French Interior minister, turns people escaping from police tear gas and baton attacks, into an “Attack on an ICU”

The French interior minister also said that “the police had to intervene to save people in the hospital from an ‘angry mob'” (Yellow Vesters) but the truth is the protestors were escaping chemical and other abuse by police to the public.

The Interior Minister also said: “Yellow Vesters had attacked doctors and nurses in the hospital” but the staff of the hospital testified to the press that at no point had they been attacked by the Yellow Vests.

Below, the video of what actually happened:

Thank you M., and Ava Lon who watched quite a bit of material to help us come to an understanding of this now-standard government false flag against its own people.

(Remember Chemnitz)



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10 Replies to “French Interior minister, turns people escaping from police tear gas and baton attacks, into an “Attack on an ICU””

  1. The hospital staff confirmed there was no violence, they were only people fleeing the teargas of which quite a few seniors.
    The staff discredited everything Castaner said in his press conference.

  2. euronews – French minister rows back on claim May Day protesters ‘attacked’ hospital

    […]France’s Interior Minister Christophe Castaner initially said the hospital was ‘attacked’ by dozens of anti-capitalist militants and black blocks, but by Friday morning he had changed his position.

    […]CCTV footage showed a number of intruders trying to get in as a group of nurses struggled to hold the door shut, shouting: “Be careful, there are patients in here!”

    […] the demonstrators were merely seeking refuge from tear gas fired by police.

    […]”Truth is the first victim of Macron’s sidekicks,”
    the guardian – French interior minister under pressure over ‘hospital attack’ claim

    Christophe Castaner accused of exaggerating May Day incident at Paris hospital

    Critics have accused Christophe Castaner of spreading “fake news” after videos of the intrusion at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital appeared on social media and 32 demonstrators held by police were released without charge.

    […]Footage shows demonstrators forcing a locked metal gate at the rear of the hospital at about 4.30pm. Around 50 protesters entered the hospital grounds and a group ran up a metal stairway and tried to get into the intensive care department.

    Medical staff in the intensive care department blocked the door to stop them entering. A member of hospital staff inside the unit filmed the protesters, who were quickly removed by police.

    […]Benoît Hamon… accused Castaner of “manipulating information”…..“The government can’t fight fake news and tell lies at same time. If the government cannot produce proof of what it claims, I think the interior minister cannot remain interior minister,” Hamon said


    france 24 – May Day protests: How did social media help debunk claims a hospital had been attacked?

  3. I watched the initial show of this clip on BFM and it was edited in such a way as to make it appear close to the suggestion by Castaner, but even with that I was able to decipher that it was people trying to escape because I have studied so much footage of demos over the years and can identify black block and can work out some of what went down. The bit where the elderly people panic when the police arrive and try and take refuge in the hospital was cut on BFM so you could not see that it was elderly people. Just a man in a hat trying to get in. But in the full clip you can see the panic of him his friend and the woman with him. They were terrified of the police, and that is what France is now.

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