Berlin: “You Unbeliever!” – Syrian Attacks Subway Passengers With Knife

An original translation from Die Welt. Incidents like these do not even make it to the front pages anymore, it is just the new German normal.

Man Attacks With Knife – Police Look Into Islamist background

January 02., 2018

On Silvester day [New Year’s Eve], a 23-year-old Syrian attacked a man in the Berlin subway and yelled at him: “You Unbeliever.” The man and all further victims were Germans. Now, the Land Office for Criminal Investigations investigates.

A 23-year-old attacked several people with a knife in Berlin-Schöneberg. This wounded a 50-year-old lightly. The intelligence service of the Land Office for Criminal Investigations is looking into whether there is an Islamistic background, a police spokesman announced upon our enquiry on Tuesday. The man from Syria was „mentally instable“. „Tagesspiegel“ had reported on the case.

The 21-year-old Syrian assaulted several people on Silvester day in the subway station Bayerischer Platz. Accordingly, he first asked the 50-year-old if he was a Turk.

When the man denied, he yelled “You unbeliever” and stabbed at him with the knife. The man suffered slight cutting wounds, but did not want medical treatment. The other people who were attacked were Germans, too.

Due to the confused mental state he was in, the 23-year-old was taken to a hospital and afterwards to a jail hospital. A detention order has already been issued.

“Bayerischer Platz” subway station in Berlin

4 Replies to “Berlin: “You Unbeliever!” – Syrian Attacks Subway Passengers With Knife”

    • I don’t even think they care to defend him, another day, another “mentally ill”. It will already be forgotten tomorrow. Not for the people who were affected, but that’s another story.
      PS – you made me realize I had forgotten a “to” there, I just added it in the text above.

    • As long as the Germans want to run their country into hell, nothing can be done.

      The sole reason that Western powers can even think about backing away slowly from the cesspit that is Germany is because it does not possess nuclear weapons.

      The same cannot be said for France or Britain. Either or both of these subverted European countries promise to become flash points, be it through civil war or necessary intervention to confiscate their respective nuclear arsenals.

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