Banking, the future, its role in the current state of affairs

1. When I went to Google to look for the original Rockefeller foundation report, all I got was another unrelated report from the same year and a lot of links claiming it was a “conspiracy theory”, a CIA tactic to discredit/negate those who question certain narratives. And now, Laura Ingram is reading it on air. Things are moving fast, and I hope she has protection. If she suddenly dies of “Corona” …

2. MEP explains that banking rules are a huge part of all this.

3. Eight minutes on the banking system by Prof. A Fekete

The whole series:

Thank you Johnny U., KAF., MissPiggy, and all who have been trying to get me to understand the nature of the banking system’s role in what looks like a total systemic destruction of the West.

The following is a comment left by Johnny U. that looks consequential:

Recently the Bureau of International Settlements (BIS) announced that on June 28 non-allocated gold would no longer be permitted to be held by bullion banks. Unallocated (paper) precious metals is the mechanism by which gold and silver prices are suppressed, and by which fiat currencies are given false value.

The question is why did the BIS make this world-changing announcement? Speculation is that Russia made what is the nuclear threat (in money terms) of introducing a gold-backed Ruble.

This change will accelerate the demise of fiat currencies and inflation. Look, also, for increasing frequency of cyberattacks blamed on Russia, crippling infrastructures. This “cyberpandemic” may be the next step in promoting Agenda 21/30 to reality.