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One Reply to “John Robson with a frightening history lesson”

  1. One day you pick up a paper and on page three somewhere it says that the most popular boy’s name in your country is now, “Muhammad”. Ba-da-bing! It’s all over, baby. How do you walk back from that? If you oppose them, their will be violence, and they have most of the young males; if you ignore them their will be a relentless march toward the implementation of Sharia Law. Too late!

    This is what frightens me more than anything else. And frankly, I don’t see any movement whatsoever in the typical left-winger’s level of understanding on this. They just keep bleating, “Just because some terrorists happen to be Muslim, doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists.”, over and over again – as if that argument automatically opens all doors to Muslim immigration. They’re just not waking up. Look at how many people despise Donald Trump for suggesting that Muslim immigration should be halted? That should be bleeping obvious, and yet they act as if the very idea is an outrage against humanity. It’s like they’re in a deep coma or something…

    It’s very simple. If somebody doesn’t believe in democracy or minority rights or the rule of law, they should not be allowed to move into a civilized Western Democracy, for obvious reasons. I know that’s not very politically correct and will elicit cries of, “Thoughtcrime! Mind control!”, but it’s what needs to happen. They’ll bloody well vote to ban free speech if we give them the opportunity. I know that sophists can make arguments for why this isn’t true, but that’s just what sophists do, and they’re wrong…

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