Once again, Euronews lies to force a deep state/socialist agenda

Euronews is continuously seeking to undermine the people of France by lying about the weekly protests in France. Watch even their own video and decided if you think this is just 2800 people. But then watch the videos collected in yesterday’s YVP post here at Vlad.

Let.s have a look at a couple of other protest videos from yesterday where in all of France there was “only 2800 protestors”.

“2800 people in all of France yesterday protesting”. This is just Toulouse. Euronews needs criminal charges filed against it or at least a class action lawsuit by all the people of Europe who have to pay for this sedition.

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  1. No the protests aren’t dying down, the French people know this so the lies have to be for international distribution. How this is going to help Macron remain in power is beyond me.

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