Matt Walsh: What is a woman?

I heard this raved about on one of the US radio talk shows I listen to when out and about. Just started it so can’t comment yet. But the host was raving. I think it was Dan Bongino, or Dennis Prager. Matt Walsh asks a lot of people in authority what a woman is, and tries to get a straight answer.

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  1. This is an outstanding documentary by Matt Walsh. I highly encourage you to subscribe to daily wire or find a friend who has and watch with them. Hopefully it’s available in Canada.

  2. I just finished this documentary and I think it’s only a matter of time before someone sues NASA. I remember the Viking probes sent into deep space in the late ’70s. They carried golden records of life on Earth should they be intercepted by alien life forms. As I recall, there was a basic picture of a man and a woman on these records. How times have changed. We had better recall those spacecraft for editing.

    These days you know something is good when you watch it and the truth in it makes you feel like you’re breathing fresh oxygen.

    Opinion leaders opining from ivory towers on the legitimacy of pseudo reality is societal poison. This, too, shall pass, but not before many lives are ruined. When one of these opinion leaders asks, “…why do you care…?”, you know they, and we as a society, are lost unless more people can answer that a woman is an adult human female. Perfect Child, if you have not gone interstellar, which I doubt, this is your turf. You would explain to us about the sex squirrels and the femmed, the offer of conscience to the collectivist gods, or am I wrong? You see, in your absence your perspectives are a handgun in the hand of a child.

    As a man (pretty sure, anyway), I can say without exaggeration that a woman is God’s greatest creation. She must be defended. A distant second is Hungarian fish soup.

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