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8 Replies to “Brian Lilley on various leaders’ strategy for dealing with the Islamic state”

  1. From 9:40 – the “classic vulnerability” where “convoys were moving through open ground,” and U.S. air power could’ve had a “significant effect” at “extremely limited cost.”

    Remember our own Chris Jones writing something like, “NOW, bomb THERE! Drop the BOMB!” We saw it, everybody saw it.

    It was the finger on the red button. The finger not on the red button. May it rot in hell.
    Instead we’ve been treated to a Roman triumph: Victorious army on parade in broad daylight, complete with spoils of war.* Tanks and trucks and guns aplenty. There’s a weightiness, an aura of inevitability. Awesome as a mushroom cloud.

    The stage is set for Thug Baghdadi to be inaugurated Universal Caliph Ibrahim. Pomp & circumstance laid on with a trowel, as if scripted by the late Muammar Gaddafi. But convincing enough to young gangsters who speak in rituals and absolutes. Life and death. Plenty of death.

    • The stage is set for WWIII which will last for the rest of this Century if not longer, we in the US are facing three or more invasions over our southern border (Illegal Hispanics, Hezbollah and ISIS) as well as a race war and a civil war between the left and right. The rest of what use to be called the civilized world is facing the same problem and we all have political leaders who are working side by side with our enemies to see western civilization fall. The above discription of our near future doesn’t take into consideration to what Russia and China are going to do in furtherance of their desire to acquire more territory.

      • Russia and China have plenty of their own troubles and they’ll be facing many more, if that’s any consolation. They’ll be tied up at least as much as we will. Otherwise I’d be making a minimal effort to learn Russian.

        [Disclaimer: My Russki has one son still living in Kiev and the other in Haifa. Current Ukraine crisis notwithstanding, Russia’s not so terrible anymore.

        I still think Russia = Refusenik => Rescue!!. My father was involved with diplomatic efforts on behalf of scientists and chess players whose brains were being chemically destroyed in mental hospitals. That Jews choose to stay in Mother Russia is a paradigm shift.]

        The race war here will start off with complementary left- & right- alliances. They won’t be stable, though. We can count on internal strife among the lower orders, which will further debase them and diminish their threat to – uh – us, the Good Guys.

        Rats confined together are self-limiting; they cannibalize each other. One way or another we’ll make our way out in the end.

        • Russia isn’t so bad anymore but will a former or possibly current KGB officer running the nation it has to be watched closely never really trusted. The last time they had a leader we could trust Lenin kicked him out.

        • You got that right, he is a Russia patriot who wants to be Czar, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t declare himself Czar at some point during the coming violence.

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