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12 Replies to “Calm rational discussion on migration on Bulgarian TV”

  1. When I saw the title “Calm, rational discussion on migration”, knowing the subtle irony often displayed by Eeyore, I expected a bunfight!

    What Journalist school did these elegant TV hosts go to in order to be sooooo balsamically different from the strident millitants disguised as Journalists at the outposts of Al Jazeera ie: BBC, CNN, ABC/SBS (Australia)/ Deutsche Welle etc. etc. ?

    Thank you. The calm reason of that group does the truth not make less frightening though.

  2. So the Germans/Brussels load the lazy, entitled, peripheral-market Greeks up on crippling debt, force open borders with savage invaders while using said bankrupt Greece as a gigantic pig pen, then threaten to throw them over the debt cliff. Great Plan Commies!! Did you go to school for this? How many pigs in the pen will be slaughtered once the Greeks must choose between invaders’ lives and their own because of hunger?


    • How many of the invaders in all of Europe will be slaughtered when the ordinary people have to decide if their families are to either live free or be slaves to the Moslems?

    • One of the speakers talked about a clash of civilizations, this man is saying that what is occurring is a dying civilization (if you want to stretch the meaning of civilization to include the Middle Eastern Moslems) who are seeking to expand into other nations to steal their land, goods and women in an attempt to hold back a total collapse of their “civilization”.

  3. We are currently seeing a shift (possibly a temporary one) of the center of Greek thought to Eastern Europe. We can thank the left for this and many other crimes against civilization, we are also seeing the ordinary people rise up and tell their (self proclaimed) political masters where to go and what to do after they get there.

  4. That is who saved it from the last Islamic invasion, which may be why the invaders are so set on getting into Western Europe, they think they can take the West and then turn East.

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