Ottawa Police, Ottawa Mosques, Muslim outreach and endorsing the enemies views.

There are a few possibilities for why these things are as they are. But some explanation should be provided. The first problem is the slick prepared evasion of the question by Ottawa Chief of police when asked a direct question by a caller from Montreal:

Here are some links that might help clarify the caller’s question.

1. Being had for dinner by David Harris. (More from him shortly)

2. Controversial imam to speak at Calgary mosque

3. Muslim link. The Muslim-police bridge.

(Maybe the MAFIA should have thought of this)

Later on same day, David Harris came on the same station and discussed a number of things but in this segment, the question from earlier in the morning came up:

Maybe there is a real answer lurking somewhere that we would all like or at least be satisfied with. But given the degree of infiltration in most Western nations by Muslim Brotherhood fronts and Saudi funded organizations with less than noble goals, it would be nice to at least have an answer at all.


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5 Replies to “Ottawa Police, Ottawa Mosques, Muslim outreach and endorsing the enemies views.”

  1. Typical hedging and refusing to answer any relevant questions by the little impotent maggot police chief, What a distusting pimple, and who exactly is he accountable to in relation to his mandates?????

  2. They should stop them and ask for the same priviliege in Arbas country for Christians ans Jews, then we qill say yes but right now it is a BIG NONO !

  3. Arab’s Country should do the same but here until they accept us equally it is a big NONO, No Segregation in our country it is illegal, in their mosque they can do what they want but here on the parlement NOOOOOOOO !

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