Are Macron’s goons now using Guns?

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  1. The police were aiming the pistols at the French Civilians, they ended up putting their pieces back into their holsters so I would have to say they aren’t using guns, Not Yet the fact that they would draw their sidearms says the individual policemen and women are starting to get nervous (GI for they are getting scared and at times real scared, this translations fits in all 4 sub dialects of the of the GI dialect). If the police are getting nervous enough to draw their handguns the situation is real tense and open war if probably not far away.

      • You have GI which has its own slang and meanings of words, the you have Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force. Everyone serving speaks the GI dialect of their branch and understands the other branches. If you tell a Secire a building they lock the doors. The Army posts guards, the Air Force takes out a lease and the Marines launch an assault on the building. Like I say we all understand each other but think the mindset is at times weird.

          • Yes they are salty, you aren’t truly fluent until you can use the F word as a Noun, verb, adverb and adjective in same sentence. Having said that they are truly dialicts of the English language and tend to be very brief and informative. Just don’t use the wrong word in your communications, the bosses get real upset because if you sue the wrong word in combat people may die while they are trying to figure out what you said.

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