A tutorial showing how the government of Canada lies about the safety of the vaxx by misrepresenting real numbers

This is not easy to follow. Hopefully I will get a chance to do an interview with an involved party at some point soon. But the bottom line here is that the government of Canada included statistics on hospitalizations, sickness and death from the time the gene-therapy were announced, but well before they were available and way before any reasonable fraction of the country had actually had two or more doses. And if we use Pfizer rules, two doses plus two weeks! Remember? You could not count yourself as “vaccinated” till 14 days after the second shot.

This means that all hospitalizations and deaths for a long period were counted as unvaccinated, and added to the numbers till now.

Think of it like trying to get a percentage of the number of people in the world who believe in Jesus but you start counting in 2000 BC and then announce the percentage of people today who believe in Jesus including the 2000 years before he existed, and of course, the centuries before Christianity spread across the world. That is the con as it was done in Canada. Similarly in all Western countries no doubt.

So if you look at a three month period after a lot of Canadians had two or more shots, you get a VERY different picture. This video shows you how you yourself can actually make the data show you the truth about the safety of the various gene therapy shots using the exact same numbers the government uses.

You may have to pause and think or pause and do the actions this demonstrates yourself.

Any questions, please leave them in the comments. Hopefully we can ask them directly to the person who made the graph, or a statistician who understands this work and can speak to it.

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