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9 Replies to “Bulgarian MEP demands ZERO migrants from EU”

  1. It sounds like the EU is crumbling, the man seems to think that if the EU fines several nations they will have no way to collect the fines. Now we know why Merkel wants an EU Army, they want to be able to use military force on the nations that don’t want to lose their nation and their culture. It will be interesting to see how long the Western European nations try to keep the EU alive. Especially if they move their troops outside of their nations and the Moslems take advantage of the troops movement to create full fledged no go zones ion more locations.

  2. You go Bulgaria! Stand up for your country. It isn’t the greatest country in the world but, by today’s measure you’re doing a good job.
    Do not submit to Germany.

    • It’s not the richest country in the world, but let’s see how others do after ~5 centuries of Ottoman yoke, or ~5 decades of Soviet occupation. I think we might as well witness the former.
      FYI, both Bulgaria and the region was culturally and economically advanced before the invaders came.

      • Which might explain why they were invaded. Although Muslims seem not to be biased. The invade all places equally.

  3. It’s not just him, all the MEPs are going to insist that migrants from other bordering countries not be relocated here, because we have our own coming from Turkey. They only disagree whether the EU should intervene when a bordering country reaches 100% or nearly 100% of its capacity.
    The good thing for all is that they are going to demand that borders be secured to let in less illegal migrants, and to deport them quicker after they have been refused asylum.
    Otherwise the situation is the following – nobody wants them in their own country, but everybody still thinks they can get away with it if others take the burden. No resolution to defend the continent, little or no actions in this direction.

    • They only disagree whether the EU should intervene when a bordering country reaches 100% or nearly 100% of its capacity.

      Precisely who determines what is 100% capacity? This reminds me very little of what Napoleon once said:

      “I care not who casts the votes of a nation, provided I can count them.”

      From all appearances in Germany, Sweden, and France, 100% “immigrant” capacity equates to national and cultural suicide. Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria would do well to determine their own capacity to absorb “immigrants”. All of them, quite remarkably, seem to have settled on a figure of ZERO. How curious.

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