David Harris on Ezra Levant’s The Source discussing Amnesty International

This is a little sad. I really thought Amnesty was the last hold out from the Leftist-Islamic take over of every activist group that worked for greater human rights around the world back in the day. Like Greenpeace, Amnesty would appear to be another false-front for far left groups and similar agendas having little or nothing (and sometimes the opposite) to do with the stated goals and agendas of the organization. Basically just cashing in it’s good reputation and Amnesty International had a great reputation.

Now, they are a bunch of frauds who actually censured Stephen Harper for cutting government funding for some far-left political activist organization as if it was a basic human right for these groups to receive it, putting Harper and Canada on par with actual totalitarian regimes which deny real rights for huge groups.

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  1. On FB Amnesty International has been doing some strange posts in the last year that have nothing to do with their original remit and which were disguised anti american propogada about the conduct of the US in the war on terror. They were ostensibly polls but PR people use such polls as an underhanded method of influence.

    When I commented that these posts had nothing to do with rescuing prisoners of concience and that those they were seeking to aid 1) were engaged in violent activities (AI is only ever supposed to go to bat for those engaged in non violent causes), and 2) were engaged in their activities specifically because they were against freedom of concience. I was immediately contacted by someone who “wanted to interview me” about it but the request and source did not pass the smell test. I knew enough at the time to ignore it and after seeing this alarming video I am very glad I did.

    I worked with Amnesty International in college and was going to do so again but after reading those posts I refused to give them any more of my time or money. And the chick in the videos weasily responce is just icing on the shit cake. Another great western institution ruined. Thanks muslims.

  2. AI has been shilling for Muslims for at least 12-15 years. Go back and re-read their reports on the civil war in Sudan from the late 90’s and you will see mentions of north and south but very little word on faith or race. It’s really revolting. I’ve never considered AI and HRW to be a reliable sources of information on anything.

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