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9 Replies to “Make July 1 International Burn Hijab Day”

  1. ?Make July 1 International Burn Hijab Day

    sounds good to me.

    Slightly OT, I think wearing the US flag like a headscarf is against the section of US law concerning the US Flag.

  2. Good choice of day – 1st of July. Imagine if Canada truly became an international leader and inspiration to other nations by calling out and refusing to countenance Islam’s oppression of women. Imagine if, in Canada at least, “honor” killings would be entirely a thing of the past, the foam flecked and hateful rants of imans instructing males to view women and girls as things for their personal use, were heard no more; imagine if … I’m dreaming, I know (sigh).

  3. Sandra Solomon video: She is getting better and better at making these important videos. More focused on a single issue at a time.
    Does anyone know how to capture the url of these videos that are not u-tube. Would love to have the url for this one.

  4. I approve—Especially if such garments, when set on-fire, contain Islamist-Terrorists (Pray forgive the redundancy) who hide in them to avoid “final solutions” by those defending the innocent from them.

  5. In case no one else has done so, welcome aboard, James Pawlak.

    While I detest being mean-spirited, my gorge continues to rise at what Islam attempts to pass off as “civilized”. Perhaps, after some demonstrations of truly “serious” brutality, whatever Muslims there are might begin to rethink their (halal,non-alcoholic) drink.

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