Massive protests in Bulgaria today: January 12, 2022

Bulgaria has one of the lowest submission rates to the Covid-vaxx narratives in the Western world, with only about 20% who took the shots.

Please check the comments for the videos and news on today’s events in that free minded state.

Bulgaria: Police push back “Green Pass” protesters trying to storm parliament

Several hundred protesters were stopped by a large police force from storming the Parliament in Sofia on Wednesday, with people injured on both sides.

Opponents of the COVID-19 vaccine policy gathered on the parliament’s forecourt carrying Bulgarian national flags and national symbols as the country battles with the Omicron surge. Police officers could be seen standing between the crowd and the entrance to parliament pushing back the protesters. Scuffles broke out and many demonstrators were detained.

The rally was organised by the ultra-nationalist Revival Party. Currently, Bulgarians must wear masks indoors and on public transport and show a health passport – which is given to those fully vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested – to enter restaurants, cafés, shopping centres or gyms.


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