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8 Replies to “Yusef al Qaradawi explains to muslims in the West how to treat their wives”

  1. http://dingbatfiles.blogspot.ca/2016/06/us-school-bans-some-of-students.html#more
    According to ACT For America, the Kent School District in Washington has announced it will no longer provide non-Muslim students with pork products or anti-Islamic food options during lunchtime, simply because its Muslim students are required by their religion to never ingest it.

    When angry parent Dave Brabo heard about the district’s new policy to comply with Sharia and offer Islam-approved foods, he was livid. He called school officials, who only attempted to justify this bias treatment by saying that if they don’t “accommodate the Muslim dietary needs that their federal and state funding would be cut or pulled.”

    Outraged that only Muslims’ religion would be favored, forcing everyone to change for their religious requirements, Brado demanded equal treatment for the school’s other religious groups.

    Mr. Brabo responded by saying, “I want Kosher food added and labeled, Christian food offered during Lent, and even Hindi food offered.” According to Mr. Brabo, Tom Ogg, Director of Nutritional Services laughed and said, “No.”

  2. Wow, just like Christmas.

    It’s wonderful.

    And that light tap of a balloon upon a very Modern Woman at the end? That fully explains it, so if I hear that very same scream again, in an alley, it means absolutely nothing!

    Happy Ramadan – you know it’s not so bad.

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