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3 Replies to “Brian Lilley interviews Stephen Coughlin”

  1. Another excellent exposition by Stephen Coughlin, well presented by Brian Lilley.

    This is the kind of matter-of-fact presentation of information that is needed throughout the civilian and military populations. The fact that Coughlin was being squeezed out during the Bush administration informs us how far back the infiltration of the US government goes, if indeed it does not go even further back, as I suspect it does.

    The infiltration has, to all appearances, compromised the loyalty or at least integrity of some flag officers in the military. How far this rot goes is not certain but it is certain that too few are publicly resigning in protest just as there are too few raising their voices in protest after retirement. Their behavior bears an unsettling resemblance to the behavior of our elected officials.

    • The infiltration has been a long term goal of the Moslems and it will take historians many decades if not centuries to dig out the full facts.

      The number of flag officers and other officers are not resigning in protest and in many cases this is probably misplaced loyalty to the idea that the civilians must control the military, this is true but only up to a point when the civilian leaders betray the nation they are bound by their oath of office to act. For the most part the officers are probably waiting until the elections to get a new administration that will change the policies.

      It doesn’t take a lot of superior officers to stop the lower level officers from doing things, and the purge of the officer corp has scared a lot of people who are close to retirement.

      Remember that the American revolution took over a decade of repression to start, the idea that our senior military leaders are betraying the country is one that most people will have a hard time believing. It is easier to believe that the politicians have sold us out then that our military leaders have done the same thing.

      • There are two other things to consider, 1) Read the Verona intercepts, this is the true story about how the predecessor of the NSA broke the Soviet codes in the late 40s early 50s. They then discovered that several of the very important people in their chain of command were Soviet Agents. 2) The story that just broke about the 50 intel analysts that have reported their superiors for changing the reports. When you are reporting your superiors or staging a coup even a non violent coup timing is everything. How many people have know the truth and worked behind the scenes to limit or undo the damage because no one would believe them if they went public?

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