Geopolitics and shifting regional alliances due to Russian intervention: Links 2 on Oct. 5 – 2015

1. UPDATED: Syrian rebels call for regional alliance against Russia and Iran

More than 40 Syrian insurgent groups including the powerful Islamist faction Ahrar al-Sham have called on regional states to forge an alliance against Russia and Iran in Syria, accusing Moscow of occupying the country and targeting civilians.

The insurgents, including rebel groups under the umbrella of the Free Syria Army, said such regional cooperation was needed to counter “the Russian-Iranian alliance occupying Syria”.

Last week Russian jets based in western Syria launched air strikes against targets Moscow has identified as bases of the hardline Islamic State group, but which President Bashar al-Assad’s opponents say disproportionately hit rival, foreign-backed insurgents.

2. Saudi Arabia signals easing of tension with Brotherhood leader

(Salafis and Wahabiis uniting over Russia?)

The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood attended a ceremony organized by Saudi Arabia in Doha on Friday, signaling an easing of Riyadh’s hostility towards the Islamist movement.

Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born and Qatar-based cleric, whose fiery sermons have strained ties with Egypt and Gulf neighbors, appeared alongside the Qatari prime minister and the Saudi ambassador at an event in Doha to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s national day.

3. Iraqi Shia militia welcomes Russian action against Islamic State, criticises US

One of Iraq’s most powerful Shia Muslim militias said on Monday it fully supported Russia’s intervention and air strikes against Islamic State in the Middle East and accused the United States of being indecisive in its campaign against the group.

Naim al-Uboudi, a spokesman for Asaib Ahl al-Haq, said Russia’s air strikes in Syria had already produced results.

“We know that the United States, during the past year and a half was not serious about putting an end to Daesh,” he said, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

Last month, Iraq said its military officials were engaged in intelligence and security cooperation in Baghdad with Russia, Iran and Syria to counter the threat from Islamic State.

4. Edward Snowdon explains how your phone can be controlled by outside agency to a degree that leaves you vulnerable even if you think you have tuned it off.

5. China’s military advisers ‘heading to Syria to help fight ISIS’ – report

The General Tzo

China will be helping out the Syrian government in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) by sending “military advisers,” media reports have claimed.

“The Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks,” a Syrian army official told the Lebanon-based news website Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi.

The report claims that a Chinese naval vessel is on its way to Syria with dozens of “military advisers” on board. They will reportedly be followed by troops.

The ship is said to have passed the Suez Canal in Egypt and be making its way through the Mediterranean Sea.

(There may be a lot more to this story than is written in this article. If true, it should be known shortly. But the Chinese may invest itself heavily in this situation very quickly)

6. Islamic State ‘executes 70 Sunni tribesmen in Iraq’

Sheikh Naeem al-Gaoud told the BBC that members of the Al Bu Nimr tribe were shot dead in the village of Khanizir, in Anbar province, on Sunday night.

He said the tribesmen were killed because they had relatives serving in the Iraqi security forces.

The Al Bu Nimr have played an important role in battling jihadists for years.

7. AUSTRALIA – Farhad Jabar: Police believe gunman was no ‘lone wolf’ but part of an extremist pack

POLICE are working on the ­theory that teen terrorist Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar was acting on the orders of other radicals and was not a “lone wolf’’ killer.

NSW counterterrorism ­officers are investigating who may have supplied the gun he used to carry out the brutal ­murder of a civilian staffer at Parramatta police headquarters on Friday afternoon.

“The possibility the teenager was used by extremists is a strong line of inquiry,’’ a senior officer involved in the operation told The Daily Telegraph.

“That includes searching his computers, electronic devices and who he was in contact with on the days leading up to the shooting and on the day itself.’’

8. Two Turkish fighter jets harassed on Syrian border: Army

(It may not navigate directly there, in which case you have to select the headline above in the right sidebar from where the link takes you)

 Two Turkish F-16 fighter jets were harassed by an unidentified MIG-29 for five minutes during a patrol flight on the border with Syria, the Turkish General Staff has stated.

“Ten F-16 fighter jets were patrolling the Turkey-Syria border. During this mission, two of our F-16’s were harassed by an unidentified MIG-29, with a lock on for a total of five minutes and 40 seconds,” said the statement.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and all.

All comments welcome.

Nine very important items, each of which are indicative or conclusive of bad bad things. Links 1 on Oct. 5 – 2015

1. Secret government report leaked indicates actual number of migrants/UMIs entering Europe this year is 1.5 MILLION

(Once again the government tips its totalitarian hand by misinforming the people so they may not make any decisions in their own interests)

A SECRET Government report leaked to a German newspaper reveals how authorities have kept the true number of refugees pouring into the country down and that a mammoth 1.5 million – any maybe more – are expected this year.

Larger families of the refugees are placing more strain on the system than initially expectedGETTY

Larger families of the refugees are placing more strain on the system than initially expected

It also predicted an increasing – perhaps even intolerable – strain on resources to deal with them all as the right for individuals to bring in family members if they are granted asylum could swell arrivals in the next two years to over seven million.

As social tensions rise and asylum centres are torched by neo-Nazis, Bild newspaper revealed on Monday that authorities reckon on 920,000 people arriving in the last three months of this year.

2. A couple of clips from Australia rolled into one

3. Ham Sandwiches And Sausage Rolls May Be Banned From Office Kitchens For Being ‘Offensive’

(On a scale of importance from 1 to 10 where say, sharia patrols are a 7, this is an 11)

Kitchens that are shared between office workers may soon be banned from storing pork products like sausage rolls over fears that they are “offensive”.

New guidelines proposed by interfaith group CoExist House say that employers should consider worker’s religions before allowing ham sandwiches placed in the fridge alongside other products.

The group also suggests that alcohol should not be served at corporate events in case it upsets members of certain faiths.

Andy Dinham, professor of faith and public policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, is writing up the guidelines that will be put forward to employers this week.

(I have an alternate suggestion…)

4. Islamic father is arrested for ‘beating his four-year-old daughter to death’ because she did not cover her head while she ate lunch

A man has been arrested and accused of killing his four-year-old daughter because she did not notice her head scarf slip from her head while eating lunch.

Jafar Hussain, from the town of Bareilly, in Uttar Pradesh, India, is alleged to have killed his daughter Farheen by repeatedly throwing her against the ground after he flew into a rage.

According to The Hindustan Times, his wife – who is also the girl’s mother – attempted to intervene but was unable to stop the killing and suffered a beating herself.

(Of course that can’t possibly work. The only thing that does work against the Islamic State is to slip them weapons via the Libyan embassy, training people who defect to them with billions in money and weapons and training, and playing golf. Everyone knows that! Putin is in for a big surprise I bet!)

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa.

The city is the self-declared capital of in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.

Putin is set to mobilise 150,000 reservists who he conscripted into the military earlier this week

6. High Tension UMIs in Germany

7. U.S. Aims to Put More Pressure on ISIS in Syria

(And the New York Times would never participate in a lie, right?)

WASHINGTON — The American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State has begun preparing to open a major front in northeastern Syria, aiming to put pressure on Raqqa, the terrorist group’s de facto capital, according to military and administration officials.

President Obama last week approved two important steps to set the offensive in motion over the coming weeks, officials said. Mr. Obama ordered the Pentagon, for the first time, to directly provide ammunition and perhaps some weapons to Syrian opposition forces on the ground. He also endorsed the idea for an increased air campaign from an air base in Turkey, although important details still need to be worked out.

Together, these measures are intended to empower 3,000 to 5,000 Arab fighters who would join more than 20,000 Kurdish combatants in an offensive backed by dozens of coalition warplanes to pressure Raqqa, the Islamic State’s main stronghold in Syria. Plans are also moving forward to have Syrian opposition fighters seal an important 60-mile part of the country’s border with Turkey to cut off critical supply lines of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

(All this will amount to what it always does. A whole bunch more trained and armed people joining the Islamic State)

8. Russia flips the bird at Turkey and NATO by ignoring Turkish airspace with its jets.

(NATO responds but doesn’t threaten to draw a red line or anything that might be interpreted as hostile)

9. Germans and German media demand real numbers of the horde invading Europe now.

Thank you Maria J., Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, and all and more to come.

Collection of articles and news reflecting aspects of the day. More going on and coming soon. Links 2 on Oct. 4 – 2015

1. A Finnish woman speaking in favour of preserving Finland as a culture, a people and a nation, was attacked on stage during her speech by another woman who doesn’t look leftist or crazy at all

A bit more on her attacker. I think the first question should be, ‘What college do you attend?’ Could it be this one? More at Tundra Tabloids

Here is another video of the same event with titles

(This may be a good moment to repost an important concept. At TT, they quote someone present who says the following:

“HS also interviewed me. I saw the desperation from the journalists face. I knew he could not use any of it, because it was so good what I said.”

This has happened to me exactly where CBC interviewed me on something and as I represented my POV well, they did not broadcast my interview, which is more honest than how the leftist media represents the other side now, with careful editing and dishonest representations of people’s own views. People must remember if and when they chose to speak to any MSM to ALWAYS record the interview yourself with your phone even if you can just get audio or just get the interviewer but ideally get a friend to video you both from the side so if the media treats you dishonestly or does not broadcast a good interview and does broadcast ludicrous and non-representational ones, you can publish what actually took place. This is no small thing. This is a tactical necessity.)

2. Reuters article attempting to deflect the blame from islam for islamic terrorist acts of jihad in Australia on to Australians. Of course.

3. An UMI explains why he wants to go to Norway

4. Here is a series of short videos from Calais entitled, ‘The Angry People of Calais’. Although its a French site, the videos are mostly self explanatory.

There are impotent things to know about this demonstration:

  1. It was banned but took place anyway
  2. It took place about 3 hours ago
  3. The residents of this town are normally quite subdued and relaxed.
  4. The mayor of this town is a far left pro-islam person who banned this march
  5. it was organized by the critically important Website, Fdesouche which is linked above. If ever Western civilization is to survive I hope they get a statue next to Charles Martel

5. Obama takes the usual sanctimonious position on the murder of Jews by muslims doing jihad for explicitly antisemitic reasons. Its as close as he can get to blaming them out loud when they are the victims. He does blame them out loud when its easier to spin of course.

5. In second attack, Israeli teen stabbed near Jerusalem’s Old City

A Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli teen outside Jerusalem’s Old City early Sunday morning, in the second such attack in the past day.

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The suspected assailant was reportedly shot dead by Israeli security forces.

The 15-year-old victim, later named as Moshe Malka, was moderately injured and received treated on site by paramedics. He was taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital in stable condition with wounds to the chest and back.

The attack took place near the Old City’s Damascus Gate.

6. Hundreds of would-be muslim terrorists surrender to Russia…

News links here and here

7. Many more however, ‘declare war’ on them. (Although one might be hard pressed to know the difference)

8. One US soldier has a few things to say in response to the latest Islamic State threat

(I suspect the person referred to at the end is this man)

9. 52 Saudi clerics, scholars call to battle Russian forces in Syria

(I guess the Russians will have to get special Italian table cloth penetrating bullets now)

Fifty two Saudi inciters, both academics and clerics, have called on the public to “hurry” to Syria where they should be fighting Russian forces.

The clerics, some of which are members of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, called on “all those who are able, and outside of Saudi Arabia, to answer the calls of jihad” and to fight alongside one of the extremist groups facing Russian forces.

According to experts, by issuing this statement, inciters seek to implicate Saudi, Gulf, and Muslim youths in the fight against Russian forces, mirroring Al-Qaeda’s and the Taliban’s recruitment of young fighters during the Afghan-Soviet war.

10. Oh look! Ahmed the clock faker had priors! 

(Video at FOX link above)

Thank you Liberty Dk., M., Richard, Oz-Rita, C. Stan., and many others. There is much in the works, some of which is very time consuming, so it is happening at the expense of other things. But there is a Romanian who has accomplished great things and a few of us are working on bringing you the story of how he stopped a mosque and starting a serious and effective movement against islamization in Romania as well as starting an effective movement nation wide, and if we can help it, world wide. But this may take a day or two.

‘Refugees’ boozing it on way to Sweden

An original Translation by Liberty Dk.

From this Swedish webzine

To whom do we open our hearts? Vulnerable women and children fleeing from terror and war, or grown men celebrating with alcohol prior to their arrival in Sweden? Nils Eklund was on the ferry between Germany and Sweden and is critical of the media’s image of asylum chaos.

They looked like they were having a great time, he told “Fria Tider” about the partying asylum seekers.
Friday evening Nils Eklund was on the ferry M/S Sassnitz between Sassnitz in Germany to the Swedish town of Trelleborg. On board there were, according to ferry employees, about 300 illegal migrants on their way to seek asylum in Sweden.

At least 90 percent were men, or rather big young men between the age of 20-35. I only saw one family. A veiled woman with two children he tells Fria Tidor. He continued:
The men were very well dressed in the latest fashion. They had mobile phones which they were either using or that they were recharging. They did not lack money for neither food nor drink in the restaurant, nor for purchasing items from the onboard duty free store. They looked like they were having a great time, sort of what you’d expect from a class on a school trip.

Eklund says that he briefly got into conversation with some young Afghan men in the 20-25 age range who had provisioned themselves in the duty free shop.
I think it was a bottle of whiskey they were enjoying. They had small plastic shot glasses. And they were snacking on things like chips and cheese puffs, he says.
Eklund said that he didn’t think that they looked like refugees who had come through a rough time or who had suffered any sort of hardship. He added that quite a few of the Swedish passengers were offended.

The Swedish people should know who it is that is coming to our country. “I hope they send them all back”! one person on board exclaimed.

The veneer is peeling. Leftism becomes triumphalist about its real ambitions, the destruction of classical civilization: Links 1 on Oct. 4 – 2015

1: An interesting article about how the US and a series of bribes may be what is allowing for a nuclear Iran

Earlier this year the Qatar Awareness Campaign produced an extensive report on the Islamic infiltration of American public life, The Betrayal Papers (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6). The New Coalition of Concerned Citizens is an outgrowth of that earlier project. Its latest report investigates the corrupt process by which the American nuclear deal with Iran was put together. The authors deserve our gratitude for going public with their important research.

House of Bribes: How the United States led the way to a Nuclear Iran

“I think that the American companies will be welcomed in Iran… This is not a game for junior companies, and I call juniors anything below a billion-dollar market cap. This is a big-money game.”

— An American Portfolio Manager, July 2015

Executive Summary: […]

2. Cairo University bans teachers from wearing the face veil

Cairo University has decided to ban on Tuesday its academic staff from wearing face veils, also known as niqab, inside classrooms.

The controversial decision was made by Gaber Nassar, the chairman of the university, ahead of the start of the academic year next week.

“It is not allowed for the academic staff and their assistants in all faculties and institutions to teach in theoretical or practical classes or to attend laboratories or practical trainings while wearing the niqab,” the policy states.

Nassar says the decision was made for the sake of “general welfare” and is meant to “ease communication with students” and “advance the educational process”.

3. Germany: Suspected arson attack hits Thuringia refugee shelter

4. Extremist Muslim group to hold workshops at Deakin University

Islamic Peace Conference

Waseem Razvi speaks at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne. Source: News Corp Australia

An extremist Muslim group are holding workshops at Melbourne’s Deakin University this weekend based on the teachings of Islamic scholars who have recommended the death penalty for homosexuals and apostates, promoted terrorism and preached hatred of Jews and Christians and violence against women.
5. Good video on Australian muslim who shot an accountant to death as his jihad.

6. Washington Times journalist Todd Wood is the latest to come out with what has been obvious to most of us for quite a while now about President Obama and his real agenda of fundamental transformation of America

7. I made this video a few years ago and post it whenever I get in a discussion with someone about Obama as this moment in 2009 actually should have been enough proof for anyone of Obama’s real ambitions and real sentiments about the American people. Had this been any other president and had the US still had a free press it would have heralded the shortest presidency of modern times.


Thank you Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan, M., Oz-Rita, and many more and much more to come.


Citizens of the Czech Republic and neighboring states discuss forming militias, leaving EU etc.

This was inevitable as it is clearly necessary as it becomes obvious that the EU and US is attempting to destroy the nation state and create a Eurasia which will be predominantly muslim an certainly not culturally or legally or historically European nation states. I hope this small band of brave people succeed.

The translator added a few things I didn’t put in the video:

The signs do complement the speech to complete the picture.
Silesia is a nation that has been a bit squeezed and straggles the border between Poland and Moravia – yummy food in the extreme.
This is the first bit of Silesian nationalism I have seen in decades (apart from cooking shows) and the Silesian flag seems to have been updated and modernized.  Interesting development, to say the least…

The Balkinization of the world due to islam continues. Pockets of resistance form. Links 3 on Oct. 3 – 2015

1. More grotesque media manipulation to fit the compulsory narrative. This time by CNN and about the most recent school massacre by a mulatto who selected against Christians as targets. In case there is anyone left who has not seen this 12 min. clip, here is Bill Whittle explaining exactly what the native is, how it is enforced and gives solid evidence of giant TV media doing it to the purpose.

2. Video of a few hundred Czechs protesting islam and its current hijra into the West.

(sent to translator. Will do if its anything worthwhile)

3. Afghani found Jesus after raping 14-year-old Swede

-In 2013 Mohamed brutally raped a Swedish girl

-He was then sentenced to deportation by Falu District Court

-Converted to Christianity in custody; will now receive welfare and permanent residency in Sweden because his new faith “can’t be practiced in Afghanistan”.

21-year-old Mohamed from Afghanistan was sentenced to deportation for a brutal rape of a 14-year-old Swedish girl. But in custody he claims that he converted to Christianity and was therefore quickly granted permanent residency because Christians risk persecution in his home country.

4. “Palestinian” Muslims launch fireworks, wave flags to celebrate brutal jihad murder of Israeli couple

(Israel may launch a few fireworks of their own)

“Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas…” — Barack Obama, March 21, 2013

Fatah celebrates murder

4. International petition to show support for Hungary.

5. Palestinian kills two in Jerusalem, then shot dead

6. Enjoy this wonderful story of one Romanian hero’s triumph over Islam, leftist corruption and a mega mosque in a land famous for resisting Islamic invasion. 

(I am working on getting the video titled in that story)


My sincere apologies. I posted this before it was properly vetted. 

7. Check out this non-MSM datums about the Oregon shooter

(Click link to see full size)

And a great article on the pink washing of a 1/2 black islam sympathizing mass killer.



Thank you M., Krishan B, Wrath of Khan, and many many more, Its very busy, and I am losing track a bit today but know Im grateful to all.

There is more to come most certainly. A couple of very interesting videos. One from Romanian and one from the Czech republic.


Its easy to win an invasion and occupation when the people you attack suppress all attempts to describe the facts: Links 2 on Oct. 3 – 2015

In the previous post in item 9 is a one hour lecture by Robert Spencer which is exceptionally good and not the usual but also excellent material by Mr. Spencer. If you can’t find an hour. try to watch it in 10 minute segments. It is up to date and deals with issues that are affecting us all.

1. Eurotunnel services suspended as migrants storm tunnel

Eurotunnel services were suspended after a “large and co-ordinated” group” of migrants stormed the tracks, services won’t resume until after 10am

Eurotunnel services were suspended on Saturday after more than 200 migrants broke into its French terminal in a “massive and organised” assault.

Passenger and freight services through the tunnel were halted for several hours while French police struggled to contain the invasion and remove the migrants.

Two police officers and four migrants suffered minor injuries during scuffles, local authorities of the Pas-de-Calais region said.

Around 100 of the migrants managed to walk as far as 15 kilometres into the Channel Tunnel during the mass break-in before police intervened to stop them getting any further.

2. Would Obama have mentioned it if the killer had targeted muslims instead of Christians? Because he certainly didn’t mention it when he knew that the killer had targeted Christians.

3. Ron Ramsey: Christians should consider arming themselves

(And Jews, and Hindus, and Buddhists, and Zoroastrians, and B’hai, and atheists, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a muslim)

Responding to a mass shooting at an Oregon community college that left 10 people dead, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey on Friday encouraged fellow Christians who are serious about their faith to consider getting a gun.

Ramsey, R-Blountville, made those remarks in a Facebook post Friday, one day after a shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., left 10 people dead. The suspect, 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, reportedly asked victims to name their religious affiliation during the massacre.

4. Refugee camps may blow with violence, German police officials warn

Germany is at risk of violent outbreaks in camps housing asylum seekers, senior German police personnel warned after a string of incidents at various facilities accommodating the refugees.

“We’re running the risk that the situation in refugee accommodation will get out of control,” German police union chief Rainer Wendt told the mass-circulation newspaper Bild.

“Our experience suggests that in many places there are, unfortunately, very targeted and well-prepared violent clashes with ethnic or religious motivations almost every day.”

A similar warning came from Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere on Thursday.

5. Amazing footage from Syria

6. Eurotunnel an organized invasion

7. Pictured: Teenager, 15, who died after gunning down a police accountant in Sydney – a day after his sister ‘left the country on a flight to Istanbul’

The sister of the 15-year-old gunman who stormed a police headquarters and killed an accountant may have tried to reach Syria the day before the shooting, it has emerged.

Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad shot Curtis Cheng, 58, in the back of the head before he was then gunned down by constables guarding the station in Parramatta,Sydney

The ‘radicalised’ Iranian-born youth reportedly visited a mosque where he changed into a black robe just before the killing which has been condemned as an ‘act of terrorism’.

It has emerged that his sister Shadi may have been attempting to reach Iraq or Syria the day before the shooting as she flew out of Australia on a flight bound for Istanbul on Thursday. 

She reportedly took all her belongings with her, according to the ABC. 

8. The Rebel has a petition to ask the government to sell off or privatize the CBC. I think that isn’t just an excellent idea, I would say a case can be made that the CBC has not lived up to, and in fact deliberately avoids its legal responsibilities as a state broadcaster and must be sold off to the private sector and should not receive any more public funds than any other private broadcaster does.

9. Germany: Huge riot police presence greets far-right Thuringia demo


Thank you Richard, M., Buck, Wrath of Khan and many more.

Lining up the next set already.

This is a war of competing values. Life Vs. death. Item 9 Links 1 on Oct. 3 – 2015

1: Gunman who shot dead NSW police employee was radicalised youth

(Radicalized what? Radicalized vegetarian I guess. They can be real a**holes)

The actions of the 15-year-old gunman who shot dead a New South Wales police civilian employee were an act of terrorism, police say.

The radicalised youth of Iraq-Kurdish background killed the employee as he was leaving police headquarters at Parramatta in Sydney’s west around 4:30pm yesterday.

The offender then fired several more shots at officers as they emerged from the building to respond to the incident.

He was killed when the officers, who are special constables, returned fire.

Commissioner Andrew Scipione said police were a long way from establishing a full picture of the gunman but could confirm he was of Iraqi-Kurdish background and born in Iran.

(All those places are notoriously full of vegetarians. Radical ones are often called ‘vegans’ I believe)

[…] He urged the community to remember the Australian Muslim community would be especially appalled by the crime.

(Oh OK we can tell from this that he definitely wasn’t a muslim whatever kind of radical he was. The Daily Mail at least attempts to tell the truth albeit by inference)

2. Muslim family are driven from their home… after they converted to Christianity: Neighbours vandalise car and call them ‘blasphemers’ 

An Asian family who converted to Christianity claim they are being driven out of their home for the second time by Muslim persecutors.

Nissar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their six children said they have suffered an appalling ordeal at the hands of neighbours who regard them as blasphemers.

They claim they are effectively prisoners in their own home after being attacked in the street, having their car windscreens repeatedly smashed and eggs thrown at their windows.

Mr Hussain, 49, has even given up his career as a nurse due to the effect on his health.

Police have been called numerous times to deal with the trouble but are said to be reluctant to treat the problem as a religious hate crime.

Appalling treatment: The Hussain family (from left to right: Father Nissar Hussain, 49, his children, Anniesa, 21, Miriam, 17, Leena, 14, Isaaq, 7, Sarah, 19, and wife Kubra, 45,) are regarded as 'blasphemers' by their neighbours

3. Hindu Hero rescues kidnapped women who are force-‘converted’ to islam and then raped and made into baby-machines till death or rescue.

(The enormity of this all really does beggar the imagination at times)

4. German minister expresses some frustration at the lack of appreciation and manners from the ‘refugees’

5. Two dozen Iraqi Christians who fled ISIS and crossed into the U.S. seeking religious asylum could be booted out in days 

Iraqi Christians fleeing persecution at the hands of ISIS are being turned away at the American border despite having family sponsors – as thousands of Muslims are granted asylum.

At least 27 of the targeted minority, known as Chaldeans, have been held in detention in San Diego since entering through the Mexican border this spring.

Now, after months of waiting, 22 have denied asylum and sent back across the Atlantic to Europe, as another five await a verdict.

In total, America had accepted just 727 fleeing Christians at the start of 2015 – a fraction of the 4,200 Muslims granted asylum – and few since.

(This is not an isolated incident nor is it the first one. Lets hope these people make it to Canada)


German Chancellor Angela Merkel could win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, the influential Bild newspaper said Friday, as the leader is lauded worldwide for her courage in opening her country’s doors to refugees fleeing war and persecution.

“Chancellor Angela Merkel has a good chance of winning the Nobel Peace Prize,” said the newspaper.

“Reasons: her actions in the Ukraine crisis and the refugee policies,” it added.

7. Imam of Oregon’s Biggest Mosque Told Muslims to Kill Americans

A few years ago the Oregonian’s Helen Jung was whining about how the FBI was being mean to the nice Imam and his mosque.

The unexplained actions are aggravating the FBI’s already poor relationship with the mosque and fueling fear and frustration among Muslims that their house of worship appears to be once again in the government’s cross hairs…

In Oregon, Masjed As-Saber stands out for its traditional focus and charismatic imam, who urges worshippers to stay true to the vast library of strict Islamic teachings, down to the conviction that men and women shouldn’t trim their eyebrows.

8. Revealed: Acid Attacker Is Muslim Convert – Not Mentioned In BBC, Media

Billal Kidd­ Mujahideen and his brother briefly became the most wanted men the UK last week, following a gruesome acid attack on a mother of six. More than a week after Billal’s religious affiliations were exposed, however, the BBC and most of the mainstream media are continuing to report only his Christian name, with no mention of the fact that he appears to be a Muslim convert.

9. Robert Spencer on the IS and life Vs. death

10. Court hands down first prison terms for Spanish jihadist recruiters

Spain’s High Court has sentenced 11 people from the Spanish exclave of Ceuta to prison terms ranging between 10 and 12 years for recruiting terrorists to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS).

It is the first time a Spanish court has handed down prison sentences against jihadist recruiters operating in Spain.

11. Rape by muslims in Sweden must be some kind of national sport

Thank you Buck, M., Richard, JohnnyU., Kathy, Fausta’s blog, Wrath of Khan, and all. More on the way.

OSCE moments from Sept. 29 – 2015 in Warsaw Poland

I am working from a three hour clip and asking people to watch three hours of bureaucrats rationalize and justify the new totalitarian order they plan to selectively enforce in favour of cultural Marxism and islam on us all is to much to ask. I would, as they say, rather watch paint peel. But over time I will post segments that are worthwhile and important as they are discovered.

Below, a Turkish man who is with an organization that beards itself with the name, ‘Center for Public Debate, and then right below that, a spokesman for ACT For America who attempts to remind the room that democracy isn’t possible when politicians can’t say anything that might hurt someone’s religious sensibilities. I will post more as they are done including and hopefully tonight, Stephen Coughlin’s segment as well as Elisabeth Sabaditch Wolf’s interventions. However in the entire 3 hours of video by an odd coincidence, theirs was the only one where the audio is too distorted to make out.

I may have B roll with it and if I do not, I will have to subtitle it from their prepared text. Please check back to this post now and again for additions from this session at the OSCE.

Each one of these segments are less than 3 minutes.

Center for Public Debate

ACT For America

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Would the last one out please burn down the place? At least it will be warm before its dark. Links 3 on Oct. 2 – 2015

1. Well, its official. Germany is no longer a democracy. It simply cannot be said to be democratic if you cannot criticize important government policies like immigration

The 42-year-old Bachmann, who came under fire a year ago after referring to migrants as “filth” and “cattle” on his Facebook page, was charged with inciting Germans against migrants, according to German prosecutors.

Bachmann founded the group Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, or PEGIDA, last year, organizing weekly demonstrations in the city of Dresden. He stepped down after the outcry following his social media posts, as well as selfies that surfaced online showing him with a Hitler moustache. He later apologized for the comments, calling them “ill-considered.”

He was reinstated as the group’s chairman in February. Anti-immigrant demonstrations have continued in Dresden, though the number of particpants have dwindled, according to the Associated Press.

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(It should be noted that every time an imam uses the word ‘kufar’ to refer to non-muslims he is being considerably more ‘intolerant’ and insightful than anything this man is reputed to have said)

2. Police Escort For Emergency Services Demanded After Attacks At Migrant Tent City

(And another no-go zone is born)

The camp has also been rocked by a number of riots and violent clashes.

The 3,000 residents of Calden, situated seven miles north of Kassel and renowned for its beautiful Rococo palace, were happy to welcome the migrants when they first started arriving. Four garages worth of clothing and other items were donated, and the village’s local volunteer fire fighters lent a hand constructing a tent city within the grounds of a local airport. Facilities include a medical centre and 30 showers.

But the camp, built for 1,000 but now host to 1,380 migrants, has played witness to a number of violent incidents, including riots and beatings, making the local residents fear for their own safety.

3. Hungary’s prime minister says the refugees and migrants arriving in Europe are mostly young men who “look more like an army than asylum seekers.”

(Good thing he didn’t say that in Germany. Could mean 5 years in club fed)

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Friday on state radio that while he did not reject the right of any country to try to solve its demographic problems “with young men from the Arab world who look like warriors,” it was unacceptable “to have this forced upon Hungary.”

Orban, who is advocating for global quotas for receiving migrants, says it is unfair for countries like the United States, the rich Arab states, Israel and Australia to expect Europe to take in the migrants while accepting few or none themselves.

Related: Hungary’s Orban: Croatian counterpart directed by Socialist International in migrant crisis

By PABLO GORONDI, Associated Press

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary’s prime minister lambasted his Croatian counterpart Friday, accusing him of being the envoy of a global left-wing organization with the job of attacking Hungary — some the strongest statements yet in neighborhood disputes caused by the migrant crisis.

Meanwhile, officials in the Czech Republic said they were willing to send more than 100 police and soldiers to help Hungary defend its European Union borders, which could include the border with Croatia. That could create the awkward situation of EU members guarding the borders of a fellow member country with troops.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the parties in the Socialist International, which includes Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic’s Social Democratic Party, support migration, think the wave of migrants reaching Europe is a “good thing” and their leaders “are following the orders not so much of their people as of the Socialist International.”

4. Syria guarantees safes return to its citizens who wish to return

(Which will make no difference to Europe because the migrants are mostly non-Syrian)

5. Duma Syria

(The weather in Syria is quite bomby since the Russians joined the fray)

6. Toronto Star’s “heroic” Palestinian women are actually Muslim Brotherhood activists

7. Hamburg To Seize Empty Commercial Properties For Migrant Housing

Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law allowing the state to seize empty commercial properties for reuse as emergency migrant accommodation. The move comes as more violence is reported in refugee centres across the country.

Called the “Law for the protection of refugees in accommodation facilities ” the legislation was passed last night,  just 24-hours after some 200 Syrian and Afghan refugees clashed in a crowded refugee centre in the city, leaving four people injured in the third such riot this week.

The massive influx of migrants has put pressure on a city that is already home to 1.7 million people and authorities have moved to find accommodation for the incomers. Some are sleeping rough outdoors leading to local tensions and inter-ethnic rivalries.

8. A few months ago, a meeting of the OSCE was held where Stephen Coughlin busted some anti-free-speechers who wanted to criminalize criticism of islam even when its true.

A similar meeting took place on Sept. 29 this year and I will be uploading segments of it over the next few days. Stephen and ESW also gave interventions on proposed new regulations on this matter. Below, is a speech by a Turkish delegate with an organization which bearded itself with the name, ‘Organization for public debate’ which in true islamic fashion means organization against any public debate whatsoever.

Thank you Buck, SWAT., M., Wrath of Khan, Babs and a posse of other great people diligently looking out for our rapidly diminishing freedoms.

Assaults, rape, murder and jihad, the legacy of socialism and islam grows by the hour: Links 2 on Oct. 2 – 2015

1. Refugees suspected of assaulting five women in Almere

Three men requesting asylum in Almere are suspected in the assaults of as many as five women in the Flevoland city. One of the cases involves an 18-year-old woman attacked overnight at a taxi stand by the men, believed to be residents of the asylum reception center there, according to Almere Nieuws.

The incident, followed live by police on a closed-circuit television system, started when the men grabbed the woman at a Grote Markt taxi station off De Herbergsteeg at about 3 a.m. The woman was rescued by a girlfriend who also notified police.

Dispatchers connected to a security camera system there had officers at the scene within minutes. The three suspects were caught soon after. A fourth person was also apprehended, reported the Telegraaf.

The suspects are all aged from 18 to 20 years old. A father of one victim said the men, “did not clearly understand that Dutch women are not pleased by being sexually assaulted after a night out.”

2. Sydney Shooting: 2 Dead After Gunman ‘In Black’ Opens Fire Outside NSW Police Headquarters

(So posible jihadi unless you ask Obama, then its a problem in the Goth community)

Two people were killed in a shooting Friday outside the New South Wales (NSW) state police headquarters in western Sydney. The gunman, who was “dressed in all black,” was reportedly shot down by police.

The incident took place on Charles Street in the business district of Parramatta, the NSW police said, in a statement. Australian police sealed off streets and warned the public to keep away from the area.

“It appears an officer has discharged his weapon, responding to a report that a person had been shot,” the statement read. “A critical incident team will now investigate all circumstances surrounding the incident.”

3. Did the US delegate to the Un receive instructions to not be present for Israel’s speech?

(I would break it down this way. How does Obama treat the non-democratic nation which does the most executions and for trivial reasons like ‘sorcery’, will not let women drive and has 2 cities where non-muslims are not allowed to enter and endorses and promotes actual slavery of black people? The compare it to how he treats a US ally, a democratic state with equal right for all, even the people who ideologically are committed to her destruction, and the single biggest contributor of medical advancements per capita the world has ever known.)

4. Swedes hysterical over non-Nazi version of non-Nazi swastika while perfectly ok with actual Nazis. 

5. ‘They cut them off with a butcher’s knife’: Syrian boy, 14, describes horrific moment ISIS militant dubbed ‘The Bulldozer’ hacked off his HAND and FOOT because he refused to join terror group

6. Third generation muslims in the Netherlands offer us all a word of advice.

7. Liberal candidate resigns because of controversial Facebook posts calling mosques ‘brainwashing stations’

(I disagree. After spending time at a mosque your brain is anything other than clean. However her resignation shows that the Liberal party of Canada is indeed a brain-conformity station. They made that clear with the pronouncement on abortion)

The Truth North Times shared a number of Facebook posts that appeared to be from Thomas, including one in which she called mosques “brainwashing stations.”

Thomas appeared to make an offensive comment about the ethnicity of Santa Claus on Dec. 11,2012.

Santa has to be white!!! You can’t have a brown guy with a beard sneaking into your house in the middle of the night! You’d be calling a bomb squad!!!

She also appeared to comment on the Israel-Palestine conflict in 2014, linking Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Holocaust.

The oppressed of the Warsaw ghettos and the concentration camps have become the oppressors, keeping the Palestinians who are left in their ‘homeland’ in ghettos where they limit their access to education and stop most opportunities for them to make a living. When unemployed young men fight back with rocks and crappy rockets, the Israelis blow the shit out of their neighborhoods, killing women and young children (collateral damage).

8. New York Times does write up on the kid who murdered 10 people selecting his victims on the basis of their Christian faith without actually mentioning that fact even once.

(This is the third example of brutal cultural Marxism in the media in 24 hours here. The interview with the Hungarian FM is another and the CBC report on the Quebec law against Islamophobia is a third)

9. The US along with a small collection of political-islamic and socialist governments, asks Russia to stop interfering with their ambitions in Syria 

(Even a cursory examination of Qatar and its actions and beneficiaries of its financial largesse, should make the US deeply ashamed to be associated wit them)

We, the Governments of France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America state the following in view of the recent military actions of the Russian Federation in Syria:

We express our deep concern with regard to the Russian military build-up in Syria and especially ?the attacks by the Russian Air Force on Hama, Homs and Idlib since yesterday which led to civilian casualties and did not target Da’esh. ?

These military actions constitute a further escalation and will only fuel more extremism and radicalization.

We call on the Russian Federation to immediately cease its attacks on the Syrian opposition and civilians and to focus its efforts on fighting ISIL.

10. Migrants flood Serbia-Macedonia border

11. The Danes try the direct approach to the declining demographic problem.

(Dear people of Denmark. Its this or import muslims)

12. Russians wipe out IS positions in Al Raqqah 

13. Nigerian city of Maiduguri ‘attacked by five girl bombers’

Five young girls were behind a series of deadly explosions in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Thursday evening, security sources say.

Fourteen people, including the girls, died and 39 were injured in the attacks at a mosque and house of vigilante leader, the military said.

More than 100 people died in similar attacks in the city two weeks ago.

Maiduguri is where Boko Haram Islamist militants were first based when they began their insurgency six years ago.

14. Turks have laid siege to a Kurdish city

Thank you Tundra T., M., Diana West, Richard, Shabnam A., James Woods’ twitter feed, Wrath of Khan, and many more.

There was a socialist demonstration in Austria just this past couple of days which was pro migrant. But the chant was interesting. It was in English, and it was:

“Brick by brick, wall by wall, the house of Europe has got to fall”

That is pretty unambiguous I think. The video of it exists but unless I can find it on Youtube it will have to wait till it is sent here by an Austrian source which could be early next week.

As one looks over the events of the past 6 years it becomes obvious that the Nobel Peace Prize committee needs to give out two prizes this year. Another one for Barack Obama that has dont more to foster war and global instability in the world than anyone since Caligula and Ahmed the Clock Faker for his Alinsky tactics to defeat any desire on anyone’s part to report potential acts of violent jihad by muslims in the USA