Some items on Brazil from yesterday and today (December 11 & 12)

December 11th:

These three links are from December 11th and deal with the election fraud. They may or may not have English translation available yet.

December 12: Police Violently Assault and Arrest Indigenous Protest Leader Sererê in Brazil – His Wife Begs Authorities for Assistance! Protesters Surround Police Station! – VIDEO

To our readers: The international corporate media refuses to report on the massive uprising of millions in Brazil against the fraudulent presidential elections held at the end of October. The globalist press has decided that Bolsonaro must go, just like they decided that President Donald Trump must go.

The people of Brazil disagree. MILLIONS of protesters have taken to the streets of every major city for over 40 straight days.

On Monday night Indigenous Brazilian protest leader Cacique Sererê was violently assaulted and then taken away by police. Sererê has been leading protests against the communist takeover of the country.

December 12: “Justice is Rigged” – Brazil Election Breakdown: Officials Shut Down Website and Remove Evidence After It Was Exposed

Argentine data expert Fernando Cerimedo gave a worldwide presentation on the anomalies in the Brazilian presidential election. While there is no direct proof of fraud, the statistical anomalies are so egregious to demand a thorough investigation.

In his original report on Nov. 4. Cerimedo pointed out the discrepancies between pre-2020 voting machines and 2020 voting machines, which have internal memory and are auditable.

This video is from on or before November 27, 2022:

As the situation in Brazil becomes more and more serious, the media becomes more and more censorious. Fascinating that.

Please add any news items, videos or information on Brazil’s state of being today to the comments under this post.


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3 Replies to “Some items on Brazil from yesterday and today (December 11 & 12)”

  1. After 40 Days of Silence President Jair Bolsonaro Tells The Brazilian People They Will Determine The Future, The Military Will Support The People
    by Sundance – December 11, 2022

    Comment link: Video posted by Martin Armstrong December 10, 2019
    President Bolsonaro surrounded by the “sex poodle” (Al Gore) and his fellow pigs.

  2. The Soros Files Brazil: Barack Obama, PetroBras and the Biggest Corruption Scandal in Brazil’s History
    By Richard Abelson
    Published December 13, 2022 at 10:15am

    As Minister of Justice, Thomaz Bastos helped Lula pack the Supreme Court with many of the far-left Justices that today stand accused of state capture and whitewashing election fraud. As a lawyer, he defended several companies involved in Brazil’s massive corruption scandal known as “Car Wash” (Lava Jato) and is accused of money laundering going back before 2007, Antagonista reported 2018. Thomaz Bastos died with a fortune estimated at R$393 million (US $73 million), not bad for a lawyer.

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