Germany: Rush At The Foodbank Causes Police Operation

An original translation from Der Westen:

The great rush at the food bank Gladbeckerstraße needed a police deployment of three cars. Photo: Foto: Heinrich Jung / Funke Foto Services

Bottrop. It was intended as a contemplative pre-Christmas event: the food bank Bottrop gave away small gift parcels on the third advent.

But the rush was so big already in the early morning hours that the police had to establish order in the jam. “Not all of those waiting had a command of the German language”, says Dieter Kruse, first chairman of the food bank Bottrop. “About 200 people had come – everyone wanted to be first.“

Those who were waiting in the first row were squeezed against the entrance door in the tumultuous scenes.

In order for those in need of help to form a line, the police was called. The officers, with the help of the local office of public works, erected barricades, to get order into the rush.

First persons were already waiting at 5 AM

“The first people were already there at 5AM”, Kruse continues: “But we only opened at 10AM.“

The food bank had asked the citizens of Bottrop to donate. Therefore, they were able to make the small parcels with foodstuffs.

Around noon, the situation calmed down. According to Kruse, only 10 to 15 people were waiting in front of the door at noon. There still were enough presents, the food bank had prepared 1200 small parcels.

The Christmas surprise parcels can be fetched until 4PM in the Gladbeckerstraße 108 .


Germany: Jewish Community Bochum Asks Members To Not Wear Jewish Symbols in Public Anymore

An original translation from Jüdische Allgemeine, the largest German-language Jewish publication online and offline.

Bochum is everywhere
The Jewish Community advises their members to not wear Jewish symbols. The reason: they are being threatened by muslim Migrants

December 14., 2017 – by Philipp Peyman Engel

Not long ago, there was a report in a local Bochum radio station that went widely unnoted, but it was an alarming signal. According to the report, the Jewish Community Bochum advises their members from now on, to not wear kippah or other Jewish symbols in public. The reason: there have been repeated attacks in the past, when community members were identifiable as Jews on the street. Particularly Turkish and Arab migrants are responsible for the attacks, the community announces.

Reality in other German cities is not different from Bochum. In Berlin, it has long been daily life for Jews, from Neukölln over Kreuzberg to Wedding, to not wear Jewish symbols in public. The same can be heard from many Jewish communities, from Kiel to Konstanz. For non-Jewish Germans the antisemitic excesses of muslim Migrants might come as a surprise. For the Jewish community, they are part of life.

CLARITY. It is all the more important to point out in all clarity and without prohibitions of speech: the muslim community has got an enormous problem with antisemitism in their own ranks. The hatred for Israel, the abhorrence of everything Jewish, is not seen as anything offensive by many Arabs and Turks in Germany. But when it goes unpunished that the antisemitic mob in Berlin desecrate Israel flags in front of everyone’s eyes, and cheers the massacre of a Jewish tribe that Mohammed’s army once committed, then this is highly dangerous.

Contrary to what has happened, the police should intervene immediately and with all toughness. The only answer should be: a strong rule of law, consequent intervention, a clear naming of the problem, and more than just trite »Never again!«-phrases.

When politicians like Sigmar Gabriel demand »zero tolerance« in their Sunday speeches towards such excesses, but on all other days of the week, tolerate the hate, then something is going very wrong. In Bochum, Berlin and in many other German cities, where aggressive Muslims try to make Jewish life impossible.