Police officer speaks at June 17 event on the murder of a fellow officer and Islam’s role

Christine Tasin also spoke at this event

This article also explains much about the killer.

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4 Replies to “Police officer speaks at June 17 event on the murder of a fellow officer and Islam’s role”

  1. They’re marvelous, like Resistance fighters from the bad old days. Whenever I want to curse France for surrender-monkey/ -dhimmi, I’m brought up short by magnificent patriots like these. Thank you, Rita, and Vive la France!

    She's got a nice neckline and splendid lungs, as well.
    OT: I hope you’re feeling 100% up to snuff these days.

    • @ yucki. Christine Tasin is one of the most courageous women in France, I think. She used to be a teacher of classics (Greek and Latin) and speaks (for example) glowingly about the parents of her Jewish students compared with the muslims: Day and Night. She actually lost her job because of her political stance, and I think she could outrun Salman Rushdie easily when it comes to Fatwas on her head. I really so admire these (as you rightly say) true Resistance fighters.

      LOL at your remarks about her “nice neckline” 🙂 I know you understand her motivation – she does that nearly exclusively to “show THEM the finger” 😉

      The policeman too is made of the best material: http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/one-brave-french-policeman.html

      OT: 75 % “up to snuff” now and heading towards 100% 😉

      • I am sorry to hear that you are sick and hope you return to 100% quickly.

        I will anxiously await for the rest of the story on the policeman and the growing resistance in France.

    • She is definitely a mammal, something all men will appreciate.

      The French don’t have a larger percentage of surrender monkeys in their population then the other western nations, it was just that until recently they had leaders who were willing to surrender and the rest of us didn’t.

      Strong leaders draw people to them and their resistance to tyranny, weak leaders drive people into surrender and treasonous leaders (what most of us have) create resistance movements to their rule. We have reached the point where the resistance leaders are coming forward and drawing followers to the fight to save our cultures.

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