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7 Replies to “Bulgarians now also protesting being overwhelmed with Muslim migrants”

  1. 1) All it took was one leader and the lid starts coming off the can of worms.

    2) That is what Obama is doing, sending large groups to small towns to change the political landscape.

    • And that is what Trudeau is now doing. Unfortunately, majority of Canadians do not realize how many of these people are here.

  2. This reminds me very little of the ancient maxim about there being only one time-honored way for nations to rid themselves of an excess male population.

    Attempting to cram 5,000 “invaders” (boy howdy, did those Bulgarians ever get that part right!) into one camp situated amidst a town of 10,000 certainly creates the epitome of an “excess male population”. From all appearances (in the video), those townsfolk seem more than happy to assist with the ridding process.

    Perhaps a few of these “refugee” centers being forcibly “vacated” will send a sufficiently unambiguous message to would-be “immigrants.

    According to this recent report, the actual number may well already have exceeded 5,000.

    See: Bulgaria’s Migrant Centers ‘Overcrowded’

  3. Notice that the news coverage is horribly biased.
    The reporter says “the referendum is a mirage”, the old woman’s comlaint has been cut, it is claimed that there have been no incidents with migrants, and she says that all who stayed at home actually have no problem with the migrants (much like the referendum in Hungary – over 50% didn’t vote, therefore they want migrants settled in their country).

    About the migrants being nice and harmless people, 2 years ago a Roma was stabbed 12 times (they had been trying to kill him) by migrants roaming the ghetto to look for girls.
    Those horrible racists, the Roma, wanted the migrants to be “liquidated” i.e. the center to be closed down. They say the migrants are “not nice people” and should be kept locked. The Roma were thretened by the migrants that they would all be slaughtered, including the small children.

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