Islamic slaughters, attacks, wars and skirmishes post 2 for Oct. 31 – 2014

1. At least 8 killed in Nigeria bus station blasts

Many people were injured in the rush-hour blast in Gombe city. Witnesses spoke of three bags of explosives going off.
Gombe shares a border with three states placed under emergency rule to fight the Boko Haram Islamist insurgency.
The group has taken full control of Mubi, a commercial centre in Adamawa.

2. School Filing ‘Racial Discrimination’ Against Students Who Refuse Muslim Education

Parents of students at Littleton Green Community School were outraged after they found out that if their children decided not to attend a controversial field trip, they would be officially deemed racist. The trip was to a religious workshop about the Muslim faith, and administration warned that a “racial discrimination note” would be added to the students’ school records, should they fail to join.

3. Congo crowd kills man, eats him after militant massacres: witnesses

(Why not drift that past any of your friends who claim to believe in multiculturalism and see how it goes over? In this case however, it appears the dinner was halal)

4. Foreign Office issues worldwide terrorism warning for British tourists

British holidaymakers travelling anywhere in the world have been told to be vigilant as they are at risk of being attacked by Islamist terrorists.

The Foreign Office on Friday night issued a worldwide travel warning, saying tourists were at a risk of attack as a result of Britain’s intervention in Iraq and Syria.

5. CNN report on the DC Axe attack.

(Better than previous reports I have seen on this one so far)

6. Children of 8 are ‘racist’ if they miss Islam trip: School’s threatening letter to parents is met with outrage

Parents were ordered to send their children to a workshop on Islam or have them labelled  as racist for the rest of their  school career.

They were sent a letter warning that the primary school pupils would have a ‘racial discrimination note’ put on their records if they did not go.

Families were told to pay £5 per child for the Explore Islam trip next Wednesday to Staffordshire University, which would involve Year 4 and Year 6 children being shown Islamic artefacts.

Parents accused Littleton Green community school of 'blackmailing' their children to go to a workshop on Islam

Parents accused Littleton Green community school of ‘blackmailing’ children to go to a workshop on Islam

The letter: Parents were sent a letter which threatened to brand their children 'racist' if they didn't go

Thank you GoV., M., Maria J., Yucki, Richard, Ted and more.

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Bill Whittle: The New Face of Fascism

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Islam’s war on our culture and how we lose it: Links 1 for Oct. 31 – 2014

I do enjoy talk radio and comments on articles in major papers which deal with Islam etc. I find it a useful barometer of public opinion and its been interesting to watch it shift over recent years.

Recently I have heard a number of people weighing in on how we should approach Halloween in Ottawa after the attack  which killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo last week.

Many people have called Lowell Green and other CFRA shows or written comments which suggest that we should dial down the costumes out of respect or fear etc. which got me to thinking about what value Halloween would have had to people in times where that kind of violence was commonplace. We here in the West live at the end of a time of what is likely unprecedented peace and harmony and prosperity thanks to values handed down from the Greeks with layers of Judeo-Christian ethics on top, now sadly stretched by cultural Marxism till those values broke and ended that amazing, even Shangri-La like level of cooperativeness and peace.

Is it possible that in more normal times, meaning horrifying and violent and uncertain, that Halloween was a time where our children and culture could mock the horror that was our day to day reality and thereby diminish its effect? Where for one day a year we dared take it on directly and feel empowered against the forces of our enemies and diseases and starvation and lurking death that could take any of us anytime? Not to mention that one of the things muslims seek to do to us, is remove our culture and cultural activities any way they can for any reason that will work, and Halloween is one of the prime ones, as well as having pet dogs, giving flowers to your loved ones, hell even having loved ones according to some islamic clerics.

So on that note I hope everyone goes out in full gear and is as visible to as many as possible and for those staying at home, load up with candy for your visitors and heap praise on the best costumes. One of the crucial ways to protect and preserve our culture is to live it.

Eeyore for Vlad.

1. Message to the Ummah in UK by Abu Haleema

2. A disturbing article by Roger Simon of Pajamas Media on US Israeli relations and being Jewish in America today. 

3. More evidence of deteriorating relations as Israel cancels major defense contracts and purchases.

4. Oct. 31 2014 Jerusalem

5. No visas for Ebola countries: Canada

(Once again Canada elects to move away from policies that are based on optics and self destruction and towards reason and prevention)

TORONTO – Canada is following in Australia’s footsteps and has suspended, effectively immediately, the issuance of visas to residents of the West African countries battling Ebola.

In a move that puts Canada at odds with the World Health Organization, the federal government said Friday it is suspending visa applications for residents and nationals of countries with “widespread and persistent-intense transmission” of Ebola virus disease.

That stress on countries with widespread transmission provides an out for the United States, which currently still has at least one active Ebola case within its borders.

The federal government said it would stop issuing visas in the worker, student or visitor class and won’t issue any pending permanent residency visas for people from those countries either. Any applications already in the system will also not be processed at this time. The change, which goes into effect immediately, was announced Friday in the Canada Gazette.

(Its funny how the left is so determined to make sure that everyone has access to prophylactics but not when it comes to lethal diseases capable of causing major plagues and mass deaths)

6. Ax attack on D.C. cop prompts warnings, new protocols for police

(despite the fact that the officer wrestled the man to the ground there is no description of the attacker whatsoever even though police are looking for the man. Stunning.)

Washington (CNN) — An officer with Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department came under an unprovoked attack Friday from a man wielding an ax, police said, the second such attack in two weeks that is prompting warnings and new protocols to officers on the job.

The attack, and another last week in which a man attacked four New York City officers with a hatchet in Queens, prompted an immediate increase in security for officers in both D.C. and New York. The New York Police Department said in a memo: “Police Officers on patrol should maintain a heightened level of awareness.”

7. Insanity or triumphalism or a gesture of control?

8. Police, military warned to be vigilant after learning of direct threat by ISIS

MONTREAL — The RCMP is warning both police and military to keep an eye out for terrorists following a threat from Islamic State (ISIS), QMI Agency has learned.

The notice went out Monday. Police and military were told to exercise vigilance and caution upon starting their shifts this week.

Several police forces, including those in Montreal and Quebec City, confirmed the RCMP advisory.

Montreal police sources tell QMI that its force held top-level meetings with the RCMP this week.

The RCMP warning is specifically aimed at police on solo patrols, who have been deemed to be at greatest risk.

Quebec’s Public Security minister, Lise Theriault, said the RCMP advisory follows an earlier threat from ISIS.

8. Pakistan province rewrites text books to satisfy Islamic conservatives

(Reuters) – A Pakistani province is rewriting school books to make them more Islamic, inserting verses on jihad, removing pictures of unveiled women and changing material on recent history, officials said on Thursday.

The public tussle over the changes mirrors a struggle for power at the heart of Pakistan’s young democracy. Secular, liberal parties are vying with conservative, religious parties for influence in the nuclear-armed nation of 180 million people.




Thank you M., Yucki, Pym Purnell, Grace, and all. More to come.

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The problem with writing on Islamic atrocities.

If you imagine the most horrific thing human beings could possibly do to each other, even well beyond the most gory of horror films, non-supernatural ones at least, and then ask a friend to add details to make it worse and then post it as if it was news about what religious muslims do to other people in the name of islam, then chances are it has happened recently, or sometime in the past, or likely is about to.

This is a testament either to how awful Islam is as a motivating ideology as well as a wonderful testament to how poor our own imaginations are when it comes to doing awful things, that it takes a lot of effort and most of us never could have imagined the things we see frequently now.

Even so, a thing is either true or it is not and while it is increasingly difficult to know the difference, it remains an important distinction.

There are lots of sites that gleefully post anything that makes Islam look bad without verification and no link to sources. Some of those have turned out to be scenes from actual horror movies. Others may have been legit and others pure fabrication by someone on social media.

Does it do any good to the cause of waking up the West? Maybe or maybe not. But it certainly does none for the cause of reason, truth and integrity in what one does, and one would hope that is why we do this in order to preserve those values.

Videos were sent to me this morning that are too awful to see without sufficient warning. They are symptom inducing for people who already have PTSD this condition and could help bring it on for people who don’t but see enough of this I would imagine. Once again there is no source etc. given. Reluctantly, ill put a link to the Liveleak here and here.

But then you get mainstream news sources that are every bit as bad in terms of the effect it has one the victims, but not as horrifically presented post hoc. In other words, the people shown are dead either way. And so one can’t help but wonder if presenting horrifying material that may not be true as it has no source and the focus is so bad that it could easily be staged, actually negates the value of showing the truth to people as they get jaded to this kind of information once they find out that some of is staged.

Hard to say. History shows that propaganda works even, and perhaps especially if its pure fiction. Global warming, nuclear winter, ozone holes, ‘911 is an inside job’, the list is long.

Below is material about a recent atrocity committed by the Islamic State against people in cities they recently conquered. This material seems legit and very likely true as it is consistent with other verified Islamic acts of horror, and worse only in scale.

Business Insider: This Might Be The Most Horrific Single Massacre ISIS Has Committed

Islamic State militants drove 600 Shia, Christian, and Yazidi male prisoners into the middle of the desert, lined them up along the edge of a ravine, and executed them at point blank range, according to a report by Human Rights Watch released Thursday.

The inmates, taken from a local prison, were forced to count themselves as they lined up before members of the jihadist militant group opened fire on them with machine guns.

Video alleged to be from Iraq and seems quite legit

Digital Journal article on this or some other massacre.

As our own governments try to deal with their own unique problems muslims have created in all our societies, primarily by lying to the public about the consequences of having a religious islamic population, along with a kind of secret detente creating immunity for muslims from our secular laws, and as religious leaders for the same reasons heap fiction upon untruth upon tactical manipulation to their own congregants in order to avoid the kind of conflict that indeed should happen if the public was properly informed and properly led, we become numb to information and indifferent to the truth of it and it becomes progressively easier for each and every one of us to cling to the narrative with which we are comfortable. So its always good to run a check on questionable materials even if it supports our point of view and its also good to run a self check on our own beliefs and make sure that the cause we fight for is based on reality.

I think we know it is in the Counter-Jihad. But still, lets make sure we can verify our claims or we lose all those we need to join the fight. And this is a critical stage.

As the day goes by more and more stories on this event will surface. I’m sure they will appear in the comments.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog


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Last links (#5) for Oct. 30 – 2014

1. Iraq IS: Scores found dead in mass graves in Anbar

A map showing Hit and Ramadi, where mass graves have reportedly been found

Scores of bodies of Sunni Muslim tribesmen apparently killed by Islamic State (IS) militants have been found in mass graves in western Iraq.

The graves that were found in the province of Anbar may contain between 80 and 220 bodies, reports suggest.

Many of the dead belong to the Al Bu Nimr tribe, which joined Iraq’s Shia-dominated government in fighting IS.

2. Mark Lebuis of Point de Bascule exposes waves of groups that promote and sponsor all the aspects of islam that we all find so objectionable.

3. Daniel Greenfield: Why Obama Hates Netanyahu

4. Fury over council’s decision not to name Woolwich memorial after Lee Rigby in case it offends Islamic extremists

A council has decided not to name a memorial at the site of Lee Rigby’s death after the murdered fusilier for fear it may offend Islamic fanatics.

Campaigners urged Greenwich Council to build a commemorative site for the man who was murdered by two extremists in the street last year.

But after agreeing to their demands, officials revealed it would not be named after the 25-year-old for fear it could lead to more religious attacks.

Instead, an inscription will read: ‘To commemorate all those servicemen and woman who have served or lived in Woolwich and who gave given their lives.’

Critics blasted the decision as ‘disgusting’ last night, urging officials to ‘stand up’ to violent extremists.

Thank you DP111, Bear and all who sent in materials.

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The West begins to fight back and be honest: Links 4 for Oct. 30 – 2014

1. Mounties and CSIS looking for three Quebec Muslims; at least one has gone overseas

The RCMP and CSIS are looking for three missing Muslim men from Sherbrooke, Que., after they vanished and at least one travelled to the Middle East, QMI Agency has learned.

The Mounties and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service have visited parents of two of the men, Youssef Sakhir and Samir Halilovic.

A third man, Zakria Habibi, went missing in Turkey on July 17.

The three are Facebook friends with the Muslim student association at the University of Sherbrooke.

Chiheb Esseghaier, currently on trial in Toronto for allegedly plotting to bomb a Via Rail train, was a member of the same group from 2008 to 2010.

2. Former Marine Gets Banned from Daughter’s School Over Islam-Lesson Dispute

A father of a student at La Plata High School in Maryland was banned from school grounds last week when he took issue with a lesson on the history of Islam in his daughter’s World History class.

On Wednesday evening, Kevin Wood, a former corporal with the U.S. Marine Corps, saw his daughter, a junior at the school, working on a homework assignment that examined Islam. “It’s not a religion my husband believes in,” Kevin’s wife, Melissa, tells Yahoo Parenting. “My husband’s issues, and mine too, are that they’re teaching Islam, but they are not teaching the current events on Islam. They are making Islam sound like [its followers] are peaceful people.… He is not saying all Muslims are bad.”

Melissa says she and her husband asked the school to give their daughter an alternative assignment, but were told that she either do the assignment or receive grades of zero. “That didn’t sit well with my husband,” Melissa says. “He said, ‘I will bring down a sh*t storm on the school. I’m contacting the media, the newspaper, and contacting an attorney.’ He did not say he would come to the school and create a disruption.”

3. Beheading? Not EVERY Friday…


Translation of the Three Recorded Audio Excerpts from profil’s Interview

Bandion-Ortner on executions and the death penalty

Profil: “… and every Friday afternoon after Friday prayers public executions occur…”

Bandion-Ortner: “That does not happen every Friday; that is nonsense, it is nonsense. I am against it… Of course I am against any death penalty….”

Bandion-Ortner on the Black Abaya [garment that hangs from the neck to the feet]

“I did not have to wear any head covering. But the abaya is mandatory. You have to already have it on in the plane… it is practical. It is a comfortable garment. It reminded me a little of the judge’s robe; I am certainly accustomed to that.”

Bandion-Ortner on a Ladies’ Night

“One evening was a so-called Ladies’ Night; which is to say, I met only women. And I was surprised how cultivated and highly intelligent the women there were; managers and university professors. And it seemed to me like a ladies’ circle in Austria. There was really no difference.” [...]

4. Jihad Watch: Hamas-linked CAIR “disappointed” that it failed to intimidate UC Berkeley into canceling Bill Maher appearance

Bill Maher is going to speak at UC Berkeley, and the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is crestfallen that its fascist campaign to defame and destroy everyone who dares to speak the truth about Islam and jihad has failed this time. Said Hamas-linked CAIR’s Zahra Billoo: “While Mr. Maher has the right to speak whenever and wherever he likes, he does not have the right to have his hate-filled views honored and tacitly endorsed by a prestigious university.” In other words, we support the freedom of speech, as long as no one is able to listen.

5. Suspect charged after Oklahoma man nearly beheaded

Police in central Oklahoma said Thursday that they charged a suspect with homicide after finding a man with his head “almost entirely severed from his body.”

Isaiah Marin, 21, was charged in the murder of Jacob Andrew Crocket, Fox-25 Oklahoma City reported. Police had no motive, but said Marin, who lives in Stillwater, confessed to the killing and told them he planned to commit murders one at a time.

(On the one hand, the guy is nearly hairless. But on the other hand, he is a ginger. So the odds of his being muslim lean towards over 50% in my estimate. This looks sorta like him except this page sorta says its a her) Here is another article about this person claiming he has strong Christian religious beliefs. How very very convenient. Remember, it only takes one non-muslim terrorist to nullify all the muslim ones in the leftist mind. Think Timothy McVeigh.

6. European Muslims declare jihad on all dogs

They make a living hell everywhere they go.

A Dutch Muslim politician has called for a ban on dogs in The Hague, the third-largest city in the Netherlands.

Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are “unclean” animals, and some say the call to ban them in Holland and elsewhere represents an attempted encroachment of Islamic Sharia law in Europe.

This latest canine controversy — which the Dutch public has greeted with a mix of amusement and outrage — follows dozens of other Muslim-vs-dog-related incidents in Europe. Critics say it reflects the growing assertiveness of Muslims in Europe as they attempt to impose Islamic legal and religious norms on European society.

The Dutch dustup erupted after Hasan Küçük, a Turkish-Dutch representative on The Hague city council for the Islam Democrats, vehemently opposed a proposal by the Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) to make the city more dog friendly.

Thank you Bear, GoV., Ted L., and many many more. Its an odd news day. A truly psycho Christian beheads someone at a very convenient time for islam-critic-critics and Canada is consumed with a single Iranian-Canadian who scandalized the CBC by having sex in a manner that is difficult to sell as a wonderful progressive kink that square, awful, intolerant, conservatives need to have their noses rubbed in.




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The fate of girls and women captured by the Islamic State

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Islam. turning paradise into deserts since the late 1400s. Links post 3 for Oct. 30 – 2014

1. Israel recalls ambassador to Sweden for consultations

Stockholm needs to understand relations in the Middle East are more complicated than self-assembly furniture at IKEA, said Liberman. He termed the move an “unfortunate decision that strengthens the extremists.”

Liberman said the only chance at reaching an agreement was through negotiations, and that these types of moves strengthen the unrealistic Palestinian demands and serve to push any agreement further away.

“It is a pity the Swedish government has chosen to adopt the measure that does a lot of damage and has no benefits,” he said.

2. Italy: 100,000 in Anti-Immigration Demo

Northern League rally fills Milan's Cathedral Square

An estimated 100,000 people protested against illegal immigration, Islamisation and the European Union at a rally organised by the Lega Nord (Northern League) in front of Milan’s Cathedral, the heart of the city.

The crowd was so enormous that it took two hours for everybody to get to the vast square.

[...] Demonstrators were holding banners saying “No to mosques”, “Fewer illegals = fewer diseases”, “Less money to refugees”, and “If I catch Ebola I’ll infect Alfano”. Angelino Alfano is Italy’s Minister of the Interior, responsible, among other things, for internal security and immigration.

3. “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin

4. RCMP names 5 people at risk of traveling away to join the Islamic State.

From the National Post:

The RCMP released a list of their names to the National Post on Wednesday identifying them as: Ahmad Waseem, Mohamed El Shaer, Ali Abubaker, Naomi Mahdere and Hamza Omer. The first two are from Windsor, Ont. The others are from Calgary.


5. Three brothers ‘abused 54 girls in Rotherham – but remain at large’

A former Rotherham Council researcher said mentions of the brothers, who are of Pakistani descent, featured ‘very heavily’ in a dossier she produced for police in 2001 on suspected abusers in the town. [...]

In her evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, the researcher said she had put together a document detailing information about suspected abusers. She said the information was given to the police in the hope they could pursue criminal charges against perpetrators – but her dossier was dismissed as ‘unhelpful’.

The researcher said the three brothers were suspected of abusing 54 girls in October 2001, with a fourth brother also becoming involved in abuse in later years. One of the men was named by 18 different girls as their ‘boyfriend’ – with several believed to have been made pregnant by him when they were under 16.

6. Islamic State Modus Operandi

Thank you Tundra T., TL., M., and all who sent in materials.

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Quebec media avoids central issue in death of muslim woman on escalator in January 2014

An original translation by CB Sashenka with much thanks

Death at the Fabre Metro (Montreal): strangled by her clothing, concludes the coroner.

The dead woman from last January in an escalator at the Fabre metro station in Montreal had died strangled by her clothing, concludes the coroner in charge of the file.

In his report, Paul G. Dionne argues that the death of Naima Rharouity is “accidental” and that the woman’s scarf is probably the cause of the accident.

“The woman was strangled by the scarf and her scalp was lacerated by the combs of the escalator steps in motion, before the escalator was stopped,” one can read. However, the coroner does not specify in his report if it’s about an Islamic veil, as was implied by some media.

During a short interview with La Press, it was indicated that this detail was quite simply not in public interest. “It is not important, it is a scarf,” said Paul G. Dionne.

The coroner was also not able to determine with certainty if the woman fell before or after her clothing remained caught in the escalator.
“It is quite possible that the woman’s clothing was initially caught in the escalator, causing her fall and strangulation. (The woman measured 160 cm and her scarf 157 cm),” he writes.

The coroner recommends to the Société de transport de Montreal to “revise” and “adapt” its escalator maintenance program. He also asked the STM to ensure the implementation and application of this new program.

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More cultural and islamic enrichment in Canada and elsewhere: Links post 2 for Oct. 30 – 2014

1. Arabs Dance in the Street, Celebrating Glick Shooting

Arab rioting in Jerusalem

Arab rioting in Jerusalem
Flash 90

Arabs in Jerusalem danced in the streets and handed out sweets, expressing great joy over the attempted murder of Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick Wednesday night. “May Allah bless the shooter,” passerby told Israeli reporters, while while celebratory fireworks went off in the background and music was played.

2. UN Chief Launches Campaign to End Female Genital Mutilation

(Notice the photo that was used was one of Sergio Redegali’s murals in Australia. A truly courageous and prescient man)

UN chief Ban Ki-moon launched Thursday a global campaign to end the often deadly practice of female genital mutilation within a generation, as survivors said it had “shattered” their lives.

“The mutilation of girls and women must stop in this generation, our generation,” Ban said on a visit to the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

“Men and boys must also be encouraged to support the fight against FGM — and they should be praised when they do.”

3. Tripoli: Lebanese army on the offensive against Islamist militias

Lebanon’s military launched a major operation to oust Jihadi groups from the heart of the Old City and the Sunni neighbourhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh. Violence breaks out again in the Arsal area. Patriarch Rahi expresses support for the army, which is trying to ensure “security and stability”. Lebanese authorities say they cannot accept more refugees from Syria.

Beirut (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Lebanese army has launched a fierce assault against Sunni militants in Tripoli, northern Lebanon’s main city, forcing the Jihadists to retreat from the Old City and the nearby neighbourhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh.

Renewed fighting erupted on Friday and continued during the weekend. At least five soldiers and two civilians have died in the violence.

The militants, thought to be linked to Islamic State and al-Qaeda, have threatened to kill captured soldiers unless the army halts its operations.

4. Ottawa traffic stop part of RCMP national security probe

(Really go over and read the whole article. Its quite something. The man has a history. Any non-muslim would have been in jail a long time before this)

A chaotic Ottawa police traffic stop on Bank Street in which a plainclothes Ontario Provincial Police officer fired a single shot at a man was part of an RCMP national security investigation, the Citizen has learned.

The RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) has been monitoring south Ottawa resident Luqman Abdunnur, 39, with the assistance of the OPP’s surveillance unit.

INSET officers have as their mandate to track and disrupt criminal behaviour of known terrorist groups or people who pose a threat to national security. [...]

Abdunnur appears to have run what was described as “Your Muslim moving company” in a Muslim business directory in July 2013.

5. BB responds to the shooting of the Jewish man over the Temple Mount dispute and the hypocrisy of the international community

6. Muslim terror suspect & assault-rifle collector from Pakistan arrested – faces deportation from Canada

Muhammad Aqeeq Ansari, a Karachi-born software designer who has lived in Ontario for several years, was arrested on Oct. 27. His lawyer said on Wednesday in an interview he is charged under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act with being a danger to the security of Canada.

He said federal officials allege Mr. Ansari has ties to terrorists in Pakistan, that he had amassed “a small arsenal” of guns; and that he has expressed extreme opinions on Twitter.

Thank you Jane, M., Buck, UK Pete, and all. More to come.

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Ebola and Islam. Diseases of the body and spirit: links 1 for Oct. 30 – 2014

1. Brian Lilley: Why can’t officials and journalists call it ‘terrorism’?

The next video on the absurd, ‘lone wolf’ label is also good

2. Israel: Palestinians’ number one enemy, Yehuda Glick, shot

3. Clare Lopez: Call it Jihad: ‘Terrorism’ Just Doesn’t Define This Threat

2014?s spate of Islamic terror attacks against Western targets leaves observers grasping for words to describe what’s happening. President Obama doesn’t want to deal with it at all, so after a Muslim convert beheaded a woman in Oklahoma, he thought it appropriate to send the beheader’s mosque (the Islamic Center of Greater Oklahoma City) warm greetings about “shared peace” and “a sense of justice.” (The occasion was the Muslim feast of Eid Ul-Adh, but the timing was awful.) U.S. national security agencies are no help either—under the tutelage of the Muslim Brotherhood, they were purged long ago of any vocabulary useful for dealing with jihad. “Lone wolf” gets a lot of play with the media, but as Michael Ledeen, Andrew McCarthy, and Patrick Poole (herehere, and here) have all pointed out, there’s nothing ‘lone’ about Muslim warriors, self-selected or otherwise, engaging in fard ‘ayn (individual jihad) in obedience to the doctrine of their shared faith.

4. US Military to hide their military identity in public. 

(While Canada rightfully and courageously rescinded the order for Canadian forces to not wear the uniform in public, the US seems eager to appear to surrender to Islam at home)

5. A very depressing article on child abuse in one city in England, and the headline is the least problematic part of it.

6. Two arrested after pig’s head found dumped outside Islamic Cultural Centre

7. US Envoy: To Defeat ISIS, We Must Highlight ‘Our Profound Respect’ for Islam

(Why not just come out and say what they mean? That to stop islamic terror we just have to do what they say? Surrender to them and convert to Islam with all the destruction of our own cultures, religions, history and secular achievements that go along with it?)

8. Spanish Intelligence Intercepts Plot to Weaponise Ebola

Spanish intelligence has intercepted messages passed between jihadists online discussing the weaponisation of the deadly Ebola virus for use against the West, while a blackmailer in Prague has threatened to unleash the virus unless the Czech Republic pay him one million bitcoin, a volume of online currency worth over £200 million.

Thank you M., Buck, Richard, Yucki, DP111, TL., and all who sent in materials.

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“There are none so blind as those who will not see” 1546 (John Heywood) Links 2 for Oct. 29 – 2014

1. Christian priest tells UN: “Israel is the only Mideast country not persecuting Christians”

2. Egypt gives residents on Gaza border 48 hours to leave

(Let’s all hold our breaths for universities across the Western world to have Egyptian Apartheid weeks on campus)

Locals ask officials to extend deadline, as army prepares to destroy homes to build buffer zone after deadly attack

EL-ARISH, Egypt (AP) — Egyptian authorities on Tuesday ordered residents living along the country’s eastern border with the Gaza Strip to evacuate so they can demolish their homes and set up a buffer zone to stop weapons and militant trafficking between Egypt and the Palestinian territory, officials said.

3. THIS JUST REPORTED ON CFRA: The police shooting at a man the other day during a ‘routine traffic stop’ turns out to have been part of an ongoing security investigation! Name released as Luqman Abdunnur

4. Turkish president reveals new palace of 1000 rooms.

(Shades of Nicolae Ceau?escu. Let’s hope he dies the same way)

5. Trial of imam accused of conducting hundreds of sham marriages to get British passports for foreign men collapses because Home Office officials didn’t get round to reading case files 

A trial of a man accused of conducting almost 600 sham marriages as an imam has collapsed after prosecutors said the Home Office had not finished vital paperwork.

Mohammed Mattar, 63, of West Hampstead, London, was arrested more than two years ago over the claims, which he denied saying he was just a humble bookseller.

But prosecutors said they were forced to offer no evidence after Home Office investigators failed to disclose vital information before a court time limit.

6. ISIS commit another massacre: 30 Sunni men are paraded through Iraqi town before being brutally shot dead 

Militants from the Islamic State lined up 30 Sunni men in a town west of Baghdad and shot them dead this morning, an Iraqi official and residents said.

The slayings took place on a main street in al-Bakir district in the town of Hit, which has been the scene of intense fighting by jihadis and local resistance groups in recent weeks.

It is understood the murdered men were mainly local tribal leaders who had allied with the Iraqi government and were helping to organise anti-ISIS operations in the embattled town.


7. Just for Canadians, I have it on good authority that we do not need to worry about CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi‘s future income as apparently, he has been hired by the Baltimore Ravens as starting running back for 2015

8. Item 7 was a joke.

9. CAIR publishes list of US ‘Islamophobes’

(I suspect its more than just a list for finger pointing)

10 CBN expose on muslims in the US going to fight jihad, and then come back to the US.

CBN US Jihadis returning to US from Islamic… by vlad43

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Yucki, and many more. More to come no doubt.

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“Democracy is Something for Unbelievers”

(This is a mirror of the excellent post that is originally at Gates of Vienna but will camp out here until GoV is back in action.)

The following fascinating interview with a recruiter for the Islamic State was originally published by Der Spiegel and has been translated by Rembrandt Clancy.

You’ll notice that the interviewer is what is commonly referred to as a “moderate Muslim”. In his eagerness to find acceptable, humane parts of the Koran with which to confront his subject, he seems unaware that the Doctrine of Abrogation has rendered those verses irrelevant. The IS recruiter, in contrast, is fully versed in all the nuances of Islamic law.


“Islamic State” Recruiter Interviewed: “Democracy is something for Unbelievers”

What makes the “Islamic State” tick? How do their followers see the world? An IS-recruiter gives SPIEGEL ONLINE an account of how the extremists imagine the future. A disputatious discussion with an uncompromising radical.

Source: Spiegel Online

Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

by Hasnain Kazim

23 October 2014

The conditions of the Islamist [des Islamisten] are stringent: no photograph, no sound recordings; and it goes without saying that he will not divulge his real name, any more than reveal his country of origin. He says only that he is an Arab. His English is polished, with a British accent.

He calls himself Abu Sattar, a man of roughly 30 years with a thick, black, full beard reaching down to his chest, with a shaved upper lip, his head is shorn. He wears a black floor-length robe. In a black leather briefcase, he carries a Koran wrapped in a cloth.

In Turkey Abu Sattar recruits fighters for the terrorist militia, “Islamic State” (IS). He checks the basic cast of mind of interested parties who wish to travel from the many countries of the world to Turkey, whence they wish to go to war in Iraq or move to Syria. Many IS-followers, independently of one another, recommended him as a discussion leader, one they believe can best explain what the IS stands for. For many, he is something of an ideological paragon.

After some hesitation, Abu Sattar agrees to a meeting. He sets a date and promises to specify a location in good time; but then allows the arrangement to fall through, only to once more set up a meeting the next day, in the morning, in a public place. This time he actually surfaces: a man with brown eyes behind rimless glasses. He gives the impression of being self-confident and confrontational. He orders tea and allows a prayer chain with wooden beads to glide through his hands during the interview.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Assalamu alaikum.

Abu Sattar: Are you a Muslim?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What part does that play here? For me, religion is a private matter.

Abu Sattar: Then why do you say “Assalamu alaikum”?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Because it means “Peace be with you”, and I consider it a friendly greeting.

Abu Sattar: Therefore you are not a Muslim. But I knew that!

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Why is your way of thinking within the “Islamic State” constantly driven by a division of the world into believers and unbelievers? Why is it, that in the “Islamic State” everything is always black and white, “we against the rest of the world”?

Abu Sattar: Who started it then? Who conquered the world and attempted to subject all foreign cultures and religions? The history of colonialism is long and bloody. And it continues to today in the form of the arrogance of the West vis-à-vis everyone else: “we against the rest of the world”, that is the driving formula of the West. Finally, we Muslims are successfully offering resistance against it.  Continue reading

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