Police cover up of identities of antisemitic attackers in Toronto? It meets the smell test

Toronto Star:

Toronto police have launched a robbery and hate crime investigation after a group of 17-year-old Jewish boys wearing religious garments were attacked in north Toronto Sunday evening.

Police say the four boys were walking in the area of Fairholme Ave. and Bathurst St., one block south of Lawrence Ave. W., when they were passed by another group of nine teenagers.


No description has been made about the other suspects other than they are in their “early teens.”

Toronto Sun:

[…] However, four Jewish teens suffering a beating in a Hitler-inspired racial attack has done just that.

“No one should ever be attacked for their religion. Please help Toronto Police solve this hate crime/robbery investigation that occurred Sunday night,” tweeted Mayor John Tory.

A group of Orthodox Jewish kids being punched, kicked and told “Hitler was coming back” on the streets of Toronto? It happened Sunday in the Bathurst St.-Lawrence Ave. area.

Toronto Police are rightly investigating this as a “hate crime and a robbery.” They already have one suspect in custody and are looking for nine more they describe as “young” people.

CJ News has the best information, but still zero descriptions despite one attacker being in custody. So far, no CBC press conference or special appeal from the PMO is known about. As far as we know, no Asian tried to cut any hijabs nearby. Thats the important thing.



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20 Replies to “Police cover up of identities of antisemitic attackers in Toronto? It meets the smell test”

  1. No color or names. So they were either blacks or Muslims. Perhaps black Muslims. No that’s not possible. It must have been a savage gang of Amish youths.

    Ah the glories of diversity.

  2. Will this deception by the press backfire, causing anger and revolt among the people? I would like to think so but fear it may well not. Willing blindness and stupidity, a refusal to seek and understand the truth, and act on it no matter the consequences, are by now perhaps too deeply ingrained in our societies. Please tell me I’m wrong. I hope I am.

    • Mark Steyn had a post recently in which he lamented the differences between the average Canadian today and those young men – boys even – who charged across the frozen muck at Vimy. How far we have sunk in a century. Personally, I no longer underestimate the average (there are a few blessed exceptions) Canadian’s capacity for stupidity, vapidity and sheer wimpiness. Perhaps only our proximity to the US may save us as they may (directly or indirectly) knock some sense into this post-modernist disaster of a “post-nation”. Unfortunately, America itself is involved in a struggle with the forces of anarchy and totalitarianism – and it isn’t clear which side will triumph.

      • The side with the most Combat vets to lead them will win, given what I see at the VA that means the patriotic people who want the US that disappeared starting in the 1960s.

      • Take a look at the gun control laws in Canada, nations where the government has a monopoly or near monopoly on the use of force are fairly save from rebellions. That is why the totalitarians among us want to disarm the US ctizens. As long as there are 70 million or more armed citizens who provide the vast majority of the military the US will remain free.

        Take a hard look at Europe and their gun laws, those with heavy handed gun laws are the ones in the worse shape, those who allow large numbers of their citizens to own weapons have a bigger probability of remaining free.

        GUN CONTROL IS PEOPLE CONTROL never forget that.

    • That is why the left is trying to legalize drugs.

      A lot of dystopian SF from the 50s and 60s had the lower classes drinking “narcobeer” which was suppose to be a mix of tranquilizers and beer. The authors always pointed out that this was to control the people.

  3. Cultural enrichment.
    And Di-VERS-uh-tee

    You know who inspired this current round of stupid borderless we-are-the-world nonsense don’t you? Women. Women seeking rescue from the lap of luxury by “Noble Savages” who “really are in touch with their inner tribal beast. Read any modern romance novel, listen to any female politician (though there are a few exceptions), and talk with any enlightened female university professor. Good luck keeping your brains in your head afterward, though.

  4. Today’s journalism consists of a provactive headline, half a story, and no facts. In particular, crime “news” includes apparent victims and no perpetrators.

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