Matteo salvini responds to EU threats to punish Italy if they don’t vote for the left

Matteo Salvini responds to the EU’s threats to punish Italy if they vote for a non-communist government.

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  1. WINNING. She gave a quiet Thank You speech at her party headquarters. Italian politics are complicated. Read in the link below.

    “ROME — Italian voters appeared to shatter several precedents Sunday, backing parties that are now set to form the country’s farthest-right government since the fall of Mussolini, led by its first female prime minister.

    Projections based on a partial count of votes showed a clear victory for a coalition that includes two far-right forces, including the Fratelli d’Italia party of Giorgia Meloni, a once-marginal figure who vows to defend “traditional” social values, close off pathways to undocumented immigrants and push back against the “obscure bureaucrats” of Brussels.

    The projections jibed with exit polls and predictions throughout the month, which suggested that the right would sail to victory — mainly because its parties are unified as a coalition while the left is not.

  2. Addendum: Apologies but I did not post all of the message as requested:

    Wait and see what she does before we all applaud as this was too easy, too sudden and too unexpected and she could be just another WEF plant which seems to be the Left’s new electoral WTG.

    W for M

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