The dollar – and the USA – is toast


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Obama has done it. He has brought America down. It only took him just over four years. The Republicans could have stopped him. They didn’t.

How did the nihilistic left succeed in destroying America? Simple. They learned just a little of the capitalism they hate, and they drove your nation into outright bankruptcy.

And here is what the GOP has to say about it: just about nothing.

The once-mighty United States is now the most indebted nation on Earth. In round numbers, here are just some of the vital statistics as the patient dies:

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One Reply to “The dollar – and the USA – is toast”

  1. As I said in a different post, when we fall our collapse will bring down the entire house of cards the socialist have built and called the worlds economy.

    I don’t know if he is right about us being toast, we have been down before and have found the people to drag us out of the mess, hopefully this will happen again.

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