Sandra Solomon analyses odd video appearing to be an Islamic threat to Canada in particular

When this video was first sent to us, my first impression was it could as easily be by an Anti-Islamic group pointing out what Canada needs to understand about Islam and our Islamophelic government, as much as it could be exactly what it pretends to be.

Sandra however, felt it was precisely what it appears to be. The sloppy production of the video just means it isn’t part of the US-Islamic State video production facility, but that doesn’t mean some new or even not new jihadi group didn’t paste this together with flour and water.

So Sandra asked to do a play-by-play analogy of the video to better inform Canadians in particular.

(There was distinctly a series of news stories from roughly a year ago exposing US government people of having been the production company behind many of the same Islamic State videos it became illegal to be in possession of. I tried to find them for this post but cannot. But they were posted on Vlad at the time somewhere.)


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2 Replies to “Sandra Solomon analyses odd video appearing to be an Islamic threat to Canada in particular”

  1. They say they flattened our border, thus I would imagine they are referring to the Muslims crossing our border illegally. And more to come through the flooding (of our border, naturally). Also, the photo of the Syrian refugees indicates many came through the refugee program.

    We all knew this, except our stupid worthless government ministers.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the action to begin. This is great news. Canadians will see their grave mistake in electing a pro-Islam skiboard instructor whose appointees are all pro-Islam.

    • They will see their mistake when the real oppression and the attacks like those in Europe begin, but not all will see their mistake because the Propaganda Media will cover for the attackers like they are doing in Europe.

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