Brian Lilley explains one of the most recent and brutal Islamic State videos

Please watch this one right to the end. Brian Lilley has decided that the cost of telling the truth is now lower than the cost of preserving the narrative of a ‘hijacked islam’. For this I have a lot of respect for him. He is using his own name and his own face when doing so.

Readers of this site have seen tons and tons and years and years of evidence showing that the brutality we see done by muslims and the subversion of our institutions and so on is indeed the true islam as demonstrated by the history, scripture and laws of islam so his message is no surprise to us. But what vindication that the admission is out there. Now we need to see our leaders say it.

This video is very good. The only thing I wish he would have said, is that the message in the video is also the message given in pretty much every mosque and islamic school in the country. Ours in Canada, and every other country as well. And the trick of trying to convince muslims that really islam is about multicultural tolerance was tried by the Russians and the Brits and didn’t work for either of them.

Below, is a video that a number of us made based on the content of the first serious video that was produced by the Islamic State demonstrating the same thing. That the Islamic State is indeed a manifestation of the real Islam. It is great to see media people admitting the truth of this because if you cannot identify an enemy and show their doctrine as they mean it, you cannot possibly fight them and defend your own culture.

Brian Lilley asks some worth questions about Trudeau’s values

Mr. Lilley allows Justin to make his relativistic speech about embracing different values and speaking to those with whom you disagree, and then reminds us that Trudeau categorically will not tolerate those who hold pro-life values in his party and no discussion about that at all. Wahhabi mosques are OK though.

If Canada wishes any self determination, it must leave the UN and now.

This video of Brian Lilley starts out a bit slow. But when it gets going its very good. I can understand the need however, to warm up an audience brainwashed into the notion that the UN is a paragon of all that is virtuous and good to the notion that we have to leave it if indeed we wish to actually cling to any notions of personal or national autonomy.