FULL Session from the Parliamentary committee on ‘hate speech’, June 4, 2019

I would advise Canadians, and Americans, wishing to understand the Canadian zeitgeist at this time, pay attention to this video and the outcome of these hearings.

Here is the bill under discussion.

The controversy regarding the CHRC’s practices comes from its enforcement of Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, prior to its repeal, which stated that it is discriminatory to communicate by phone or Internet any material “that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt.”

Video now on Youtube:


Setting the record straight on Islam. John Robson SUN TV

It has been quite a day already for both events, and people speaking frankly about Islam and those events.

The Pat Condell clip in the post below is excellent. Superb. Important even. As is this John Robson clip, Prof. Robson himself a professor of History at Ottawa University, comes out and speaks the obvious and well documented truth about Islamic history and its aggressions.

Sun TV videos: York unreasonable accommodation, Marxist Math and John Robson on Middle eastern facts.

With Tarek Fatah on the whole issue of Islamic demands for undermining Canadian values.

How are basics being taught to Canadian kids in school?

John Robson lays out a few basic indisputable facts in terms of the Islamic refusal to make peace with Israel based on the record:

Also: Ezra Levant interviews Jason Kenny on why grants to terror supporting Islamic groups had their funding cut in Canada.