanuni’s vehicle with their vehicle at Km5 Junction, spraying it with bullets before escaping from the scene.

4. Angela Merkel speaks in Berlin against anti-Semitism

The event in Berlin is taking place 75 years after the outbreak of the World War Two, in which six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany.

Mrs Merkel has vowed to do everything she can “to ensure anti-Semitism doesn’t have a chance”.

The surge in anti-Semitism follows the summer’s conflict in Gaza.

The rally at the Brandenburg Gate – under the banner “Stand Up: Jew Hatred – Never Again!” – coincides with a World Jewish Congress (WJC) meeting in the capital. [...] She said there was “not a single Jewish institution” in the country that does not require police protection in the current climate….

5. David Haines: PM says Britain will ‘hunt down’ IS killers

(Video relies on the usual attempt to lie to the world about what Islam is or is not. In fact he contradicts himself within the video itself saying both that “Islam is a religion of peace”, and then saying that “There is no option of keeping our heads down, that would keep us safe” presumably in that context meaning we cannot deceive ourselves.

Will address that more fully later today or this week)

6. A video on the escalating antisemitism in France

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, Tundra T., and many more. Tundra T send in an important article about an event in Turkey. I am waiting to see if I can get a proper translation before posting it though, as its too important to get wrong.

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Dad, I’m sorry to say that I can no longer defend your religion

An original translation from SIMONXML

From Volksrandt:

OPINION – Ferdows Kazemi – 09/14/14, 09:00

Open letter ‘Now the evil of your faith is taking over the world, it’s your turn to resist those who will not spare their own brothers,” writes Ferdows Kazemi in an open letter to her father.

Dear Daddy,

Over the last two weeks I have been teaching the daughter of your brother Dutch. As you know, she has to become naturalized before she is finally reunited with her husband in the Netherlands. She’s a sweet girl and above all very eager to learn, like many girls in Iran. She can already say short sentences.

She asked our daughter, in Dutch: “Do you have a children’s book for me?” I was proud of her that she had only been here for two weeks and already could speak a complete and correct sentence. And even prouder that she asked for a book. Admittedly, a children’s book – just like I started 21 years ago – but a book.
favorite song

Last week I let her hear a song, my favorite Dutch song with the lyrics. She had to listen and fill in the missing words in the text. Stef Bos sang “Daddy … and you believe in God. So you’re going to heaven. And I believe in nothing. So we will never meet again after death, never again after death”.

It does not matter how often I hear this song. This part of the text still touches me. Your cousin did not notice that I had tears in my eyes. She was busy filling in the holes in the text.

Dear Daddy, you believe in God and his Prophet Mohammad and I believe in nothing. I had already lost touch with your God and his prophet by my 21st. So, we grew apart; we do not understand each other. We did this without losing each other. You still pray that God forgives me for my wickedness, because you do think I am a good person.

And I have always loved you, despite my dislike of your God, because I think you’re a good man. But Daddy before your God forgives me for my wickedness, you must forgive me that I do not need forgiveness. I’m sorry to say that I can no longer defend your religion. I can no longer downplay so many crimes that your fellow believers in the world commit. “Can you explain so many crimes committed by Westerners in the name of civilisation”, would be your answer. No dad, I have no explanation for that either. But you know that I have always fiercely opposed that. I have never downplayed it. Now the evil of your faith is taking over the world, it’s your turn to resist those who will not even spare their own brothers and sisters. Continue reading

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