Rasmus Paludan sets the record straight on his Koran burning in Sweden

There have been questions and accusations of Russian interference in Rasmus’ protest at the Turkish Embassy in Sweden which started protests across the Islamic world.

We spoke with Rasmus first, 6 days ago, and then again 2 days later.

For details and excerpts of the transcript, please see RAIR Foundation

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12 Replies to “Rasmus Paludan sets the record straight on his Koran burning in Sweden”

  1. Global Freedom Movement

    Get these flyers to inform the public about Digital ID


    Twitter: @GlobalFreedomM



    SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE ?? Outreach on the London Underground. We had such a great reaction from the public, they were genuinely interested in what we had to say, they were asking lots of questions and asking what they can do to help. No one trusts mainstream media anymore

  2. I’m tired of this one trick pony. He burns a koran here another there, with the predictable result of violent reaction and pompous statements from Muslim politicians. This demonstrates his point, he says, but how many times do we need this demonstration?

    • I dunno. When will people wake up and start to demand an end to islamic immigration, not to mention enforcement of sharia laws disguised as “hate speech”?

  3. If other countries in Western Europe do the same !, probably it will be effective, but with this wimps and Transgender in West , Europe is done , it’s unbelievable like is no man left with balls to protect own country..

  4. Rasmus Paludan is one of these extreme rarities: a man of intellect (I bet his IQ would dwarf the average IQ of islamists by …orders of magnitude) AND of a near kamikaze courage.

    Kudos to Vladtepes for giving this real hero a voice.

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