So yesterday, it was a conspiracy theory that there are biological weapons facilities in Ukraine…

Today, the US is concerned that Russia may get their hands on these “research materials” with which it seems, they could inflict great harm. Fascinating. The turn-around time from conspiracy theory to fact is a lot shorter than it was two years ago.

One may add, the US seems perfectly content to pay and support one vicious communist dictator to try and slow down a nationalist one.



Immigrant from Venezuela plans to leave Canada because Covid regulations are just another “Bolivarian Revolution”

One of the most important benchmarks for communism and Western nations is Venezuela. It went from being probably the best nation south of the US to live in, to a communist hell hole where people eat their pets. Zoos got robbed for food. Communism nationalized the food chain and destroyed it. Farms where taken from people who wanted to farm and knew how, and given to friends of the government who didn’t want to, and couldn’t. The results are the same as they are everywhere communism is done.

At the anti-lockdown demonstration, such as it was, in Ottawa yesterday, one man spoke up from the small crowd, addressing the fellow who took on the role of MC. He spoke passionately about how he had to leave Venezuela for Canada, and now feels he has to leave Canada because people here will not wake up.

Read report over at RAIR Foundation.

Single tweet about Jeremy Corbyn and socialism

Venezuela seems to have started the Gulags for dissidents

UPDATE: This story gives no clear indication that these are political prisoners. There is no indication of what kind of prisoners they are at all as far as I can see.

YT video

“All options on table in Venezuela”

Venezuelan begs people to broadcast how the Guardia National is attacking the people

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