Man whipped for drinking water in Iran

Our Persian contact sent this to us this evening. (Thanks Shab) This man was whipped for drinking water during the day during the Muslim month of Ramadan where Muslims are instructed to skip lunch and stuff their faces every morning before sunrise and then again every night after sunset. But they are not allowed to eat or drink during the day and only men over 50 are allowed to have sex during the day. Although I don’t think with each other, I am not 100% clear on how that is supposed to work.

My tribute to the holy month of skipping lunch and killing people is below the photo…

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  1. Fasting is all about NOT EATING for a period of time as this is what provides spiritual and health benefits. To regard fasting as NOT DRINKING for a period of time is foolish, as the body needs to replace water regularly. There are no health benefits from being thirsty!
    Of course, the Arabs, who are possibly the most ignorant race on planet Earth invented Ramadan. Whether or not the original ancient Ramadan included water deprivation or not, I cannot say, but the clueless Muslims sure made it that way, and they did it in a desert climate of all climates. How dumb is that? And, to cap it all, drink deprivation is meant to occur during daylight hours, when the Sun is burning down! Double dumb?
    Only Muslims could have fostered such a stupid and pointless ritual. The festival of Ramadan should be sufficient enough reason alone to show any intelligent person that Islam is a religion devised by an idiot, for idiots, and maintained, championed and defended by idiots.
    Ramadan should be barred as it is detrimental to health!

  2. Imagine how frightening that would be, to have that hanging over your head. And look at the sadistic way they whipped each different part of his body.

    I know this should go without saying, but I believe with all my heart that a religion that dictates your actions to such and extent, and with such force of fear, is evil and wrong, and I would give my life trying to prevent it from getting any foothold in my own country. To torture a man like that for refusing to worship God in the way that they see fit, is the very opposite of rightness in my opinion. Islam is 180 degrees away from my moral compass.

  3. Even more dumber is when those islamics(whenever they have the socalled clout) tried to prevent and barred us nonbelievers from eating or drinking in front of them.
    Just barbaric. So, where is their self-control during their fasting month?

  4. In the same way that women must cover up because they are at fault if a man gets uncontrollable desires, then no one must eat during Ramadan because it is the eater’s fault if the one who is fasting can’t resist temptation.
    This proves that Muslims are weaklings. They blame their own failings on others. Muslim men are not real men, they are pathetic, cowardly little boys, the same as their stupid prophet Mohammed was. They cannot resist temptation because they are useless, idiotic, puny-brained misfits that are no use to themselves and no use to anyone else.
    What is really shameful is that these dickless little turds are trying to take over the World and we are letting them. If we all stood up and fought them, then they would not stand a chance. It would be like swatting insects. Why are we letting these gutless earthworms bully us? What is wrong with us? We will wake up one day.
    The day will come when every Muslim on Earth will experience great shame and the reality that their delusions of grandeur were nothing but a dream, a hopeless dream, and that far from being superior to others, the exact and painful opposite is true.
    Muslims are inferior to non-Muslims in nearly every way. They talk about having slaves, servants and dhimmis, but it is Muslims who are the real slaves. They are nothing but weak, slimy, untrustworthy little shits. I pity them, but I have no respect for them. They are losers in every way and the sooner that the World is rid of these termites, the better!

  5. We must destroy the Criminal Activity of Islam before the Criminal Activity of Islam destroys us.

    We must destroy the Crime Syndicate of Islam before the Crime Syndicate of Islam destroys us.

    Why can’t these poor people understand that Islam is everything written above?

  6. Chris Jones, the Muslim god is Satan, sometimes called Allah. The Muslim god certainly isn’t the True God, the Christian and Jewish God, the God of the Ten Commandments. It’s really easy to understand that the Muslim god is Satan, also known as Allah, because the Muslim god teaches only evil.

    So far, I have never found in the Qur’an that Allah teaches anything good. Some people can be misled when Allah teaches that Islam teaches that a person should be “good” and “just.” But what is “good” and “just” in Islam? Answer and examples: It is “good” and “just” to stone a woman to death for adultery. It is “good” and “just” to murder an apostate who no longer wishes to participate in the criminal activity of Islam. It is “good” and “just” to murder a daughter in an honor killing, sometimes for very flimsy excuses, such as “smiling at an infidel,” or not wearing a Muslim rag on her head, et cetera.

    So be very careful of Islamic deception.

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