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3 Replies to “Brian Lilley and John Robson on the UN and its spokespeople”

  1. It makes me livid that our tax dollars support the pro-islamic farce of the UN which has a primary agenda of constantly attacking Israel with an endless supply of lies and attempts to delegitimize her and all she stands for by promoting the fakestinian lies & propaganda. I pray the naive,the just plain stupid & complicit get their acts together and along with intelligent & well-informed Canadians demand an end to Canada’s participation in this farce, before irreparable damage is done..

  2. Excuse my French people, and no offense to the French….but if you want an explanation for the drivel and ranting of Richard Falk simply look at the schnozzola on this fucking rodent!!!……..thats a rum-dum nose if I ever saw one…….fuck me!!!…that asshole has got Rudolf beat all to hell!!!…that prick is just an old-time booze hound who spends his entire fucking days do the backstroke in a bottle of whisky……

    Then he crawls out to scrawl off a quick report and then dives back in for another lap or two……

    sorry about the profanity…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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