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4 Replies to “Digital money: What is it exactly”

  1. A blueprint for samizdat. Dystopian fiction trumped by dystopian reality. Mark Carney’s wet dream. The criminalization of humanity until proven innocent. A black marketer’s wet dream, too. Where were you in the run-up to world communism? Oh, I was busy becoming addicted to everything the State (and the CCP) threw at us to pacify us and numb the dumb and not-so dumb. Booze, smack, pot, nicotine, fentanyl–you name it. Then when they had so many on the hook they pulled the rug and made every purchase accountable. Not even the new police powers could stop the black market in everything from fuel to beef. But this was only part of it. It’s what they did just before the reset that was a big body blow. How safe was your money in the bank?


  2. Go to 46:20. This man is one of the world’s foremost financial experts. He explains why he does not think the centralization of credit will happen, but if it does it is the greatest threat to liberty ever:

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