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3 Replies to “Marine Le Pen on RT”

  1. If people like the National Front get into power and the usual Jew haters etc get into power then hopefully they won’t last long.I am not against the rise of Islam because I hate. I am against it because at its core Islam divides us into believers and infidals. It hates! I believe I am on the moral high ground when against Islam. I won’t lose that just so Jew haters and other bitter twisted people can come in. I would give Le Pen a chance though in order to steer us away from the course Europe is taking.

  2. If the governments of the west won’t pay attention to the problems and complaints of their citizens they are inviting fringe groups to take over. The EDL is not a racist group but others are and possibly/probably will end up in power in several European nations as the struggle to maintain cultural identity and freedom continues.

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