Sun TV videos: York unreasonable accommodation, Marxist Math and John Robson on Middle eastern facts.

With Tarek Fatah on the whole issue of Islamic demands for undermining Canadian values.

How are basics being taught to Canadian kids in school?

John Robson lays out a few basic indisputable facts in terms of the Islamic refusal to make peace with Israel based on the record:

Also: Ezra Levant interviews Jason Kenny on why grants to terror supporting Islamic groups had their funding cut in Canada.


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6 Replies to “Sun TV videos: York unreasonable accommodation, Marxist Math and John Robson on Middle eastern facts.”

  1. Sun News, making Canadian television bearable since 2011.

    1/ Tarek calls it ‘left-wing Orientalism.’ Bingo.

    2/ It’s clever. Instead of torturing them until they agree that two and two makes five, and so freedom can be slavery, you allow that two times two Canada-hating conservatives does indeed equal four Canada-hating conservatives, as any child can see on the fingers of one hand. No torture necessary.

    3/ Robson needs to work on his Arabic for ‘No’ but really any barnyard noise will suffice.

    4/ ‘The CAF thought they had some kind of a priori legal right.’ Oh, let’s see. The right under sharia to take money from kuffar governments to fund holy war? What’s Chowderhead’s term for it – jihad seeker’s allowance?

  2. Cut off again by this iPad. W
    That won’t let me open the vids. But in relation to the tv ads I want to express my hate for the attempts to sanction free speech. Bullying is not expressing views whether hateful or not about groups of people, institutions or policies
    The attempts to prevent free speech on media outlets will encourage more.
    Target bullying you nincompoops attorney general of nonsense

  3. Peter the pumpkin eater. I hate
    Your campaign
    I hate Hamas
    I hate islamics
    I hate gender apartheid
    I hate your insidious campaign that has nothing to do with bullying
    Bullying is the targeting Of a weak pews on who can not stand up to the onslaught of harassment
    Whether on media or otherwise

    Hate is a powerful motion
    And Peter even though your Iranian wife (is she Christian or Islamic). Just wondering as that has not made any news articles I have read and in Light of the fact that Obama has Muslim brotherhood supporters giving him direction. Just wondering about our own attorney general. Most thinking
    Canadians will value their right to hate if they choose

  4. Tarak is always a soldier. And Jason continues to soldier on. These two are in the ranks of a very small number of men who are worth respecting. Bravo to both for their continuing efforts.
    Regardless of peters position on the York sharia maggots supported by the medico racy of a provincial liberal government. Peter has missed the mark completely with the anti bullying campaign. Thwarting free speech attempting to turn the next generation into a Librium addicted mass of bla bla bla. Kids who or adults who bully. Let’s define what this is. It is Not not not criticizing or expressing hate for ideas positions policies principals philosophies or the people who promote these hated positions.

  5. one of the most idiotic paradigms being pushed by the liberal hrc thwarters of independent thinkers, is the concept that RELIGION of a person is not relevant. Apparently, so says John B
    to the cbc, we all as Canadians accept this position now, as it can not even be asked on job
    Yes, the values that are promoted during upbringing and socialization are irrevelevant
    When two people meet their circles of interest have nothing to do with their religious/nonreligious values
    When people select mates, their basic personalities and how they choose to live their lives has
    absolutely nothing to do with their religious values

    Are we getting more and more complacent in relation to the the mindfucks that the idiocy of politically influenced paradims are imposing on the masses.

    Programmed though our education systems to believe that democracy comes from politions telling us what to do, what to think how to live, Seems to me democracy works the other way round

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