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One Reply to “Rasmus Paludan gets Muslims to show the rest of us what Islam is actually about”

  1. Austria: By order of Allah, an Afghan was planning to cut off the head of a woman

    Not only in Germany is the diversity and richness of uncontrolled mass migration becoming more and more apparent. Muslim culture is also showing its full splendor when it comes to the neighboring country, Austria: Last Tuesday, the special police unit Cobra arrested a 31-year-old Afghan on suspicion of terrorism. As the magazine “heute” reports, the Austrian Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the public prosecutor’s office is investigating on suspicion of supporting a terrorist organization. The man is alleged to have carried out propaganda for the Taliban’s Islamic terrorist group and to have advertised for it via various social media channels (among other things, he also operated his own YouTube channel).Among other things, he is said to have threatened a woman who burned the Koran that he would “cut off her head by order of Allah”. Decapitation orders from the highest authority seem to frequently be received by Muslims who have “fled” to Austria or Germany or who are already “integrated” there. In 2017, for example, a rejected asylum seeker from Afghanistan repeatedly stabbed a female compatriot in the neck in front of her children, so that it seemed as if he had literally wanted to cut off her head.His problem: The woman had driven him mad by asking him to convert as well. A Muslim who had been legally sentenced to nine years in prison as an IS terrorist was on trial in mid-September because he threatened to cut the head of a fellow prisoner in the prison whom he did not consider a “good Muslim”. In 2013, the Afghan Muslim Harun P. threatened the critic of Islam Michael Stürzenberger in front of running cameras to cut off his head.This small, incomplete selection reflects the Islamic ” head off in the name of Allah” custom imported to Europe. The Muslims refer to the customary practice that has been in use for 1400 years, the “Qata al-raas” – the cutting off of the head, which their Bedouin founder of religion Mohammed had already practiced frequently and extensively, and which is recorded in detail in the Koran.

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