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14 Replies to “Brian Lilley: “Trick them, Kill them”: Father of Ottawa jihadist killed in Libya, calls for recruits”

  1. Magyar TV:

    -Hungarian government adding yet more police and military to border.
    -Croatia and Serbia doing same
    -Slovakia election over. Robert Fico has been given a mandate to form a government. He is having a difficult time forming a coalition because there are too many political parties who will not agree on issues. He has until next Friday to form a government.
    -This is important because all V4 countries have stable governments now except Slovakia. They must stay together to resist EU pressure and demands.

      • Yucki I bet it’s a good idea to start a file. As far as I know Orban was the ONLY dissenter of the EU/Turkey migrant negotiations on Monday.
        I just heard from Magyar TV that Hungary seems to be doubling down on defence. They’ve had pretty good intelligence throughout this whole shit show so they seem to be girding for an intense summer. They’ve announced they will be patrolling ALL perimeter borders of the country except those along Slovakia and the Ukraine. There are still hundreds cutting through the fence along Serbia. Women and children are used as the pointy end of the hijrah spear, followed by the testosterone gangs.

  2. Once again Eastern Europe works hard to defend freedom while the west says there is no way to win. People need to study history more and they would realize that if the west fights the Islamic invaders can’t win.

    • Western governments have no stomach to even stop the invaders or deport the criminal once or convict them, then how can they fight them. When they catch a muslim criminal red handed they find many silly excuses or a slap on the ass, so that not the offend muslims or they they will burn Europe. Burning Europe is only delayed.

      • Do some research on the way the western Europe did their best to avoid fighting or offending the Moslems the last time the invaded. It was the Eastern Europeans that stopped the invasion and eventually drove the invaders out of Europe.

        This refusal is one of the reasons the Germanic states have a traditional hatred for the French.

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