How irrationality allows Ebola and islam to wreak havoc: Links 4 for Aug. 20 – 2014

1. Over 300 Ebola deaths traced back to a healer in Sierra Leone

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – It has laid waste to the tribal chiefdoms of Sierra Leone, leaving hundreds dead, but the Ebola crisis began with just one healer’s claims to special powers.

The outbreak need never have spread from Guinea, health officials  told  AFP, except for a herbalist in the remote eastern border village of Sokoma.

“She was claiming to have powers to heal Ebola.  People from Guinea were crossing into Sierra Leone for treatment,” Mohamed Vandi, the top medical official in the hard-hit district of Kenema, told AFP.

“She got infected and died. During her funeral, women around the other towns also  got infected.”

2. Farage: Use 144-Year-Old Law Act to Strip Jihadists of British Citizenship

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has called on Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron to take a stand on the Islamic State and strip UK nationals who are fighting abroad of their citizenship and cancel passports using the little-known Foreign Enlistment Act of 1870.

The move would bring the United Kingdom into line with close ally Australia, whose Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sworn “to do our damndest” to ensure “trained killer… returning Jihadists” would never be allowed to return to Australia.

3. Young Jewish Swedish Leader: ‘All My Friends Are Getting Death Threats’

Victor Borslov - Reichmann Photo: Facebook

Death threats, daily anti-Semitic attacks, and harassment are causing many young Swedish Jews of the shrinking 20,000-member community to say “enough,” and seek to establish their futures elsewhere, according to a report by  Zvika Klein of Israel’s NRG News.

“I and my friends decided to leave,” 22-year-old Victor Borsolov, told NRG, after getting his 11th death threat after posting pro-Israeli views on his Facebook page.

4. ISIS tells Muslim Brotherhood: Repent or Else

(An article about a possible minor power struggle within Sunni Ikhwan groups, probably designed to exonerate Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood and focus the public on thinking  the Islamic State is rouge. In fact, as Daniel Greenfield so perfectly put it, “ISIS is showing us how Islam began”)

A sickening statement by group spokesman Said Abu Hamza al-Hilali claimed that the MB had deceived itself and millions of young people, and branded the group “delinquents from the path of God.”

The statement released on underground jihad forums also called for Muslim Brotherhood activists to repent for their attempts to embrace “democracy,” and branded their views “dirty.”

5. Untold misery of child ‘brides’

(Video at link. BBC article)

Thank you M, ML, Wrath of Khan and all.

There is a project I was hoping to have done by now, but its looking like more, end of August. If it flies, then it should be quite a powerful and informative thing. Thanks again for reading.



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Islam and the West: dancing with Kafka links 3 for Aug. 20 – 2014

1. UK police warn that watching the beheading video of a US journalist is a terrorist offense. 

(ML. who gave me this link pointed out that it is curious that watching a video made by people who the government and the media insist on calling “militants” makes you a terrorist. Get it? They, who cut off a man’s head for Islamic reasons to support the aspirations of the new Islamic state, have nothing to do with islam and are “militants”. But if you watch that video, you are a terrorist. Kafka meets Orwell at 90 miles an hour.)

2. Mark Steyn: American decapitated by an Englishman. Audio and article. Please not that the audio news segment also refers to his murderers as ‘militants’.

3. Mother of Oxford grooming sex gang pair blames their VICTIMS: She says schoolgirls ‘should have been playing with toys’

She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent after they were found guilty of a catalogue of vile offences last week.

Mrs Dogar, believed to be called Bashira, accused the police, social services and the girls themselves of being complicit in creating Britain’s ‘grooming culture’.

The mother of two brothers who were part of the Oxford sex grooming gang has said 'no one pressurised' one of the victims

4. Breitbart: WATCH: Galloway Interviewed By Police Despite Belligerent Speech Claiming Opposite

Breitbart London understand that the belligerent Galloway – who as well as being a Member of the British Parliament works for the Iranian state-funded Press TV – has dismissed being questioned for inciting racial hatred as “a monumental – and monumentally expensive – waste of police time”, reports the Guardian.

But West Yorkshire Police’s District Commander has stated that once enquiries are completed the matter will be referred to the Criminal Prosecution Service, meaning that Galloway could face charges in line with a public petition that has now been signed by nearly 19,000 people.

5. Religious muslim in Canada acquitted of terrorism charges, even though the judge admits terrorist sympathies and a meeting or two.

His brush with a homegrown terror cell was confined to a single, albeit lengthy, conversation he had with two alleged co-conspirators in July 2010.


Judge Charles Hackland said Sher likely had “jihadist sympathies,” but he doubted Sher had actually agreed to join a pre-existing terror conspiracy.

6. Sermon in New York: (Quite worth listening to)

7. Ebola crisis: Liberian troops impose slum quarantine

(Wouldn’t that be a quarantine around the entire nation with the possible exception of the Presidential Palace?)

The president has also ordered a countrywide night-time curfew as part of new anti-Ebola measures.

Since the beginning of the year, 1350 people have died of the virus in four West African countries. New UN figures show that between 17 and 18 August, there were 221 new cases and 106 deaths.

8.  An article at CNBC on why Turkey was funding Islamic state fighters in Iraq mysteriously got pulled for no apparent reason. However it can be viewed here.

Thank you ML., M., GoV, Buck, Wrath of Khan, and more.

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Islam: Making historical barbarism the new normal: Links 2 for Aug. 20 – 2014

1. Daniel Greenfield points out that the journalist beheaded by the Islamic State was actually a high fan of theirs. Somewhat like Daniel Pearl if memory serves.


James Foley was one of a new breed of activists calling themselves journalists. He didn’t travel to report on a story, but to promote an agenda. And the agenda was obvious from his Twitter feed.

2. George Igler on antisemitism in the U.K.

According to a report published in July by the Community Security Trust, a charity established to ensure the safety of the Jewish community in 1994, even though four out of every five anti-Semitic attacks usually take place “in the main Jewish centers of Greater London and Greater Manchester,” violent assaults against Jews and symbols of Judaism are also now taking place nationwide.

Qaiser Malik, 19, and Balawal Sultan, 18, both from Newcastle, currently await trial for a racially motivated assault on a Rabbi on Saturday, July 19th. In Belfast, on the same Sabbath, Northern Ireland’s only synagogue was attacked twice. And in England, much as in France, synagogues have been a particularly favored target of Jew-hatred. This trend extends from Liverpool in the north, where those attending temple were greeted with shouts of “baby killers,” down to Brighton in the south.

(Jewish people in Western nations may find that the time to reevaluate their views on self defense and defense of individual rights may be at hand. George recommends this article as well)

3. Is the US arming ISIS? Did they do so via Benghazi?

4. Another Ebola scare in the US. Sacramento Ca.

5. The US president’s first reaction to Islamic atrocity remains to be to defend Islam against all observation that it is the problem.

(US President Obama. Defending Americans from reality since 2008)

6. New York Times: Who will stand up for the Christians?

7. Exiled Archbishop of Mosul: ‘I Have Lost My Diocese to Islam; You in the West Will Also Become Victims of Muslims’

Thank you Richard, M., Yucki, Wrath of Khan and everyone.

Lots and lots of horror. The bar for what qualifies as news keeps moving in the direction of the kind of horror that was the stuff of fairytales and history we used to find nearly comical in its unlikeliness not that long ago. Are massive bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan news worthy? If not how long till we feel that way about massive bombings in Montreal and New York? What are we ready to do to preserve the kind of unprecedented peace and prosperity we have known since WW2?

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Islam accelerating. Links 1 for Aug. 20 – 2014

1. Security officials say the 13 belonged to a new alleged militant group calling itself “Brigades of Helwan” and threatening police 

South Cairo militia
Snapshot from a video of a group of armed and masked men vowing to target all police facilities in South Cairo

Security officials said Wednesday they have arrested 13 members of a new alleged armed group that threatened attacks against police in south Cairo, Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website reported.

(We posted a video threat of these muslims yesterday.Presumably the one for which they were arrested)

2. Sun’s activity shown to influence natural climate change

(And at the risk of sounding like I am mocking the good guys in this debate, “scientists discover that when heavy objects are dropped, they fall towards the ground”. If anyone wants to know the facts around climate, search Youtube for the 1 hour documentary called, ‘The Cloud Mystery’. It explains AND proves the Sun’s role in clime along with cosmic rays)

3. Morocco Military Deployed as the Country is in a “State of High Alert” Against Prospective “Terrorist Attacks”

A unit of of the Moroccan Royal Army Forces Deployed in Hay El Hank neighborhood of Casablanca

A recent video (video underneath), taken by a local citizen in the city of Casablanca, featuring elements of the Moroccan army deploying some of its air-defense missiles in anticipation of any prospective terrorist attacks is going viral on the net.

The video shows heavy military equipment being deployed. The list includes Buk missile batteries, surface-to-air missiles and many more.

In Tangiers:

In Marrakech:

Is anyone still saying we are not in a World war with Islam? Anyone other than Obama and Hillary Clinton I mean. People who actually say things which they believe are true.

More to come soon. IDF Twitter feed just reported an explosion in Tel Aviv just now. Next post sometime this afternoon. Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Tundra T., and all.


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Islam: The most retrograde force possibly in history. Links 3 for Aug. 19 – 2014

1. Suspect Shown Spraying Anti-Semitic Graffiti Outside Staten Island School

2. Race-based hate crimes spike in D.C.

Associated Press

Associated Press more >
– The Washington Times – Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Race-based hate crimes jumped in the District last year even as most other types of bias crimes decreased, with analysts saying such incidents could be vastly underreported among minority groups uncomfortable coming forward to authorities.

D.C. police say that of the 18 race-based hate crimes in 2013, the majority of victims were white and the majority of suspects black. The number of incidents was up from the 13 race-based bias crimes reported in 2012.

3. War with jihadists begins at home

4. Montreal: UPDATED TUESDAY 10:40: Religious Jew sucker punched by Arab on Queen Mary

An Orthodox Jewish man who was visiting from France was sucker punched by an Arab near Chez Benny on Monday afternoon.

The man, a 33-year-old native of Paris, was visiting his sister and brother-in-law, and both families went out for lunch at Chez Benny on Queen Mary near Westbury.

5. Liberia finds missing Ebola patients

A sign warning of the dangers of Ebola outside a government hospital in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, one of the West African countries affected by the Ebola outbreak.
AFP/Getty Images

Seventeen suspected Ebola patients who went missing in Liberia after a health centre in the capital was attacked have been found, a minister has said. The BBC reports:

“They were traced and finally they turned themselves in” at a treatment centre, Lewis Brown, an information minister, told the BBC. The government had previously denied they were missing.

New U.N. figures show that 1,229 people have now died since the beginning of this year in the outbreak that has also hit Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria.

thank you M., ML., Wrath of Khan and all. 

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Islam and its war of manifest destiny: Links 2 for Aug. 19 – 2014

1. Afghanistan prevents NYT reporter from leaving country:

Afghanistan’s attorney general has barred a New York Times correspondent from leaving the country because of a story in which he reported that a group of officials were considering seizing power because of the impasse over who won the recent presidential election, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Basir Azizi, a spokesman for the attorney general, said Matthew Rosenberg’s Aug. 18 story was “against the law and national interests of Afghanistan.” Azizi said Rosenberg was asked to come to the attorney general’s office on Wednesday with his lawyer.

The head of the Kabul International Airport confirmed the attorney general sent a letter saying Rosenberg couldn’t leave the country. “We are implementing that order,” Agh Nawaz Ahaqyar said.

2. ISIS Separated “Young and Pretty” Yazidi Women

(I’m not going to post an excerpt of this. The entire article must be read)

3. Hamas does tunnel tour with journalists.

4. This is a great example of Islamic thought but a truly horrifying video.

The beheading of James Foley, a US citizen who appears to have converted, or been somehow made to advocate for the Islamic State.

Daily Mail article on Mr. Foley here

5. 4:45 PM EST) Islamic State vows to ‘break the American cross’

(Think Obama will leave them enough cross to be worth breaking?)

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamic State, the Sunni militant group which seeks to establish a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria, released a video on Tuesday that gave the strongest indication yet it might attempt to strike American targets.

The video with the theme “breaking of the American cross” boasts Islamic State will emerge victorious over “crusader” America. It follows a video posted on Monday warning of attacks on American targets if Washington struck against its fighters in Iraq and Syria.

This is the video: (Working on getting it translated or finding an English version. Thank you M for this one)

6. This one made me want to dance like an Egyptian:

7. Egypt calls for restraint in Ferguson

(If Irony had a flavor this would taste like Strawberry Rhubarb pie)

Egypt has backed the United Nation’s call for the United States authorities to deal with protests in Ferguson, Missouri “according to the American and international standards”.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, in response to a question from state-run news agency MENA, said the ministry is “following the escalation of protests and demonstrations in the city of Ferguson and reactions thereto”.

The spokesman referred to comments made by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on Monday as a reflection of the “international community’s position towards these events” including the calls for “restraint and respect for the right of assembly and peaceful expression of opinion”.



Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., ML., and all. More to come. Ladies and Gentleman. The water temperature really is going up. I think it is important that each of us do the little things we can. One good example is normalizing critical speech of Islam and telling the truth about it in polite company. this must happen. If you have been trying not to do so up to now, please consider making this the cost/benefit turning point, as the cost of appearing to be with the PC narrative is actually now higher than the cost of having a few people think you are rude or a racist.

Think of this as the 1930s. You know who the Nazis really are and what they really plan. Your friends and coworkers mostly think its racist and alarmist to speak negatively about this German movement and doubly so for the Imperial Japanese. But sooner or later, we all have to be Victor Laszlo.  The most forgotten yet most important character in Casablanca.

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VICE News on Iraq: Part 6 on the Islamic State

I haven’t watched this all yet, but from the first minute or so, it appears to be highly worthy of seeing.

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Diseases of the body, diseases of the brain: Links 1 Aug 19 – 2014

1. Here is an excellent resource I have seen for the spread of the current Ebola outbreak. You can pause it, once you start playing it, anytime and click the article links as well. I plan to watch it a few times. First time through what I found interesting was that the percentage of deaths to infections seem to climb from the start of the outbreak where it appears to be around 50% to closer to 75% by now.

2. Saudi top cleric blasts Qaeda, IS as ‘enemy No 1′ of Islam

(This article helps make a lot of sense out of a lot of the world’s handling of Islam. One can see that the strategy of having a government controlled ‘head imam’ who keeps the religious rabble under control while answering to the powers that be is not unique to Russia or even, in the case of the Catholics, to the British. Think Henry VIII. It is a losing strategy though unless you consider Dagestan a peaceful place or Saudi Arabia a secular paradise.

His statement though is an excellent example of an attempt to steer the religious by the state using half truths and spin doctoring. To give the devil its due however, at least that aspect of it is indeed islamic)

3. The Catholic pope appears to want an international coalition to stop the Islamic State but also seems not to want to use violence. He is willing to stop them, but doesn’t say how.

4. Israel delegation pulled from Cairo peace talks as Hamas launches missiles on Israel.

(Please note the name of this AP video)

5. UK: An interesting DM article about a man jailed for 17 years for keeping a sex slave. 

(My question is, why did he actually get a sentence he deserved this time? Usually they don’t face anything like 17 years. Could it be because the victim is also a muslim? Is this another example of back door sharia?)

6. UK Consul General Wears Arab Keffiyeh Branding Israel as ‘Free Palestine’, MP Calls for Heads to Roll

A picture has emerged of the British Consul General to Jerusalem wearing an Arab Keffiyeh (scarf) with the Palestinian flag draped over the entirety of the State of Israel and the Palestinian territories. The image depicted on the scarf is the one used by protesters and belligerents in the region who wish to see the State of Israel wiped off the map.


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Tundra T., Richard and Yucki and all who sent in links with many who cannot be named. Tis the age of the famous Chinese Curse indeed.


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Islam’s attack on secular equalitarianism: Links 3 for Aug. 18 – 2014

I picked this title because much of the actions done in Western nations by Muslims which may appear to be a kind of nearly random act of thuggery is much more likely to be an orchestrated and conducted set of events intended to create a specific effect. Muslims do not care how they bring about sharia, they just care that they do.

The effects of sharia, is sharia to them. So if they can intimidate Jews into leaving with widely publicized attacks, they have accomplished a larger strategic goal. The same can be said of the Danish Cartoon riots and much else that we see. Not that there is no mindless thuggery there is tons and tons of it. But overall, there is a political purpose which is orders of magnitude more dangerous.

1. A woman attacked and beaten in Sweden for wearing a star of David

2. Israel slams UN for its absurd Hamas supplied stats on Gaza conflict

3. The Islamic State warns Americans: “We will drown all of you in blood”

(This from a group who I bet not one member of which even gave so much as one drop to the Red Cross)

4. Tarek Fata’s website appears to have been hacked and all content deleted.

The muslims are getting more aggressive clearly.

5. Iraqi kurds retake dam from Islamic State maniacs.

6. Why is this damn so dam important?

7. Hamas in West Bank ‘planned to topple Palestinian Authority’ 

Shin Bet, IDF say plot was orchestrated by Hamas overseas headquarters located in Turkey, and centered on a string of mass casualty terror attacks.


A large-scale Hamas terrorist formation in the West Bank and Jerusalem planned to destabilize the region through a series of deadly terrorist attacks in Israel and then topple the Fatah-ruled Palestinian Authority, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said Monday.

8. Syrian mosque pledges allegiance to the Islamic State with the classic Roman Salute

Thank you M., Dan F., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., and many more who put worthy stories in the comments etc. Thanks again.

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Geopolitics of Islam and Ebola: Links 1 for Aug. 18 – 2014

1. Damaging boycott is cost of city flag stunt

The US trip would have injected hundreds of thousands of pounds into GlasgowThe US trip would have injected hundreds of thousands of pounds into Glasgow [WATTIE CHEUNG]

The trip, which would have injected hundreds of thousands of pounds into Glasgow, and the Scottish economy, was a reward to 600 salesmen and women, and their spouses.

The Vice-President of one of the leading special event companies in the US has told the council that the planned six-day trip is off.

The company is one of the Fortune group whose members are the top 500 worldwide corporations, including WalMart, Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Volkswagen and Coca Cola.

But, after reading about Glasgow’s decision to fly the Palestinian flag over the City Chambers to show solidarity with Gaza,…

2. Map of Russian and American arms sales:

3. One US army general claims to know who the mastermind behind ISIS actually is.

4. Saudi prince’s convoy in Paris attacked by gunmen

The men then drove the vehicle away with the driver and the two other Saudis inside. No shots were fired but the Saudis were later freed. The vehicle was eventually found abandoned and another of the gang’s cars was found burned out.

“In the vehicle there was roughly 250,000 euros in cash and official documents from the embassy,” police union spokesman Rocco Contento told BFM TV news.

5. 20,000 march in Kolkata in show of support for Israel

(India appears to be one of the few nations that both understand the threat of Islam and the importance of preserving alliances with rational democracies. What an excellent and powerful ally to have)

Protest organizer says India and Israel, ‘surrounded by very tough neighbors,’ are united in peace [...] Sikhs and Buddhists participated in the Hindu-organized rally as well. Representatives of West Bengal’s Sikh community spoke, while members of the Buddhist community in neighboring state Bangladesh, reeling from Muslim riots, also attended.

6. Remember this fine Australian citizen from the TV show we posted an excerpt of the other day?

He has been arrested:

teenage supporter of the terrorist group Islamic State, who gained notoriety after an appearance on television last week, has been arrested over a religious attack on a cleaner at a western Sydney shopping centre.

In an incident that will raise fears of growing violence in Australia, the 19-year-old, who goes by the Islamic alias Abu Bakr, allegedly verbally abused, threatened and intimidated a 43-year-old cleaner at the Bankstown Central shopping centre on August 10.

He was kicked out of the centre by security but allegedly returned an hour-and-a-half later and abused the man again, who was still cleaning


Thank you ML., M., Richard, Oz-Rita and all who contributed to this post. More to come.

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There are suddenly many sites talking about the renewed interest in the islamic conquest of Spain. Long time readers of this site will know that on many occasions we have posted videos of Bin Laden among others specifically calling for the retaking of Spain as Islamic ruled lands with such ferocity one may have thought he was talking about Israel till he named it as ‘Al-Andaluz’. It is important to understand that muslims operate on a proprietary set of ethics and rules and even for that matter, the meaning of common words. One of those is the notion of sovereignty. They believe that all the world is destined to be ruled by muslims under sharia. However there are special cases where there is more urgency for some lands than others.

These would include areas which are within the zone generally believed to be Islamic, or, ‘Dar Al Islam’, and are not ruled by muslims. This would primarily be Israel but also Iran as its not a Sunni country and Shiia are often viewed as a kind of apostate, and perhaps Saudi Arabia, as while it is zealously islamic the rulers themselves are hedonists (in a different way than jihadis are) and not religious ‘scholars’ (jihadis).

The second case are areas that were once ruled by Muslims and now are not. These lands posses a special urgency as Islam teaches that once an area has been ruled under sharia it is always muslim land in perpetuity and so natural sovereignty in their view, falls to them and with that, a special obligation to retake that land for Islam.

As Spain was under the brutal and genocidal boot of Islam for man centuries before the Reconquista, they view it as naturally Islamic and now that the Caliphate has been declared, pressure to make that happen will likely also take place.

The reason this site has repeatedly raised this point is because many feel that the problem is Israel. That if the existence of Israel ended, the problems between muslims and the rest of the world also would end. This is simply not the case. The priorities would just shift and Spain will be the next target for Islamic aggression and demands for conquest. Those who wish to see Spain, for example, remain Spanish should redouble their efforts to support Israel even for the selfish motive of making sure the front lines of the war on Western civilization remain on that side of the Mediterranean.

However it would appear that war on Spain may happen concurrently.

One thing we can watch out for as a sign of it, would be the ceasing of the parades celebrating the Spanish victory over its muslim oppressors that take place every year.

When you see that end, you will know the process is underway.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

Thank you M. for the video. Anyone wishing to post videos of Spanish parades celebrating the defeat of the muslims (Moors) in the comments, please do so.

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Islam: The disease that keeps on infecting. Links post 3 for Aug 17 -2014

1. Lashes for Saudi woman who called morality police liars: newspaper

RIYADH (Reuters) – A Saudi Arabian judge has upheld a sentence of a month in prison and 50 lashes for a businesswoman convicted of insulting members of the morality police during an argument, the local al-Medina newspaper reported on Sunday.

Incidents of heavy-handed behavior by the morality police have come under growing criticism on social media from inside the kingdom in recent years, straining relations between Saudi citizens and the official body.

The appeals court in Mecca upheld the sentence, passed by a district court in Jeddah, after the woman was found guilty of “cursing the morality police” and calling them “liars”, the Arabic-language daily reported.

2. Another Muslim Brotherhood front group babbles absurd threats nearly incoherently in order to try and extort power in Egypt and make the Muslim Brotherhood appear to be peaceful political actors. Think the IRA with rabies doing a morality play of good cop-bad cop to make Shin Feign look like the people who ought really to be running things.

3. Remember this guy? A discussion on the VICE video on the Islamic state

4. MORE OF SAME: Boko Haram Kidnaps Nigerian Males

The bloodthirsty and brutal Islamic terrorist group. Boko Haram, appears to be attempting to show the world that they’re equal opportunity kidnappers on Friday when they invaded a village in Nigeria and abducted dozens of boys and young men, loaded them on trucks, and then drove out of the village with them, according to news reports in Africa and the Middle East.

(I wonder if it is the people at Clash who are not familiar with the term, Janissaries, or Boko Haram. Although the dictionary definition has them as ‘elite guards and fighters for the Sultan, I believe they were made up of young boys trained to be soldiers for the Caliphate/Sultan used to attack infidels in Europe that had been obtained by kidnapping or paid to the muslims as tribute by quasi conquered lands)

5. The Final Death of Western Civilization

(This is an English translation from the German MSM periodical, Die Presse. It is quite significant that this paper published this piece)

The translated article:

Who Owns the World?

Criticism of Islam is often denounced as “the new racism.” Hostility to Jews, on the other hand, is as old as Islam itself.

Taking aim at the new anti-Semitism.

by Michael Ley…

6. Japanese reporter joins al Qaeda in Syria, jihadist claims


A Japanese reporter has joined al Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (or Levant), according to a jihadist in Syria who posted photos and commentary on the Internet. Below is the summary from the SITE Intelligence Group, which obtained the photographs and the statements:

7. Bag of cat heads found along ‘Curry Row’

(Until I read the comments I really had no clue what the point of this was. Then I did.)

8. Massive anti Israel Protests in Pakistan

There were some other links I wanted to add, but PI News and AINA are both down at the moment. It appears that the war is intensifying at all levels just at the moment. The AINA link was about a major threat to a Church in Australia 10 days ago about which I had no idea. The gentleman who sent me the link offered an example of the turn-around device which is quite powerful in this instance.

Ill post his comment and the link and hopefully AINA will load soon. The blog that links to it seems to work though for the moment:

From Rauf Rauf:

I have a question for every single Politician, Media and Journalist:
“If I went to a mosque in Sydney and shouted “come out you dogs, I will burn this Mosque down in 1 explosion in 2 hours, just wait.”
What would your reaction be?
I would have every journalist and camera man in sydney over me like a rash. The Politicians would immediately rush to the podium and declare what a sinister Christian I am, how un australian I am, what a bigot I am, how intolerant I am…etc etc etc etc
But My dear Friends when the same thing actually happens here in SYDNEY, outside a Chruch, what do we get.?

Thank you M., Bear, Don L. Wrath of Khan, R.R., and all.

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Islamic horror and the tepid response to it: Links 2 for Aug. 17 – 2014

1. Obama’s Appointed CIA Director in 2011: Islamic Caliphate Is Never Going To Happen

2. Netherlands suspends official who said Zionists created ISIS

Dutch gov’t worker Yasmina Haifi tweeted: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.”

3. Mosul Dam Aug 18:2014 (CAUTION: One burned charred body in video)

4. Iraqi patriarch urges ‘armed response’ against jihadists

(ANSA) – Beirut, August 14 – Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako, who presides the Iraqi Episcopal conference, on Thursday called for an armed response from the United States, the European Union, and the Arab League to repel Islamic jihadist forces that are sweeping across northern Iraq, where they are driving hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidi from their cities and carrying out what the patriarch called “a slow genocide” of members of minority faiths.

5. ISIS brutally subdues rebellion in Syria, beheading and crucifying tribesmen who resisted their rule

BEIRUT — Islamic militants have crushed a tribal uprising against their rule in eastern Syria after three days of clashes in a string of villages near the border with Iraq, beheading and crucifying opponents along the way, activists said Monday.

The fighters from the Al-Qaeda breakaway Islamic State group control huge swaths of territory in eastern and northern Syria and are fighting rival rebels, Kurdish militias and the Syrian army for more territory.

6. Three links about the advancement of the Islamic State in ‘moderate’ Indonesia.

1. Recruitment and indoctrination in Indonesia 

2. Dream of the Caliphate Spreads

3. Indonesia, jailed Islamic extremist leader “swears allegiance” ISIS

(Don’t even get me started about Malaysia)

Thank you M., Dan F., GoV., Don L. and more to come shortly.

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Atrocities, the founding principle of Islam. Links 1 for Aug. 17 – 2014

1. Video from Italy. Machine translation reads the following:

A young man spitting and shoving firefighters who are arresting. Are the images collected by a amateur video on YouTube and relaunched by the newspaper online Qelsi. They date back to July 22 and portray moments of tension. The video has been used by the police union Coisp to argue: “We can not deal with immigration always and only in one direction” More here in Italian

2. CENTCOM video of US airstrike on armed Islamic State truck: (It would be interesting to know if there were any actual Islamic state targets or if these are just abandoned vehicles or for all we know, old drone test footage. Not to be too too cynical but I do not see the US acting in any determined way against the Islamic state so far as they gain massive ground and commit serious atrocities each week) 3. ISIL Humvee strike: 4. Israeli ship remains at sea as thousands of protesters gather in Oakland An Israeli ship that was scheduled to dock at the port of Oakland in California on Saturday remained at sea as between 2,000 and 3,000 pro-Palestinian activists streamed towards the port entrance, chanting and waving flags. The protesters intended to form a picket line to prevent work crews from unloading the ship.  5. Canada: John Baird MP speech interrupted by leftist anti-Israel protestors (I am quite confident none of these people who would likely claim to be socialists or communists have ever said a word about treatment of women in Saudi Arabia or any other genuine injustice in the Islamic world towards women and minorities) 6. Kurdish forces ‘recapture part of Mosul dam’

 Kurdish forces have recaptured the eastern part of the Mosul dam in Iraq from the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group, Kurdish officials say.

They are making “good progress” but encountering “fierce resistance”, according to the Kurdish authority in northern Iraq. A joint operation involving both Kurdish forces and US air strikes began on Sunday morning. In its latest strikes, the US said it destroyed 19 IS vehicles.

(How can the attack on these vehicles be problematic for The Islamic State? Why not attack their military vehicles, ammo dumps, weapon caches, fighters? I suspect I know why. Its discouraging) Thank you M., Grace, Don L., Wrath of Khan, all who sent it in. More to come.

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Islam. The largest organized crime racket in history. Links post 3 for Aug. 16 – 2014

As memory serves, the pirate mohamed used to give people he was about to attack three choices. They could convert to Islam, which meant they had to kick up a certain percentage of everything they earned to him, I think it was a fifth, or they could keep their religion and live as dhimmis. A state of perpetual humiliation with a much higher rate of ‘taxation’ but only for non-muslims enjoying ‘protection’, in the exact same meaning as extortionists use it, and with no real guarantee they won’t turn on you anyway, or war. Islam is pretty much tantamount to organized crime but justified by religious jargon and proprietary use of important terms. More on that later.

1. Anti ISIS rally on Parliament Hill today. Apparently Christian Arabs.

2. Mob Destroys Ebola Center In Liberia Two Days After It Opens

A mob descended on the center at around 5:30 p.m., chanting, “No Ebola in West Point! No Ebola in West Point!” They stormed the front gate and pushed into the holding center. They stole the few gloves someone had donated this morning, and the chlorine sprayers used to disinfect the bodies of those who die here, all the while hollering that Ebola is a hoax.

3. Amazing islamic propaganda piece blaming China for a massacre of thousands. (I am sure the information is as solid as the English)

4. Chadian soldiers ‘rescue 85 Nigerians from Boko Haram’

A Nigerian security official told AFP that they had intercepted a convoy of buses transporting gunmen and the villagers in a routine security check.

Neither the Nigerian or Chadian militaries have confirmed the reports.

Boko Haram is accused of kidnapping hundreds of people in the north-east of Nigeria, and neighbouring Cameroon.

5. U.S. airstrikes on ISIS part of operation to retake key Iraqi dam

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) — U.S. warplanes on Saturday pounded a series of extremist militant targets in what officials say is part of an effort to retake a key piece of infrastructure in northern Iraq — Mosul Dam.

The airstrikes against fighters of the so-called Islamic State come amid growing concern that the dam is not being properly maintained and could rupture, a U.S. official familiar with the details told CNN.

Engineering studies have shown that a failure of the dam would be catastrophic, resulting in flooding all the way to Baghdad, the official said on condition of anonymity.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Oz-Rita and all who sent in material.

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