Macron boo’d on Bastille day: Links 2, July 14, 2019

1. Macron is losing friends at home fast.

Seems Macron’s #2, the ecology minister, who’s wife spent hundreds of dollars on a gold leaf blow drier, also has been blowing tons of tax dollars on parties.

2. Oh yeah and if there was ever evidence of her real agenda, which is to destroy the US rather than serve her people as an elected rep, this is it.

3. Speaking of corrupt US leftists…

Here is the interview with retired CIA chief of station, Brad Johnson, on the bribes for Ivy League scandal. (May start slowly)

4. Saturday, July 13, Salim Mansur, who the Conservative party denied a spot as a candidate for, as they felt that this Indian muslim would make the party appear to “Islamophobic”. Salim says a lot of things with which to agree and disagree with. but one thing is for sure. The Conservative party in denying him the candidacy for this odious reason shows how compromised it is. Salim’s positions on many important issues are solid bullseyes for most thinking Canadians and are most certainly conservative positions.

Kuwait City: Kuwait has extradited to Egypt eight wanted fugitives linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported on Sunday.


The eight, all Egyptians, were arrested earlier this week by Kuwaiti authorities after they had been sentenced to jail terms in the homeland on terrorism-related charges.

They were handed over to Cairo on Saturday in two groups in response to a request from Egyptian authorities under extradition pacts between the two countries, the paper said.

“Those arrested constituted an important part of financing sources of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,” Al Rai quoted security sources as saying.


They were given jail terms varying from five to 15 years after they were tried in absentia in Egypt in cases related to involvement in terrorism and acts of rioting Egypt experienced following security forces’ dispersal of a Brotherhood protest camp in Cairo in August 2013, the sources added.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., EW., C. and all who sent in materials.

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  1. 4- I will preface my comment on Mr. Mansur by saying that there must be a large gap in my knowledge on Islam. This gap is located in the space between devout, adherent muslims, and Mr. Mansur, who i understand identifies as a muslim.

    How is it that this lucid, erudite man who says all the right things omits his own apostasy? Why does he attempt this arduous political road in the name of freedom, over the easy road of writing “…books no one reads…”, without first ridding himself of this corrosive, backward connection?

    Maybe this isn’t necessary. Maybe I’m being impolite, ignorant, cynical and foolish by wondering if a man with such a grasp of history, such truthful words, and such apparent steadfast allegiance to western ideals, places him beyond reproach and beyond any taqiyya. Perhaps my gap in knowledge is not knowing it isn’t necessary for an “official” departure from this horrific invention. But if this is the case why do some muslims declare their apostasy at great personal risk? If he were a former member of a Nazi party would the first task to be done not be a disavowal of membership?

    Regardless, if I am out in left field for wondering aloud about this subject, which will never be mentioned in polite company, I apologize.

    • No, Salim is just wrong on this, and he doesn’t ever debate it. Just ridicule or use other sophistries to attack the people themselves who believe that Islam itself is the problem. Which it is.

      Despite this, and its a serious issue for sure, Salim’s values and policy ideas are excellent and he would be the best member of Parliament on important issues like immigration that Canada has.

      It is a sore spot with him for sure about “Islam Vs. Islamism” and even a brief examination of Islamic history would show that it is the greatest force for violent conquest of global manifest destiny there ever was. How, for example, did Islam even get to India, where Mr. Mansur is from?

      It is a consequence of the largest genocide in the history of the world, save possibly of the Neanderthal man by Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Something like 80 million Hindus, and one might assume Buddhists etc. where slaughtered by Muslims which was well documented by a muslim General called Tamerlane.

      So Salim Mansur and we, will just have to agree to disagree.

      • Any obfuscation from a person with his background, combined with a belittling arrogance when asked on the subject, won’t serve him. I understand you when you say he’s an asset despite his moments of sophistry re Islam v Islamism, but he’ll never fool all of the people all of the time, no matter his education on the matter.

  2. 3 – The left has managed to create a perfect storm of scandals that will do great damage to the left and hopefully break their control of the school systems. The leftist control of the school systems especially the Universities has all but destroyed the value of a University Degree. At this point in time if I was hiring anyone and could find a trade school that teaches the skills I wanted I would prefer the trade school graduate to the University graduate.

    • We are using distributed systems now. So some browsers are better than others. We recommend Brave with the safety turned off for Vlad and for and for

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