Is the forecast great reckoning of paper gold and silver at hand?

The Baron over at Gates of Vienna, sent me these two screen grabs, and the interview referred to in the second one.

This is not my area of expertise. Perhaps JU could offer a comment or answer questions on this post, or anyone else who reads here that has expertise in these matters, if indeed anyone does. In any case, given what has been posted of the head of the Bank of International Settlements and their insistence on enslaving us all with Central Bank Digital Currencies here at this site recently, it feels like this is an important thing to know, if it’s accurate.


So this post contains an idea which has been kicked around on this site occasionally but without a lot of emphasis since it started. The idea being at core, that silver and gold prices are artificially low and kept so by paper sales and shorts. Now on the surface, this both makes sense and doesn’t. But the accelerant for suspicion should have been launched when Gamergate went public. Then we knew for a fact that markets are not organic, but created by wealthy hedge funds. Interestingly the same Reddit users who broke the cabrons who rigged the game stock in question, then went after silver but had a minimal and short term effect. They didn’t have the clout to really make a difference, and they were up against the ability to infinitely create phoney paper silver and gold, as opposed to people short selling a stock they could not longer buy on short, and could no longer afford the call on it.

This news, while dealing with an idea we were all pretty clear on, has a new element. Immediacy.

In the US of A, the first amendment (used to) allows people to say pretty much anything, including, “I hate that guy so much I’m gonna freaking kill him!” But, once you add a time and date into that sentence, it then becomes a crime. Conspiracy to murder. And is no longer protected under 1A.

These screen grabs are making a claim as to exactly when these banks are going to demand delivery of their metals, and that, must, blow up the entire market for precious metals. The cost will be insanely high. Government will have an excuse to do horrible things to our properties and persons. How it all fits with CBDCs and other moving parts, I don’t know or have any pretence to know. As I say, It is not my area. I am already mildly annoyed at having to learn to much about Islam, virology, vaccinology. communism, none of which has anything to do with my chosen field, even if I am honoured to be able to use those understandings for the betterment of this community. But I do know it likely does tie in.

There are several readers of this site who have a tighter grip on this kind of thing than I do. I ask humbly if you would write your thoughts, positive or negative, affirming or denying anything in this post. It’s pretty important stuff. Too important to get it wrong, even though having some small portion of your personal assets in physical silver or gold or both is probably not a bad idea, and has very little downside under any of the scenarios we may imagine taking place in the short and medium term future.

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  1. When Biden aka the mailin guy said there is no need to buy gold or silver, you should have bought more. Eagles or Maple Leaf coins in your HANDS.

  2. I have enough trouble with my own balance sheet! But, I understand terms like audit and controls. I don’t see how this could be any worse than an assorted number of speculations-gone-bad in US and Europe.Here’s one:

  3. This video is from 3 months ago. 11 min.

    Much may have changed since then. Basil 3 was meant to constrain, not end, the paper market. However it seems that the central bank run on physical has emerged into the open since this opinion piece was aired, and it seems empirically true that the major pm bitch slaps have reduced in frequency. (Having said this we will see one today, lol.) So in other words I can’t find any contradictions to what Maguire is saying. Further, I think it must be understood that the reduction in the “fractional reserve” futures/physical market–meaning naked shorts are going to be far less possible–means that the paper market of $70 trillion in pm derivatives really becomes the mechanism of true price discovery once the tide pulls out and we see who is left standing naked, and hence how worthless this mountain of paper is. The much-maligned Hungarian mathematician, Antal Fekete, marches closer to his exoneration each passing day. Too bad he has to watch it from heaven:

    The silent run on physical stockpiles out of the Comex (Commodities Exchange) and the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) is something I’ve been pointing out a lot lately. Sooner or later the paper has to break. Given the inverted pyramid theory which positions precious metals at the point supporting the whole world economy, we dismiss it at our own peril. 16 min:

    As an aside, isn’t the constant drama surrounding us at every turn not exhausting at times?

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