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4 Replies to “Bulgarians increasingly concerned with migrant facilities and numbers”

  1. There are too many countries that cannot or will not take care of their own. A household with meager resources to take care of 9 children would no doubt be better off having 1 or 2. If you provide assistance to the needy in one hand you should have birth control in the other. If not, you’re fueling the problem. No doubt we have a moral responsibility to help each other but a long term solution needs to be put into place.

    • Past time to organize relief and development projects in the countries in Africa hemorrhaging these young men. The established agencies from the UN, et al., are hopelessly corrupt and inept.
      If the vast sums we’re wasting on the agencies, plus a fraction of these migrant costs were directed to development, we might see changes.

  2. What the hell makes these savages think that they have any “rights” to demand anything???

    They should never have been allowed out of their miserable hell hole of a country in the first place.

    • The Koran, it tells them they are the Lords of the Universe and now that they are in a non Islamic nation they want to live the way the Koran says they are entitled to, like Kings at the expense of the natives.

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